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Without a Doubt

Without a Doubt Emerson Montgomery loves his high school sweetheart Kelly Price He d do anything for her including agreeing to a break where they ll see other people as he heads off to college Struggling with the b

  • Title: Without a Doubt
  • Author: Lindsay Paige
  • ISBN: 9781311562647
  • Page: 231
  • Format: ebook
  • Emerson Montgomery loves his high school sweetheart, Kelly Price He d do anything for her, including agreeing to a break where they ll see other people as he heads off to college Struggling with the break and guilt over dating other people, Emerson meets Eva, a beautiful, funny, easygoing, and nosey junior.Eva Harvey chose this particular college with the hopes of fulfilEmerson Montgomery loves his high school sweetheart, Kelly Price He d do anything for her, including agreeing to a break where they ll see other people as he heads off to college Struggling with the break and guilt over dating other people, Emerson meets Eva, a beautiful, funny, easygoing, and nosey junior.Eva Harvey chose this particular college with the hopes of fulfilling her own fairytale and falling in love at the same college where her parents met She does her best to go with the flow and simply see what happens, but Emerson simultaneously causes her to fall in love while making her second guess everything along the way.There s some things you know without a doubt However, Eva causes Emerson to doubt everything he believes about his future while he causes her to doubt what s right in front of her Can they find a way to erase all doubts or will it tear them apart in the process

    • Unlimited [Self Help Book] ✓ Without a Doubt - by Lindsay Paige ✓
      231 Lindsay Paige
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    1 thought on “Without a Doubt

    1. 3.5 ★'sI'm not even sure how I became aware of this book. I've never read the author and none of my friends have read this book. It's a mysterych as the reason why Emerson's high school girl friend broke up with him before he went to college and made him promise they would stay apart for two years. It's now the second year and Emerson is doing betterhe even started dating last semester but nothing prepared him for the whirlwind that is Eva. They met when she rear ends his truck in the college [...]

    2. Every once in a while I feel like a masochist and go and read I book I know I probably wouldn't like. I blame my curiosity. This book reminded me so much of Maybe Someday and I don't think I have ever hated a book more than I hated that one so that probably tells you already how I feel about this book.So Emerson's girlfriend Kelly is asking to take a 2 year break while they both go off to college so they can see other people because "reasons," and he obviously doesn't want to because he is crazy [...]

    3. Not a review. Thankful for spoiler. Besides being done before a thousand times, it's a plot I hate. (view spoiler)[Other woman drama, breakup (kinda) when going to college so could see other people, a new love interest who's always second choice, the weakness and "doormat-ness" of said love interest (a woman, of course). And the laziest resolution of all, kill the first love interest Terrible. How easier can the author make for the jerk hero? And this death thing in books is becoming so banal th [...]

    4. I have to admit that when I first heard about this book I was concerned about the two love interests and that it would turn into a love triangle. I usually greatly dislike love triangles because I often find that I can't decide between the guys/girls. However, this is not a love triangle and I was happy with how the storyline was handled with the two girls. Hopefully, that's not a spoiler for you all.I can't go into details without spoiling the plot line. But there are things happening here that [...]

    5. Read full review HEREI want to start by saying that I was kind of expecting a bit more of this book, still, it wasn’t a bad read, just a kind of boring one unfortunately.Lindsay Paige writing is easy to follow and quite simple. The dialogs are good and often enough to make the story interesting, and the internal struggles within each of the characters are well exposed.I did like both main characters. Emerson was sweet and honest, while Eva was hilarious and said the weirdest things. As a coupl [...]

    6. (Actual rating: 2.5 stars)I received a free copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.In many ways, Without A Doubt was a pleasant surprise. So far, my experience with New Adult fiction hasn’t been quite as positive as I would like, so I went into the story cautiously optimistic yet bracing myself for the usual pitfalls I run into with the genre. Happily, Without A Doubt ended up side-stepping those pitfalls and standing out as an example of New Adult done w [...]

    7. This book had some good things and some bad things. First, I didn't really like the way Emerson and Eva started their relationship. There was no mystery or intrigue or really any work involved. He asks her out, she says yes, they have a great time and continue from there. The whole first part of the book is written like that though. It's very even tempered and bland. There aren't many layers or much depth. Especially since it's written in dual point of view. Emerson is perfect, Eva's perfect. Th [...]

    8. Coming off a few heavy subject books and In the mood for an angsty YA story, Without A Doubt was exactly what I needed. The story set up includes a bit of a mystery that produces just enough anxiety in and between the main characters, Emerson and Eva, to peak interest and dread what the possible outcomes could be. Emerson and Eva meet literally by accident and are immediately drawn to each other. I could feel myself grinning as these two flirt and get to know each other. Eva immediately won my a [...]

    9. *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Before I started reading this book, I expected an average book that would be filled with clichés and angst. Happily, I didn’t get much of that. Emerson and Kelly have something profound going on between them; so when Kelly makes Emerson promise to put their relationship on a two year break and date other girls during that period, Emerson is very heartbroken. A year into the break, Emerson meets Eva, and he has to choose betwe [...]

    10. I absolutely loved Without a Doubt as soon as I turned the first page. A highly addicting and entertaining novel, I could not put it down. This was the first book that I had read by Lindsay Paige, and it definitely will not be the last. Her ability to write a story that captures her readers attention, fill it with love, laughter and tears, is an art form.As a reader, you cannot help but love Emerson, as he is struggling to cope with a heartbreaking breakup, something that most of us can relate t [...]

    11. I don't even know where to begin with my review. I really liked this book, but boy did I need tissues. So sweet and heartbreaking.Poor Emerson was broken hearted after his long-time girlfriend Kelly wanted a break from their relationship. I don't think I have read a book in a while where the male character was so in love at a young age, but it was so touching! I felt bad because he was torn on what to do. Did he try to get back with Kelly or move on?When Eva entered his life and he started openi [...]

    12. Amazing book about finding love when you think you can't move on from the past Eva and Emerson really rocked my world!! I'm not going to lie I was a little scared about their story because it can be a difficult subject, but in the end it was an amazing and deep story that will definitely rock your world!! I cried, laughed, got mad and yelled at the author a few times, but it was definitely worth it!!

    13. Good storyI loved the writing and from the very start loved Eva. She is a sweet real girl with quirks and strengths. Emerson took a bit to warm up to. Not sure I ever did, felt like Eva deserved to be first no matter what his strange ex girlfriend arrangement was. Lindsay paige is one of my absolute favorite authors, she gets five stars. This story just couldn't quite get the five.

    14. I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Have you ever had doubts in a relationship? Then this is definitely a book for you to read! This book will have you on your toes, especially if you have just read a book with a massive cliffhanger. Because that is exactly how I entered this book. . . .Read my full review on my blog: haddieshaven/2016

    15. What a sweet love story I was expecting way more drama but nope it was pretty much smooth sailing there are fade to black scenes so it felt very YA to me but I still enjoyed it Emerson was a sweetheart and Eva was lovely too the ex Kelly was a bit of a mystery was good to find out the background to the whole break up and the why she did it kinda predictable ending but still sweet HEA

    16. Absolutely wonderful!!I absolutely LOVE this book! I started and finished all in the same day. I don't leave long detailed reviews so short and simplego get this and read it!!! Emerson and Evalove it!!!!

    17. 5+ starsI loved this book so much. ive not read anything by Lindsay Paige before, but I will in the future I loved Emerson and Eve so much the whole story with his ex was emotional and life altering for his and Eve's life READ THIS BOOK!!!

    18. I liked Emerson and Eva's relationship- not anything about 6 pack abs- all the sex is off screen so to speak - just nice love story - he says you are"humanly beautiful"- meaning Eva real person - not perfect.

    19. Loved it. R. AIt's a must read. It's really sad about how the story goes it catches you by surprise . I am glad he found someone .

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