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Signs of a Quiet Heart

Signs of a Quiet Heart When Robbi Bennett special education teacher extraordinaire decided to move from New York to California it was for reasons beyond trading snowstorms for sunshine and surfing Following the tragic de

  • Title: Signs of a Quiet Heart
  • Author: Teri McGill
  • ISBN: 9780986364532
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Robbi Bennett, special education teacher extraordinaire, decided to move from New York to California, it was for reasons beyond trading snowstorms for sunshine and surfing Following the tragic death of her parents, and several doomed relationships, she craved a fresh start an opportunity to reinvent herself Tyler D Angelo, bad boy biker and self proclaimed man whorWhen Robbi Bennett, special education teacher extraordinaire, decided to move from New York to California, it was for reasons beyond trading snowstorms for sunshine and surfing Following the tragic death of her parents, and several doomed relationships, she craved a fresh start an opportunity to reinvent herself Tyler D Angelo, bad boy biker and self proclaimed man whore, equates love with weakness For decades, he has kept his heart on lockdown, but meeting Robbi turns his solitary life inside out as they are inexplicably drawn to each other Can love be strong enough to overcome a lifetime of fear Note There is a cliffhanger involving secondary characters, which does not affect the romance The mystery is eventually resolved in Book 2, with the assistance of several new characters This story features deaf and hard of hearing characters The story also involves information related to deafness, deaf education, and American Sign Language.

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      276 Teri McGill
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    1. 💝 FREE on today (1/25/2018)! 💝Blurb:When Roberta (Robbi) Bennett, special education teacher extraordinaire, decided to move from New York to California, it was for reasons beyond trading snowstorms for sunshine and surfing. Following the tragic death of her parents, and several doomed relationships, she craved a fresh start; an opportunity to reinvent herself.Tyler D’Angelo, bad-boy biker and self-proclaimed man-whore, equates love with weakness. For decades, he has kept his heart on lo [...]

    2. DNFMy opinion and why it did not work for me.This story has TOO many POVS. Plus, I hate when the author tells me what to think and does not allow me to come up with my own conclusions. And why do I care whether the heroine missed 22 days of her workout last year?!?! And the heroine lies about her age by 10 yearst sure I care for that. The heroine is 42 but tell people she is 32?!?! (loc 3%) Did I read that wrong?!?!? The writing style bothered me. I love these type of stories, but I just could n [...]

    3. I fully enjoyed every aspect of this book. The story focuses on the main characters of Robbi and Tyler. You can feel their attraction toward one another right from the start. He's a man who has had countless women, never wanting to settle down because he feels love and commitment are signs of weakness. But his whole world, and his way of thinking, changes the minute he lays eyes on Robbi, a teacher who captures his heart with nothing but a smile. Robbi has had her share of heartache and failed r [...]

    4. Afer reading the synopsis I was completely hooked with wanting to read this but I have to say when I started it didn't turn out to be as I expected. I never thought for one minute that the hearing impaired people would NOT be the main characters and that threw me a little. But once I got over the change in my head I found it didn't matter because I was already caught up in the story.I loved the fact that the author took a lot of time I feel writing this novel. She really connected with her chara [...]

    5. Reviewed by Korena for One-Click Pimp Pimptacular Book BlogHow is the author's writing? Great.Is there violence? No Violence.Is there sexual content? Explicit sexual content.How is the story narrated? Third person.How would you describe the plot of this book? Full of surprises.What best describes the mood? Thoughtful.*•.¸ ARC PROVIDED FOR OUR HONEST REVIEW ¸.•*I can't wait for book two!!!The way Teri McGill leaves you wondering what happens to Toby!This story is about Robbi Bennett getting [...]

    6. I am so glad I get involved in blog tours and promotions at times. Now and again I see a book that takes my interest and this one was such a book. Although this has ASL sign language connections, and I learnt BSL sign language some are very similar.So I was intrigued with the characters that would be portrayed in this novel as I began to read. I was somehow disappointed to find that the main characters were NOT deaf and it was more focused on the 2 surrounding the story line.The setting is in a [...]

    7. "A growing Sweet and Touching romance"This book is sweet and charming.The characters are amazing!. Robbi Bennett is a Teacher who works with special children at Mabel Blanchard Elementary School for Special children. Her TA Toby who is partially Deaf is a former student of the School , and he was hired to help work with a special student . Daisy is deaf ,and very shy plus being a sweet and darling little girl. Tony's Family also owns an Italian restaurant where Robbi meets his Uncle Tyler. Tyler [...]

    8. Teri McGill wrote a winner! I lived on an emotional roller-coaster throughout the novel. I laughed, cried, yelled and rooted people on. It had me turning pages (well, swiping) as fast as possible.In Signs of a Quiet Heart, Roberta Bennett, better known as Robbi, is passionate about her career. She teaches K-1 at the Mabel Blanchard Elementary School for Special Children. Along with her TA’s Mia and Toby, they captivate their students and engage them in learning activities through sometimes unu [...]

    9. SIGNS OF A QUIET HEART was an amazingly written book, I have never read such an emotionally charged book as this one. This story is a down to earth book dealing with an older couple developing a relationship and there is no alpha millionaire but there is an every day school teacher, Robbie and Tyler a assistant manager at the family pizza joint and a tattood biker, what could those two have in common??? Their story is so beautiful it was unreal, it was love at first read for me. There are many s [...]

    10. What a heart wrenchingly beautiful book. I shed a tear or two whilst reading this well-written story, many of the characters being damaged in some way and trying to live their lives by putting their tragedies behind them. I love the school setting and the warmth and love between the educators and their students, really opens your eyes to what beauty there is in kind words and actions. I enjoyed the growing relationship between Robbie and Tyler, two beautiful souls who were destined to be togethe [...]

    11. *I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie's Book Reports in exchange for an honest review.4 stars for Signs of a Quiet Heart by Teri McGill. This is the first book in the My Heart is Yours series, and it is not a story about vampires or people who are into kink. It is about two every day people who fall in love. I know, what a concept, right? ;)Robbie is a special needs teacher who truly has a heart of gold. When she meets Tyler, it is love at first sight. However, they each have [...]

    12. OMG This book! That cliff hanger! I'm still teary eyed and trying not to spend my review yelling at Teri McGill for breaking my heart. GAH! So good.Sweet and heart warming, I loved the relationships in this book so much. They were all there for each other. The older couple teaching the younger one. Mia was wonderful and kind to poor Toby during all his troubles. I think I loved Toby the best. He was just so strong and protective. Robbie & Tyler, gotta say reading a love story about a couple [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book! Tyler is a hot, tattooed, motorcycle-riding hero who falls for Robbi, a sweet, very likeable school teacher. Robbi teaches at a school for the deaf and that is one reason I chose to read this book - to learn something I knew nothing about. There were also very compelling sub-plots involving strong secondary characters. I'm thinking some of those story lines are going to be picked up and dealt with further in later books in the My Heart Is Yours series. Overall, a very [...]

    14. This book was not at all what I expected. A heartwarming love story that covers not only a older couple, but a younger one as well. It was written with detail and from several perspectives. The change of perspectives was a little jarring at first, but once you got used to it, it was fine. I felt a little confused by some of the little things (long haired almost 50 year old man, fanny pack wearing woman), but again I suppose it is feasible. The story itself is what was endearing.

    15. A rollercoaster ride of emotionsOnce I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down until I finished. There is quite a few different stories going on in this book, and many unexpected turns. The ending has me intrigued and ready to dive into book 2 for answers. A definite winner.

    16. Not the average romance. This book was filled with intense passion and love scenes. Some tragedy and baggage to be resolved before relationships can begin. Special needs teacher meets hot older intense man. It was great.

    17. These two stars are for one reasonThe mystery. Yeah, who's framing Toby? Sadly, what could have been a good book just couldn't be accomplished because of several things going on.The charactersar Lord these characters are annoying. Everyone cries. All the time. Every page. On and on went the boo-boo fest until I thought I was going to have to wrap my kindle in a towel. Good god, I grabbed the Kleenex box and offered it to the characters, I knew they needed it way more than I did because they crie [...]

    18. Set against the backdrop of a school for special needs children, this story provided insight into the moving yet sometimes heartbreaking world of working with such amazing kids. The romance was equal parts sweet and steamy, which is the kind of romance I like the best. The secondary characters were nearly as strong as the primary ones. Toby, in particular, is the type of character that is likely to still resonate long after you close the book. One element I did find distracting, though, was the [...]

    19. SNS Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Beautiful story of love in all its different forms. The centerpiece of this tale is the journey to love by two damaged forty somethings .Robbi and Tyler. Like a stone cast into a lake sends out ever expanding ripples to the shore, their kindness, love of life and gentleness of spirit reaches outward to those around them: students, co-workers, family, friends. It was refreshing to experience honesty in relationships, truthfulness, fai [...]

    20. I received this book as a first read. I enjoyed reading this story, but the conversations don't seem to flow like two people talking. If you read a lot it'll be easier to pick up the rhythm. There are parts to the book that can be educational and I found this as a plus. The story doesn't reveal much about the male character's background but does delve deeper into the female's past. I felt like I was missing something. There is a bit of side story involving another character and I felt he was wo [...]

    21. A roller coaster of emotions I love this series it's so sweet but with elements of hot. The Toby and Daisy big brother and baby sister part of the story broke my heart because I'm a baby sitter and I can't imagine what my big brother would go through if he lost me. I have a lot of medical issues but I fight my way through them just so I can be here for him. He wasn't born to be an only child. Tyler and Robbie that story is just so heartbreakingly cute so is Mia and Toby story.

    22. What can I say Beautiful. Nothing like the blurp said and quiet slow to settle. But when it did Oh My goodness but it was lovely.It was enthralling and passionate and happy and sad and hopeful and devastating and every other emotion you could hope for in one book. Book 2 locked and loaded

    23. Signs of a Quiet Heart was a book that I wanted to kept reading and wanted to put down at the same time. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. Even though, the plot was interesting, it wasn't fulfilled to its best potential. I felt it had too much sex scenes than story line. I don't think I am going to continue the series. Overall, I give it a one star.

    24. This is an absolutely amazing read! I loved it although there is a cliffhanger, it is really an amazing book! I not only read it as an ARC but also purchased it as an e-book! Its totally amazing! I highly recommend this book to everyone.

    25. I was not expecting the story I read. This book took such an interesting direction. I loved the characters and seeing Robbi and Tyler blossom.

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