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The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex

The Guy the Girl the Artist and His Ex A rock chick An artist with attitude A girl with a past A party animal Four lives collide when one of the world s most famous paintings is stolen It s a mystery that has the nation talking but while

  • Title: The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex
  • Author: Gabrielle Williams
  • ISBN: 9781743319550
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • A rock chick.An artist with attitude.A girl with a past.A party animal.Four lives collide when one of the world s most famous paintings is stolen It s a mystery that has the nation talking, but while Picasso s Weeping Woman might be absent from the walls of the National Gallery, in other parts of Melbourne the controversial painting s presence is being felt by Guy, Rafi,A rock chick.An artist with attitude.A girl with a past.A party animal.Four lives collide when one of the world s most famous paintings is stolen It s a mystery that has the nation talking, but while Picasso s Weeping Woman might be absent from the walls of the National Gallery, in other parts of Melbourne the controversial painting s presence is being felt by Guy, Rafi, Luke and Penny for four very different reasons.Life, love, art and one giant party intersect in this offbeat comedy about good intentions, unexpected consequences and the irresistible force of true love.

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      160 Gabrielle Williams
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    1 thought on “The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex

    1. Absolutely perfect!This book has it all… an uncomplicated plot that's made up of complicated characters.The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex starts off with an interesting account that I still need to research a bit more. It’s about a group that calls themselves the Australian Cultural Terrorist. Back in 1986, they stole a Picasso painting of the Weeping Woman from the walls of the National Gallery of Victoria with the intent of getting the government to increase funding and support for [...]

    2. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews! The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex is a new Australian title meshing different age groups, with two teenagers and two characters in their early 20’s. Mixing a light heist story with some major character development, it presented an interesting perspective of life from majorly flawed characters.This book takes a while to warm up. After meeting all of the characters, I wondered whether to continue on, seeing as I didn [...]

    3. Absolutely brilliant. I read it in one sitting. AHHHHH! A MUST READ. _________________Listen to a Bookish Friends discussion of 'The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex' on Omny, iTunes or on the blog.

    4. Smart and smiley and refreshing original. Loved so much about this: the premise and the twisty, brilliant and daring way everything some together. Williams is an outstanding author marching along to the beat of her own drum. This one is marketed as YA but with 4 POV's (some young adult age) it's perfect for fans of adult fiction, too.

    5. ‘The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex’ is the new young adult novel from Australian author Gabrielle Williams. So I had the absolute pleasure of reading this story when it was still a manuscript, and now it’s in my hot little hand as a finished book and I need people to know that it’s one of my favourites of 2015, and should be on everyone’s must-read list. Allow me to explain This book opens with a history lesson;On 2 August 1986, a group calling itself the Australian Cultural Ter [...]

    6. The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex by Aussie author Gabrielle Williams, is set in Melbourne during August 1986. It revolves around a true story: Picasso's painting, Weeping Woman, was stolen by the Australian Cultural Terrorists and ransomed for better funding for the arts. It was later returned but there has always been some question as to it's authenticity.This was an event I'd never heard of, but it made a great starting point for this novel, giving our four main characters a place to i [...]

    7. This was very different to what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it! I really liked The Guy, the Girl and His Ex, but the Artist was a total douche who made me cringe with dislike.Great story with the added bonus of being set in Melbourne.

    8. This review can also be found on: reading-is-dreaming-with-open-"It was funny how you, yourself, could pretend something to you, yourself, that you, yourself, knew full well was untrue."The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex begins with a real-life incident about a mob calling itself "Australian Cultural Terrorists" who stole a Picasso- the Weeping Woman- on the 2nd of August, 1986, from the National Gallery of Victoria to draw the attention of the government to increase the funding of struggl [...]

    9. Amazing story, with a perfect twist. Definitely not something I would usually read, but I don't regret it one bit. Kinda sad it took me so long to read (what happens when you study so many hard subjects), makes remembering connections a bit harder. Though I do love the connections to Aussie Culture. The strong themes that make you question your morals, and humour that is sometimes black is a perfect combination. The different takes on art is also an awesome thing and having a look inside the art [...]

    10. Wow - it's a long time since I've been reading a book and start to feel disappointed when I realise there's only a few pages to go. But that's how it was with this clever, well-written dramedy inspired by the theft of Picasso's Weeping Woman by a mob calling themselves the Australian Cultural Terrorists in the 80s. This book had a Magnolia style story - ie. separate characters whose lives all end up intertwining in unexpected ways. There were some great characters - the Bastard-Ex was certainly [...]

    11. Slow to start but when it does, not far into the book, there's no stopping. Had me holding my breath and shivering. As a plus, made Google The Weeping Woman and learn about it.

    12. I found the first two chapters quite rough, but once I got to Luke's perspective I became intrigued, and by the time I got to Penny's first chapter, I was settling in nicely and any reservations I had about whether I would enjoy it, disappeared out the window. Bub-bye. Basically, I inhaled this book. The 5 shiny stars are probably a dead giveaway, but I loved it. I loved how the characters lives were interconnected and intertwined. The complete originality of the story and how it's set in the 80 [...]

    13. Poor Race. Race Matthews that is. They called him the 'Minister for Plod', 'a tiresome old bag of swamp gas' and a 'pompous fathead' - they being a group calling themselves the Australian Cultural Terrorists (ACT). Race, being a pollie, had a thick skin and had possibly been called much worse - and we are, all these years on, still no closer to knowing who those rude guys were. But they managed to perpetrate one of the most audacious of art heists in our history - and on Race's watch. This event [...]

    14. I can always count on Gabrielle Williams for a fun story set in the Melbourne I know. Well, close to it at least, since her latest, The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex is set in the early 1980's, a time when an activist group, the Australian Capital Terrorists, managed to steal and replace a Picasso painting -- The Weeping Woman -- at the National Gallery of Victoria with an exact replica because of cuts to arts funding.Using a true event as the backdrop, Williams has created young, impulsi [...]

    15. A fairly enjoyable read - set in the 1980s in Melbourne. Great music, fun fashion and lots of secrets and lies (and a stolen Picasso). Luke is a completely irredeemable arsehole, Penny is a doormat (who knows better but "can't help herself") and Rafi is living with her deeply disturbed mother and makes one stupid/crazy choice that left me gobsmacked. The only relatively 'normal' character in this book is Guy and he is out of the picture most of the time. By the by: if you ever need to find your [...]

    16. 3 1/2 starsI loved Beatle Meets Destiny, but The Guy, The Girl, The Artist and His Ex didn't resonate the same way with me.More of a farce than a really humorous book, I felt that the story was walking a fine line between young adult and new adult - and kept sliding off.There are some really tense OMG moments, and the romance between the teens is well-handled. But the adults gave me the pip, and I felt they intruded on the 'real' story. Scheming, immoral and unsympathetic for the most part.The p [...]

    17. It did not take me all this time to read this book. I read about 20%, and put it down because of life's busyness, and then found other things to pick up and really just neglected it.I always knew I would love it.This book is very clever, and does that thing where the four narrative points slowly converge until there is an 'ah ha' moment for readers. Whether this resonates or not, will depend how they connect with these flawed characters making some bad decisions.But the secondary characters are [...]

    18. The Guy, the Girl, the Artist, and His Ex is about four pov-characters whose lives got tangled in a mess of picasso art heist and Hispanic mythology. There was Guy, a normal guy who threw a party. Raffi, whose mother is stuck in the idea that La Llorona (The Crying One in Hispanic mythology) drowned her brother when he was three. Luke, the next big artist who decided to be a part of an art heist, and Peggy, Luke's ex and mother of his child who is still in hopes that they would get back together [...]

    19. I don't think I actually read the blurb for this book before buying it. One of my book buddies was reading it and gushed so much, and it fit my biggest reading goal for this year - more Aussie books - so I just went for it. I didn't realise it was based around a real theft in Melbourne, that the book was set in the past or that there would be four POVs to visit. Or that I would not want to put this book down. Fantastic read.

    20. I really enjoyed this quirky little novel about a real art theft that I'd never heard of! Told with alternating chapters, from the points of view of the four characters mentioned in the title, it had me turning pages to see how the different story lines would converge. Great heart and humour abound.

    21. Forever in love with Gabrielle Williams, and I think this might be my new favourite of hers.

    22. My Rating: 4 StarsThis book was really fun, really intriguing and a great read. It was light, but heavy; funny but sad and was such a great Aussie read. I definitely recommend this if you are wanting to read a bit more Aussie YA because this was really entertaining. My Thoughts:This book was one I picked up on a whim at the Sydney Writer's Festival this year and I am really glad I did. It was such a pleasant surprise to read it and be sucked into to the world that I know so world, and to read A [...]

    23. Actual rating: 4.5 starsThis book fully took me by surprise, and for that I'm so so glad I picked this up.I'd definitely recommend going into the book not knowing anything about it, bcs hell yea it was a refereshing read consisted of flawed characters, slice of life and some artsy love.

    24. I can’t remember what I was expecting when I started this, but it certainly wasn’t this: a thoughtful, poignant look at love, life, and art that is sure to touch the hearts of its readers.The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex is, unsurprisingly, the story of four people whose lives become entangled in unexpected ways. It’s also the story of the theft of Picasso’s Weeping Woman from the National Library in Melbourne. Or rather, a story of what might have happened in 1986 when the paint [...]

    25. The Guy, the Girl, the Artist & his Ex combines the stories of four young people and the theft of Picasso's Weeping Woman from the National Gallery of Victoria in 1986. Gabrielle Williams weaves her story around the historical facts of the theft and eventual anonymous return of the Weeping Woman. The historical facts are few because the perpetrator(s) are still unknown.Luke, the Artist, and his friend Dipper steal Picasso's famous Weeping Woman from the National Gallery. Luke's Ex, Penny liv [...]

    26. Thank you to Allen & Unwin for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten! The Guy, The Girl, The Artist and His Ex is a story that sees the lives of four very different individuals intertwine and explores different aspects of human nature in this latest novel by Gabrielle Williams.I want to be honest here; despite my lower rating, The Guy, The Girl, The Artist and His Ex wasn’t in any way a bad bo [...]

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