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Perigord Have you ever wanted to fly Or be able to see and breathe under water What about superhuman strength or speed Well for year old Jason Page this is now a reality After inheriting a new house from a

  • Title: Perigord
  • Author: Marc Lindsay Julie Plath
  • ISBN: 9780646937380
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have you ever wanted to fly Or be able to see and breathe under water What about superhuman strength or speed Well for 16 year old Jason Page this is now a reality After inheriting a new house from a mysterious Uncle, Jason and his mother move to the beautiful and quiet town of Perigord.But even with the emergence of these fantastic powers, JHave you ever wanted to fly Or be able to see and breathe under water What about superhuman strength or speed Well for 16 year old Jason Page this is now a reality After inheriting a new house from a mysterious Uncle, Jason and his mother move to the beautiful and quiet town of Perigord.But even with the emergence of these fantastic powers, Jason has to contend with psychotic students, a shadowy town sheriff, unearthly mercenaries and an ancient prophecy with catastrophic repercussions.With the help of the beautiful Selene Jaeger and the enigmatic town librarian Ulysses Walker, they must prevent the use of the Gjallarhorn a mystical Norse artifact with the power to raise an unstoppable army during the town s Harvest moon Festival.Being the new kid in town was never this hard.

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      457 Marc Lindsay Julie Plath
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    1 thought on “Perigord

    1. This book was great loved it i cannot wait for ghosts and for sins of perigord.:) Also my teacher James lindsay was writing plato wyngard with you. and I will be one of the first in line. Great book in general you all should READ IT!!!

    2. Plenty of action.Great story.Interesting villain's.Realistic characters.Mystery with a difference.Fantastic setting.Nice mythical references.Two thumbs up :)

    3. Love this book it has a great story line and I love the the adventures the character go through I also love the cover can't wait until all the other books come out I am sure they will be great

    4. this is a great book I will definitely be reading the next one I wonder how good the next will be compared to this one thankyou for offering us all a great book for the world to enjoy

    5. my mum loves this book and so do I ! heaps of amazing scenes and thrill seeking adventures 5 star worthy book

    6. First up i love anything with vampires and werewolves, which technically this does not, it's still in the same field of books. The cover is fantastic and the characters are sexy without being over done. Theirs a mystery involving viking mythology which is pretty cool and the best thing is that it is going to be a continued story yah. # :).

    7. Two words. Loved it. I love paranormal romance novels, but I've found a lot fall into the usual plot traps. Not Perigord The characters were sincere and the story was different from anything out there at the moment. Well done.

    8. The author is local, but i got it any way, and really enjoyed it. A bit of something for everyone. I can see the scene's in my mind very easily, I think it would make a great movie, like percy jackson only better.

    9. Interesting book with a lot of heart. The story has a lot happening. Something for everyone. Highly recommend.

    10. I bought it and read it, in less then 24 hours. A rollercoaster of intense action and realistic characters. Superpowers, villains and the end of the world.

    11. Not your typical YA paranormal fantasy, interesting characters, great setting and a mystery to solve. I really enjoyed.

    12. Something original, first time author Marc Lindsay has tried to create a place I think we'd all like to live in and Jason Page a hero we'd all like to be or be with. :)

    13. An epic journey starts here, i can see this being the next big thing. Great story and great characters.

    14. Spoiler alert. Interesting concept aliens and mythology, Marc Lindsay mixes the two well and at the same time making it a fun ride.Will read Ghosts of Perigord when it comes out.

    15. Didn't want it to end. Really enjoyed the the interaction between the two main characters, hoping their relationship heats up more in the second book. Thought the character Ulysses was hot.

    16. The book put me in Jason's life it was like I was right next to him I just couldn't put the book down I was once late for school.

    17. Met the author at Brisbane Supanova. Intended on only reading a few pages to begin with but couldn't put it down. Compelling story and characters. Loved every minute.

    18. Review by : wordscantfathom.wordpress Rating 4.5 out of 5 starsThe story starts with a prologue introducing Plato Wyngard, Jason's uncle. And it was enough to keep me intrigued and interested to read further. His disappearance is what paves the way for Jason and his mother to inherit his house in Perigord. I loved the setting of this queer old town and it's inhabitants. Jason meets Selene Jaeger, a fellow classmate and befriends her soon enough. But Selene is not the only fascinating character. [...]

    19. I come upon this book by chance, and I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed this book and the adventure of it's young and old characters. This story offers a lovely change from the books I have recently read. I think this book is great for both the young and old.

    20. Perigord pulls you into its story from the introduction and grips you to the very end wanting more. Can't wait for book 2, I miss Perigord already.

    21. This was another one of those books where the lack of editing slapped you in the face every page. Which as it says in the acknowledgments there was an editor I sincerely hope the author got their money back. Sentences end without full stops, missing commas are freaking everywhere (direct address really isn't that hard), names are spelled differently in a single paragraph, your/you're interchanged (along with others), random speech marks when no one was speaking (or not having them close), and th [...]

    22. DNF at 30%Usually, when a book receives a one star, dnf rating from me I don't look back. With this book I'd be willing to give it another try if it gets a proper editing job.This book had an interesting premise but the terrible grammar and editing issues really soured it for me. Maybe I got a crap copy or something but there were misused or mispelled words and the spacing in the dialogue exchanges made it confusing at times about who was actually speaking.I also feel like some of the character [...]

    23. Interesting story. I'm in the states and the author is Australian, so the writing style is different. And I think it's his first novel. I tried not to be annoyed with grammar and such, considering. I think the story has potential as a series and as he grows into his writing. It's a sort of supernatural/sci-fi. Sometimes juvenile, but I liked it and would potentially look into what happens to the characters in further stories.

    24. Needs tighter editing of both grammar and storyline: some details like meals basically unnecessary to further the plot. The storyline is full of adventure with some well written characters. Although the main plot is tied up and ready for the next step there are a couple of loose ends left hanging which I hope he remembers in the next instalment. I want to read the next book but it is hard to get past the poor grammar of " could of" and their for there.

    25. By surprise, would be how I would describe this book. The cover looks great, but the author is relatively unknown. I delved into the story, and couldn't put it down. Highly recommend. Have read the sequel, Ghosts of Perigord, and will also pick up another book by the author Marc Lindsay, Plato Wyngard and the valley of the immortals, which is an action novel, but set in the same universe as the Perigord series.

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