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Celeb Crush

Celeb Crush Twenty year old Anderson Andi Kelly curses the day she got roped into helping plan the wedding of her cousin to her cheating ex boyfriend To save face she tells everyone her boyfriend is megastar Lu

  • Title: Celeb Crush
  • Author: Nicole Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twenty year old Anderson Andi Kelly curses the day she got roped into helping plan the wedding of her cousin to her cheating ex boyfriend To save face, she tells everyone her boyfriend is megastar, Lucas Greyson currently Hollywood s hottest actor In reality, Luke is Andi s boss and a good friend and vacationing out of the country at the moment It s the perfect lie Twenty year old Anderson Andi Kelly curses the day she got roped into helping plan the wedding of her cousin to her cheating ex boyfriend To save face, she tells everyone her boyfriend is megastar, Lucas Greyson currently Hollywood s hottest actor In reality, Luke is Andi s boss and a good friend and vacationing out of the country at the moment It s the perfect lie what could go wrong She finds out the hard way when Luke unexpectedly shows up at her family s front door Caught, Andi is forced to tell him about her little white lie and to her horror, Luke decides he wants to maintain the charade Left with no choice, she assumes the enviable role of Lucas Greyson s besotted girlfriend And that s when things start to get really complicated As they help each other navigate through ex boyfriends and conniving co stars, Andi begins to look at her famous boss in a new light Soon the line between real and make believe gets blurred, and she finds herself with a difficult choice to make keep her heart safe and groundedor shoot for the stars.

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      248 Nicole Christie
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    1 thought on “Celeb Crush

    1. 3.5 One-time-read stars A very reluctant 3.5 stars for the second half of the bookAminus point five (-0.5) ,for the slow and unnecessary first half.Instead of watching the romance develop these twoAll i got was fighting and stubbornessThe author just took out the complications of a Friends with benefit idea , and literally just applied it to their situation.MINUS the sex :/ Though they were fun at timesI paste on my most diplomatic smile, but Luke isn’t buying it.  He shakes his head at me.  [...]

    2. 3.5 estrellasBueno para empezar, tengo que confesar que el libro me sorprendió lo empecé creyendo que no me iba a gustar, que iba a ser malísimo (ya tenía la experiencia con otro libro que trata algo similar y no me gustó)Entonces ya de entrada vine con expectativas: CERO. y creo que eso dio paso a que al final me agradara la historia y no es que fuera lo mejor ni nada por el estilo, esta full de cliché, personajes y situaciones molestas pero la historia de verdad que entretiene bastante. [...]

    3. «— Pero confío en ti, Andi. Confío en que me conozcas mejor que nadie y que me patees el culo cuando lo necesite. Me dices la verdad sin tapujos cuando todo el mundo a mí alrededor me está besando el culo. A veces siento que me estoy asfixiando, y luego miro a mi alrededor y me doy cuenta de que es porque no estás allí. Cuando estoy contigo, estoy más feliz de lo que he estado. Incluso cuando me estás destrozando.» « — () Piensas que te estarías perdiendo algo si tomaras un enfoq [...]

    4. Genre: NA RomanceSensuality: PGRambling romance berween a famous movie star and college student. Similiar and not much improved from her last bk.The pros are the same: appealing narrator heroine, good humor, and snappy dialogue. The cons are the same: uneven pacing and see content warning.Content warnings: OW, h is kinda psychotic, and (view spoiler)[ they are still not together at the halfway pt so H gets drunk and he sleeps with OW. (hide spoiler)]

    5. dnf ~ 50 %This is a dnf for for no other reason than the h, Andie. I liked the setting, I liked the humor, I really liked the H, Luke. I wanted to give up a couple of times but Luke and the secondary characters were all so charming and funny that I made it to the 50% mark. But I have to give up now. I've suffered enough. Andie is such an idiotic, self centered bitch that I don't want to read how she gets the guy in the end. Has anyone read this book? If this doesn't have a HEA, I might want to p [...]

    6. Hacer un review de este libro va a ser una tortura tan grande como leerlo. La protagonista al principio me gustó su actitud de badass y luego ya solo le faltaba la tarima porque bastante payasa la muchacha. Luke, es un tipo tierno y bla bla o sea, ni fu ni fa con el.Este libro contiene todos los clichés* Crush con una mega celebridad* Engaño de ex novio* Embarazo ficticio* Pasado oscuro* Mama drogadicta aparece en escena* Embarazo con el tipo con el que terminaste* Final perfectoY tiene de bo [...]

    7. 2.5 Stars (Barely)Okay, so the only good aspect of the book was Andie as a character and the funny sarcastic tone of her POV. That said I only loved her about 75% of the time. Most of the time she was this strong and slightly cray-cray character but then came Lucas. Whenever I thought that there was going to be a development in either character to make their relationship work, what happens? Sex and then everything is forgiven or forgotten. This weakness account for the 25% of my hate because And [...]

    8. Andi, what can I say! Bold, funny, brash, violent, inappropriate, blunt and emotionally stunted. I love her! Luke, well he evenly matched Andi for sure. I will say I was disappointed that Andi didn't spen more time with KatALLY disappointed!

    9. ***2.5 stars***Un libro difícil de leer, y no porque tenga una historia tan compleja que te da dolores de cabeza, si no porque es tan aburrido y molesto que me tuve que obligar a terminarlo. Masoquista, lo sé.Había estado leyendo el libro de Cinder & Ella de Kelly Oram (el cúal adoro) y quise seguir por la misma línea de historia. Chico o chica famoso, se enamora de chico o chica no famosa. La fama y las celebridades se meten en la relación, bla bla blaEntonces, gracias a mis grandes a [...]

    10. I liked Andi a lot. Her murderous thoughts were so attuned to mine I actually thought I'd somehow projected it into her character. Luke, on the other hand, never did much for me. Maybe because Andi's so loud you kinda forget about him. Maybe because there's a lot of talk of how hot he is but not that much about his personality. I don't know but, the truth is, I never noticed him much. I mean, he's the other main character and pretty much all Andi talks about but Andi's voice is so strong he ends [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsThis book was a bit of a rollercoaster for me. For the most part, I was totally in to it! But I was frustrated at what was happening on more than one occasion, which brought down my enjoyment factor.Things were actually going really well, until just before the 50% mark. Luke was flirty and fun, and obviously in to Andi. Andi was stubborn and blind to Luke's feelings, even though he was clearly into her. Luke did something around the 40% mark that I couldn't stop thinking about. I couldn [...]

    12. OMG, again, I totally loved this book from Nicole Christie. There is something about her writing that makes you turn the pages so quick, it is almost impossible to put it down. For her previous two novels they took over my life, became an obsession for a short while. This book was no different. READING THIS BOOK I HAD NO LIFE. I couldn't even eat my lunch and dinner without reading it.Full of witty lines, humorous plot lines and sexy blokes. The heroine, Andi, is very different from the usual le [...]

    13. Just!Luke is a douche who spends the 2 years he knows Andi screwing around with random women practically everyday, and leaves it to Andi to "get rid" of his sex partners (yeah classy guy).So after banging chicks for 2 years in front of Andi he decides he now wants her. Ummm, after all of his sexcapades that she's had to cleanup I really hoped that she would stand up to him. But no, she's a doormat. He even gets away with screwing an old flame while making a play for Andi at the same time. And he [...]

    14. 4.5 CELEBRITY CRUSH STARS!!! WOW! I really enjoyed this book, it just really worked for me. I love how the author really knew her characters, and she did not deviate from that. Luke was such a strong hero. He was not perfect and some of his actions in the beginning I did not like, but man did he redeem himself. He fought for what he had always wanted, Andi. Andi was a very unique heroine, she had anger issues, she was awkward, and man, was she hilarious. I loved being inside her head. She was so [...]

    15. I have to say, I liked Nicole Christie's Falling for the Ghost of You better than Celeb Crush. In Celeb Crush, the main character's dysfunctional personality was a little over the top for my preference. It was funny though, especially the internal dialogue. And I was happy about the HEA ending :)

    16. I really enjoyed this book - it made me laugh out loud (normally I only chuckle quietly at amusing bits). It's always nice to see my country (and city where I live) mentioned as well ;).

    17. nice book, interesting storyline I loved this book, Andy and Luke together was so funny, loved the dialogue between them, the scenes, Luke chasing her was nice. I loved the fact that he was her friend in the first place, he knew she was in a messy situation and he wanted to be there for her, just show up to show support and that was pretty cool. I hated the cousin and the ex boyfriend, but later on I understood them and kinda liked them too. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone!

    18. Holy crapI love Andi, she is hilarious. She's also 2 scoops of crazy and a side of coo coo catchoo. The book is hilarious, heart wrenching, and just awesome. Not gonna lie all the cheaters in it can just go on a cruise together on the titanic maybe I'm almost as crazy as Andi, but with more restraint. Luke I loved him, and hated him, but then kinda loved him again. Read it and you can see why. That's all I'm gonna say because it would just be to easy to just tell you the whole story I've already [...]

    19. I love this author and she doesn't disappoint with this book. The hero is always perfect but it's the heroine that makes or breaks the book for me. Luckily, I really liked Andi. She was witty and sarcastic - a great combination. Some of her comments were just hilarious. Why not 5 stars? There was a stupid miscommunication that bugged me. I'm not a fan of that as a plot device. But, overall, a great read.

    20. Last year I somehow stumbled across Slow Burn. I loved it and because of that, I find myself periodically checking to see if another book has been added to Juliet's story. So far, no such luck. However, I did find that Nicole released this little gem! I loved it! Andi is a crazy chick but I dig it. I can see why she is the way she is and I can also understand her reactions to things. Luke is hot and super swoon worthy! Could not put this book down!

    21. Andi found her boyfriend and cousin (Megan) in her bed. Break up.When she stormed off, she met Luke. Mr. Hollywood.All the signs were there. Luke was in love with her but she was too dense to notice.Andi was asked by her Ex boyfriend to be Megan's bride's maid. She agreed.She slipped a tiny lie about Luke being her boyfriend. Then KABAM! Luke came to their house.Acted as her boyfriend. Love is in the air~

    22. Rereading this book again. I am a huge fan of Nicole Christie's and I hope she writes more books. Andi is crazy as shit and Luke is charming. Andi is a hoot! I love her. In my head she looks like Shay Mitchell from Pretty Liars. I love the inner monologues and loved this book.

    23. Andi was the highlight of this book for me. I loved reading about her, so much that all the other characters fell flat for me. She is a total b**** and she knows it. But, she's not unlikable. At least, I liked her and could see her appeal. Underneath all that snark and sass, she had a heart of gold. And I admire Ms. Christie for developing such a strong character. Rarely do we come across smart, bitchy heroines who don't mind giving the middle finger to the world. Yet, you know that when the sit [...]

    24. No se como sentirme al respecto de este libro, era una buena historia pero demasiadas cosas pasaron al mismo tiempoY odio el hecho de que una mujer tan fuerte, se reduzca a baba en la presencia del protagonistaEl hecho de que despues de una ronda de sexo todo estuviera perdonado, no sentó bien conmigo, Luke hizo cosas bastantes idiotas y Andie lo perdonaba despues de que le dijera una simple fraseNo me gustan las protagonistas que tienen personalidades tan impresionantes, pero se convierten en [...]

    25. Too much unresolvedGreat premise and I LOVE Andi, but I think there were too many things left "unresolved" and out of character. For instance Andi is tough as nails, and I don't care if her ex and cousin were in love, what they did was horrible, and she forgave them much too easily. Also Luke's "friend" something n the way of karma should have hit here was a conniving witch with a capital B and nothing was resolved with heri.e. Her career should have been ruined. And finally Luke spent the whole [...]

    26. La verdad pensé que estaría muy bueno el libro pero no.Empieza bien, te mantiene leyendo, pero de pronto empiezas a ver que la protagonista Adi, está algo loca, pero lo dejas pasar.Pero ya no lo dejas pasar cuando se vuelve más loca, sus comentarios y pensamientos se me hicieron demasiado exagerados. Creo que la escritora abuso de elloKE se me hizo bueno, digo es un gran actor guapísimo pero demasiado blando con Andi.Cuando ya te echaste más de la mitad del libro odiando a Andi por ser "ta [...]

    27. I really liked this one. Andi was a hoot. I didn't think I'd like this book, because I usually don't like the celeb and normal person romances, but I took the plunge because I love the author. So glad I did! Andi's humorous but really unique voice cinched it for me. You just never knew what'd she say or do next and I loved it. I also liked that she wasn't a doormat. Some of the misunderstandings were frustrating and I wanted a bit more of a cathartic end or perhaps a bit more justice for the "vi [...]

    28. 5 de 5 Wooow super divertido demasiado demasiado amorosa, dulce, divertida, sencilla de leer y con personajes que te atrapan de inmediatoAndi que chica con mucho carácter jajaja me encanto su personalidad y chispezaLuke espontaneo y que amor de hombrelove itLibro que se desarrolla de forma progresivaque evoluciona conforme a la relación que ellos van formandoen momentos mi corazón dolió enormementenreí de felicidadí de diversiónun torbellino de emociones que experimente durante el este li [...]

    29. I enjoyed the first half of this book. Especially beacuse Andy is not your typical girl, she´s the type of girl who kicks squirrels and puppies, she´s that girl. And I liked that, until I didn´t anymore.By the second half of the book her attitude just annoyed me, and I really really got bored. To the point that I started to skip long paragraphs until I got to the end. So, this story was just ok.

    30. La historia en si tenía potencial pero simplemente llegó un momento en que me hartaron los personajes, así que, prefiero dejar la historia y recordar los momentos bonitos y no terminar por odiar la historia y encasillar a la autora.

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