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The Secret Language of Women

The Secret Language of Women Set in China in the late s The Secret Language of Women tells the story of star crossed lovers Zhou Bin Lian a Eurasian healer and Giacomo Scimenti an Italian sailor driven apart by the Box

  • Title: The Secret Language of Women
  • Author: Nina Romano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set in China in the late 1800 s, The Secret Language of Women tells the story of star crossed lovers, Zhou Bin Lian, a Eurasian healer, and Giacomo Scimenti, an Italian sailor, driven apart by the Boxer Rebellion.When Lian is seventeen years old, she accompanies her Swiss father, Dr Gianluca Brasolin, fluent in Italian, to tend the Italian ambassador, at the Summer PalaceSet in China in the late 1800 s, The Secret Language of Women tells the story of star crossed lovers, Zhou Bin Lian, a Eurasian healer, and Giacomo Scimenti, an Italian sailor, driven apart by the Boxer Rebellion.When Lian is seventeen years old, she accompanies her Swiss father, Dr Gianluca Brasolin, fluent in Italian, to tend the Italian ambassador, at the Summer Palace of Empress Dowager, where she meets and falls in love with Giacomo.Through voyage and adventure, their love intensifies, but soon is severed by Lian s dutiful promise as the wife to another Forbidden from pursuing her chosen profession as a healer, and despised because she does not have bound feet, she is forced to work in a cloisonn factory while her in laws raise her daughter, Ya Chen It is in Nushu, the women s secret writing, that she chronicles her life and her hopes for the future.Rebelling against the life forced upon her, she empowers herself to act out against the injustice and becomes the master of her own destiny But her quest for freedom comes at a costly price The life of someone close to her, lost in a raging typhoon, a grueling journey to the Yun kang Caves, and a desperate search for beauty and love in the midst of brutality.

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    1. The Secret Language of Women by Nina Romano lives up to the promise of its intriguing title. This is an epic tale, as large and encompassing and treacherous as Homer’s The Odyssey, but with more heart and heartache. It’s rich with history, using China in the late 1800s as a backdrop, which adds additional drama to the story of a mixed-race girl apprenticing with her Swiss doctor father. Lian loves her widower father and the gift of knowledge he has given her. Even though he’s a “foreign [...]

    2. Such an unusual and exotic story. Lian, a half Italian-half Chinese woman falls in love with Giacomo, an Italian sailor whose ship is patrolling the waters around China during the violent Boxer rebellion of the late 1890s when Chinese nationalists tried to drive all foreigners from their country. In such a difficult situation, the lovers' lives are endangered simply because of who they are, and their relationship only places them in more jeopardy. I don't want to say anything more about the plot [...]

    3. The Secret Language of Women is the fascinatingly written journey of Lian, daughter of a Swiss physician and Chinese mother, set in China on the verge of year 1900. Because of the influence of her European father, Lian grows up very non-traditional and desires to be a healer like him. It is from her mother and grandmother that she has learned Nushu, women's secret writing. Lian’s parentage is especially relevant as the story takes place during the Boxer Rebellion, a Chinese uprising against al [...]

    4. The Secret Language of Women is a powerful and enchanting read. A brilliantly well-written tale that takes readers on one woman’s journey. For fans of Romeo and Juliet this is a must read. The entire novel is told from Zhou Bin Lian’s point of view. I found it highly interesting to see things from an a smart, beautiful, and determined young Chinese woman. The story from eyes, makes readers feel like they are indeed right there with her while everything is happening. The most exciting or shal [...]

    5. An unabashedly romantic book set against war and upheaval, an era infused with superstition, history, and exotic customs, and the Boxer rebellion which targeted all Westerners. Through extensive research, the author pulls us into the land that was China in 1900. Sesame, fish, turtles, dogs, peanuts, plum and black bean sauce, orangepeel, shrimp paste, tea, garlic, ginger, bridges, temples, herb shops, healers. And foreign troops circling about, wary of the uprising of the dangerous Boxers. One m [...]

    6. Nina Romano's first installment in the Wayfarer Trilogy is a richly detailed journey through China during the time of the Boxer Rebellion, circa 1900. The story follows Lian, the daughter of a Chinese mother and Swiss physician father, who struggles to find love and hope in spite of adversity. Lian's use of Nushu, the secret language used by Chinese women, to write about her life and dreams is fascinating and at times heartbreaking. The author is also a poet, and it shows in her lyrical language [...]

    7. Excellent! Very interesting in a historical way, also descriptive of life in China at that time. And .if you've been fortunate to visit China - especially Guillin - memories of water-buffalo, and the little boats made from bamboo really bring memories back. Characters are well developed so that the reader cares about them. The reader is given insight to the spiritual and healing philosophies of the people.I can't wait to read the next part of the trilogy!

    8. Spellbinding! This is a magnificently told love story set in war-torn China. The lovers and other characters were so real to me. The details of China brought the story alive. Trying to write a review to match the eloquence of this novel is impossible. I can only say that I very much admire Ms. Romano’s writing and her ability to keep me wanting to turn the pages, yet never wanting the story to end. I would read anything by this author! Her research was nothing short of magnificent!

    9. The Secret Language of Women displays Romano's skill with capturing bringing her setting to life: the cultural aspects, the scents and sights, the food, all played out against the background of the Boxer Rebellion as two star-crossed lovers fight to be together. You will vicariously learn language, customs and mythology of two very different protagonist as their story unfolds. First of the Wayfarer Trilogy now in print.

    10. If you love historical fiction and a good love story, this is for you.Lian is a Eurasian healer and Giacomo is an Italian sailor--- they meet in China during the boxer rebellion, and fall in love. Romano's lyrical writing is just beautiful and the story is exciting and moving.It's a great read and I loved it.

    11. Lian's journey from royal palace to poverty and beyond made a great plot (no spoilers!). Lush descriptions of China during the Boxer Rebellion, Nina Romano has crafted a breathtaking and epic tale of love and longing. Some interesting magical realism mixed in with history and fascinating characters. I'm anxious for the next installment of this trilogy!

    12. This book is an amazingly well-written, poignant story of love, cultural tradition, obligation, self-empowerment and heart-breaking sacrifice. I can't wait to read Lemon Blossoms, the second book in this series!

    13. What struck me initially about Romano’s book is the staggering amount of research she must have done. From the first page, I was immersed in turn of the 19th century China and the soon-to-be Boxer rebellion. The details are amazing. Every meal, every shop, every custom is told in vivid, compelling detail. The second item that struck me was Romano’s prose. At times harrowing, at times heart wrenching, and at times humorous, but always eloquent. She’s is also a poet and it shows. The third t [...]

    14. A lush and haunting story of the star-crossed love affair between a Eurasian girl and a Sicilian sailor, set in China during the Boxer Revolution . The scope of the description of Chinese customs and daily life, as well as the voluptuous tone of the narrative, lifts this novel above the ordinary romance. The writing is poetic and the forward motion of the novel is compelling, keeping this reader glued to the page.

    15. Before reading this novel, I was familiar with Nina Romano's writing through her poetry. I always felt that her poems were painstakingly detailed and full of unique imagery. Even back then, I could picture her writing a novel because of her prose writing style.The Secret Language of Women was for me, a hefty read. I tend to shy away from books that are longer than 300 pages, due to past experiences of reading hefty books that were too long-winded or my own short attention span at times. This nov [...]

    16. As a reader and writer of poetry, I admire Nina Romano's lyric style. The lush descriptions of landscapes are a pleasure to read. Romano is a master craftsman in terms of setting. I always felt rooted in both urban and rural settings in this book; Romano's images are so vivid. For me, the crux of the novel is when Lian goes on a spiritual journey--her travels are dangerous and exciting. Lian's sort of a female Odysseus in China. She's a courageous character. The trials experienced by Romano's fe [...]

    17. Lush and on point description of the Boxer Rebellion and China. This ranks right along with Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. Imaginative plotting and terrific details that made me want to travel to China. Or at least order Chinese food.

    18. Very interesting and at times heartrending novel. I thought the characters were well-fleshed out and the romance nicely done. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a historical romance set during the Boxer Rebellion.

    19. Set in China during the turn of the 19th century, Lian falls in love with an Italian sailor and will suffer social outcast and heartbreak. Ending was rushed knowingly for the next in the series.

    20. Interesting readA love story that takes place in China,,during the Boxer rebellion. Beautiful,detailed writing. Memorable characters. Will read next book in the series.

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