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Seduction in Session

Seduction in Session The second Perfect Gentlemen novel from the New York Times bestselling authors of the Masters of M nage series Privileged wealthy and wild they are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy But the

  • Title: Seduction in Session
  • Author: Shayla Black Lexi Blake
  • ISBN: 9780425275337
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second Perfect Gentlemen novel from the New York Times bestselling authors of the Masters of M nage series.Privileged, wealthy, and wild they are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy But the threat of a scandal has one of them employing his most deceptive and seductive talents Recruited into the CIA at a young age, Connor Sparks knows how dirty the world can bThe second Perfect Gentlemen novel from the New York Times bestselling authors of the Masters of M nage series.Privileged, wealthy, and wild they are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy But the threat of a scandal has one of them employing his most deceptive and seductive talents Recruited into the CIA at a young age, Connor Sparks knows how dirty the world can be Only when he s with his friends can he find some peace So when an anonymous journalist threatens one of the Perfect Gentlemen, Connor vows to take down the person behind the computer, by whatever means necessary even if it means posing as his target s bodyguard Publishing a tabloid revealing Washington s most subversive scandals has earned Lara Anderson the ire of the political scene and a slew of death threats To keep herself from ending up a headline, Lara hires a bodyguard, a man as handsome as he is lethal When the bullets start to fly, Lara is surprised to find herself in Connor s arms But as they begin to unravel a mystery that just might bring down the White House, Lara is devastated when she discovers Connor s true identity and finds herself at the mercy of forces who will stop at nothing to advance their deadly agenda.

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      438 Shayla Black Lexi Blake
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    1 thought on “Seduction in Session

    1. 4 StarsI am a ruthless bastard, but if you let me, I'll be your ruthless bastard."I'm a huge fan of Shayla Black and Lexi Blake individually, but when these two combine their talents into a series? Fire. Works. This just may be my favorite series by them yet. And having read their entire backlists individually and combined, that's no light statement. Espionage, action, suspense, and a romance so hot it burns up the pages, all woven intricately together to make up one incredible page-turner!Conno [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsOpposites attract with fiery hot chemistry in this installment of The Perfect Gentlemen series, and I devoured this addictive story! Lara was the sweet, “fairy princess” with a pure heart, and Connor was the gruff, protective, alpha male. The Perfect Gentlemen are a tight knit group of friends, each have grown up into power and riches, but have always been loyal, sticking together like brothers. Connor, the “scholarship” kid went into the CIA after graduating, and spent so much [...]

    3. 4 Connor oh my starsSeduction in Session is a standalone and is part of The Perfect Gentlemen series. The thing that I really like about this series is that each Hero in the series is completely different. I also like that all the Heroes are friends and all of them are in the each story.Six guys went to the same prep school together, Gabe, Dax, Connor, Zach, Roman and Maddox (Mad). This is Connor’s story. Connor to me is the “good guy”. He was recruited in the CIA and now he guards. He’s [...]

    4. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.Woo! Seduction in Session. Loved it. Even if they made me want to shake em about about it was a wonderful romance tinged with danger and full of delicious heat. Blake & Black are a dangerous duo when it comes to raising heart rates and droppin' panties. lol Their heroes are delicious!Okay the quick of it is that one of Connor's best friends was killed in an accident he's sure was suspicious and the rest of their group of friends is trying to figur [...]

    5. I love Lexi Blake. There, I said it. Her writing is great and I love 99% of her characters and her plots are interesting. This book centers around Connor, CIA agent extraordinaire, and Lara, frigging naïve chick. Connor wants to find out what Lara has against his friends and if she knows anything about Mad’s death(from book 1). The best way to find that out is to infiltrate her life. He poses as a bodyguard that Lara’s cyber friend recommends and then, like 5 minutes after they meat, he sav [...]

    6. These two NEVER quit! Book after book they continue to bring their A-GAME! I just LOVED every single thing about this installment of the INCREDIBLY ENTICING and heavily addictive Perfect Gentlemen series! After finishing up book 1 of the series, I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on Connor's book. These ladies create some pretty fantastic alpha males, but I think it's safe to say, Connor is definitely at the top of my favorite hero list.This provocative romance was laced with passion, danger, and s [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsConnor Sparks knows how dirty the world can be and the only time he can find peace is with his friends, so when they are threatened, he vows do take them down by whatever means necessary even posing as his target’s bodyguard in this thrilling romantic suspense.Lara Anderson’s political tabloid has earned her a slew of death threats and the reader can’t help but become engaged by the story as Lara hires Connor as her bodyguard and sparks and bullets start to fly. The chemistry betw [...]

    8. I enjoy Shayla Black,never read Lexi Blake,but these two authors together made for some good reading.At first , this heroine really,really got on my last nerve,but as I read futher,yeah,she grew on me.This hero,my,my,my,my!! let's just say,he can guard me anytime and leave it at that!Loking forward to the next in the series.

    9. I'm not going to lie and say that I expect a lot from these guilty pleasure booksbut I still expect something good! I loved how the first book mixed a Mystery/Thriller story into the Romance, and especially how it's ongoing through the series, with each book essentially adding to the puzzle. However the two leads in this book were awful. From the backstory you expect Lara to be a smart, educated, and somewhat worldly woman given what she is up to and who her father is. But no, she goes beyond na [...]

    10. I felt like a lot of this one was predictable with the romance between Connor and Lara. I liked them together, thought they brought out the best in each other and will keep each other grounded.What kept me reading was the larger story arc with the "Perfect Gentlemen". I liked how the guys interacted, loved that they had a long history, loved that they all are so different in what they choose to do with their lives, yet time and time again they proved they had each others back. With the conspirac [...]

    11. The Perfect Gentlemen are back and we continue our exhilarating ride through D.C. politics and more! Connor Sparks has always lived in the dark, that’s his job. After Maddox Crawford died, he’s on hiatus from work and has a temporary assignment—guard Lara Armstrong, a journalist, and find out what she knows. If only it could be that easy. Lara was a job, nothing more. But once Connor got to know Lara and her pixie Princess ways, his life was turned upside down. I don’t know if I could fa [...]

    12. * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *~ 4 Seducing Stars ~ Seduction in Session is the second book in the Perfect Gentleman Series by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. These books are interconnected Stand alones. Each book is about a new couple but the storyline is a continuing story. I don't believe these books could be read out of order. I truly believe you would be very confused and lost if this series isn't started with the first book (Scandal Never Sleeps)A [...]

    13. SEDUCTION IN SESSION By Blake & Black: Good Friends/Bad Friendsfangswandsandfairydust/201Oh, I wish I had so much time to hang out and chat, and fly around the country as do all these billionaires, millionaires, naval personnel and even, gasp!, POTUS!This is a pet peeve of mine not limited to this book but to any book that portrays people who run businesses and countries as having a lot of free time. Of course, the reality would make for a less interesting book than say the life of one of th [...]

    14. And they did it again!!!!! LOVEEEEEED Seduction in Session. I can say that this enticing and addictive series is going to be the death of me! I could not put the book down. Again, I was hooked since the very first page, I could not stop wondering who could be behind it all. I got some answers, but there are still a lot of secrets and I just want to know what is going on *pouts*.Connor and Lara did not disappoint, their book was everything I was waiting for. Loved Connor since I met him in SNS, b [...]

    15. Exclusive excerpt for Seduction in Session by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake bit/1O8vPT5

    16. Safety Level: SafeCliffhanger: No on the romance. Yes on the general series arc.Ending: HFNI've been excited for Connor's book since the first installment. There's just something about mysterious, troubled men that make them so attractive as fictional heroes. Especially one like Connor, who came from nothing, had no luck when it came to family, and relied only on his skills as a CIA operative, never letting people in, except his five friends. I couldn't jump into this book soon enough. As it is, [...]

    17. This is Connor's story, the most mysterious of the group of six friends. Now if you haven't read the first book in the series, Scandal Never Sleeps, then I'd advise you not to continue reading this review, it may contain some tiny spoilers, nothing drastic to the main plot but as this is a series there is a long running storyline throughout so I wouldn't advise the books to be read as standalones. To appreciate the full story I'd say you certainly need to start with book one. Now that warning i [...]

    18. Kimber's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsSeduction in Session is the second book in the highly addictive romantic suspense series by Lexi Blake and Shayla Black and is a must read for suspense fans. All the players, ironically named the Perfect Gentleman, intrigued me in the first book, but Connor had a slight edge over the rest. He has a good bit of mystery surrounding him and I really wanted to know his back story, and our dynamic writing duo did not disappoint. Not only did we l [...]

    19. Seduction in Session has delivered in more ways than I ever imagine and after reading Scandal Never Sleeps (Book 1) I wasn't quite sure where Seduction would take me. Seduction in Session is book 2 of The Perfect Gentleman series and revolves around Connor & Lara. We get a deeper connection of the complex person of Connor as well as glimpses of his background to help understand how Connor has become the suspenseful, dark and alluring man he's become. Trained assassin for the government, the [...]

    20. I received an ARC of this book from IinkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book's release promotions.Seriously, I don't know if anyone should expect less when a book is written by two amazing authors in the erotic romantic suspense genre. I mean, individually, Lexi Blake and Shayla Black have both established their own popular books that I myself love and enjoy re-reading every now and then. But when you put them together, well, there's pretty much nothing left to say [...]

    21. Seduction in Session by Shayla Black & Lexi BlakeThe Perfect Gentlemen, #2Publisher: BerkleyPublication Date: January 5, 2016Rating: 5 starsSource: Paperback Copy provided by PublisherI would like to thank the publisher for providing me with an early copy for review.The Perfect Gentlemen series is one that has surprised me and has a place in my heart! I was so excited that this book was on Connor! I love him, he is so dark, mysterious and complicated! The chemistry between the gentlemen, Con [...]

    22. Not bad! Not great either, but I liked is well enough. The story line is what really has me. I'm very much intrigued with the "who done it" and what's going on behind the scenes. The love story was a bit much for me. I'm kind of over the whole "Alpha Male" thing. I know, I know, but like I said, I'm very much into the plot line and the whole Mafia thing.

    23. "Her big, strong, cavemanny bodyguard."Where do I sign up for one of those? Connor is the ultimate bossy bodyguard with a body that I'd love to guard. Please? Actually, all of The Perfect Gentlemen are swoonworthy. Seduction in Session is the 2nd book in the series, and I've learned that they are not standalones. There is so much good stuff in each that if you blink, you might miss a clue, or a secret revelation. All of the six brothers-by-choice are involved in each of the stories, even the los [...]

    24. The second book in The Perfect Gentleman series is a complete couple romance (as was the first book) but with a continuing story arc that appears will run through the whole series. It's about 6 men, school friends who have remained close for many years even as they've gone their separate ways into politics and business and national security. Only, at the start of the first book one of their number, Maddox is dead, and the hunt for the murderer is on. It's an intricate plot with lots of players, [...]

    25. Fortsetzung, die mir gut gefallen und die einem die Charaktere der fünf Freunde noch näher gebracht hat. (Will jetzt noch dringender Zacks Geschichte lesen! :)) Allerdings "nur" 3 Sterne, weil Connor nicht mein Typ war (zu neandertalerhaft) und ich mit seinen Freunden mehr anfangen konnte als mit ihm :) ***Really liked that sequel. We learn more about the five male characters (and I really want to read Zacks story now! :) ) However "only" 3 stars, because Connor wasn't my cup of tea (too alpha [...]

    26. Un couple parfait et passionné, une histoire pleines de suspens et d'enquête !!! J'ai hâte de connaître la fin !!! Il y a pleins de rebondissements, un livre que je n'ai pas lâché , prochain tome sur Dax !!! Apres soit Roman soit Zach le président !!!!

    27. This series is so good, it has a group of tightly knitted friends who arel alpha in there own ways, falling jn love with some exceptional ladies while tring to figure out who killed one of their own. The storyline is fantastic and it keeps you guessing and wanting more.

    28. leslecturesdemylene/2017/20 - Un nouveau couple hyper attachant et un fil rouge toujours aussi intéressant !!

    29. 4.5 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 5, 2016Privileged, wealthy, and wild: they are the Perfect Gentlemen of Creighton Academy. But the threat of a scandal has one of them employing his most deceptive—and seductive—talents…Recruited into the CIA at a young age, Connor Sparks knows how dirty the world can be. Only when he’s with his friends can he find some peace. So when an anonymous journalist threatens one of the Perfect Gentlemen, Connor vows to take down the person behind [...]

    30. The Perfect Gentlemen are back with my favorite hero of the group. I think. At least until the next book. Or we find out that Maddox isn't dead. Shayla and Lexi were being very mean about this at the RT Convention and would not give us any hints!Soooooo Connor Sparks. The dangerous one. The spy. The CIA Agent. Secret Aggggeeeent Man. He's big and blond and muscled. He's loyal and has powerful friends. He's serious and broody. He has scars - physical and emotional. Oh, and he's loaded. Gah! I die [...]

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