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Stephanie's Ponytail

Stephanie s Ponytail This is a cute and funny children s book Stephanie s mom asks her where she wants her ponytail each morning When she goes to school the children all tell her it is ugly ugly ugly The next day all t

  • Title: Stephanie's Ponytail
  • Author: Robert Munsch
  • ISBN: I550374850
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a cute and funny children s book Stephanie s mom asks her where she wants her ponytail each morning When she goes to school, the children all tell her it is ugly, ugly, ugly The next day all the girls are wearing their hair the same way The last day she tells the class she will shave her head for the next day Everyone comes to school bald, except Stephanie ThThis is a cute and funny children s book Stephanie s mom asks her where she wants her ponytail each morning When she goes to school, the children all tell her it is ugly, ugly, ugly The next day all the girls are wearing their hair the same way The last day she tells the class she will shave her head for the next day Everyone comes to school bald, except Stephanie The story and the artwork are both very funny.

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    1 thought on “Stephanie's Ponytail

    1. A lesson about pulling ppl's ponytails that will stick with you. This was a gift to my nephew, Scott, from my husband and I. It's one of his mom's nostalgic childhood authors. There is an adorable aspect to that, reading the ones that were read to you, to your child. So- of course I wanted to support that.

    2. Copycats. Copycats. Copycats.Robert Munsch explores individualism and imitation in this tale for children and adults alike. When Stephanie decides to flip her ponytail at daily whims, she faces fellow students cringing and deeming her looks "ugly". Yet, each morning, she returns to find them imitating her previous hairstyle.Flattery, or it's only cool whenthey wear her looks? This story's rather deep with humor and an hilarious ending all ages can appreciate.

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Stephanie's Ponytail" for this little girl, the main character in this children's book, had a mind of her own and was not afraid to let it be known. She did not fear being different from everyone else around her, she wanted to be her own person. This story was great for teaching children to be their own person, I would highly recommend this story to parents for their children.

    4. “Stephanie’s Ponytail is an extremely funny book about peer pressure from the mind of Robert Munsch along with humorous illustrations by Michael Martchenko. The book details the herione’s efforts to find a style fitting to her while at the same time trying to avoid the “copycats” at her school.“Stephanie’s Ponytail” is full of good humor and great lessons about peer pressure. Michael Martchenko’s illustrations are extremely humorous as he depicts each character to look like the [...]

    5. Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael MartchenkoGenre: FictionAge Group: K-2ndThe main character Stephanie is portrayed as a cute girl that just wants her wear her ponytail. Every time she goes to school everyone would call her ugly and she would respond by saying "it's my ponytail and I like it." The very next day everyone at the school would have the same hairstyle including the teachers and boys. Every time everyone copies her she would get mad and go home to chan [...]

    6. As an contemporary realistic fiction book this appropriate for all ages but geared toward ages seven through thirteen years old, especially girls. From a strong woman’s voice, the issues of peer pressure is brought up. The main character, Stephanie, wants to standout with the most outrages hair styles. At first she is made fun of but them her style is soon copied by other students. This book is amazing funny. Students can really take a lot from it. The theme of this book is independence and pe [...]

    7. I LOOOOOOOVED this book! It sends the message that it is okay to be unique and yourself! Although it does send the message that it sucks to be copied, it also sends the message that sometimes the weird things are the things that people will want and you can be popular because of it. Another twist on this that I loved was that Stephanie didn't want to be popular, she did it because it made HER happy, which is the most important thing! The only part that I didn't like about this book was that the [...]

    8. This book shows the perils of being a copycat, and interestingly shows how adults as well as children can be copycats and conformists. There are a couple of funny parts in this book. Stephanie proves to be very clever, but I did find her insistence of being unique as ripe for discussion as her classmates and teacher who wanted to copy her hairstyle.

    9. Okay, this book is pretty darn cute! I love Stephanie's independence, and how her parents don't do much to discourage her from her wacky ponytails. The only thing, she makes her teacher and classmates look pretty stupid. Who knows, maybe they needed the lesson!

    10. I love this author,he really has some really funny kids stories, it reminds me of the stories my Grandpa use to tell me as a child.

    11. a. Summary: Stephanie wants to stand out at school, so she has her mom fashion her hair in a simple ponytail. But, when she gets to school, everyone tells her it's ugly and she should change; however, Stephanie doesn't care and wears her hair in a ponytail to school the next day. To her surprise, everyone in school has copied her hairstyle! This leads Stephanie to change her hair everyday attempting to dodge the copycats, leading the school to make some interesting hair choices. b. Theme: The th [...]

    12. Book Summary: This book is about setting your own example and standing up for yourself. No one in Stephanie's class had a pony tail. One day Stephanie decides she wants one standing right out the back. When she arrives at school she is made fun of by all the boys and all the girls. All her classmates copy her hair trends as a joke. Stephanie begins choosing questionable hairstyles, until she eventually fools them once and for all. Book Review: This book was absolutely one of my favorite stories [...]

    13. Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munsch tells a story about a young girl Stephanie who gets made fun of for her different hairstyles but she wants to be different. Everyday after she is made fun of , the other kids come back the next day with her same hairstyle! This frustrates Stephanie and she keeps changing her hairstyle in hopes that she can be different with no copycats. I enjoyed this book because I felt that it taught an important lesson on being yourself and embracing the unique features [...]

    14. Stephanie decides one day that she is going to wear a ponyatil to school. When she gets there, the students tell her that he ponytail is ugly and Stephanie responds by telling them that its her hair and she likes it. The next day, she finds that some people have copied her hair. Stephanie changes her hair to be more and more ridiculous as the book goes on and the people copying her continue to grow. Will Stephanie's classmates ever stop copying her? How will Stephanie possibly resolve this issue [...]

    15. Genre- FictionAwards Won- NoneIllustrations- This book had some comical illustrations. In the pictures you got to see all of the wacky hairdo's and the picture at the end really helps the climax of the book funny and silly.Summary- Stephanie wants her hair to be in a ponytail, but all the kids at school make fun of it and call it ugly. Each day she comes to school with a new hairdo, but the kids copy the hairdo she had the day before that they called ugly. Stephanie decided to get creative, but [...]

    16. "It's MY ponytail and I LIKE it." This is a phrase heard throughout the book that solidified it's place as an amazing book about marching to your own beat. Stephanie is proud of her ponytail and wears it courage; even after her peers continue to poke fun at her. This book praises the idea of individuality and presents it in a rather comedic way. Children that read this book are open to the idea of being who you want to be and sticking to it. It doesn't matter how the outside world perceives you. [...]

    17. “Stephanie’s Ponytail” by Robert Munsch, published by Annick Press; copyright 1996 1. Awards: Grand Canyon Reader Award for Picture Book (1999) 2. Appropriate grade level: K-2nd grade 3. Summary: When Stephanie tries out her new styles of ponytail, all the kids of school laugh at her! Ironically, all the kids copy her style the next due. Finally, Stephanie tells the others that she will shave her head, and ironically the other students shave their head the next day!4. Review: I think this [...]

    18. This is a book with a great lesson weaved throughout it! In the story, Stephanie is known as a trendsetter. Stephanie decided that she wanted to go to school in a ponytail because none of her classmates wore ponytails. The next day she came to school and all of the girls in her school also wore ponytails. Stephanie continued to change the way she wore her ponytails because her classmates continued to copy the way she wore her hair. After Stephanie had had enough, she claimed she would come to sc [...]

    19. Interesting book about individual decision making, individuality and peer pressure. The author uses Stephanie's ponytail style to make about about parents allowing their children to be individuals with their own choices, tastes and personality. The author always indicates that what is allowed at home can be shamed in public. An interesting twist is how others dislike or shame Stephanie but copy and imitate her actions and eventually words. The illustrations in the book capture Stephanie and vari [...]

    20. I liked this book a lot. I think it could be used for second or third grade. This book can be used to teach individuality. It can also teach to just be yourself. I really liked this book because it was unlike others in the fact that the main character, even thought she was being teased, she kept being herself.

    21. Robert Munsch’s books had strong, opinionated young women in a time where there were nowhere near as many choices available where that could be said. Stephanie is not perfect, but she is sure of herself and unique and a lot of fun to read about.

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