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Fante Bukowski

Fante Bukowski Noah Van Sciver s latest graphic novella drops in on the life of the self styled aspiring young writer Fante Bukowski as he delusively makes his way to literary fame and fortune one drink at a tim

  • Title: Fante Bukowski
  • Author: Noah Van Sciver
  • ISBN: 9781606998519
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Noah Van Sciver s latest graphic novella drops in on the life of the self styled, aspiring young writer, Fante Bukowski, as he delusively makes his way to literary fame and fortune, one drink at a time Living in a cheap hotel, consorting with the debased and downtrodden, searching for that golden idea that will rocket him to the success he yearns for as the great AmericanNoah Van Sciver s latest graphic novella drops in on the life of the self styled, aspiring young writer, Fante Bukowski, as he delusively makes his way to literary fame and fortune, one drink at a time Living in a cheap hotel, consorting with the debased and downtrodden, searching for that golden idea that will rocket him to the success he yearns for as the great American novelist, and to get respect from his father once and for all But, there s just one problem Fante Bukowski has no talent for writing.

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      303 Noah Van Sciver
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    1 thought on “Fante Bukowski

    1. Hilarious comics portrait of a loser who has read all of John Fante and Charles Bukowski, changes his name and becomes a "writer" wanting to get famous as soon as possible. Except he has no talent except for drinking in dive bars. Is this starting to sound familiar? It is, I know. He actually meets a girl who gets him in touch with an agent who recognizes Fante as the hack he is. Is this funny? What I am describing sounds pathetic, right? I dunno, but on a few occasions I laughed aloud reading t [...]

    2. Not the most original caricature of a struggling young writer (father issues, alcohol, money problems, lack of talent, illusions of grandeur), but I guess that's part of the point: Fante Bukowski idealizes his favorite writers John Fante and Charles Bukowski to the point of assuming their names and imitating their less than healthy lifestyles. As you can imagine, he makes for an easy target, and the jokes thus get a bit obvious at times. Still, Van Sciver's self-deprecating, no-holds-barred appr [...]

    3. Kelly Perkins is a 23 year old wannabe writer who’s changed his name to Fante Bukowski after the two writers he idolises, John Fante and Charles Bukowski. He’s doing everything right too: he’s grown a beard, he lives in a run-down hotel, he drinks in dive bars, he writes on a typewriter and yellow legal pad. Because that’s all you need to be a writer, isn’t it - live the cliched writer’s life? Except he’s missing talent. The flashy literary agent character, Bigsburgh, sums it up su [...]

    4. Noah Van Sciver's sense of humor is apparently throughout most of his comics, but it's on full display in Fante Bukowski. There are some scenes that had me laughing out loud, such as when Fante gets picked up while hitchhiking toward the end of the book. My only regret with this book is that it wasn't longer. By the time it ended, and I just wanted more. I hope Van Sciver will revisit this character, as there's a lot of potential here for further adventures.

    5. I couldn't stop laughing. Everything about this book is perfect. Extra-credit for the superb packaging.

    6. Some of the drawings are wonderful and there are a few laughs although overall I was disappointed with the prose and the story was decent, not great. I will say that it's short, easy to read, and it made me want to read the sequel. Possibly I'm being a bit harsh because I had high expectations based upon the conceit of the title character and all the five-star reviews.

    7. Satire that ticks all the boxes, with some beautiful and thoughtful artwork. Definitely ordering volume 2.

    8. There is something about books about writers, whether self-referential or not, that doesn't appeal to me. This one isn't terrible though, maybe because it seems to poke fun at that type of story.Fante Bukowski is a "writer" that is on the verge of losing basically everything. Having never been published, he mooches off his parents to be able to continue this lifestyle, while making meager attempts to create something worth publishing. There are some entertaining interactions with fellow writers [...]

    9. Being a writer is easy, right? Fante Bukowski thinks so. He's got all the makings of a great author: a beard, a typewriter, and some cheap wine. The only problem is that he's not very good at writing. And he can't get anything published. And he's out of ideas. And money. "Fante Bukowski" is another knockout book about a lovable loser from the prolific Noah Van Sciver.A master of the hilariously painful and the painfully hilarious, Van Sciver's acerbic wit is on full display in this novella. Some [...]

    10. Van Sciver has a penchant for allowing humor and pathos to exist simultaneously in a story without one diminishing the other. This is an excellent example of that skill. Plus, I love the classic-pb-style size and cover art.

    11. This was hilarious and relatable to anyone trying to pursue a "dream." Definitely gave me A Confederacy of Dunces vibes.

    12. No joke, I picked up this short graphic novel because it had fallen off a shelf at the Library, and that seems oddly appropriate. It's the tale of a 20-something self-styled writer who has the double disadvantage of overestimating both his talent AND his motivation; someone who makes all the wrong sacrifices to become an artist. Reading his awkward interactions with agents, writers, and bar patrons made me want to laugh and cringe at the same time. Surprisingly well-paced (and ended) for such a [...]

    13. Better than other stuff I have read by Sciver, but still the same faggy existential angst comic written by a "failed artist" who should have grown up years ago but fails to realize his shortcomings and rather focuses on churning out the usual maudlin cliche' stories. Falls pretty flat with nothing to say really, but there are some humorous parts. I think the quotes make the book, which is pathetic. However, ironically, being pathetic is the new "success", so I guess, this is a success? Anyways, [...]

    14. Probably my new favorite Noah Van Sciver book. Good pathetic characters are hard to craft, but Fante is near perfect.

    15. Una serie di mini racconti fulminanti, che tendono quasi al ritmo di una striscia comica, con un personaggio meraviglioso, un aspirante scrittore senza talento, ma con la voglia di misurarsi con i grandi e di avere una pubblicazione. Uno spaccato, ironicamente reso, della vita di chiunque pensi di essere il prossimo Bukowski. Da Leggere.

    16. I am thought this was a pretty funny commentary on how people seem to just expect to become super famous for really no reason. It was also great to see someone just taking the piss out the "romantized" idea of being a struggling writer. Being poor isn't really all that fun, no matter how much it drives your writing.

    17. A quick and endearing read. I loved the production of this comic -- Fante's face superimposed over a classic photo of Bukowski, the faux-yellowed pages, the Penguin-esque cover and spine. "Fante Bukowski" himself would love the design treatment. I wish this were double the length, I'd love to suffer a little longer with Fante; scratch those writing-school urges and delusions.

    18. Bad writer constantly tries to break into writing world. Acts like he's owed something. Eventually abandons cat, dumps girl (but doesn't dismember her), and gets lost in the woods. Book stops.Somewhat better than it sounds, because the writing is engaging.

    19. I think I got the gist from the first couple pages, nah, from the cover even, that this is just making fun of a typical cliche' pretentious wanna-be writer type guy.The book then offers more of the same.

    20. Very funny and, although exaggerated, with a core of truth to it too!One of the best books ive read so far this year.

    21. Funny comic. The character reminded me of Zach Galifianakis. It's a very short read where nothing much happens (intentionally), but it had me laughing in parts.

    22. I do this thing where I stop by my library.They have these shelves where they have all sorts of new books in some of the major categories- fiction, nonfiction, biography, self help, romance, ect.One of the categories is graphic novel.The problem is that so many of them are series I haven’t read the earlier editions of. And others are just super-hero collections, which are not the sort of thing I like.But sometimes, they have more adult books. Not like sexy, but for grown-ups. Fante Bukowski wa [...]

    23. A perfectly realized little book about a wannabe writer (the title character) who in spite of his complete lack of talent, craves fame and fortune. We've all met variations of Fante in real life, and it's always super-cringe-y. Fante possesses the unique pathos of the chronically self-deluded, but Sciver wisely accentuates laughs above all else - the hitchhiking scene is especially hilarious. Sign me up for the sequel!

    24. A dude named Kelly changes his name to Fante Bukowski, homage to the two writers who changed his life and the worst thing his love-interest has ever heard. He falls into the tropes he thinks he's supposed to fall into: no money, no job, no real work to show for all the time and freedoms he has to create said work. He's he sort of writer that doesn't do much of anything except resent the success of other people and/or be a not-quite-invisible-enough annoyance to people who are trying to actually [...]

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