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The Boy Born Dead: A Story of Friendship, Courage, and Triumph

The Boy Born Dead A Story of Friendship Courage and Triumph In in Jonesboro Arkansas a baby boy was born dead The attending physician set his little body aside and tended to his mother for eighteen minutes Now than sixty years later that boy leads an

  • Title: The Boy Born Dead: A Story of Friendship, Courage, and Triumph
  • Author: David Ring David Wideman John Driver Mike Huckabee
  • ISBN: 9780801017308
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1953, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a baby boy was born dead The attending physician set his little body aside and tended to his mother for eighteen minutes Now, than sixty years later, that boy leads an internationally known ministry that encourages hundreds of thousands every year The Boy Born Dead traces the roots of this harrowing, humorous, and heartfelt storyn 1953, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a baby boy was born dead The attending physician set his little body aside and tended to his mother for eighteen minutes Now, than sixty years later, that boy leads an internationally known ministry that encourages hundreds of thousands every year The Boy Born Dead traces the roots of this harrowing, humorous, and heartfelt story.Few American epics of tragedy, intrigue, friendship, and faith will entertain and challenge the soul like the narrative inspired by the real life events of David Ring a boy literally born dead who survives but not without sobering consequences Living with the harsh realities of cerebral palsy, Ring faces impossible odds yet stumbles into an improbable life of inspiration and influence in the small, unassuming town of Liberty, Missouri, in the 1960s.As a teenage boy, Ring finds himself tragically orphaned and being shuffled about to various homes Along this journey, he faces secret, unspeakable atrocities that eventually plunge him into the depths of depression and attempted suicide But amid the harsh troubles of life, he encounters another boy his age named David, the son of a local pastor Their unlikely friendship begins on the rocks, but eventually develops into something extraordinary and unique that alters the trajectory of both of their lives and the whole town of Liberty forever.

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      413 David Ring David Wideman John Driver Mike Huckabee
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    1 thought on “The Boy Born Dead: A Story of Friendship, Courage, and Triumph

    1. David Ring is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. This book does him a great injustice and it's filled with lies all in the name of "creative non-fiction." It's truly sad because David Ring's story should be told as a simple chronological narrative by an outside biographer. There is no need to embellish it. If someone took the time to research his background and interview people involved, the simple story could change readers' lives. The lie starts on the cover. David Ring's name is [...]

    2. This book is such an inspiration! The title says it all, David Ring was born dead, he was pushed over to the side while they tried to stabilize his mother. He laid there without oxygen for 18 minutes. It's a true miracle that he survived, the doctor didn't give him much hope, but his mother knew that if survived laying there dead he was going to make it. It was suggested more than once that David should be made a ward of the state so he would be institutionalized. But his mother wouldn't have an [...]

    3. Deprived of oxygen for 18 minutes at his birth, David Ring's brain developed cerebral palsy, impeding his speech and physical movement. Ring's story is one of triumph over adversity, particularly given other personal challenges within his family and inherent in educational institutions prior to the ADA. I met David Ring in the late 1970s when he visited my church in Joplin, Missouri, and I spent some time getting to know him and a bit of his story during that time; I went to college w/ his wife [...]

    4. Heartbreaking, Moving, Extra Ordinary, Unique & Compelling! A Beautifully Touching Read! I Loved It!

    5. Excellent, excellent book. If you have never heard David Ring preach, you are missing a blessing. This is his story told from his childhood best friend. I don't have many quotes but I do have a video or two to share. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I trust you will enjoy the quotes and videos below:"You know, boys, people are like tea.""Tea doesn't just appear. It is made through a process of steeping. First of all, the water must be boiling hot. Heat changes things, whether they want [...]

    6. As a human interest story, this was OK, but as a Christian biography, it was disappointing. It presents a truncated gospel of salvation from personal challenges rather than from sin and damnation. The writing was kind of clunky; the reader was very good.

    7. This is an extraordinary memoir. It is a story of God's grace and power in a young man's life when he was so discouraged he no longer wanted to live.David Ring was born dead. He remain dead for eighteen minutes. His mother cried out to Jesus and finally, a nurse noticed movement. But the time without oxygen to his brain left David with cerebral palsy. His life was harder than I can imagine. His parents separated when David was still young. Then his mother died when he was fourteen. The youngest [...]

    8. "The Boy Born Dead" by David Ring with John Driver & David Wideman is the story of David Ring who literally was born dead and his tragic life story until God got a hold of him. David was literally born dead there was no life for 18 minutes but he survived but not without the ramifications of cerebral palsy. David was born in the early 50's and for those who don't know much about the history of how people with disabilities were treated in our society it was not always good but David's mother [...]

    9. RATING 3.67 Stars.This is a story of impact. We can all relate to the feeling of being pushed to the margins of life and ignored, mocked, or otherwise excluded from "normalcy". For "Ring," a still-born baby who survived 18 minutes without oxygen before miraculously surviving and living a life with Cerebral Palsy, this isolation could have led to a tortured, unproductive life. Instead, he found friendship, love, and purpose. Okay - enough of the summary. Here's what I liked about the book. The au [...]

    10. I received this book through GoodReads First Reads.Life is not fair. Especially for some. David Ring didn't breathe for 18 minutes after birth, was left for dead until his mother saw him move and heard a weak cry. Because of this David had cerebral palsy. Friendships did not come easily, his parents divorced, his mother passed away when David was young, he had to live with various relatives. David was bullied in many of his schools, was sexually abused for many years. With the assistance of Davi [...]

    11. 4.5 starsWow! What an inspirational true story. David had so many reasons to want to give up in life, but he turned it all around. Many of his problems are the kind of things that he has to put up with every single day of his life. If you’re feeling down about your circumstances, read this, and you’ll get over it quickly. This book made me so thankful for the life I have.

    12. This is an inspiring telling of David Ring's life story, the main message being summarized appropriately in the final sentence of the book: God doesn't throw away broken things; God uses broken things. This book would especially be an inspiring read for those who wrestle with why God allows bad things to happen to good people, for those who have dark chapters of sexual abuse in their past, for those who have disabilities or are close to others with disabilities, or anybody who simply thinks that [...]

    13. Story of 2 Davids, as told by David Wideman, friend of David Ring. David was born with cerebral palsy into a poor, Arkansas family. When his mother died from cancer and he was orphaned, he went to live with an older sister in Liberty, MO. He was bitter, rude, and not treated well by others. Only after a conversion experience at the church where Wideman's father was the pastor did Ring's life begin to change. With the help of his friends, a coach who made him team manager, and a perceptive teache [...]

    14. David Ring was stillborn and left on a table that way for 18 minutes until he started to breathe. Because of that time without oxygen, he became a cerebral palsy victim. This narrative is told by his best friend, David Wideman. The story does not focus on the time of his birth but skips ahead to his teen years when he met Mr. Wideman. It is a story of when bad things happen to good people, how they react - - cruelly or kindly, and how people develop - for better or for worse. In both Davids' cas [...]

    15. I hadn't heard of David Ring before buying this book from a Christian bookstore. I think he has a good story. I don't think this story was written exceptionally well and it seemed to be more about his friend than him. I also didn't walk away thinking that it was a strong Christian-based story. I do like non-fiction stories especially if they are Christian based but this book was just okay. I would tell others 'take it or leave it, you aren't missing much either way'.

    16. Incredible story and life. Well worth reading. The story jumps around in time some, which I had a little trouble picking up on with the audiobook version at first. I found myself cheering for Ring, encouraging Wideman (author and fried of Ring), and had trouble turning off the book until I finished reading.

    17. I saw David Ring speak when I was young. His story has always been inspiring, especially how God took the bad thing in his life and used them for His glory. I believe there is freedom in knowing God can use you, no matter what your background. I enjoyed hearing his story again and getting to know more about his early years.

    18. I had a hard time rating this book and finally decided on three stars. The book if actually fiction. It gives the illusion that it’s a biography but it’s not. It’s a good story yet I do t think it’s right that people use fiction to try and bring people to God. Just tell the story. The writer is a very good writer and I like his style. This is worth reading, just realize it’s not all true.

    19. If you've ever doubted God's ability to use any human being for his own purpoose no matter that man's outward "defect", The Boy Born Dead is the book you should read now.The Boy Born Dead offers a known yet renewed perspective on the ability and capacity every man has got.It is a clear demonstration of true friendship, genuine courage and outstanding faith in God to do all things.

    20. Powerful story of God's transforming work with a boy with cerebral palsy. Also a good story of a friendshipThe story is told from his friend's (also named David) perspective.Listened to the audio book which was excellently done.

    21. I loved this book for more than one reason. The incredible life of David Ring was very inspiring. However, I also loved the first-person narrative of his friend, David Wideman, and his life as a preacher's kid.

    22. Dead but alive.Amazing how God can use the weak, whatever circumstances occur in your life, God uses for His glory , you only need to give your life back to Him !

    23. I've never heard David Ring speak but I'm glad he has been sharing such a powerful testimony of God's grace in his life. The book was enjoyable.

    24. Excellent book! So encouraging and inspiring!Wonderful true story of how God worked in David Ring's life! I have had such a miracle of physical healing!

    25. This book chronicles the life of an amazing man, David Ring. It was very well written, touching, funny and disturbing all at the same time. I would highly recommend it.

    26. I enjoyed this story. Very motivational. Sent me back to my own high school experience thinking of what it would be like to have a friend like David Ring. I have heard in person Mr. David Ring is an amazing speaker. It seems as though his story of sexual abuse only came the surface in the last few years. I am so glad people are getting their stories of the dark and into the light. There is so much freedom in that, and it encourages others to do the same! The theme of the book that I enjoyed the [...]

    27. This was an easy read (ok, "listen") that had some really funny and oddly descriptive passages, yet accurately portrayed. I was disappointed to find out that much of the book is almost "Hollywood-ized" and perhaps strays from the truth a little bit at times in an attempt to make Ring's story as interesting as possible. At times, I also thought that the story was more about Ring's friend, who is writing the book, than Ring himselfOtherwise, a fascinating story. Free on Christian audio this month

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