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Mind of Her Own

Mind of Her Own Who knew making dinner could change your life Louisa Copeland certainly didn t But when the George Foreman grill falls out of the pantry onto her head resulting in a bump and a mighty case of amnesia

  • Title: Mind of Her Own
  • Author: Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
  • ISBN: 9781496401281
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who knew making dinner could change your life Louisa Copeland certainly didn t But when the George Foreman grill falls out of the pantry onto her head, resulting in a bump and a mighty case of amnesia, Louisa s life takes a turn for the unexpected Who is this Collin fellow, claiming she is his wife And whose kids are those Her name can t be Louisa Why, she is the renWho knew making dinner could change your life Louisa Copeland certainly didn t But when the George Foreman grill falls out of the pantry onto her head, resulting in a bump and a mighty case of amnesia, Louisa s life takes a turn for the unexpected Who is this Collin fellow, claiming she is his wife And whose kids are those Her name can t be Louisa Why, she is the renowned romance writer Jazz Sweet, not a Midwestern mom of three Struggling to put the pieces together of the life she s told she had, Louisa Jazz may realize that some memories are better left alone.

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    1. I just finished a great book called Mind of Her Own by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer. Louisa Copeland is a wife to Collin and mother to three kids (brave woman). Madison is twelve years old and a typical teenage girl, Joey is five, and Tim is four. Louisa is getting ready to make dinner and goes to get the indoor grill out of the pantry. Their dog, Cleo comes running through the house and runs into Louisa just as she starts pulling on the grill (you just know this is not going to be good). The next th [...]

    2. Louisa and Collin's marriage has hit a rocky patch and neither seems to know what to do. Feeling overwhelmed by everything in life and knowing Collin will be late as usual, she decides on a quick dinner of grilled chicken. Louisa's last memory is of the George Foreman indoor grill falling and hitting her head.Waking in the hospital, Jazz Sweet has no memory of this handsome man, and can't imagine why he insists they are married and her name is Louisa. Collins takes Jazz/Louisa home to recover, a [...]

    3. A contemporary romance, Mind of Her Own is quite different from the typical romance novel. Louisa has retrograde amnesia, but she wakes up with lots of memories. The problem is that her memories aren't real. She is convinced she's the famous romance writer Jazz Sweet, and she doesn't know anything about being a wife and mother of three. There is suspense: Is Jazz really Louisa? If so, will she ever give up her dream memories and remember her real life? Collin, her husband, is a great romantic he [...]

    4. What woman hasn’t felt at one time or another that she has a split personality? I know I feel that way almost weekly between hormone changes, lack of sleep and life in general! In Mind of Her Own, Louisa literally experiences a split personality due to a memory loss. I found this such an intriguing plot and one I didn’t see coming at all! While it seems scary to completely forget who you are, it’s also a chance at a new beginning!Louisa loses her memory from a head injury and wakes up thin [...]

    5. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer has taken an old plot and given it a new personality. Published by Tyndale, Brandmeyer’s new book, “Mind of her Own”, almost makes amnesia sound like it could be fun.Louisa Copeland is a ‘perfect’ wife for lawyer Collin, despite three young children, their home is spotless, the car pool is run, dinner is ready when/if he arrives home. Something is missing, maybe her life is too perfect and too bland, she certainly feels lost. What is the secret she is hiding?Whe [...]

    6. Welcoming the alter ego.What if you had an alter ego that was everything you felt you could never be? I’m not talking about a split personality, or an evil twin. Still you, but different. Messy where you’re neat, colorful where you’re drab, happy where you’re sad, inept where you’re skilled, skilled where you’re inept, playful where you’re stoic. What if you woke up to find the alter ego had taken over your life?A Mind of Her Own is a delightful story about finding yourself. Louisa [...]

    7. Louisa Copeland finds security, though not happiness, in her immaculate but bland home. After a head injury knocks her out, she awakes as the colorful, mischievous, and imaginative romance author Jazz Sweet. But there's more to this story than Louisa/Jazz's retrograde amnesia. What is it that "Jazz" doesn't want Louisa to remember? As Jazz and her husband learn together to navigate her memory loss, they also learn important lessons about their marriage -- and each other.Though we had family visi [...]

    8. Sometimes life just gets the best of us. But we can't really disappear into another dimension or life. That's just what happens to Louisa when she becomes Jazz. Life is too much for her when a knock on the noggin sends her into an alternate life where the duldrums of child rearing and an over-worked husband don't exist. I love that Diana Lesire Brandmeyer put into fiction what many women have wanted in real life. But how would you find your way back? How far can someone go to help you? Does love [...]

    9. I got a copy of this book this morning, a few hours later I had not put it down. I loved the story line. Jazz Sweet was the person Louisa Copeland longed to be, full of life and hope. Hurts from her past kept her from being the person God created her to be. In the blink of an eye Louisa's life and the life of her family were forever changed. These changes brought new life, new love and new beginnings to the ordinary, dull everyday life the family lead. Jazz brought fun and spontaneous into their [...]

    10. This book was so much fun to write. Having Louisa lose her memory and become someone else gave me a chance to think about what I would do.Can you imagine if this was you?Would you wear the same kind of clothes?Drive the car you have now?Would you decorate the same if you had a do-over?

    11. I L-O-V-E-D this book! It was funny, sweet, charming and uniquely differentTE: I requested and received a copy of this title via NetGalley for an honest review.

    12. You Must Have Me Mixed Up With Someone ElseE THIS ON MY BLOG: bookreadingtic/2015/08/04/Louisa is married to workaholic lawyer, Collin Copeland. They have three children, and live in an expensive Midwestern suburb. After a conk on the head renders her unconscious and in the emergency room, she wakes up as someone else. She tells everyone she is Jazz Sweet, a single, successful romance writer who lives by the ocean in Florida. Jazz is an unconventional free spirit, about as far removed from Louis [...]

    13. For my full review on this book, visit my blog Bookshelves and Daydreams! My Take in 3 PartsThe ThemeWhat you have here is the story of a woman who's not entirely happy with her life. There are parts of herself, important parts, that she's kept hidden from her family and that have kept her from blossoming into a fully-formed and healthy human being. Fear plays a large role in Louisa's life, and Jazz is almost completely free from that fear.It's a tantalizing idea. Imagine going to sleep as one p [...]

    14. With the help of a bad hit on the head,Louisa Copeland finds herself transform from a housewife with a leaning for complete order to the point that her wardrobe is color coded, to a free spirit romance writer, who lives for the moment, and with that, I find myself caught up in a fun contemporary romance with humor, a subtle message of Christian healing in both her marriage and a secret that soon comes to light as Louisa struggles to remember who she is and how is she suddenly married with kids.W [...]

    15. Title: Mind of Her OwnAuthor: Diana Lesire BrandmeyerGenre: Christian, Fiction, Modern, Memory Loss, Marriage Problems.Plot: Louisa Copeland is your average housewife with three children and a husband who somehow feels distant compared to the enchanting memories in her mind. While preparing dinner as usual, Louisa mulls over her marriage and decides to make a great meal as step one in her new plan to entice her husband to stay home more. But when with the dog's help Louisa takes a nasty spill [...]

    16. A Mind of Her Own by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer is a very delightful, original, and creative novel. It captures the reader’s attention from the first page and is hard to put down. Wife and mom, Louisa Copeland, is an organized and seemingly perfect woman. One minute she is immersed in a romance novel, comparing the fictional couple’s exciting life to her own disappointing existence and wondering how it had gone so wrong. Her husband Collin had accused her of not loving him enough, and she had b [...]

    17. Title: Mind of Her OwnAuthor: Diana Leshire BrandmeyerPages: 352Year: 2015Publisher: TyndaleMy rating is 5 stars.Note: I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from bookfun The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibilityThis is a mesmerizing tale of Louisa, who is a wife, mother and a very unhappy woman. As the story begins, she is currently disengaged with family matters and her husband is on the couch. The time to make dinner comes and as she is reachin [...]

    18. Wonderful, funny , touching, heart warming!Mind of her Own, a new book by author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, is definitely not to be missed. I was recently asked to read and review it for Diana.Agreeing to read and review books is sometimes a little scary. I often think, what if I don’t like it or it’s just not my cup of tea? Then how will I review it? That was definitely not a problem with this book! It hit my favorites list faster than you can say Five Star Review! From the very first page, I [...]

    19. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s book Mind of Her Own grabbed me from the first pages. Louisa Copeland is a tired mother of three and lonely wife who is looking for something to make for dinner. When her heavy George Foreman grill falls out of the pantry and lands on her head, she is suddenly struck with a case of amnesia that leaves her wondering whose life she has walked into.Husband Collin, an overworked and over-zealous lawyer who is trying to make partner, isn’t too thrilled that his wife no l [...]

    20. What a treat this book was. The author has captured a story that intrigued me so much I read the book in one day. It is very well written with great characters. The story is about Louisa Copeland, mother to three children and her husband Collin who is a very successful attorney. Louisa is almost to perfect of a housewife. She keeps things in perfect order and always has wonderful meals for the family. But not all is well between Louisa and Collin. They seem to be drifting apart and the perfect f [...]

    21. The first words you read on the website of author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer is “Stringing 26 letters into a story.” That is exactly what she did with this story. 26 Letters changed the lives of a family when the George Foreman grill fell onto the head of Louisa Copeland, wife and mother of three children. Have you ever felt stuck, and wished things were different? And then it happened and you wish things would go back to normal, to the familiar things? Perhaps that is the way Louisa Copeland f [...]

    22. Have you ever wondered what amnesia would be like? Better yet, what would it be like to have a clunk on the head and wake up as a different person?Come on. ‘Fess up. I know I’ve wondered what it would be like to be someone completely different.In Mind of Her Own, a novel by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Louisa Copeland does just that. During supper preparations after a less-than-fulfilling day as a lawyer’s wife and mother to three unruly children, Louisa accidentally drops a George Foreman gri [...]

    23. _______________________________________________*My Thoughts*This was one interesting read! I can honestly admit, I have never read a book involving amnesia before. Scratch that. I have read ONE. The difference? That one didn't include a family with three young kids, a spotless house, and a mid-western mom thinking she's a renowned romance writer!I think this was very well written. The confusion, anger, and emotional roller coaster Louisa was on, was completely believable. I felt like it was happ [...]

    24. Who knew dinner could change your life? Yet that's exactly the catalyst that sets a family on a new path to find God and each otherin Mind of Her Own by Diana Brandmeyer.Louisa goes to make dinner, gets knocked over by the family dog and knocked out by the grill she was preparing to make dinner on. When she awakes, huge portions of her memory are gone and her family sets out to help her remember. In the process they must confront the truth of who they were, the path they were on, and whether or [...]

    25. What would you do if you had an accident only to wake up believing yourself to be someone else, yet being told your not who you think you are. That's basically the premises of this book. Louisa Copeland, wife to Collin and mother of three wakes up in the Emergency room believing she's Jazz Sweet, an Inspirational romance writer from Florida. Secrets in her past hold the key to unlocking her memories and bringing Louisa back to her family for good.I was very disappointed with this book. First, re [...]

    26. "Mind of Her Own" by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer is a great contemporary fiction novel with a twist. It is humorous, sometimes very serious, and often fun. Louisa, married, with three children is quite competent in all she does. Until she gets knocked out and develops amnesia.When she wakes up she is a new woman. Totally new. She doesn't remember her husband, her children or her life. Her name is Jazz and she most certainly does not have children! As she begins exploring the life of Louisa she disco [...]

    27. Mind of Her Own kept me reading from beginning to end. Okay, so I thought the ending reveal could have been slightly less abrupt and there were a few other things here and there—but wow! Brandmeyer did a fantastic job of developing the mystery and the sorrow as the reader begins to suspect what, exactly, Louisa is hiding—and all the heartbreak that entails.Brandmeyer did a fabulous job of representing the effect a secret like Louisa was hiding would have on a person’s life, and then shows [...]

    28. Mind of Her Own by Diana Lesire BrandmeyerWhen I started this book I thought wow what a great way to get out of doing the household chores til I realized she was not faking it. Then I got scared that she forget about her life and thought she was someone else and not married, no kids, etc.She returns to the house where Collin tries to help more around the house and with the kids. He discovers journals from Louisa and starts reading them, not realizing it's her true feelings, about them and life.H [...]

    29. Mind of Her Own by Diana L. Brandmeyer; Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.; ISBN 978-1-4143-8103-9 (Apple); ISBN 978-1-4143-8102-2 (ePub); ISBN 978-1-4143-8101-5 (Mobi)In Mind of Her Own, Brandmeyer takes every woman's dream and makes it a fiction reality - if there is such. And through the journey she has penned, her characters not only learn about themselves and their relationships, they see that perhaps change is not a bad a thing.It is a comical twist of fate that brings Brandmeyer's main charac [...]

    30. Louisa is closing a book cover when she goes to make dinner, but she ends up being hit in the head by her Forman Grill, and now she not the same person who originally went into the kitchen. When Lousia comes to, she is now Jazz Sweet, and she doesn’t know her husband or her children.Now what a dilemma, she is now a Christian romance writer, only she doesn’t remember her agent, or her address or phone number, and finally goes home with the man claiming to be her husband, Collin Copeland. Noth [...]

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