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Lord Gallant

Lord Gallant Born into wealth and privilege the Lords of Night Street have vowed to serve those most in need They navigate the glittering ballrooms of society and London s criminal underworld with equal ease lea

  • Title: Lord Gallant
  • Author: Wendy Vella
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Born into wealth and privilege, the Lords of Night Street have vowed to serve those most in need They navigate the glittering ballrooms of society and London s criminal underworld with equal ease, leading the fight for love and justice.The Earl of Attwood needed a wife like he needed an inflammation of the chest However, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Miss GBorn into wealth and privilege, the Lords of Night Street have vowed to serve those most in need They navigate the glittering ballrooms of society and London s criminal underworld with equal ease, leading the fight for love and justice.The Earl of Attwood needed a wife like he needed an inflammation of the chest However, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Miss Grace Esseltte, a dowdy spinster with a tart mouth, had become his countess Nick was determined she would change nothing in his life, and the sooner he could bundle her off to one of his estates, the sooner he could continue with his investigative duties with the Lords of Night Street However, it seemed his wishes were not to be granted, as his wife found herself in trouble that only he and his friends could extricate her from Nick had soon realized there was a great deal to Grace than he had originally believed In fact, it was not long before he understood that in his Countess, he had found the one emotion he had always believed he was incapable of feeling.

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ Lord Gallant | by ☆ Wendy Vella
      295 Wendy Vella
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    1 thought on “Lord Gallant

    1. Charming historical romance!I truly enjoyed, Wendy Vella's sweet and charming novella, Lord Gallant, the first story in the Lords of Night Street! The lords are a group of wealthy men, devoted to help the less fortunate! It's filled with intrigue, danger and romance. I got pulled so fast in the story, that when it ended, I still wanted more. I could not put it down. I wanted to know more about the hero and heroine.Lord Gallant, tells the story of Nick, an honorable man and Grace, a naive spinste [...]

    2. Wendy Vella is always so great at creating characters that you can feel for. From Olivia from Lady In Disguise to Eva from Duchess By Chance and now Grace. Grace literally trips herself into marriage with Nick the Earl of Attwood or known as Lord Gallant as he is one of the Lords of Night Street, a group of wealthy and titled do-gooders. Everyone, including her new husband believes she has manipulated Nick into marriage so everyone is basically horrible to her. I felt so bad for her knowing that [...]

    3. Gifted copy for honest review.I really enjoyed reading Lord Gallant. This story is about Nick and Grace. Grace tripped and lands on top of Nick. To save her reputation Nick marries Grace although she prefers not to marry him. The story is great, as well is the characters. I recommend to anyone who enjoys historical romances.

    4. Good book and nice beginning for a series. It needed further proof reading however as there are a few continuity bloopers like the heroines hair switching from blond to black, and Nick became Mathew in one scene. Small errors but they do distract the reader and interrupt the flow of the story.

    5. I wanted to give it more stars. I really did. The concept was intriguing and with a little more care in the development I could have really enjoyed it and maybe connected better with the characters. But it was rushed and vague. A lot of scenes felt like a foundation was being laid for later plot development but ended up having little to do with the story overall. A lot of background story was eluded to and characters were introduced that never amounted to anything. And the editing My god, what a [...]

    6. Fun but makes next to no senseFrom a purely historical point of view reading Wendy Vella is a bit like watching a car crash- horrific and strangely fascinating. Historical facts, social rules and laws even laws of the land are all things that happened to someone else and to be given very loose lip service. However having said that the story is fun if nonsensical (why would a Russian need to have russian translated to english?), and the characters are pleasant, but the story feels rushed and ther [...]

    7. - I love to check out the cover of a book. From what Grace is wearing, it's pretty much misleading.- Editing needs a serious pass: "that rose in (her) throat" "it's rules" (its rules). All through the story we get descriptions such as "her long golden hair trailing" then we get "her face framed by her black curls". I did not receive an ARC; this is the published version and it's too bad as it pulls away the attention.- The author doesn't spend time describing noises, places, scents, etc nor Nick [...]

    8. Lord GallantFor the most part I liked the book. Suddenly 3/4 of the way through I felt like it was incomplete. Like an outline then it continued to a rather speedy conclusion. 92 pages is really a short novel. Truthfully, I rather felt cheated. I wanted more.

    9. Well done!The introduction to this series is well done. I really enjoy books that lead into one another, and this author does that very well.

    10. The second book in the Lords of Night Street series is outstanding. I am a big fan of Wendy's books. This story is about Charlotte the bastard daughter of a duke and his mistress. She escapes the duke's household where she is constantly punished because of her birth, and goes to London and sets up a house to help prostitues get off the street. Unfortunately she makes enemies that want her dead and has no choice but to apply to the Lords of Night Street for help. Marcus, Viscount Needly agrees to [...]

    11. Lord Gallant by Wendy Vella was full of everything wanted and needed to make a perfect historical romance. Nick and Grace's marriage may have not started out with romance, but they soon are finding themselves turning toward one another for other things making their relationship grow in friendship and love.Grace and her cousin Harry unintentionally opened their home to dangerous men putting them both in danger and Nick having to make sure that nothing happens to both of them. I will most definite [...]

    12. Disappointing. Nondescript characters and plot.I paid $2.99 for this story. It turns out it was too much.After reading the story description, I thought it had potential but it did not live up to my expectations. The love scenes were not well crafted and did not feel romantic. The plot was rushed. The characters were not properly introduced and their backgrounds never fully fleshed out. The characters did not feel real. They all lacked emotion. I really wanted to like this book but I am disappoin [...]

    13. Short but sweetI liked this story because it's really great when a woman like Grace can turn a sourface like Nick into a loving and caring man.

    14. A charming short story which, imo, would have made a wonderful longer novel. I think this is going to be an excellent new series!

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