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Cage Computer nerd Cyra finds herself crashed and trapped within a cage on a distant planet When the walls to her jail come down two buff commando aliens are staring at her Their camouflage stripes aren

  • Title: Cage
  • Author: C.L. Scholey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Computer nerd, Cyra, finds herself crashed and trapped within a cage on a distant planet When the walls to her jail come down two buff, commando aliens are staring at her Their camouflage stripes aren t fatigues but the color of their naked skin Uninterested in her, they leave with the prize they sought, a strange, wild, flying beast enclosed within the larger cage withComputer nerd, Cyra, finds herself crashed and trapped within a cage on a distant planet When the walls to her jail come down two buff, commando aliens are staring at her Their camouflage stripes aren t fatigues but the color of their naked skin Uninterested in her, they leave with the prize they sought, a strange, wild, flying beast enclosed within the larger cage with her Cyra, knowing she s no longer on Earth, follows the males Cage is in possession of a great power he is leader of his Cloud Flyer tribe His mate is gone, presumed dead Cage learns that he can no longer reproduce a male heir to keep his all male tribe safe The human he encounters, after receiving that devastating blow, is lucky he lets it live But it s not that lucky for Cyra Cage has discovered a weapon in her fears With his new abilities, Cage plans to steal another s mate War will wage, as a dark new world follows.

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      442 C.L. Scholey
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    1 thought on “Cage

    1. Old girl was basically there to pee.Sure there was more to the plot, but she just peed and peed and peed.I counted at least 10 times she lost her cool and peed herself.Other characters would describe her as "reeking of urine". Can you imagine that? You land in an alien world and the aliens are like: - "We caught a human."- "What's a human?"- "It's this thing. it well it pees all over the place. e stench"And she's not even embarrassed by this?Destroying our species' reputation all over space, smh [...]

    2. Not my favorite from Ms. Scholey. The world, warriors and idea are interesting. However the main character, Cyra did not endear herself to me at all. Ms. Scholey's female characters are usually full of wit and spunk. But, I felt Cyra fell flat and lacked those endearing qualities I so look forward too. Throughout the story I wanted to scream "dear god woman see someone about your "problem"agles even!". which to me became irritating with it's frequency. I will most likely give the second book a g [...]

    3. I highly anticipate any C.L. Scholey book and bought this as soon as it was released without reading the blurb. Usually a C.L. Scholey book has strong world building, tender alpha males and solid heroines. Cage, unfortunately fails in all these aspects.Earth's fate is very different from the wreckage depicted in the New World and Unearthly World series. Earth is still livable and humans have come to cherish children to the point of obsession. Every child has a privileged education which includes [...]

    4. OK, so i get it. Computer nerds. Not something you would associate with great deeds of valour and immense courage. But really now. Really. Please. I understand that you're a computer analyst, Cyra, and not a warrior goddess in the making or the saviour of the universe, but you have a small problem. Or several.Normally when you have to go, you have to go. I get that. Every human in possession of a bladder gets that. But girl that often? I do have grandparents so i know about this stuff to a degre [...]

    5. DNF! 1.5 StarsThis was a disaster roller coaster! Just a very frustrating read with WTF moments and full of nonsense! NONSENSE!!!!!Literally halfway I was likeComputer nerd, Cyra, finds herself crashed and trapped within a cage on a distant planet. She's found by alien men who can shift into beings or animals of your worst nightmares. They can see the image in your head and just transform into it. And heroin is scared of course Alien hero takes her as a pet because she has vivid images of her fe [...]

    6. Uhm… not anywhere near one of my favorites from this author but it was an interesting new world. More fantasy to me than science fiction, but now that the foundation is set for the series there’s hope that the next books will do better.

    7. DNF 80%What the heck was I just reading? Honestly I didn't mind all the pee but this story is too ridiculous even for me! Cyra crashes onto an unknown planet after flying through a blackhole in a toilet seriously. She follows some natives who find her in one of their traps and ends up helping Cage, their leader by adding to his repertoire of scary beasts. He is a shape shifter and the only guy in the 'all guy' tribe, that can communicate with her. He is on a mission to capture another leader's m [...]

    8. Cyra is the government's smartest computer analyst they have, she travels the earth and beyond 'fixing' their problems. The shuttle she's riding in hits some galaxy debris and causes Cyra to crash. As Cyra comes to on what she thinks is Earth, she meets some very large, very different men.Cage is the ruler of one of the tribes on this planet doesn't know what to do with the human woman that he finds in his territory. After Cage makes some very bad decisions, Cyra, helps him do what she feels is [...]

    9. great new seriesThis first book of a new series by the extremely talented author C.L. Scholey was eagerly anticipated by myself and once again, I was certainly not disappointed! Ms. Scholey excels at creating imaginative new worlds in her books. The heroine in this story is accidentally deposited on an unknown planet after the ship she was in crashed. I thought it was interesting and a little amusing that the cause of the crash was because Earth started dumping it's trash in space. The hero is t [...]

    10. Review of Cage by C.L. Scholey1.5 stars. I’ll start off with the most positive thing the author has going for her (because it gets worse from here). The author gets major kudos for integrating syfy and the paranormal. She has created an interesting world with interesting aliens (who have paranormal attributes). Maybe Scholey has missed her calling as a consultant/concept designer for the video game industry. They look for new ideas for new worlds and new character traits (such as new species). [...]

    11. CageI love this book. I wish there were more. Love this story and the piddling problem. LolPlease write more.

    12. FunFun, sweet read. Not earth shattering (ha ha) but entertaining. Good world building, Good characters, nice pacing. Nice set up for the series.

    13. Cage, the first book in the Dark World Series was a very interesting read. Maybe not in the best way at times Scholey has created a universe in which humans are still selfish, self centered, consumer orientated and huge polluters.Cyra was returning to Earth from a job when "space garbage" interfered with the ship and she found herself alone on a planet, locked in a toilet. Telling for the future action. She was soon discovered by the planet's inhabitants and their leader, Cage. Cage was a sort o [...]

    14. Interesting. Though it was a bit bogged down with the world-building and introducing the set-up of the series, but that's to be expected seeing as it's the first book. I hope the next ones focus more on the romance aspect of things. Also, I have a feeling the peeing-in-fright was supposed to be funny, but since it occurred so often, it became less so. I mean, understandable the first time (sort of), but time after time after time? As the story got going, she knew it was him, that he wouldn't rea [...]

    15. I'm generally a fan of CL Scholey's books. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of this one. If, and I mean if, you can get past the heroine Cyra literally peeing her pants every time she gets scared (and she does this a lot - believe me, it isn't endearing) and if, you can get past the Hero Cage's decision to willfully kidnap and deliberately hurt other women from his race, not just once, but FIVE times, to serve his own ends before the numbskull figures out his plan isn't working and low and behold re [...]

    16. This is more of a 2.5 stars in my opinion. But perhaps I was expecting too much from this author's work. I must confess, I am wonderfully addicted to her "New World" and "Unearthly Worlds" series. This book however, felt incomplete. The hero Cage, was a selfish bully who constantly terrorized Cyra, the heroin. After attempting to kill her because he was pissy and having a really bad day, he decided he would just scare the piss out of her on a daily basis instead (literally). Cyra on the other ha [...]

    17. I liked this book, although it was not my favourite by this Author!!However, as usual C.L. has built an incredible world full of possibilities for the future of this series.I think that the series will only get better now that the foundation has been set. I do have to admit that I howled laughing in some parts and cried in others read it and you'll see why!!I'm looking forward to the next book to see where and how the series progresses and knowing Ms Scholey I don't think we will have to wait t [...]

    18. CAGE(Dark World Book 1)be C.L. SCHOLEYAbsolutely love this new start for the series. Smart,stubborn,sassy and emotionally challenging human female thrown into a alien world with fearsome metamorphic abilities in an awesome alpha male who finding out she's his mate just as his world is going to be facing new dangers and challenging times ahead. With plenty of heated scenes to keep them busy. With the universe in turmoil there's plenty more characters to see working to get their own HEA ROMANCE. E [...]

    19. I haven't minded this authors other books, but this was just plain terrible! I couldn't wait to get though it. I only read it because I paid for it. The plot was just bad. The whole "no control over her bladder" through the whole book was just weird, and unimportant. What was the point? To gross me out a not like the heroine? Than that was accomplished. Anyways, not worth your money.

    20. Good!!!!This book was a little different from the authors other books It was still a great book I laughed so hard my bladder released itself (you have to read the book to understand) I loved this new serious!!! Please don't keep us waiting

    21. I liked it, butI liked it and would have rated it higher if it wasn't for all the pee talk. Omg! The author could have done something to show fear other than the h pissing herself all the time.

    22. interesting new startLike the new series, I hope to read more soon! Hardheaded male and a smart stubborn female who is stuck with him. It's a good start and a few strange things to conquer for these alphas, finding their mates, fighting off the bad guys.

    23. great book, I hope there is more soon!The first book in a series is a little harder than the later books, as the world has to be built. The female character, Cyra, was funny what with her bladder issues. And loved the way it ended with the daughter.

    24. Already a fan and this book just added nail in that coffin. It is funny. It is sad. And very enjoyable satisfying read.

    25. Good ReadTook awhile to understand some but was way worth it and hopefully there Re more on the way . Thank you for this book.

    26. Hot and humorousHad me chuckling a lot. Loved the humour in this book. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for an entertaining read.

    27. It was great new story with some interesting concepts and just like always, she has knocked it out of the park :)

    28. Another winning series start from Scholey. The world building here is great, with excellent development for subsequent entries. Yay!

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