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Giraffe Meets Bird

Giraffe Meets Bird Since Rebecca Bender s award winning Giraffe and Bird books have been tickling the funny bones of children and their families as the cantankerous cronies learn that friendship while not always e

  • Title: Giraffe Meets Bird
  • Author: Rebecca Bender
  • ISBN: 9781927485354
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since 2011 Rebecca Bender s award winning Giraffe and Bird books have been tickling the funny bones of children and their families as the cantankerous cronies learn that friendship, while not always easy, is always worthwhile But how did this unlikely pair become friends in the first place In Giraffe Meets Bird, Bender s bright acrylics and lively storytelling reveal theSince 2011 Rebecca Bender s award winning Giraffe and Bird books have been tickling the funny bones of children and their families as the cantankerous cronies learn that friendship, while not always easy, is always worthwhile But how did this unlikely pair become friends in the first place In Giraffe Meets Bird, Bender s bright acrylics and lively storytelling reveal the friends early days while pairs of scrumptious synonyms make her trademark rich vocabulary accessible to a new, younger audience When the egg in Giraffe s tree first hatches, he is excited and eager But the baby bird grows quickly, and he soon learns how to make Giraffe angry and annoyed It doesn t take long for Giraffe and Bird to start fighting over their tree When danger forces them to work together, the two not quite friends realize they might not be able to share their home at all Luckily, they come up with a solution that is surprising, startling, and absolutely stunning.

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    • Unlimited [Mystery Book] ↠ Giraffe Meets Bird - by Rebecca Bender ·
      331 Rebecca Bender
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    1 thought on “Giraffe Meets Bird

    1. An egg hatches high in a nest. A nest that Giraffe can easily see because it's his tree. At least one that he claims as his. They are both excited to see each other. Giraffe loves to see bird grow. Bird loves trying new things. Bird grows quickly and soon learns how to make Giraffe angry and annoyed. Because each claims the tree Bird’s feathers are ruffled if Giraffe tells him what to do. And Giraffe becomes peeved when Bird makes a fuss. It doesn’t take long for Giraffe and Bird to find it [...]

    2. This series of books is so cute! Their friendship is adorable and this book teaches children how to get alone, especially a first born with a new baby because Giraffe was at the tree before Bird was born. The illustrations are creatively done too.

    3. This is such a sweet story! Giraffe, who is tall enough to see the high branches of a tree, sees a nest with an egg and meets the baby bird! Bird and Giraffe often share the same emotions (they get annoyed at each other at the same time, for example) as children learn about synonyms. But it's also a very honest story of two characters getting to know each other. They also share a tree. But when Bird falls out of the tree and a lion is nearby, Giraffe rescues him and then they BOTH end up in the [...]

    4. Narrative: Our animal friendship book today is called Giraffe Meets Bird. Before we read, I want you to think about someone you have met or would like to meet and make a sentence that sounds like the title of our story today. I will give you my sentence as an example. Mrs. De Zeeuw Meets the President. (Give more examples if needed. Allow students to come up with their sentences and share them with the group. Older students may write their sentences in their journals and illustrate them.) You kn [...]

    5. #3“Giraffe Meets Bird,” by Rebecca Bender is a wonderful book about the friendship between Giraffe and Bird. The two meet and are eager to get to know each other and become friends. But they quickly find that they have very dissimilar interests and get annoyed of each other quite easily. Bird likes to play and Giraffe likes to take naps and they have a trouble sharing the tree that they live under. Suddenly, when the two think that they probably have had enough of each other, Bird falls out [...]

    6. Giraffe and Bird tells the tale of two unlikely companions who may not like each other all the time but ultimately need each other and care for each other; just like brothers and sisters or parents.Giraffe and Bird does more than just tell a story that at the end of the day acts as a giant metaphor for sibling or family relationships. It also introduces young readers to some basic synonyms, and it presents two characters who, even without dialogue, have two bold and captivating personalities.Ben [...]

    7. If the bright acrylic illustrations featuring the animals' facial expressions don't appeal to you, then the storyline will. After all, some friendships are worth the effort, but boy, does it take a lot of effort, especially when you're different from one another. At first, Giraffe is intrigued by the egg that hatches in a nearby tree. But over time, the two of them find that they each annoy each other. It takes a crisis for them to appreciate each other once again. This book would be ideal for s [...]

    8. When Giraffe and Bird, newly hatched, first meet they are anxious to make a new friend and are kind to each other. However they soon discover that each has qualities that irritate, and sharing their favorite tree is hard. When their lives are threatened by a jungle predator they decide to help one another, and they set off to find a new home together. Parents will enjoy reading and discussing the words printed in bold, and children ages 3 to 5 will learn about friendship.

    9. Giraffe and Bird are unluckily friends. In an almost sibling-like way, they love and annoy each other. There is a lot of discussion about emotions in this book. The illustrations are really sweet, and there's a page that requires rotating the book. When danger comes along, Giraffe and Bird are in it together. They help each other out and decide to move on to someplace safer. Together.Ages 3-6momsradius/2016/10/cyb

    10. Giraffe Meets Bird is a story about friendship, getting along, and, ultimately, putting aside your differences to help a friend. I believe the illustrations complement the text by showing what is happening in the story. This book would be helpful to an emerging reader, who could make meaning both from the text, but also from the illustrations.

    11. This was a cute book. It is about a Giraffe and a Bird and their friendship. I liked the positivity behind it - showing kids that you can be amazed by your friends but also sometimes not be happy but what really counts is being there when they need your help. The pictures were pretty and there were some challenge words and a lot of play with synonyms.

    12. Adorable gouache illustrations make this book a visual delight. The narrative itself is also a sweet friendship tale. However, the emphasis on vocabulary, while is excellent in and of itself, detracts greatly from the story.

    13. Before we started reading, I asked my daughter if she thought that the giraffe was a girl or a boy. We both thought it was a girl, due to the long eyelashes. Nope! That surprised us. The art was cute but the story was just ok.

    14. The story and illustrations are cute. I appreciated the varied vocabulary. Ultimately, I don't see this fairing well at Storytime unless it's for toddlers. I would recommend this for a one on one read at home with a toddler.

    15. This book's illustrations grabbed me, then I was charmed by the synonyms, then the sibling-rivalry-esk cracked me up! High Five Rebecca! High Five!

    16. An unlikely friendship between a baby giraffe and a recently hatched bird. Cheerful and charming.

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