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You Are Having a Good Time

You Are Having a Good Time In You Are Having a Good Time Amie Barrodale s collection of highly compressed and charged tales the veneer of normality is stripped from her characters lives to reveal the seething and contradictor

  • Title: You Are Having a Good Time
  • Author: Amie Barrodale
  • ISBN: 9780374293864
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • In You Are Having a Good Time, Amie Barrodale s collection of highly compressed and charged tales, the veneer of normality is stripped from her characters lives to reveal the seething and contradictory desires that fuel them In Animals, an up and coming starlet harbors a complicated attraction toward her abusive director In Frank Advice for Fat Women, an ethically cIn You Are Having a Good Time, Amie Barrodale s collection of highly compressed and charged tales, the veneer of normality is stripped from her characters lives to reveal the seething and contradictory desires that fuel them In Animals, an up and coming starlet harbors a complicated attraction toward her abusive director In Frank Advice for Fat Women, an ethically compromised psychiatrist is drawn into the middle of a dysfunctional mother daughter relationship And in The Imp, a supernatural possession ruins a man s relationship with his pregnant wife.Barrodale s protagonists drink too much, say the wrong things, want the wrong people They re hounded by longings and sometimes ghosts to the point where they are forced to confront the illusions they cling to They re brought to life in stories that don t behave as you expect stories to behave Barrodale s startlingly funny and original fictions get under your skin and make you reconsider the fragile compromises that underpin our daily lives.

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      148 Amie Barrodale
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    1 thought on “You Are Having a Good Time

    1. This book felt like going to a party all alone where you didn't know anyone and drinking too much cheap rosé. At first, it was kind of rough going, and everything seemed weird. Then it was like you found the right people to talk to and someone gave you some upmarket red. Barrodale's humor is so strange, so touching. It's like Loorie Moore and Deborah Eisenberg co-wrote together on LSD. I feel somewhat incapable of recalling the plots to most of the stories but each left me with a mood and atmos [...]

    2. I was once talking to a friend about how books rated 4-stars on are sometimes more interesting and complex than 5-star all-pleasing books. This is a good case for that argument. I loved this book for its oddness, it imperfections, and boldness of voice. I can tell that Barrodale is a writer who won't play by the rules or do what you always want. This sort of independence reminds me of Nell Zink and Ottessa Moshfegh. And it will probably make me pick up any book she writes after this. This story [...]

    3. (DNF @ 21%) I only managed the first two stories. Barrodale writes in a flat, affectless style full of unconnected sentences; her themes are of Hollywood and the emptiness of modern life. This reminded me most of Miranda July, so if you’re a big fan of hers I’d say go for it. Otherwise, don’t bother.

    4. Two stars because I did not like these stories. They aren't about anything, yet they're so vague one could say they're about everything. This kind of plotless, pointless nonsense is why I stopped reading the New Yorker.Maybe people like to read these because these types of characters lead pointless, random lives, which accurately depicts the pointless, random lives of the people who like to read this sort of thing. A pretentious and bored ouroboros eating its own tail miserably forever.

    5. The stories in this book were so obscure, but solid. The characters were flawed and distractable--almost believable, but too blase about things that people tend not to be blase about to be realistic. The stories contained some wickedly funny lines and passages that described the pain and anguish that comes from disengagement perfectly. If you like listening to tangential stories, you'll like this book. I like to be surprised, and none of these stories were predictable.

    6. Maybe it was just the mood I was in but I laughed a lot reading this book.Stylistically, I found myself thinking about Jesus' Son, in which dialogue is the vehicle for showing what's in the room or what's happening. Does that make sense? There's a lot of very well done compression happening in here and things are often described in a way that assumes knowledge, like how you would tell a friend. Like, you'd just mention Carole, you wouldn't go into a big thing about who Carole is.Faves: "William [...]

    7. I consider this book to be a perfect example of the old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Not only is the jacket hideous, but as I picked it up I immediately started second-guessing myself, wondering, "Am I really going to enjoy something from the fiction editor at Vice?"Yes. Through the first story, my doubts remained. But as I made my way through the collection (quite quickly, I might add) I became obsessed with her writing, her characters and the complex situations they find themselve [...]

    8. Most of these short stories just seem weird-for-the-sake-of-weird, though a couple of them, notably "Animals" and "Frank Advice for Fat Girls" rise above. Not a fan of the adamant "non-resolution" endings, though.

    9. This book has been on my bedside table for months. The first story, William Wei, is so good. So sad. The last line is amazing and perfect. There are many savage moments in these stories, and many brutal sentences packed with thought and emotion. Amie Barrodale is one of the most generous writers because I don't have the feeling that she's trying to be in control or masterful. Her writing is direct and vivid and it speaks to me.

    10. I had the pleasure of first encountering these stories in a stack of manuscripts, from which they immediately stood out as Real Deal, idiosyncratic in the best possible way, and I'm so happy they made it out into the world.

    11. Really a pleasant surprise. Picked it up cos of the cover and enjoyed pretty much every story in here. The author is amazing at writing life's absurd, stupid moments.

    12. A pretty enjoyable collection of short stories; filled with flawed characters whose stories are tied together by motifs of doomed affairs, booze-fueled nights, and a touch of the surreal.

    13. “You are Having a Good Time” by Amie Barrodale is a collection of non-interlinked stories of desire, consequences be damned. It is about characters who are so simple that all they want is for their desires to see fruition and at the same time so complex that they want to justify everything that desire makes them do (or so it seems). The desires in these stories could be related to the body or not. The underline theme though is that of normality being stripped away from every single character [...]

    14. Amie Barrodale – You Are Having a Good TimeA collection of ten short stories.The strongest story in this collection is the first story, ‘William Wei’. Ms. Barrodale has said in an interview that it is her favorite, and I discover that it won the Plimpton Prize for Fiction. It is very well written. Every sentence is strong. The movement of the viewpoint character through the story flows well and carries the reader along.Apparently this was originally intended as the beginning of a novel, bu [...]

    15. I'm a fan of The Office sitcom, and the title of this book reminded me of when Dwight Schrute was left in charge of decorating for an office birthday party. His banner read "It Is Your Birthday". And the balloons were gray.That's how I felt about this very slim book of short stories. To me, there's a difference between "well-written" and "written well". Barrodale's book falls in the later. Excellent use of the written language and moments of (usually) uncomfortable understanding, but just not fo [...]

    16. The kind of book that isn't about anything. It was just words to read. I didn't love any of the stories and they weren't connected in any way. The writing was completely average. I never wondered or wanted more from a character or situation, and I had to skim the last 40 pages because yes, I gave up.

    17. Picked this up by chance at the library and finished quickly over the course of three days. Read out loud to my boyfriend. Began noticing a sequence of strange synchronicities between my own life and little details from certain chapters. Barrodale's writing stuck with me and has the ability to affect a mood. Fun lil read! ✿

    18. There is no doubt that Amie Barrodale is a very talented writer. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the stories. The last two were more difficult to connect with but I enjoyed the collections overall ennui and dark humor of life.

    19. Occasionally interesting, frequently frustrating. The James Franco blurb should've tipped me off. If you like weird short stories and are willing to feel disoriented, this might be for you. I liked about every third story but overall, this was too emotionally distant for my taste.

    20. Brilliant new voice. These stories do the impossible: capture humanity's absurdity while leading us to conclusions we'd never foresee on our own but which are somehow the only ones possible.

    21. This collection of ten stories were eclectic and I'm sure this author has her fans but they aren't my cup of tea.

    22. This is sort of an average/averaged review--some of the stories in this collection are really great (Animal, Catholic, Frank Advice for Fat Women), but it's uneven as a whole.

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