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Saved by the Dragon

Saved by the Dragon Chloe Ellis decision to celebrate the end of a turbulent relationship sends her off for a weekend of hiking and bonding with Mother Nature When a rainstorm strikes during a spontaneous mountain climb

  • Title: Saved by the Dragon
  • Author: Vivienne Savage
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chloe Ellis decision to celebrate the end of a turbulent relationship sends her off for a weekend of hiking and bonding with Mother Nature When a rainstorm strikes during a spontaneous mountain climb, she has no choice but to seek shelter and become hopelessly lost within a dank and dismal cave system There s one problem her golden eyed, incredibly sexy rescuerChloe Ellis decision to celebrate the end of a turbulent relationship sends her off for a weekend of hiking and bonding with Mother Nature When a rainstorm strikes during a spontaneous mountain climb, she has no choice but to seek shelter and become hopelessly lost within a dank and dismal cave system There s one problem her golden eyed, incredibly sexy rescuer isn t the average hiker He s also a dragon This 25,000 word, humorous novella is the first part of a series of standalone stories featuring hot shifters It contains strong sexual themes and is not intended for readers under adult age.

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      109 Vivienne Savage
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    1 thought on “Saved by the Dragon

    1. ***UPDATED REVIEW***Have you ever downloaded a book based solely on the sheer absurdity of the blurb? Like you know it’s going to be abysmally bad, but morbid curiosity takes over and you want, nay, need, to find out just how bad it is? Especially because the book is free?This is how I came to download “Saved by the Dragon” by Vivienne Savage. It did not disappoint. This was, in fact, the most ridiculous book I’ve ever read. And read it I did. I devoured this 152 page masterpiece in just [...]

    2. 1) Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.2) Please learn the difference between adjectives and adverbs, seriously. 3) Grinded is not a word. It's ground.4) Must every single romance novel(la) hero be a billionaire CEO? I mean, seriously. It's not part of Saul's persona at all but hey - heaven forbid we break convention by having him actually live in a cave or something rather than in "the kind of home that belonged in a magazine, or on MTV’s Cribs". It's just not romantic if the hero isn't dripping in diamonds, [...]

    3. Holy frijoles Batman! This was SO terrible that it was good (well not really good per se but it did have me rolling with laughter.) It was free and I was bored.Another reviewer seemed torn between thinking this was written by a 13 year old boy or elderly Jewish grandma.My vote is for horny 14 year old girl and this is a converted NC-17 fanfiction.I'll tell you why.- Ridiculous sex scenes that made no anatomical sense (not even in a romance novel "omg you're so big way" this seriously was strange [...]

    4. If you are looking for a sexy little tale with a little more than just sex thrown at youI think you are in the right place. But keep in mind this is more erotica then it is anything elseAnd hot, seriously. ;)Bear with me here i don't write reviews for erotica often, i read it, savor it and blush about it ;)I thought this was seriously hot, and I was glad there was an exploration of sex, it wasn't just the same sceneover, and over and over again.So very yay to that, it does border on the line of [...]

    5. This was a Google book freebie & so I took a chance. On a positive note it was mildly entertaining and short, thank the book gods. I am obviously not of the majority who loved this book. I was shocked to see so many 4&5 star ratings. I thought Chloe was a one dimensional character & who the hell knows about Saul, I don't know a damn thing about him except he's a dragon, he hot, and lah-ooooh-ded.I guess I've been spoiled by already reading really good dragon books by writers like GA [...]

    6. Nice beginning. I didn't feel the connection between the characters beyond their first encounter. From the time Chloe flew to LA, it just felt off.

    7. This was the kind of paranormal read that I needed. Plus it was my first dragon book, which I loved. It was quick to read and hot.

    8. 2.5Meh.Not bad by any means, but no depth or character development. And Chloe's constant giggling annoysBut Saul was def hot. ;)I've never read a dragon shifter book before & it seems like so much more could be done, this is rather cliched. I'll probably finish the bundle tho.

    9. Fun, sexy, and hot as sin are a few words to describe this book. I love that the author made sure to write an amazing story with all of the sexy times. this was a quick read, but I loved it! it was so yummy.

    10. This story was fabulous! There was something so sweet about the relationship between Saul and Chloe. I immediately bought the collection:)I would highly recommend this book for PNR fans.

    11. 2015 Rating System: 5I want to start off by saying that I had no intention of reading this book. I hate the cover. She looks like some kind of spider woman, and I tend to buy the art and then the story. Well, I saw the book was up for free, and since I read one of the books under the author's real name, I thought I'd give it a chance. As it turns out, this books is so much better than the cover, and I would've really missed out on a fresh serial series. Go freebie days for giving me the nudge to [...]

    12. *Possible spoilers ahead* This book is exactly what I wanted from dragon shifter erotica. As charming as it is self-aware, Saved by the Dragon is a fast-paced romance with plenty of smut and humour to satisfy a fan of the paranormal romance genre. It plays with the well-established tropes of the genre, as well as playing with the mythos and expectations that one might have as a lover of fantasy. For instance, the meeting of the heroine, Chloe, and her soon-to-be dragon lover, Saul, takes place o [...]

    13. Chloe is out rock climbing when it starts to storm. Her luck continues to take further turns for the worse, and she finds herself in a cave with what is probably a broken ankle. Fortunately for her, spelunker Saul shows up to rescue her.He isn’t wearing a shirt and he looks like a Viking God. He talks a bit funny, but that’s ok. She establishes that he has a job and a sense of humour. Even better, he’s very handy to have around. He fixes her ankle, goes out hunting and feeds her roast veni [...]

    14. Note: This is not a romance novel! This is an erotic novella.I did go into this thinking that it was a romance novel. I didn't realize until the end that it was a novella, and I didn't realize until I read the author's note at the end that it was erotica. Personally, I found the sex too tame to be considered true erotica; however, there is very little substance to the story which does support this assertion.Regardless, I am a fan or erotica and so was not offended by the sex. I was, however, off [...]

    15. 5 Super Sexy Stars.What's not to love about a sexy man who can rescue you AND find you a haunch of venison to roast over the campfire? Oh, and who happens to turn into a dragon while you're sleeping after being so totally sated by fabulous sex?Saul is a beta sweetie and I had to stop myself from making plans to go off rock climbing to let a dragon shifter find and rescue me!This book is well written, the pace moves well, and the sex scenes are scorching hot. I love that Chloe gets to be the teac [...]

    16. My edition: KindlePages: 154Series: Loved by the Dragon #1Rating: 2.5Review: This was a little different than some of my normal reads. Chloe is in the middle of climbing a mountain when a thunderstorm hits. She finds shelter on a shelf of the mountain only to fall down a slope into a cave. There she meets Saul who helps her. Chloe and Saul have a night of passion or so Chloe thought. Saul claimed her as his. It was a good story. It just didn't have a plot and though it was cute it just wasn't al [...]

    17. This book was laughable. The insta-love so funny. After kicking the dragon to the curb after a night of sex Chole decides she loves said dragon after he gives her one more night of sex, a flight on his back and tons of precious jewels. Go figure.

    18. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Vivienne Savage. This is a novella from the Loved by the Dragon #1 by the author.Chloe went out on her own hiking trying to clear her head about her boyfriend. Things do not go well for her until she is saved by a mysterious man Saul. When she can't get him out of her head she goes looking for the sexy man and gets more then she bargained for.I love the characters and their interaction with each other and the other characters. Even [...]

    19. 3.5 stars for me.This was a sexy, fun, short dragon story.I got this book for free on and really enjoyed it.Chloe was a smart heroine. I really liked her. Saul the dragon of our story was sweet and sexy. This was a short story so I will have to read the next two ( I believe) books to find out what happens to them. My only complaint is a found a couple of inconsistencies and just some word choices in intimate scenes that I didn't care for. All in all a great story.

    20. ***I want a dragon like Saul***I was completely taken over by this story! I loved the steamy romance mixed with the paranormal Dragons are a delight and I absolute loved Saul! I loved everything about him and at first, I was very frustrated with Chloe, but in the end, I loved the tale the author wove! Well done - truly entertaining while being completely sensual and charming!

    21. Well, it was a cute story but a little far removed from anything resembling the credible. I know that statement doesn't make much sense, but it does in my head.Character development was also lacking, but then again, this was a novella rather than a novel, so there wasn't all that much space for a lot of development.2.5-3 stars

    22. Why I Read This: I initially was introduced to Vivienne Savage through her Once Upon a Spell series. So when I tried started this one, boy was I surprised how smutty it was. Despite the smut levels, I read on because it was simple escapism and the world building was actually pretty interesting.Characters?The characters are simple and likable. Savage strives for equality in the relationships, making the females out to be more like the alphas in the relationships at times. Saul had an adorable nai [...]

    23. Harmless fluff, more or less. The 'romantic' scenes are comical, but the story itself is lacking much in the way of plot, conflict, and personality on the part of the protagonists. There's also a few worryingly phrased descriptions of people of color. Vivienne Savage tends to write quick harmless reads, but her better books are in the 'once upon a spell' series, as the character's there have CHARACTER, and there are real plots. Her problem as an author is general that her stories lack any IMPACT [...]

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