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This London Love

This London Love A successful editor A workaholic florist It s complicated but is it love Kate Carter has it all except for a special person to share it with The stylish charismatic art editor has her sights set on

  • Title: This London Love
  • Author: Clare Lydon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A successful editor A workaholic florist It s complicated, but is it love Kate Carter has it all, except for a special person to share it with The stylish, charismatic art editor has her sights set on someone, but a few unanswered questions keep her from making a move Meg Harding is single but stuck living with her ex When she meets Kate, she sees a bright light at A successful editor A workaholic florist It s complicated, but is it love Kate Carter has it all, except for a special person to share it with The stylish, charismatic art editor has her sights set on someone, but a few unanswered questions keep her from making a move Meg Harding is single but stuck living with her ex When she meets Kate, she sees a bright light at the end of her life s dark tunnel But it doesn t take long for the florist s secrets to nearly derail the promising pairing Can they overcome the obstacles they can t control to find their happily ever after This London Love is a charming lesbian romance novel and a standalone spinoff from London Calling If you like witty dialogue, engaging characters and addictive plot twists, you ll love Clare Lydon s sparkling romantic comedy BuyThis London Love to start feeling the sparks today

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    1 thought on “This London Love

    1. 4 stars! my reason for giving it this high of a grade even though its considered to be the same old lesbian story,first thing is the writing was awesome plus i don't need to dive into the whole storyline or give much away to her fans base,readers will have to take my word its very well written. The dialogue is very good,entertaining,lots of laughter between the characters involved and the story came across as a means to an end in their relationship,enjoyed how they showed their feelings towards [...]

    2. 2.5 stars. Cheesy, full of tropes and therefore predictable. I saw all the major conflicts a mile ahead and the only reason I kept reading was to confirm my predictions and unfortunately they all came true.

    3. Normally a book like this would get a 3 star from me because it's pretty much a beach read type of book. However, it's well written and the dialogue is damn funny. Fate throws some curve balls to these women and a couple of times I wanted to smack one or the other main characters for being silly. Overall, it's a feel good kind of book with some humor and a sweet romance. Sometimes that's all I'm looking for when I'm reading.

    4. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing after you read a book that there is a spin off waiting for you to start straight away. After reading ‘London Calling’ earlier in the week and having a bit of a crush on Kate, I was glad to find out the next book in the series was centred around her and new love interest, Meg.The characters really intrigued me in this novel and without giving too much away, I will say that this story is a little more angst driven than the first but as the story un [...]

    5. The key to fully enjoying this spin-off book to London Calling is to not read it straight after London Calling. Put a few books in between, or better yet, wait a few months :) The book features a pair of movie-star-pretty London lesbians. Fortunately, the first person POV used in the first book is eschewed in favor of alternating 3rd person viewpoints from the two ladies. This makes for a more even characterization. Both ladies are equally well-delineated. The dialogue also feels more organic an [...]

    6. There is really a lot to like about this follow up to London Calling. (You might recognize Jess and Lucy who were the leads in that novel)This one stars Kate and Meg, both of whom feel an instant connection to one another. The first half of the novel featured a lot of awkward/sweet moments as these two tried to connect. A bit difficult (thus awkward) since Kate was buying flowers for a dead uncle's funeral from Meg. Still they have wonderful chemistry and I really enjoyed these early moments.The [...]

    7. Detailed score 4.25/5So. SO close to 5 stars. And miles better than it's predecessor, London Calling, IMHO so if you liked that one, then stop reading this review and get buying already.So lets start with the good, and there is a lot of really really good. Both Meg & Kate are cool, yet relatable, hottttt yet believable and human. And FUNNY. Their dialogue whips off the page. Witty banter is part of their flirtation and it works so very well. Almost to the standard of a Melissa Brayden novel [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this newest book by Lydon. She always manages to develop characters that are relatable to. This story was sweet, sexy, funny and despite a bit of angst and a few twists was generally feel good.I loved the scenes between Kate and Meg, their witty banter and obvious chemistry made the connection between these two clear from the start. The fact that we got to catch up with the characters from "London Calling" was a definite plus. If you're looking for a good summer read you can't g [...]

    9. Lovely This was another great romantic story by Ms. Lydon , I've read this book a while ago and i decided to read it again for the second time because i was in the mood for something light, amorous and dreamy, the characters along with their stories of new beginnings makes this a wonderful reading.

    10. Captivating love story. I loved the characters of Kate and Meg, also great to see the follow up of Jess and Lucy. Lovely endearing romance. Wonderful descriptive writing style. Crisp witty dialogue makes this a first class read.

    11. A sweet story but a bit too much of the same. I shouldn't have read two of the same author in a row, as the romance is written in a very formulaic manner. However, at least the plot twists weren't the same, even though they were rather soap-opera on the drama scale.

    12. Love her books - and the recurrence of characters builds on the ambiance and reality of the tales. Yea - makes me cry, makes me laugh & takes me to a different world for 3 or 4 hours. Thank you.

    13. Great read Great writing, funny and romantic plot with a great story. Excited for the next book in the series. Thank you

    14. Fun storyThis was a great book and it was nice to see Kate get a HEA after Caroline and I really like Meg.

    15. This is book two in Lydon's London Series, but it can certainly be read as a stand-alone. There are currently three in the series and this is definitely my favorite. The story revolves around Kate and Meg who both feel like they have been single for way too long. Kate is a successful editor with drive and a quick wit (and a propensity for falling down around beautiful women). Meg is a sweet florist who radiates grace and kindness while being sexy as hell. Of course she doesn't realize she is sex [...]

    16. SweetA sweet romance about life, a perfect read for a rainy day. I look forward to read more books from this author.

    17. I enjoyed this. It's very funny, particularly towards the start and the nervous build-up to Kate and Meg acting on their attraction is really good as is their initial dating. It also features protagonists who do normal things like eat kitkats, drink too much wine and have smear tests (how glamorous) rather than existing in some weird fictional world where people don't have chores or bodily functions. I'd agree with other reviewers that whilst the final third of the book isn't bad, it's just not [...]

    18. First off, this book isn't bad. I'm all for more queer romance novels of ALL genres and types and styles, you know? I'd rather that queer romance ran the gamut than there be none at all. Having said that, it wasn't really the "romance" part of this novel that put me off. I found some of the writing style to be a little clunky in places, particularly at the beginning of chapters to add placement and time. Part-way in, I got the oddest feeling that some of the stereotypical views and mores that se [...]

    19. This book had everything I love in a good romance. While the underlying girl meets girl, girl falls in love with girl was definitely present, it wasn't all smooth sailing. I've always enjoyed a sense of realism in these kinds of stories and this author delivered. While things in the lives of the main characters, Kate and Meg, weren't perfect, they worked around the issues life threw at them and made it work.The cast of supporting characters was a riot and often had me chuckling to myself with th [...]

    20. You don’t need to have read „London Calling“ in order to start with „This London Love“. But if you have, you will be happy to meet Jess and Lucy again, even though they are not the main characters of this book. It’s still nice to see them again. The new couple now are Kate, who was introduced in „London Calling“ already, and Meg, who makes her debut in this one. This, too, is a story about two attractive and lovely women falling in love with each other. This, too, might make you [...]

    21. Adorable!What a charming and adorable story! Poor Kate and Meg! Talk about the star crossed lovers syndrome! They were both very sweet and glad to see Jess, Lucy, Vicky, Jack, and Maureen from the author's first story.Additionally, the story made me fall in love with London again. My wife and I were there three years ago and her description of a lot the spots we had been to made me feel like wanting to go back again.Looking forward to the next book in the series! There will be another book in th [...]

    22. This was basically a fluff read, which is absolutely fine. There was no real angst, there were no heart-to-heart conversations about fear and hope. Mostly, it was: love-at-first-sight, poor communication, realization of mutual attraction, mind-blowing sex, more poor communication, resolution and a happily-ever-after. There was nothing surprising here, and it never really felt like the characters knew each other well enough to actually be in love. Still, the dialogue was sharp and witty, the sett [...]

    23. Four starsI was sent this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.A romantic contemporary love story. Very well written and formulated. The two main characters are believable and exchange witty and believable dialogue, so much so I found myself screaming at them at times!Although a charming tale there is a quirky and unexpected twist as the relationship between the two women progresses.A very amicable love story, easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable. Summer reading at its m [...]

    24. 3.5 but not yet 4. It's an okay book. Love the tone of the book and very relatable characters, Kate and Meg were really sweet and funny together. Just felt they got together without too much drama and when they did, the hurdles that the author tried to throw at them was just okay, one was predictable, and one was resolved too quickly. It was great to read about how Jess and Lucy is doing.

    25. This was a good book about Kate, who is not sure she'll find love again and Meg, who is afraid to try after her last relationship has imploded. These two meet cute but have to wade through various misunderstandings to figure out that in each other they might find just what they need!

    26. Heartwarming and it gives you a good feeling.This is a real romance to my heart. A little drama but also a lot of love. 2 artistic women in a great city. I have enjoyed it immensely and I am definitely going to read her other book London Calling.

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