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Your Alien

Your Alien One day you ll be looking out your window when something wonderful comes your way and you will want to keep him When a little boy meets a stranded alien child the two instantly strike up a fabulous

  • Title: Your Alien
  • Author: Tammi Sauer Gorō Fujita
  • ISBN: 9781454911296
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One day, you ll be looking out your window when something wonderful comes your way and you will want to keep him When a little boy meets a stranded alien child, the two instantly strike up a fabulous friendship They go to school, explore the neighborhood, and have lots of fun But at bedtime, the alien suddenly grows very, very sad Can the boy figure out what his neOne day, you ll be looking out your window when something wonderful comes your way and you will want to keep him When a little boy meets a stranded alien child, the two instantly strike up a fabulous friendship They go to school, explore the neighborhood, and have lots of fun But at bedtime, the alien suddenly grows very, very sad Can the boy figure out what his new buddy needs most of all This funny, heartwarming story proves that friends and family are the most important things in the universe no matter who or where you are.An NPR Best Book of 2015

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      368 Tammi Sauer Gorō Fujita
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    1 thought on “Your Alien

    1. MEEP! OOG!New friends and adventures land our way when a cute, little, huggable, green alien crashes outside the window. Readers become fast friends with this little guy as he explores food, school, and more. Shadows, kites, and water fountains will make readers of all ages smile. I’m an alien fan, so I was smitten at the cover!This adorable out of this world read about friendship and family will have readers searching the skies and hugging Mom and Dad.Recommended.

    2. This charming story hooked me from the very first page. Books are rarely written in second person point-of-view, and I am always intrigued by this stylistic choice. I'd love to have students write their own stories in the second person point-of-view. This would offer valuable discussions about the power of POV and why authors might intentionally use this in their writing. Beyond considering the point-of-view, I also enjoyed thinking about the several, implicit themes. This is a story about frien [...]

    3. I will now be looking out my window for something wonderful to come my way. amazing stories like this! And those illustrations, are you kidding me? love!

    4. Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=7117I love the little boy and the alien in this book! They are both so cute and sweet. I was impressed with the story which is much deeper than it looks, and the illustrations are so full and colorful. Like Ricki, I am completely intrigued by the point-of-view of the book. The second person point-of-view really makes the reader become invested in the story. I’ve only read novels in second person, so this is a wonderful addition to the picture book world. In [...]

    5. Thirty-three years ago in June a film releases redefining the boundaries of friendship. Left behind by members of a botany team, an extraterrestrial forms a unique connection with a ten-year-old boy. Since that time, it's safe to say the motion picture has reached classic status for several reasons.It's one thing to befriend another gal or guy, a furry family pal, or one of nature's critters who happens to cross paths with you but it's a rarity to have an opportunity to become best buddies with [...]

    6. Tammi Sauer’s Your Alien is a story written in the second person, featuring the adventures of a boy who finds an alien one night, adopts it and takes it everywhere, even to school. In the end, the alien gets lonely, and the boy must find a way to make things right. The story has strong themes of familial love and the comfort of a hug (for all). It’s very funny in parts, and just short enough that the second person narration didn’t lose its effectiveness. Goro Fujita’s illustrations are v [...]

    7. Wow! A Science Fiction text for young elementary students! This fun story emphasizes the importance of friendships and empathy, regardless of our differences. The second-person point of view offers an interesting writing style similar to that of Laura Numeroff and the "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" series. This provides a great opportunity for teachers to use "Your Alien" as a mentor text for writing in different points of view. It's also a fun style to read aloud to students! If you enjoyed "Yo [...]

    8. Oh my goshI am in love with this book! The emotional ties between the boy and the alien in this story are "awww" inspiring and it didn't take long for my heart to well up with admiration for their friendship. A true sense of childhood wonder fills this alien character and the interplay between illustration and text is out of this world. You will not be told a story, but instead feel like you are part of the "what if" in this second person experience. What ifa cute little alien crash-landed outsi [...]

    9. Someday you’ll be looking your window when… This is the story of a boy who sees a baby alien crash land in his yard. He adopts the alien and takes him to school. The alien loves school and everyone loves the alien. After school, the boy sees things from a new perspective. But when it comes time to say good-night, the boy realizes that the alien is homesick. So he turns on every light in the house (and lots more outside) so that the baby alien’s parents can find him. The alien reunion is [...]

    10. You will find the book "Your Alien" on a library shelf near you. You will think the illustrations are adorable. You will be intrigued by its second person narrative style. You will want to check it out of the library and read it immediately. You will not want to return it, but you will return it because you know other children will love this adorable tale about a boy, an alien, a friendship. You will be right. :)

    11. Imagine having your own alien as a new friend, think of the adventures you could have! All the fun and your parents wouldn't mind since after all who believes in aliens? But what happens when your alien starts to feel sad? What can you do to make him feel better? Is there something missing in his life you wonder? Sometimes the simplest answers are the right ones. A sweet look at the close bonds between families, I definitely recommend this.

    12. As the author is Tammi Sauer (GINNY LOUISE, COWBOY CAMP, CHICKEN DANCE), I knew to expect a solid story. And YOUR ALIEN lives up to its hype. Its cinematographic art is whoa-out-of-this-world. YOUR ALIEN is a touching, universal story of family, home, and friendship that crosses borders (or in this case, worlds). A hit in our house, YOUR ALIEN is thoroughly endearing and makes me want a plush alien of my own. Perfect for fans of Ame Dyckman's BOY + BOT.

    13. Story: 3 starsIllustrations: 3 starsPersonally I'm not a fan of second-person storytelling, especially not when it's really a first-person substitute. Other than that, this story is cute. Modern-looking digital illustrations, while not my personal favorite, fit well with the book's interstellar motif. But the photo-shopped bunny looks oddly fake and is looking the wrong way.

    14. Meep! An adorable story about a boy who looked out his window and saw an alien who quickly became his friend. His alien encourages him to look at the world very differently and they have loads of fun until night falls and the alien misses his family. A popular author plus ridiculously cute drawing with a splash of feels that will hit kids and parents alike equals success.

    15. What happens when an alien comes to live with you? A young boy discovers an alien and the two of them have some sweet and tame adventures -- going to school, playing outside, and exploring the playground. When the alien becomes sad, the boy realizes he needs to help his cute green friend find his family. A sweet bedtime story for younger readers.

    16. This book is for my youngest great-nephew and I just know he's going to love it. The story is amazing and a great teaching medium. The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring. I received this book as a gift from the author through . Thank you for an amazing book.

    17. This is an adorable book that reminds me of ET but much cuter. It has great illustrations. It would be awesome for an outer space story time.

    18. This was fun to read aloud to my little girl and I definitely look forward to using it in storytime.Themes: family, friends, aliens

    19. Heart warming story that will elicit a few laughs from the reader.Gorgeous illustrations that will catch the reader's eye.

    20. This little alien is so adorable! Great book for teaching how entities from different spheres can get along no matter the their origins.

    21. A story that's equal parts funny and heart-tugging and luminous illustrations that truly are out of this world. What's not to love?!

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