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Amazing Fantasy #15: Spider-Man!

Amazing Fantasy Spider Man Includes Amazing Fantasy and Amazing Spider Man Relive the adventures that started it all A radioactive spider may have granted bookish young Peter Parker incredible abilities but it was his

  • Title: Amazing Fantasy #15: Spider-Man!
  • Author: Stan Lee Steve Ditko
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Includes Amazing Fantasy 15 and Amazing Spider Man 1963 1Relive the adventures that started it all A radioactive spider may have granted bookish young Peter Parker incredible abilities, but it was his uncle s death that truly transformed him Thrill to Spidey s debut issues, completely re mastered

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      478 Stan Lee Steve Ditko
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      Posted by:Stan Lee Steve Ditko
      Published :2019-02-24T12:46:34+00:00

    1 thought on “Amazing Fantasy #15: Spider-Man!

    1. So I finally got to read the first Spider-Man issue.It was very ahead of its time in my opinion. Stan Lee writes a forward, saying how this issue almost never got published because the publishers thought the character was not what readers wanted. Spider-Man was a teenager, he wasn't good looking, he still lived at home with his aunt and uncle and so on.Amazing Fantasy was coming to an end, so Lee and Ditko thought they would try and get it out in the last issue, because what was there to lose? T [...]

    2. Read as part of Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great PowerFull of tropes and yet brimming of original ideas, Amazing Fiction #15 is a turning point in comic book history. Its faults such as cramming an origin story in mere a 20 pages (albeit, admittedly, with good reason) are overshadowed by the creation of arguably the most popular super-hero. The cover is also something to be aware of, as it spurred countless admirers and imitators.It's not a perfect issue by any means, but Amazing Fantas [...]

    3. I really can't give this a rating. I mean the story seems so cheesy and silly, but it IS only the very first edition of a legendary superhero. And I grew up watching the Spider-Man movies so I really can't bring myself to rate this badly-nostalgia and alld I had (still have) a huge crush on Peter Parker). As far as artwork goes, it's kind of childishI don't know I expected like all these crazy designs and stuff but it's pretty simple.As far as the story goes, I like that even after he's this big [...]

    4. These stories were so exciting and good! I loved reading Peter Parker's origin story (although they were calling him Peter Palmer in the Amazing Spider-Man #1) and reading his evolution in becoming Spider-Man. In issue #1 of Amazing Spider-Man, everyone in the city knows who Spider-Man is, and they all think he's a criminal! This is all due to J. Jameson and him writing horrible articles about Spider-Man! We see an appearance of the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man whopping their butts (basically) [...]

    5. Tanıştığım ilk Marvel karakteri, küçükken çizgi filmine ölüp bittiğim Spiderman'in ergen hallerini okudum. Resmen Peter Parker'ın başladığı nokta burasıymış. Kendime gelemiyorum Bu örümcek çocuğu fazla mı büyütmüşüm ben ya? Ama eğlenceliydi.

    6. So, after reading Amazing Spider-Man #4, I decided to go back to issue one to read them consecutively. When I pulled up #1, there was a blurb that Spiderman was introduced in #15 of Amazing Fantasy. So off I went to get this one.My understanding is this was supposed to be a one-off. Yeah, right. But it did help bring about the end of this title in favor of one dedicated to the new character.We learn that Peter Parker is a bookworm interested in science. He attended a science expo/lecture on atom [...]

    7. The swan-(or spider-) song of Amazing Fantasy, its fifteenth issue simply titled SPIDER-MAN, I argue is the single issue most representative of and quintessential to comics---and their literary potential---in the entire pantheon of heroes and story arcs. It singlehandedly ties together the power-play futurism of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's SUPERMAN, the pathos laden mystery and genre fusion of Bill Finger and Bob Kane's BATMAN---in short, the two great hemispheres of the Golden Age---with the [...]

    8. The best 11 pages in all of comics. Reread this for what is probably the several hundredth time, in prep for the relaunch of the ALL-NEW AMAZING SPIDER-TALK!

    9. Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first historie of Spider Man, the first historie of a great superhero, this book deserves 5 stars

    10. Decent beginning to a great heroSpider man definitely seems kind of bratty at first and less heroic. Very interesting to read though. I recommend reading.

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