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Dead Joker

Dead Joker Chief Prosecutor Sigurd Halvorsrud s wife is found dead in front of the fireplace in the family living room The cause of death is instantly apparent she has been brutally decapitated Halvorsrud immedi

  • Title: Dead Joker
  • Author: Anne Holt Anne Bruce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chief Prosecutor Sigurd Halvorsrud s wife is found dead in front of the fireplace in the family living room The cause of death is instantly apparent she has been brutally decapitated Halvorsrud immediately falls under suspicion Then a journalist at one of Oslo s largest newspapers is found beheaded What links these two horrifically violent crimes Detective InspectChief Prosecutor Sigurd Halvorsrud s wife is found dead in front of the fireplace in the family living room The cause of death is instantly apparent she has been brutally decapitated Halvorsrud immediately falls under suspicion Then a journalist at one of Oslo s largest newspapers is found beheaded What links these two horrifically violent crimes Detective Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is called in to lead the investigation with her old colleague Billy T But the most demanding task that Hanne Wilhelmsen has ever faced in her career clashes with the worst crisis in her personal life Cecilie, the woman she lived with for almost twenty years, is seriously ill.Wilhelmsen must ask herself is the truth worth chasing at all costs

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      364 Anne Holt Anne Bruce
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    1 thought on “Dead Joker

    1. Once again, I am starting in the middle of a series and wondering how I never ran across this series since it was first published in the 90s. This is Norwegian crime fiction, starring Hanne Wilhelmsen, Detective Inspector.Chief Public Prosecutor Sigurd Halvorsrud's found covered in blood and his wife decapitated in the next room. He is obvious the primary suspect and he comes up with a fantastic story claiming a man he's never met killed his wife. Yet he knows the man's name and address.Things g [...]

    2. This is a well-written book with an intriguing and unusual storyline. However, I felt the frequent forays into the personal lives of the protagonists did disrupt the momentum. When the investigation into a couple of decapitations gets into full swing it is very thrilling, but, alas, the ending was somewhat unresolved and very downbeat.

    3. 4.5 starsThis is the first book in the series that I've read. The fact that I've started with book #5 rather than #1 is perhaps not so problematic, as Holt clearly has a good handle on the characters and on narrative.There are a lot of characters to come to grips with. Starting with book #1 no doubt would have been easier. I've just started reading book #6, and I gather the broad range of characters is a stylistic device used by the author to allow us to see various points of view, and to give u [...]

    4. I think this was one of the single most depressing books I ever read. I liked it, but not a single good thing happens in this story.It was a very quick read - I absolutely love her style. Her language is very clear cut and really gets to me. Which is kind of the problem, I suppose. It wasn't just the case, although it was extraordinarily gloomy. At the beginning it just looked as if Hanne Wilhelmsen, the leading detective of the book, just had problems in the relationship department - she and he [...]

    5. Mettiamo in chiaro una cosa: se leggo "thriller" (o quel che è, siate elastici) mi aspetto un morto, un indagato e un indagatore come minimo. Mi aspetto mistero, difficoltà, alti e bassi, guardia e ladri.Se invece leggo un libro in cui i poliziotti hanno atteggiamenti infantili e borderline; dove nel bel mezzo dell'investigazione parlano di tutt'altro e si rimbeccano come bambini della prima elementare o ragazzini in preda a crisi ormonali; dove i personaggi coinvolti nella vicenda sono mere f [...]

    6. Hurrah !!! Anne Holt reverts to form after the mess that was The Lion's Mouth. If this one had been as bad I'd have given up on this series but she'd had her dud and this one was a terrific read. There were also no mistakes which would merit 5* alone since that rarely happens in e-books as a rule and IF it does it tends to be the Nordic stories that get the job of editing done properly.There are some lifechanging occurrences for Hanne in this story. Some her own fault, some not. There were some [...]

    7. We make our lives complicated and overlay too much information, the resultant clues and opportunities are missed and for once we let our assailant go.

    8. I have a strange opinion of this book. I will have to discuss it in three parts.To start with, let's look at the crime aspect. That was pretty good. I enjoyed the uncertainty, the red herrings, the confusion. If I had to get another Anne Holt book, it would be solely for this reason. As far as a crime story went, it was done well.But Somethings weren't so great. Take for instance the instant labour and birth. Here is a lady, preggers with her first child, having dinner with friends. Suddenly her [...]

    9. Review originally posted at All Books Considered: 3 STARSWell if you are familiar with this series (which you don't necessarily have to be to read this -- it can be read as a standalone but I would recommend starting from the beginning), then there will definitely be more than a few surprises for the characters in this book! Hanne is her usual compulsive, introspective and a bit selfish/dense self but she does surprise a bit with doing a few things out of character. They mystery was interesting [...]

    10. Dead Joker. #5. 2015/2016 iBook. Excellent cases and storyline plus character development of main recurring group. Starts with a cruesome murder. There are a couple, are they related? Who is responsible or are people being set up. Is there a body? The interpersonal relationships are well explored in this book of the suspects, witnesses and the police plus their friends. Hanna is only just coping with her mate's serious illness and stress. Colleagues and friends try to help. A very good read inde [...]

    11. I can't really tell this story without spoilers. It was worth the read and it continually changed from one moment to the next. If you want a good read Anne Holt really gives a good story.

    12. This was a book I couldn't put down. The main character, Hanne Wilhelmsen, Detective Inspector, has the case of the decapitated wife of the Chief Public Prosecutor's wife. He keeps stating the name of theller, whom he claims he saw, commit the crime. However, this person was seen committing suicide before the crime was committed.We meet other characters, Hanne's police team, a financial reporter, and a brilliant recluse. We also meet Cecilie,Hanne's partner who has fallen seriously ill.Another d [...]

    13. This is a series one really needs to read in order, as the relationships among the justice system individuals (police/lawyers/prosecutors) change over time and are important. I found myself two books ahead, clearly missing some important events in between. So I am going back. This is the first of the two I had missed. The story is well done -- and as usual, everything points in the wrong direction for a long time. And there are puzzling threads that all come together near the end.

    14. This was an interesting read and kept you guessing but found the ending quite disappointing. It seemed a little short and not fully resolved. The development of the personal lives of the characters was good but I found Hanne a little hard to understand at times.

    15. Hanne and Billy T investigate what appears to be a clear cut murder. Only that it isn't.In between things, Cecilie becomes ill and Billy T and Tone Marit have a baby.Another great story from Anne Holt.

    16. Buona la trama è ben disegnati i personaggi. Non c'è fine, forse perche nella realtà il tema della pedofilia è una piaga continua e senza fine. Anne risulta però troppo tormentata, tanto da offuscare un po' il percorso della storia. In sintesi un discreto libro.

    17. Very goodThis is the first Anne Holt book I have read, but based on it, I will now go back and read the Hanne Wilhelmsen series from the beginning. Hanne is a very strong, very interesting, very complex character. Definitely a series worth reading.

    18. An excellent read but very difficult to review without giving away vital elements. Good character development and a twisting plot. I will be reading more in the series.

    19. Scandinavian Noir. #5 in a series about Hanne Wilhelmsen. Twists and turns, plots and counterplots, I found this an interesting book.

    20. Another delicious mystery featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen. One of the things I like about these novels is the way you see the characters develop over time.

    21. I stretched to give it a 3. The premise was interesting but there was so much time wasted with Billy T and Cecilie and Hanne's personal life that the mystery/crime became minor.

    22. Another good mystery in this series. It includes many unforeseen twists and turns. Hanne experiences a great deal of personal tragedy

    23. I've been reading through Anne Holt's work. I've one more to go. Pedophiles in every corner of society. Beheadings and the loss of a life partner. The last two pages of the book were the most powerful.

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