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Secret Wars #2


  • Title: Secret Wars #2
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition

    • [PDF] Download î Secret Wars #2 | by ✓ Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross
      254 Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download î Secret Wars #2 | by ✓ Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross
      Posted by:Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Alex Ross
      Published :2019-02-05T00:50:16+00:00

    1 thought on “Secret Wars #2

    1. Whatever my expectations of Secret Wars were, I honestly wasn’t expecting a Marvel version of Game of Thrones, but that’s what we’ve got! So whoever Doom was talking with in the first issue (a genie?), they somehow created a new patchwork planet of feudal states called Battleworld populated with Marvel Universe characters and installed Doom as ruler. The universes are blowed up but Battleworld survived – I guess we'll find out in a later issue wha' happen?Like the cover shows, we’re in [...]

    2. Have you ever listened to Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield? Rick starts singing about his friend Jessie and says he's always been a good friend of his. Then seconds later he sings "Jessie's got himself a girl and I want to make her mine." So is Jessie really your friend Rick if you're thinking about making his girl yours. I think not. I always wonder if there is a real Jessie out there and if he beat Rick Springfield up for this song especially since the chorus goes "I wish that I had Jessie's [...]

    3. Depsite how bizarre and crazy this issue is, I still found myself really enjoying it. Having just jumped in with #0, I have no idea how we got to where we are with the God-Emperor and the Thor Corps.Despite that, the trial and its consequences followed by the arrival of The Cabal made it a very fun a full issue.Even though I'm still confused about a number of things that are going on, this felt much more like a #1 issue than the previous one did.

    4. Really enjoyed this one.Its like exploring a whole new world.Cant wait to see where this goes.All kneel before god Doom.

    5. No puedo describir lo extraño que ha sido esto. Lo sentí demasiado eterno y pesado pero se que fueron cosas mías así que todo esta bien.Me gusta la forma en la que construyeron todo aunque puede ser realmente confuso si no se le presta la atención necesaria. Bastante acción y movimiento en esta parte. Creo que el detalle más grande de este número fue la cantidad de cosas que se tuvieron que relatar para poder mostrar (view spoiler)[ Battleworld(hide spoiler)].Fueron demasiadas cosas inne [...]

    6. Considering I gave the last Secret Wars only 2 stars for being a convoluted mess this surprises me. I was flat out dreading reading this story and I somehow fell in love with it. I would love a story just completely set in this world, without the whole Secret Wars agenda. This is an amazingly dark timeline and world that has its appeal for a reader. If they can all be like this it would be superb.

    7. As a newcomer to Hickman, this installment is where his story seem to finally come together. Yes, there were moments of obvious exposition, but since I complained about the first issue being confusing--and because I found this second issue on whole well-paced and hella fun--I can't fault that minor flaw.

    8. Overall I thought it was better than #1. There are still somethings that seem all over the place (God Doom and the Thor corps) as well as it's connections to issue #1. In the end though I found myself like this issue much more that the first.

    9. Like most readers, I found SECRET WARS #2 to be a big improvement over issue #1, even though I liked the first issue. This second installment puts us squarely on Battleworld, where fragments of the Marvel universe exist as kingdoms under the thrall of Doctor Doom, who is worshiped as a God, his ultimate ambition achieved at long last. We meet many Marvel characters, some of whom are quite different on this new world-Susan Storm, Jamie Braddock, Dr. Strange- while others, such as Apocalypse, Seba [...]

    10. After the game changer opening issue. Things slow down just a little to set up battle world. What's that a world comprised of pieces of multiple realities formed in to a world ruled by Doctor Doom who made everyone think he is God. As complex as that may sound. IT's a well developed second issue that's only the tip of the iceberg of the epic things that happen. I would say up there with lord of the rings.

    11. A Marvel Comic that has more story than mindless explosions?! Sign me up! Marvel finally gives us some much needed substance not seen since the House of M storyline. We're given characters we care about, an intriguing story, and a mystery not easily solved within the first two panels. This is a great series, and I'll definitely be looking forward to the next issues.

    12. Not Bad! So this issue shows us Battleworld, a new earth which has emerged! I don't want to spoil anything for you guys so i'll leave at that, but this world seems quite interesting!

    13. The series finally gets a chance to pick up some steam and Hickman does a great job showing us what's happened through the eyes of the Thors.

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