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Called by the Bear, Part 9

Called by the Bear Part This is the final installment of the serial Called by the Bear Carly Securing the safety of Sierra s children is my priority When the plan is fast tracked by Victor s attempt at controlling the situat

  • Title: Called by the Bear, Part 9
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the final installment of the serial Called by the Bear Carly Securing the safety of Sierra s children is my priority When the plan is fast tracked by Victor s attempt at controlling the situation, than custody is threatened The catastrophic results change everything Lily Discovering my husband would kill to have the power he craves unleashed my fearlesThis is the final installment of the serial Called by the Bear Carly Securing the safety of Sierra s children is my priority When the plan is fast tracked by Victor s attempt at controlling the situation, than custody is threatened The catastrophic results change everything Lily Discovering my husband would kill to have the power he craves unleashed my fearless warrior Now it s up to me to save the Veilleux from themselves, and I ll do whatever is necessary.

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      418 V. Vaughn
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    1 thought on “Called by the Bear, Part 9

    1. I received this for an honest review. As we have traveled this journey with these series and all the characters I have to say that this story is the most touching and most emotion one yet. We see fate stepping in to bring happiness and we also will see loss. Your heart will rejoice and it will also break. V. Vaughn my hat goes off to her for bring us this amazing series. Erin DeWard you have done an amazing job being the voices to to the characters in this story. This is not a standalone so plea [...]

    2. Overall rating:5Wow and just wow! This episode definitely brings to light that things are not always as they seem. A traumatic occurrence touches all 3 clans and it’s resolution truly was not predictable. Many unanswered mysteries have been addressed, yet there is still much room for continuing stories. Hopefully it is in the planning! Love this series so far and hope to read more about these characters. This voluntary review is based against an advance copy.

    3. Glad Victor is finally gone and Sierra has her babies back!! I'm really glad Annie finally found her new mate too! I'm curious about the deroziers, wonder how that's going to turn out.

    4. I am going to go ahead and put my review for books 1-9 right here. These books had exactly two characters. Oh sure technically there were about 20 but really when it came to personality and having a solid concrete character there were only two. The author kept ‘telling’ us how they were different but we never actually saw any difference in personality when it came down to it. We had Carly and everyone was just like Carly. Even most of the male characters were Carly personality clones when it [...]

    5. This is the last installment of the serial Called by the bear. These need to be read in order.This installment is wild! Carly and Sierra are getting ready for Christmas and trying to prepare for Sierra's babies protection and future between the clans. Taylor has gone deeper down the wrong road. Can she be saved? Patricia and Tokala bring about changes that no one could see coming, causing Victor to make a life changing decision. Lilly is faced with her destiny. Can she be who she was meant to be [...]

    6. I must say while I liked this series. I was also put off by it you have a 1-9 instalment series and it just ends. This does not make the series complete by any means. Now if I want to get to the end of the series and learn more about Ian, Annie, Keith and everyone else I got to jump into another 9 instalment series. Finish and complete a series then go onto a new one. I think it's a dirty tactical move and as a reader put off. I see many other don't feel the same as I but this is just my view on [...]

    7. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Violet Vaughn. This is part 9 of the series by the author.Carly learn more about herself and in turns tries to help Sierra with the problem with Victor. Lily grows more concerned about his attempts at getting the children. When the confrontation goes down there is heartache and betrayal and murder.I loved all the characters in this story and the author gave each character their own charm. The story line flow was great from start to [...]

    8. ***** This journey began with "the call." The call of dreams. The call to lonely, dissatisfied women; beckoning them to a brighter future with strong and virile men who'd love and protect them. As the journey ends, we meet Tokala, medicine man of the Veilleux clan and Kimi, medicine woman to the Le Roux clan. Lies are revealed and secrets uncovered. Some are lost and some find strength. The people and clans survive. The intriguing part is how. I'll miss the adventures and people of Bear Mountain [...]

    9. Called by the Best-complete seriesWhile the stories were all very enjoyable I really felt I was taken hostage after I read the first trilogy which came up on my Book Bub for only .99¢! Then I had to pay $2.99 for every less than 100 page sequel to finish the entire 9 novellas. Great way to sell short stories but I don't feel it is quite ethical. I would much rather have paid out $10 or $15 and gotten a whole book. You got me this time Ms. V. Vaughn but never again, I will not be reading anymore [...]

    10. So sad the the series has come to and end. I really enjoyed this series. Each story was packed with so much in such a short period of time. So well written and enjoyed every part of it. You don't often find shot stories to have such great plots as this book and series does. Usually there's not enough time to fit it all in, in a short read but somehow she made it work. It seems like with each book it gets better. I only wished the books were longer. A great enjoyable mini read an an excellent ser [...]

    11. OMG! Perfect ending to the series! I laughed at parts and cried at times as well. Yes, you will need tissue on hand when reading this one. There were things that happened that I truly did not expect and were a complete surprise, but that was a good thing. I do not want to give any spoilers here BUT I will say that yes Sierra's children are kidnapped. I cannot wait for the next series to start, after you read the book you will know what I am talking about. HEHEI received a copy of this book in ex [...]

    12. Great Series - last book - bear ShiftersKindle Unlimited - last book in series of 9 books. There are some things that happen that really surprise me in this book. The truth all comes out and there are some deaths that will take you by surprise. HEA for some and major losses for others. Solid 4 1/2 for the series as a whole!! Great characters and a solid story line. New characters where added to this book and I have a feeling a spin off will take place so more can find their mates ;)

    13. Part 9, Called by the Bear seriese endYou know I can't say much nowI won't give away any endings, or new beginnings, for this series. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed this series very much and am going to miss the characters that I've come to know and love. There is sorrow and shock and strength and surprise in the pages of this final bookd love. Thank heaven for love!

    14. Love this series of novellas, but am very glad I bought all 9 episodes at once and was able to read them one after the other. It would have been very frustrating to have to wait.Great writing style with a common sense approach. I really enjoy reading the strong female. Characters that remain strong after marriage.I am going to have to get the next set of novellas now.

    15. Tristan a polar bear clan visit the Le Roux clan for the holidays for a alliance between 2 clans .Victor the rival bear clan kidnaps Sierra babies with the help of their medicine man black magic is used to spell Taylor to bring the babies to them .With the help of Lily Victors wife a rescue is possible for the babies to be rescued. Taylor an Victor die . 18+

    16. I have to say that I am very disappointed that this series has come to an end!! This was an awesome series and once I started reading it I couldn't wait to get the next book started. I highly recommend this series if you love stories with a twist about werebears. I love this author and I will be following her work.

    17. Great SeriesI just finished the series and it was great, even though sometimes I'd have to go back and check on which character said what. It really is a good story told in different characters words. I'd recommend it to people who like shape shifters, romance and some mystery thrown in.

    18. Great ending to an awesome series, though I was quite saddened to see it end. The final book ties everything together. Questions are answered and wrongs are righted. I laughed at some parts and cried at others. There are a couple of surprises that will shock you and we're introduced to some new characters. Can't wait to see what Ms. Vaughn has is store for her readers in the next book series.

    19. Okay, I am so upset it is over. I feel like I can't say anything because if I do it will give away so much. It was fantastic, loved the twists and turns and did not see it ending that way. Things happen that I didn't fore see. I highly recommend you have some tissues handy for the end of this one. Thanks Violet!I received an ARC for my honest review

    20. I really like this story and look forward to reading more my One complaint would be as a author she should know small details, Like in the last few books Carly and Bradys Son name is Everett, but in this last book they keep calling him Elliott, that is a detail a author should be on top of. I give it 3.5 stars would be 4 but a detail kind of girl!!

    21. Trying to keep her babies safe is Sierra's main objective. Carly is making sure of that and is trying to call plans and a truce up. Lily finds her husband has other plans for the babies and their mother. Will she be able to save then all and herself included?

    22. 5 Star Series!Wow! This series definitely didn't end the way I expected. There was some sad times but all the happy ending's won out. Amazing series, I can't wait to read the next adventure!

    23. Excellent seriesI know all good things must come to an end. I'm happy that the families are all in a goog place now, however it was hard to lose a few as well. Hopefully Keith will find love again. Looking for the spin-off.

    24. I didn't see that coming! This is full of unexpected surprises! This is a satisfying ending to this series. Definitely a series to be read in order to get the full effect of the storyline and understand all the nuances. I laughed and cried. A great series!

    25. AwesomeA wonderful series. I am hoping that Luke and Lucy will get a story the "call" need to keep flowing and Donna need to find love. Plus the new arriving polar twins must get their out soon. Please keep the story flowing.

    26. WarminI am so exhausted after reading all 9 books. I could not put them down. The sex, adventures, suspense, family, and love captures your heart.

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