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Salvation Eight months ago a pack of feral werewolves known as Duke s Demons dragged twenty three year old Angela Kennedy from a highway rest stop in Alaska When her capture led to pregnancy and a brutal bite

  • Title: Salvation
  • Author: Emma Storm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eight months ago, a pack of feral werewolves known as Duke s Demons dragged twenty three year old Angela Kennedy from a highway rest stop in Alaska When her capture led to pregnancy and a brutal bite that turned her into one of them, she lost all hope of ever finding her way home She s on the verge of becoming one of the savage demons who created her when a large grey woEight months ago, a pack of feral werewolves known as Duke s Demons dragged twenty three year old Angela Kennedy from a highway rest stop in Alaska When her capture led to pregnancy and a brutal bite that turned her into one of them, she lost all hope of ever finding her way home She s on the verge of becoming one of the savage demons who created her when a large grey wolf stalks out of the night with a promise of shelter but has he come in time to save her

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      319 Emma Storm
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    1. Salvation finishes out the stories of the three original pack members of the Grey Wolves Rising pack. Although I was happy to see Forrest get this HEA (kind of hard not to see it coming when he goes out into a snowstorm to rescue a stranded woman), this one felt like it had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. Angela is aforementioned stranded lady. Or not, because there's another female kidnap victim as well. Angela, however, was kidnapped months ago, while Rowan's fresh bait. Angela's [...]

    2. kidnapped by evil werewolves, raped and now pregnant she's rescued by a different pack who rescue her. and her soon delivered triplets.

    3. Only just 3 stars - Salvation was slightly more engaging than the first two instalments Temptation and Obsession, with a more complicated character arc for the two protagonists, but not enough to elevate the story. The story picks up directly after 'Obsession' finishes. Emma Storm's Grey Wolf Rising Seriesare all short, sweet, undemanding and formulaic, with fairly one dimensional characters and a one track plot device with minor alterations. Each novel is just a couple of hours to read and luck [...]

    4. Salvation: Grey Wolves Rising #3 (The Mating Season, #13)by Emma StormAngela Kennedy was grabbed at a Truck stop eight months ago by a pack of werewolves. She is used and abused, then bitten by the leader. She can't fully change though. Now she is about eight months pregnant. Then they throw another women in with her. She does what she has to to protect her baby and the other woman. Finding herself very attracted to the man that rescues them, she is unsure of what to think or do. It isn't like s [...]

    5. Forrest and Angela. Wow, I loved this one !!! Gripping, emotional, deeply moving, and raw. Love Emma Storm's writing, with the build up, the super hot sexiness, and the enticing tale !! Different than most shifter stories, this one has you on edge immediately. Wow! Forrest finds Angela and Rowan. Angela was "turned" against her wishes and raped, and now pregnant and near delivery. Forrest knows she is his and finds out later that he can have her, and that Angela wants him just as much. So, after [...]

    6. Love and ChoiceForrest and Tara's story is by far my favorite of the Grey Wolves Rising series by Emma Storm. Tara's strength and ability to survive is amazing. The fact that she not only can survive but find a way to thrive and move past her terror to find and give love is awe inspiring. Forrest has the heart of a lion, or maybe it's the heart of a true Alpha. His ability for compassion and love seems to know no bounds. He is truly the kind of werewolf I would fight to have in my life. I am so [...]

    7. I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This book 3 in the Grey Wolves Rising and part of the Mating Season Collection. Forrest and Angela's story is charming, sizzling and well written by Emma Storm. The story line is full of drama, passion and lot of intense emotions more than the first two books in my opinion. Its mating season and Forrest is helping tracking down a missing woman, Willow and during this mission he found Angela his mate. Angela Kennedy [...]

    8. 5.0 out of 5 stars Another Winner in The Mating Season Collection!August 22, 2015, By SandyNThis review is from: Salvation: Grey Wolves Rising #3: Mating Season Collection (Kindle Edition)The only member of his pack to not yet find his mate as the mating season draws to a close, Forrest is off tracking a missing person for the authorities while his packmates settle in with their new mates. What he finds in the frezzing forest will change his life and the future of the Grey Wolves Rising forever. [...]

    9. Wow what a different type of werewolf story. Amazing. Wonderful characterseat storyline. Forrest was asked by the humans in his town to find a missing woman out in a snow storm. He found the human woman but he got a surprise. His fated mate. Only things are never that easy or simple.Angel was kidnapped by a group of evil werewolves. Now she is pregnant and bitten against her will. Forrest will do whatever is needed to keep them (her and her babies) safe.I love this series! I can't wait for the n [...]

    10. 3rd book in standalone wolf shifter series.Kindle Unlimited book. Well I like this story line and the brothers but I feel this one left me hanging a little. She is rescued from another pack - heavily pregnant. He knows she's his mate but someone else has already claimed her. What will happen to the babies, her old pack, and then? Good story just wanted a little more closure.

    11. This was a nice short story. Makes you run a gauntlet of emotions from sadness to anger to happiness. Was glad to see that the pack came together when Forrest needed them, and it was nice to see the people from the 2 previous books in this. Although the one downfall is that just as the other 2 books I feel it ended just to suddenly. I wish there was more closure to the couples in this series. There is happy endings but I feel that there is more to be said.

    12. Third book in the series and another short novella read. This story had some grit about it, a little vengence, some heartache - could've all been expanded on with a little more depth, but it held its own in the pages available. A couple of fumbles around the babies conception and the bonding markI needed more closure on the bonding between Forrest and Angela, it was left as a fade to black!!Overall, an entertaining read.

    13. Gifted a copy for reviewPart three of the Grey Wolves rising picks up where we left off and keeps going full steam. Forrest is the last of our pack to find a mate and boy does he get more than he bargained for. They also encounter and problem packs as well as some new allies. The bonds that are made in this book are very unique. My only issue was the way that it ended so abruptly. Hopefully the next will solve that problem.

    14. Angela and Forest's story is by far my favorite in this series. The three books can be read as seperate stories, but my advice is to start with the first book so you have the back story. This book has drama, sizzle, and lots of lust. It is a fun quick read and it kept my mind off the storm outside my house. The characters, plot, & storyline are well developed.

    15. I was given this book as an ARC and I love it. if you haven't read the mating season collection you really need to. in this story he is looking for a missing woman. what does he find instead? his mate pregnant by someone else what is a wolf to do? this is a moving story and I am happy that they will be continuing the collection.

    16. This series is. Wow!This series is a really good one. I can't stop reading them. I'm going to be so sad when it ends. I'm loving all the characters. This book didn't disappoint. Forrest was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I really loved his character. I can't wait for more. On to the next

    17. I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book it's worth the read Angela and Forrester story is so sweet.d shows what happens if you push through the rough it's possible to get your HEAif your looking for and enjoyable quick read this story and series is worth your time.

    18. Good readEnjoying these stories, but definitely missing some depth of personality. Just read the back, 1 more from Emma-an extra-then at least 3 more each from 5 other authors. For this size of a series they'd better be good!

    19. Salvation - Grey Wolves RisingThis is one good read. Forrest and Angel show true spirit. The read grabs you in the very beginning and carry you through. Each stages give you a view of what mating in driving them to - True Love and a True mating. I highly recommend this series

    20. Salvation: Grey Wolves Rising #Finally the wolf pack is complete. I was sad that Angella went through so much trials, but glad she got her happy ending.

    21. Angela was kidnapped by werewolves and is now pregnant. When she is found by Forrest she is with another Rowan. Forrest and Angela have a few things to over come and three little blessings.

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