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Worms A small boy is SO bored at a dinner with the executives from his father s company he thinks he might just die of boredom So he s happy to help when his father asks him to bring in the salads from the

  • Title: Worms
  • Author: Bernard Friot Aurélie Guillerey
  • ISBN: 9781771385718
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A small boy is SO bored at a dinner with the executives from his father s company, he thinks he might just die of boredom So he s happy to help when his father asks him to bring in the salads from the kitchen However, when the boy looks at the beautifully prepared shrimp salads laid out to be served to the guests, he gets a strange idea I m not sure why, but looking atA small boy is SO bored at a dinner with the executives from his father s company, he thinks he might just die of boredom So he s happy to help when his father asks him to bring in the salads from the kitchen However, when the boy looks at the beautifully prepared shrimp salads laid out to be served to the guests, he gets a strange idea I m not sure why, but looking at the salads, I suddenly thought of worms, he explains The worms I use for fishing bait that I keep in the fridge, way at the back, behind the yogurt And just like that, the boy has found a way to turn the boring dinner party into anything but

    • ☆ Worms || ☆ PDF Read by Ô Bernard Friot Aurélie Guillerey
      442 Bernard Friot Aurélie Guillerey
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Worms || ☆ PDF Read by Ô Bernard Friot Aurélie Guillerey
      Posted by:Bernard Friot Aurélie Guillerey
      Published :2019-02-16T07:01:37+00:00

    1 thought on “Worms

    1. there's really not much to say about this one - it's only 24 pages, and many of those pages are illustrations, so there's not a whole lot of content to review. but it definitely doesn't mean there's not much to enjoy in this funny little story about how impulsive mischief can sometimes turn on the mischief-maker, and why it's always better to plan your pranks out ahead of time to avoid these icky consequences. here we have a young boy who is forced to attend the dinner party his father is hostin [...]

    2. I'm usually quite generous with my ratings when it comes to ARCs, but somehow this story didn't quite work for me :|(It does feature cute illustrations, however)This is John-Paul, the son of a wealthy factory owner. One night when his father invites some senior executives over for dinner, John-Paul is so bored with all the grownup talk around him, that he decides to add the worms that he uses as fishing bait to the bowls of salads, that had been laid out for dinner.Perhaps the story is funny in [...]

    3. This ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publisher. a young boy cures his boredom at his dads stuffy dinner party by adding worms to the salad. Any young boy is sure to love this one!

    4. While reading this I couldn't stop thinking about how it gave off this vibe similar to that of Madeline. Then when I noticed the name of the author/illustrator and realised they were french as well it made a little bit more sense why I would get that vibe.Anyway, this was great. Really, really great. It is what happens when you're bored and manage to cause some mischief and that mischief then backfires.

    5. A small boy is forced to attend a dinner party given by his dad for executives from his father's company. He can hardly stand ithe is is so bored. Finally his father asks him to go get the salads from the kitchen. The boy eagerly agrees, anything to escape this tediousness. As he eyes the salads a mischievous little thought enters into his head: "I'm not sure why, but looking at the salads, I suddenly thought of worms." he explains. "The worms I use for fishing bait that I keep in the fridge, wa [...]

    6. Friot, Bernard Worms Illustrated by Aurelie Guillerey. 26 unnumbered pages. Kids Can Press, 2015 (originally published in France, 2010). $15.95. PICTURE BOOKA young boy, the son of a factory owner, is obliged to join his father's small formal dinner party with the senior executives. So bored! When he is asked to bring in the salads, he impulsively adds some worms he keeps in the back of the fridge for fishing bait, one to each plate. Then it's not so boring anymore, but at what cost?The story co [...]

    7. John-Paul is the son of the factory owner. When his father has some important employees come to dinner, John-Paul has to be there, too and he’s just plain bored. This mischievous young man decides to add worms from his fishing bait to their shrimp salads and then sits back to watch their reactions!This is the sort of naughty story that children love. It is illustrated throughout in a humorous manner that will certainly enhance the story’s appeal to children. It is a charming short story that [...]

    8. I received a digital copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis:A young lad forced to attend a dinner party with his father's boring colleagues hits on an innovative way to liven up proceedings. But has he underestimated the comedic value of his sneaky plan?This tale will be appreciated by pint-sized pranksters the world over as much for its humour as for its gorgeous retro style illustrations. I particularly enjoyed the expressions on the worms’ faces and then imm [...]

    9. What a weird little book. So, John-Paul is bored when his father, the owner of a factory, has a dinner for all the senior executives. Now, I don’t really care for all these stuffed shirts, so I’ll probably enjoy whatever mischief John-Paul gets in. And he decides to put a worm in everyone’s salads (he keeps them in the fridge for fishing). I’m kind of disturbed by all the worms’ facial expressions as they get eaten. I’m not sure what to think. It’s not really funny, per se. (Though [...]

    10. A young boy is forced to attend a dinner party put on by his father for executives at his company. He introduces his son as their future boss. The poor child is bored to tears. When his father asks him to go and get the salads for their guests, he decides that he will put a worm (the ones he uses for bait and keeps in the back of the refrigerator) in each salad. The story describes how each person either eats the worm (some do not even notice it is there) or gets rid of it. Of course the joke ba [...]

    11. Title: WormsAuthor: Bernard Friot,illustrator: Aurélie GuillereyPublisher: Kids Can Press Pub Date: Sep 1 2015Page count: 24Genre: children's, picture booksSource: NetGalley, in exchange for an honest reviewFormat: e-ARCRating: AdoreCover: 9\10Review: Worms are such a hilarious book that all mischief-ish kids will love. I let my six-years-old cousin read it, and only a few hours later he asked me to read it again! He liked how correctly, he could predict what was occurring, and that only tells [...]

    12. This wasting. I think it will really appeal to very young children who might find it hilarious - especially boys. Our intrepid hero is stuck eating dinner with his dad and his work executives, and it is soooo boring.until Dad asks John-Paul to bring in the salads. John-Paul thinks it'll be funny to add worms to everyone's salad and delights in watching how everyone reacts - and most eat! - the worms. Then the tables are turned as he realizes he also put a worm in his own, and he must gulp it dow [...]

    13. I was an absolutely adorable read and I appreciate netgalley and the publisher for giving me this copy for review.I loved it. I am studying to be an elementary school teacher and am really looking for fun, topical, and entertaining reads for children and I definitely think that this story fits the bill.I would recommend this if you are looking for something witty and different than other children's books. Adding worms to a fancy adult dinner was just perfect for stirring things up. The illustrat [...]

    14. Popularity/appeal rating: 3Quality rating: 3In a one-sentence nutshell:Well, this was weird as hell. I guess it proves that I am not sophisticated enough to appreciate French picture books, although I already sort of knew that. What made no sense to me is that NO ONE is so polite that they would eat a worm so as not to make a scene. People generally freak out when there's a hair in their food, and that's not even alive. I guess the absurdity is what's funny? I liked the colors and illustrations, [...]

    15. John-Paul has probably sat at too many stuffy dinners with his father and executives from his work. He decides to have some fun and watches for everyone’s reaction as they discover the worms he added to their salads when he brought them in from the kitchen. Of course the executives can’t say anything but perhaps they have the last laugh when his father tells him to eat his salad. gulp…. The illustrations are charming in simple line drawings with red, black, yellow and green colors. It is a [...]

    16. This was a really cute story about a very mischievous boy who tries to make his father's dinner party a little more exciting. I really love the old fashioned feeling of the illustrations and the colors being so bold and pretty. My 2 and 4 year old daughters loved this book and my 8 year old thought it was gross but cool. I received an advanced electronic copy of this book from NetGalley for review.

    17. Warning: Inspect all of your food before eating! What little boy doesn't enjoy getting into a tad bit of mischief? John-Paul is forced to attend dads oh-so- boring dinner party, so he decides to, quite literally, ADD his own ingredient to the party! This is a silly and fun read aloud that younger children and students will definitely enjoy. *I received an ARC via NetGalley & publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    18. A mischievous little boy, forced to endure the boredom of his father’s business dinner party (“They were all talking about things that were too boring for me to understand.”) decides to liven up the evening—and the salads!—with the title creatures. Kids will squeal with disgust and delight as each guest copes with the unexpected garnish—including the perpetrator. The retro style illustration with their bold, bright colors, and the expressions of alarm on the worms just add to the fun [...]

    19. This book is going to tickle the fancy of adults and children alike! The illustrations are inviting, the story is funny and as silly as it is, it opens the door to a conversation about manners and behaving "appropriately" at the dinner table. Mostly, it is a fun story that the 4.5+ crowd will request again and again, because we all secretly wish we could put worms in a salad, just once!

    20. When a young boy attends a totally boring executive dinner and is asked to help serve the salad, he can’t help but make things more interesting. However, when he is asked to eat his own salad, he has not choice but to also eat the worm as well. This cute story of mischievousness would appeal to ages four to seven.

    21. John-Paul is a very mischevious boy! This is a tale of his boredom and how he chooses to fix it. Your skin is sure to crawl. By putting a worm in the dinner guests salads, he watches as each one realizes they have a worm in thier salad and how they handle it. Fun story! ARC through Netgalley and Kids Can Press for an honest review.

    22. This is a quick and funny story about a little boy up to no good. This mischievous boy decided to mix thing up and add some flavor to his father’s fancy dinner party. This book will be one to easily entertain children, it will become a repeat read and you just might want to check your salad before your take the BITE?!writersnauthors/worms-by-bern

    23. Net Galley ARCWhen a young boy is force to attend his father's dinner party for his co-workers, he decides to entertain himself by putting worms in all of their salads. A clever and humorous book kids will enjoy.

    24. In this cutely illustrated silly story, a young boy puts worms in everyone's salads at his father's fancy dinner party. I received this book free to review from Netgalley. I think kids will think it is funny.

    25. Theme: family, letter W (worms)A delightful story that I could use as a read aloud in a program or maybe storytime, if my kids weren't too young, because the story is a little longer than I usually read.

    26. A bored young boy stuck at the table with high power executives that work for his father pulls a rotten prank that backfires on him in the end.Very funny read aloud. PreK-2.

    27. This book isn't bad. I guess kids would think eating worms is funny. I didn't find it particularly interesting. It could be used as a read aloud, but it definitely wouldn't be my first choice.

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