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Walking on Glass

Walking on Glass Your mother s suicide attempt has left her in a coma from which she s never waking up You know that she wouldn t want to live like this but could you really help her die Here you are making the hard

  • Title: Walking on Glass
  • Author: Alma Fullerton
  • ISBN: 9780060778514
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Your mother s suicide attempt has left her in a coma from which she s never waking up You know that she wouldn t want to live like this, but could you really help her die Here you are, making the hardest decision of your life and there s no one to help you Your father has disappeared into depression Your best friend is becoming someone you no longer want to know ThereYour mother s suicide attempt has left her in a coma from which she s never waking up You know that she wouldn t want to live like this, but could you really help her die Here you are, making the hardest decision of your life and there s no one to help you Your father has disappeared into depression Your best friend is becoming someone you no longer want to know There is a girl who could help, maybe, if you d let her But in the end, it s all up to you.A free verse novel from debut author Alma Fullerton plunges deep inside the psyche of a young man faced with a life and death decision.

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    1 thought on “Walking on Glass

    1. Eh. The subject is an excellent one. I was intrigued by the plot line of a teenage boy who walks in on his mother's suicide and saves her, only to have her hooked up to machines and ventilators and have to choose whether to "pull the plug" or not. Unfortunately, the book didn't evoke an ounce of emotion out of me. It was bland and numbing. I finished it in ten minutes. It's short but I don't think that book length contributes to greatness. However, I was turning pages pretty quickly, bored and r [...]

    2. I thought this book was ok and interesting at the same time. I thought it was ok because at some points in the story they had plot holes. And was it was interesting because i’m nosey and it had me curious about the mom and what was wrong with the mom and why she was in the hospital.

    3. Walking on Glass is about a seventeen year old high school boy who has gone through a terrible tragedy. He witnessed his mother's suicide attempt and tried to save her. He did, and she ended up in a coma in the hospital. Because of that event, he closed up and had to go to counseling/therapy. There, his shrink makes him write in a journal about how he feels, and basically everything that happens in his life. This book, Walking on Glass, becomes his journal, and throughout it, the boy discovers m [...]

    4. Walking on Glass is about a seventeen year old teenage boy, who's name does not get mentioned, is debating on pulling the plug on his mother who he loves dearly. His mother committed a suicide attempt and is not getting any better. Although this book is about 130 pages and it was very interesting.It hooked my attention right away. This boy loves his mom and the boys father loves his wife. They have had the mother on her machine for three months now and yet she has no sign in getting any better. [...]

    5. Good story (novel in verse) but needed to be longer in order to deliver the emotional impact it should have had.

    6. Personal Response:This book was really easy and fast to read. I thought it was pretty good, though, even with it being a really short story. I still got a lot out of the book. I was able to understand the entire situation of the story, even with minimal detail. I enjoyed the perspective which the book was written, too. It was from the viewpoint of a teenage boy talking directly to the reader, through a journal, about what was happening in his life. Plot:A teenage boy's mother attempted suicide, [...]

    7. Personal Response: Primarily this was not my type of book it was recommended to me by a friend because it was a quick read. I did not mind the book but it was too sad and depressing to me. I understand why some people like these type of books, and by no means am I degrading the book or the people who liked it. In my personal overview of the book I was not much of a fan. Plot:The plot to this book about a boy who had struggled with depression about his mother attempted suicide. The primary source [...]

    8. Teens looking for a quick, superficial read should NOT pick up this book.Although it is short, only 131 sparse pages of free verse, the depth and range of emotion expressed by the main character is heartrending and poignant. The theme of the book is about being caged -- by dreams, by choices, and by circumstance.I actually read through this book several times -- it doesn't take long as there is really not much on the pages. It's only when I stopped to think about it that I started having questio [...]

    9. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooA mother on life-support. A father who keeps pretending that his wife will get better. A young man, torn between doing what is right and taking the easier path of least resistance. Alma Fullerton paints the story of one family's turmoil in WALKING ON GLASS, a short tale told in free verse. When one teen arrives home one day in June, he finds his mother near death after an attempted suicide. Although he saves her life, the only thing keeping her tethered to this wor [...]

    10. I thought "Walking on Glass" by Alma Fullerton was an awesome book. It was short, but had a lot of details in it making it seem forever lasting. I was not very excited about the ending because I wish I could of known what happened in the ending, but I don't want to spoil the ending. This book had one of those endings where it ends sad, but you want to know how the characters live on with it.The story was about a boy whose mother had a problem, but not being said because that is what the whole st [...]

    11. Walking on Glass, by Fullerton Alma. This book was a grate read not just a good read. When I read this book I just couldn't put it down, every time I needed to stop I just couldn't. I also love the setup, each chapter was only 1 or 2 pages, it made you feel really smart. It also was set up like a diary. Threw out this hole book you don’t know the character’s name, but despite him not saying his name you still feel like you know and understand him. This book is about him and what’s going on [...]

    12. Walking on Glass was a good book. Once I started reading I didn't put it down because I wanted to finish it and know what happened. It has a great story line although it is a little scary and sad. This book is a free verse poem book that tells a story about a boy and his journey. At the beginning of the book the boy is introducing himself and he starts to tell his story. So early on a chandelier had fallen on his mother and put her into a coma . The chandelier had also broken his arm. Having his [...]

    13. This teen novel in verse is just simply amazing. It reaches into the core of emotion as a 17-year-old teeage boy confronts the fact that his mother is in a coma. There has been some serious debate as to whether or not they should pull the plug because there is no evidence that she is going to get better. The unnamed protagonists has to sort through whether or not this is murder as well as the fact that his father is not yet ready to give up hope. Readers are also brought into his "new" everyday [...]

    14. The biggest thing I liked about this book is how open it was. It showed how her feelings were and you could tell how she felt at any time of the book. It also makes the story really eerie and you won't be able to tell what happened until the very end. I also liked the whole story that the author portrayed. This book is about a young girl (they don't say the name of most of the characters). Her mother has tried to commit suicide. Her father's and her lives are ruined and weighed down by the thoug [...]

    15. I picked up Walking on Glass because I thought the cover looked pretty—yes, I am that shallow sometimes. And my shallowness got me a really deep, moving read.Walking on Glass is a skinny book, 131 pages of free verse told from the perspective of a teenager whose mother tried to commit suicide. She’s now in a coma, and he struggles with his feelings of anger, guilt, and longing to be free of his mother’s illness. We follow him while he tries to find his way through hospital visits, bullying [...]

    16. What would you do if your mother was on life support and it was up to you to decide on her future? Would you pull the plug? Walking on Glass is the journal of a teenage boy dealing with the aftermath of his mothers botched suicide attempt. Written in free verse, the story moves quickly, yet gives a thorough picture of his life. As his mother lays in a vegetative state, he has to deal with his fathers withdrawal from life, his best friends downward spiral into the gang scene, and his own problems [...]

    17. Walking on Glassby Alma FullertonEach page might have 50 words or less, but each word packs a punch. The novel is about a boy (his name is never given) who is forced to visit a psychiatrist and keep a journal, something he sees as a very female thing to be forced into. It's obvious he has suffered a very traumatic event, but the story doesn't tell the reader right away what that event was. (Trust me, it's very chilling) In addition, this boy has a best friend named Jack. Jack is a gangsta wannab [...]

    18. The book Walking On Glass was a good book. It might be have been my favorite book, but it was still interesting to read. At sometimes it was a little hard to follow the plot of it overall I was a good book.Walking On Glass is about a girl and her mom who is in very bad condition and in hospice care. If having this going on in your life, then dealing with it at school doubles it. Will her mother survive? Can she get through school like this? Read Walking On Glass to find out.I would reccomend thi [...]

    19. A quick read with heavy drama when a narrator's mother decides to kill herself. he struggles to pull himself out of his negative thoughts while seeing a counselor and keeping a journal, which is the free-verse novel the reader is reading. the tragedy is enough to pull you in, but his final conclusions are just as thoughtful and powerful. When the teacher asks me "If you could change anything in history, what would it be?" I say, "Four months ago, I would have come home five minutes earlier."God, [...]

    20. This free verse novel is short, but it has a wide range of emotions. The main character, who is unnamed, keeps a journal at the request of his therapist. He's in therapy after he tried to save his mother from a suicide attempt, and her efforts rendered her comatose. The doctors say she'll never regain consciousness, but his father is unwilling to turn off the life support. The m.c. meets a beautiful girl who can't set him free from the cage of his grief and guilt; meanwhile, his best friend trie [...]

    21. Our unnamed narrator is trying to get through his mother's coma. Things are not going well.This was a fast read about the important people in teen's lives: parents, best friends, romantic partners. When everything comes crashing down, who really matters? Lots of issues in this to discuss: euthanasia, picking the right friends, acting like the adult in the family. Worth a read, especially for someone who isn't up to a long book.

    22. An amazing story of a boy whose mom tries to commit suicide and ends up brain dead on a machine. Dad is unwilling to let go and unable to emotionally support his teenage son. The boy, who found his mom but was unable to save her, struggles to make sense of his life now that everything is falling apart. Told in free verse with beautiful symbolism, this is a powerful and quick read.

    23. This book has an interesting format. It's a fee-verse novel written about a teenage boy trying to deal with his mother's suicide attempt. It is a very quick read (about ten minutes) but I like it's unique style. I could see it being a good book for young teenagers who aren't into long books that wil take a lot of their time.

    24. Novel in verse about a boy dealing with his mother's suicide. The biggest problem, she is on life support and no one has the courage to take her off. Every day is a struggle for him with trying to understand what is the 'right' thing to do. As well as dealing with his mother, he also has a very self destructive friend who could very well take him down the same path if he is not careful.

    25. Out of all the books I read this quarter, this by FAR was my favorite. It was probably the saddest, most emotional yet TRUE book I have ever read in my entire life. This book was my cry so hard & when I started, I could NOT put it down. Yes, it was a very quick read, but this simple & short poetry book has 100 meanings to it. I rated it a 10/10!!!

    26. This is a book written in poetry, much like the style of Crank. The subject matter is differen though. It has a teenage boy narrator who is struggling because his mother is on life support after trying to commit suicide. He wrestles with his emotions and acts out because he is hurt, in the end he is struggling with a decision that will change everything for him and his dad.

    27. I read this in the bookstoore, too. It's a good thing i don't cry otherwise this book would have left me an absolute mess; it sang so close to my heart and to the deaths of two of my own friends by their own hand, and it just. I was very emotionally gripped, and the tragedy and the misery and everything rang very true.

    28. “This is a tough look at dealing with a parent's attempted suicide that leaves her in a vegetative state in the hospital. How would you handle that situation? Written in free verse poetry, this is a slim, powerful volume.”

    29. This book was so sad. I read it in about 20 minutes, but it was sooooo good!!! It was in poem format, which I find fun to read. It was really sad, and it got me crying, but it was still really good. It is a nice, quick read. It's one of those sad-happy-sad-mad-happy-sad~ish~happy-sad-happy books.

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