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The Color of Time

The Color of Time They say it s impossible to change the pastSince her magical summer romance at the age of sixteen Sylvie Nichols has never been able to forget her first love Years later when she returns to the seas

  • Title: The Color of Time
  • Author: Julianne MacLean
  • ISBN: 9781927675304
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • They say it s impossible to change the pastSince her magical summer romance at the age of sixteen, Sylvie Nichols has never been able to forget her first love Years later, when she returns to the seaside town where she lost her heart to Ethan Foster, she is determined to lay the past to rest once and for all But letting go becomes a challenge when Sylvie finds herselfThey say it s impossible to change the pastSince her magical summer romance at the age of sixteen, Sylvie Nichols has never been able to forget her first love Years later, when she returns to the seaside town where she lost her heart to Ethan Foster, she is determined to lay the past to rest once and for all But letting go becomes a challenge when Sylvie finds herself transported back to that long ago summer of love and the turbulent events that followed Soon, past and present begin to collide in strange and mystifying ways, and Sylvie can t help but wonder if a true belief in miracles is powerful enough to change both her past and her future Full of high emotional moments and unexpected twists and turns, these Color of Heaven books are impossible to put down New York Times bestselling author, Emily March While each novel in the series can be read as a standalone, there are many books to love in this series

    • Î The Color of Time || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Julianne MacLean
      431 Julianne MacLean
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    1 thought on “The Color of Time

    1. There was so much drama in this book and when it first started, I thought that this book wasn't for me. The drama felt very much like Grey's Anatomy (which I love and Addison and Derek's names being dropped in made me so excited!!) or like those movies on FOX Life (no idea what's the American equivalent for this channel, maybe the Hallmark movies) which sometimes I'm in a mood for, but it normally doesn't work in books for me, but it this time it did - the book wasn't excellent or the best thing [...]

    2. I never know what to say about a Julianne MacLean book, except to say YOU HAVE TO READ IT. I always find myself very introspective after reading one of her books and The Color of Time was no exception. We met Sylvie Nichols in the previous book The Color of Joy, so we got to know a little bit about her in advance of this book. Or did we? In The Color of Time, the author attempts to answer the age old question: "What if you just did one thing different, would life have the same outcome?" She demo [...]

    3. The Color of Time is my first Julianne MacLean read. Thus I have not read any of the previous books in the series And I found I did not need to read the others to enjoy this installment.It's all about the What If's? What if I'd gone right instead of left? What if I'd never gone? We all at some point have asked these questions. In The Color of Time we get to see the journey Sylvie Nichols takes when she changes the What If's. To compare the story is reminiscent to the movies: The Lake House, Prem [...]

    4. I really do not know of anyone who has not wished to turn back time. This story is about a young woman Sylvie, who had good reason for regrets and a possible future snatched from her. However, similar to the inventor of the " Time Machine", who wanted to change the past, due to the death of his beloved, Sylvie finds that tragedy strikes, eventually, and the love she had wanted to last forever, never does. She found that "Fate was playing hardball with her, because subtlety hadn't worked thus far [...]

    5. Multidimensional time travel is an interesting idea, but I don't think it was handled well in this novel. The storyline was a bit scattered. I've been stuck in the house all day with no power, thanks to Hurricane Irma; Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have finished this book.

    6. Three starsI basically enjoyed this bookNot the usual time travel plot. That being said, I did find areas kind of hard to follow from time to time.

    7. Audiobook - available in the audible romance bundle Narration - Samara Naeymi - pretty good. I know this will probably stick in your head (sorry) but her grandma sounds like Marge Simpson (just sayin’)Hmmm. This whole series, I’ve spent most of the book trying to figure out how it’s all going to come together in the end, but this one definitely had me all over the place, with no clue how all these ends were going to find their way back to each other. I felt as mysteriously confused at time [...]

    8. I have really enjoyed this series so far, but this one I found a little bit confusing to follow.While dreaming, or maybe not dreaming, the main character goes back in time and changes things. She thinks if she changes one decision, she will not lose her first love, Ethan, and her child. There are three different possible futures and she remembers all of them. Everyone around her remembers all of them.I guess the point of the story is that some things are just meant to be no matter what your deci [...]

    9. this was my first book by Julianne MacLean. won't be my last. I hadn't read any of the others in this series and now I want to start with #1. You don't need to read them in order as I stated. It had me very conferred at first as I had forgotten that it was a timetravel bookI stayed with it and I am so glad that I didI truly enjoyed. The way she draws the situations and explains everything. She really has a gift.Read this book you will enjoy if you like timetravel books which I do

    10. this book deals with the choices of time and how they may influence of future. Sylvia still regrets some of the decisiions she made in her young life. So when she researches the idea of lucid dreaming, she is eager to try it, but will different decisions have the same result? I don't know, I just couldn't get into this book as easily as the others. It's hard going from past to past to past

    11. Another Good Book of This SeriesThe Color of Time was somewhat of a time travel book going to the world of what if's in dreams. Kind of mythical book but so mesmerising. I love this series!

    12. Several short stories in one bookThis story takes so many twists and turns it is impossible to determine which is going to be the outcome. It keeps you guessing . The conclusion is satisfying and it was a fun read.

    13. After enjoying the other books in this series, this was a strange experimental story. There were tangents, unexpected twists and turns, totally confusing. Dreams, astral travel I struggled to finish it.

    14. Pretty goodGot a bit confusing at times, but I've experienced those Lucid dreams before. Can be a bit disconcerting. I liked the ending!

    15. I enjoyed this book a lot the confusion the main character had over what happened in her life & what was a dream. Beautifully written!

    16. Color of TimeThis book uses your imagination more than the previous books. Love this series of books! Love learning about the different characters.

    17. I'm a Sylvie and Chris fanA great book. I have to admit that at times I was totally lost but since the book had a HEA being lost wasn't so bad. This wasn't my favorite book of the series but Sylvie and Chris are near the top of my favorite characters.

    18. In the 9th installment of the Color series we learn more about Sylvie Nichols and why she moved in with her sister. Grammy has an accident and Sylvie is the only one who can take time to go home and help. Sylvie thought she was past what happened with Ethan, her 1st love, 15 years ago. She quickly learns that's not the case when she has a vivid dream about Ethan and their 1st summer together.After waking from her dream she is disoriented for a moment, because it felt so real, but she knew that c [...]

    19. Full disclosure: I received a free copy as a judge for the Virginia Romance Writers Holt Medallion contest.I have not read others in this series. When I started the Color of Time, my first thought was, this is the book I want to write. I'm intrigued by the idea that each choice we make splinters into an alternate reality, and the road not taken is being lived out on another plane.In this 9th book in the series, Sylvie goes to Portland ME to take care of her grandmother (post hop surgery), return [...]

    20. Beautiful story with time travel elements!Julianne MacLean surprised me again with her 9th book The Color of Time! What can I say, it's not a paranormal, yet it has time travel elements.It tells the story of Sylvie Nichols, who has never been able to forget her first love. One day, she returns to the town where she first meet him, but life will never be the same for her. Is she dreaming, is she really being transported in time, will the past and future collide, or is it simple wishful thinkingSh [...]

    21. I have read this entire series so far and I love the fast reads and how she weaves so much into them. There is so much to think about and it makes me think how things come full circle in my life. The stories all came about from an accident in the first book and how people there at the scene had their lives interwoven because of that one tragedy. I look forward to her books and the day they come out I read it immediately. I have recommended this series to quite a few friends and they are enjoying [...]

    22. This is a great series. I have been spell bound by the characters and their stories. How Julianne comes up with all the plots, certainly show an author who is very gifted. Let alone good clean stories to be enjoyed late into the nights.

    23. Couldn't put it down.As always with this series, I could not put the book down. Loved the idea of lucid dreaming and astral projection. There were times that even I was confused. My only complaint is that the ending came a bit too fast and left me wanting more. Good thing I preordered the next book and it's waiting in my kindle.

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