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Old Man Logan #1

Old Man Logan Enter the Wastelands a realm where all heroes have been murdered by their arch enemies and where villains now rule over the land with an iron fist In the midst of this dystopian chaos one man may m

  • Title: Old Man Logan #1
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Andrea Sorrentino Marcelo Maiolo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Enter the Wastelands, a realm where all heroes have been murdered by their arch enemies, and where villains now rule over the land with an iron fist In the midst of this dystopian chaos, one man may make a difference a reluctant warrior who was once the greatest mutant of all, a man known as Old Man Logan.

    • Free Download [Chick Lit Book] ✓ Old Man Logan #1 - by Brian Michael Bendis Andrea Sorrentino Marcelo Maiolo ñ
      238 Brian Michael Bendis Andrea Sorrentino Marcelo Maiolo
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      Posted by:Brian Michael Bendis Andrea Sorrentino Marcelo Maiolo
      Published :2019-02-13T09:27:12+00:00

    1 thought on “Old Man Logan #1

    1. Old Man Logan has continued fighting against the villains in his world after he exterminated the Banner family. Logan's world has desperately needed a hero since nearly all the heroes were murdered decades ago. This world is fortunate to once again have someone willing to fight back against evil.The first thing that stood out for me with Old Man Logan #1 is the artwork. The artist has a distinct style that varies greatly from the mainstream.I've never been too into overly graphic violence in com [...]

    2. This was one bad ass comic! I'm a big fan of Mark Millar's Old Man Logan and this kind of continues that story. The art and coloring fits the story perfectly. It's all very violent and gritty. I'm always into post apocalyptic stories and this is no exception! It's great to see the Marvel or a Marvel universe all gone to hell. The art really fitted the typical Wolverine action which is very feral and bloody. I'm looking forward to issue 2. This is now my favorite Secret Wars tie in and I'm really [...]

    3. Excellent! So first off this does take place after the original old man Logan Graphic Novel, so make sure to read it before reading this! As a continuation of the story it was pretty well done and as a secret wars tie-in, it doesn't seem to have much to do with it, which I like! The New Creative team does a great job, interesting to choose Bendis to replace Millar, Bendis definitely has a lighter approach to Millar which wasn't bad to see. The Art all though not as nice as the original art, was [...]

    4. You know I love a Brian Michael Bendis. And an otherworld yarn in the vein of Serenity? Yes please. I've never heard of Sorrentino, but the double page "Snkt!" Had me hooked. Love the monochrome. Love the lines that remind me of the best of Jae Lee. Can't wait to see what happens in the other side of the wall. Though I can't help but feel like I missed something. Maybe it's just full on "in medias res"?

    5. The world of comics and superheroes, especially ones who have a degree of immortality to their characters like the X-Men's Wolverine, lend themselves to alternate universities and timelines. In some ways, they're our modern myths. And so we have a (finally) aged Wolverine, going by just his name of Logan, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in which he's lost everything. Part western, part X-Men story, this is a lot of fun, and I'm even more interested to see what the upcoming "Logan" movie will do [...]

    6. I'm not a fan of this series. I thought I would like it more since I liked the movie Logan. Essentially this comic details Logan in a world where villains won and most heroes are dead. He's still fighting back as always even though he has aged. I'm not intrigued to find out more and I'm not a huge wolverine fan to begin with.

    7. Moronic piece of crapThis is a waste of 99 cents. There is no plot, no character development, no beginning and no end. Do not buy this useless ca-ca.

    8. This book was a little more difficult to identify and digest than many of the other Secret Wars tie ins.In this, an aged Logan first confronts an odd poker game full of super hero posers. Next is a walk across the desert where he discovers an old Ultron head and meets a woman named Cage who is caring for a hulk baby. Finally, we get a little back story from Emma Frost who we discover is dying. The leads Logan to decide to head over the wall into the Deadlands.The first and third stories here wer [...]

    9. Old man (post)This story takes place after the original "old man Logan" where logan/james had already killed Banner and the hulk family. Without a family, but the child he had taken from the hulk, and his old age this story begins with him investigating an ultron headpiece in which the one in the original story board was Ultron #5 but he came across #8's head. This is just the introduction so expect a very grim version of the future that wolverine had left behind.To know more about this series, [...]

    10. Logan is angry. Logan wants revenge. Logan attacks people who haven't done anything yet because he's caught in some time travel loop and determines that's the right thing to do. I suppose this comic is solid Wolverine, but at this point we've just seen so much of the same that I just can't bring myself to care about the same story again.

    11. Uno de los objetivos de Secret Wars y Convergencia es que la gente se interese por leer colecciones antiguas que son revisitadas en estos eventos. En el caso de Marvel, hasta ahora la única serie que cumple con eso es Old Man Logan. El dibujo de Andrea Sorrentino es perfecto para el tono de esta serie.

    12. Was a sequel really necessary? I still don't know, but it felt like 'Old Man Logan' right from the beginning. Which is a very good thing. Great art, great story so far, can't wait for the next issues.

    13. Awesome Really great twist on the marvel universe. Marvel meets mad max. Also great to see logan's image and personality become am old man

    14. If there's one reason, one reason only to read this comic, it's Andrea Sorrentino's pencils and Marcelo Maiolo's colours. Okay those are two reasons, but they're well worth it.

    15. I want more! Beautiful art, great panels, and the story is pure Logan. This is my first peek into the "Old Man Logan" series and I will be going back to read the others issues.

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