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Gadis Miliuner

Gadis Miliuner Nakal liar memikat Marcus mengira demi pinjaman yang diincarnya Justine si gadis miliuner yang cantik jelita akan bersedia melakukan apa saja yang dimintanya Apalagi gosip yang beredar mengatakan

  • Title: Gadis Miliuner
  • Author: Miranda Lee
  • ISBN: 9796552108
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nakal, liar memikat.Marcus mengira, demi pinjaman yang diincarnya, Justine, si gadis miliuner yang cantik jelita, akan bersedia melakukan apa saja yang dimintanya Apalagi gosip yang beredar mengatakan gadis itu tengah mecari suami kaya raya yang dapat mengembalikan dirinya ke tempatnya semasa ayahnya masih hidup dulu, yaitu di kalangan masyarakat kelas atas yang bergelNakal, liar memikat.Marcus mengira, demi pinjaman yang diincarnya, Justine, si gadis miliuner yang cantik jelita, akan bersedia melakukan apa saja yang dimintanya Apalagi gosip yang beredar mengatakan gadis itu tengah mecari suami kaya raya yang dapat mengembalikan dirinya ke tempatnya semasa ayahnya masih hidup dulu, yaitu di kalangan masyarakat kelas atas yang bergelimang kemewaha Dan target utamanya adalah Marcus, bakir muda yang skses dan tampan.Marcus benar benar membenci gadis itu, yang mengingatkannya pada mantan istrinya, putri seorang konglomerat manja, yang kemudian mengkhianatinya Tapi di lain pihak, ia juga menginginkan Justine dan tak kuasa melupakannya, hingga ia memutuskan untuk untuk melayani permainan gadis itu dan kemudian melancarkan serangan gencar hingga Justine jatuh ke dalam pelukannya.Hanya saja rencananya tidak berjalan mulus, sebab Justine ternyata ama berbeda dari dugaan Macus semula Dan Marcus tidak lagi merasa puas walaupun gadis itu telah takluk padanya, sebab ia menginginkan lebih yaitu cinta gadis itu.

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      348 Miranda Lee
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    1 thought on “Gadis Miliuner

    1. This is sweet light and fluffy read. And immensely satisfying too. The h is especially likable – sweet, spirited and a wee bit spoilt. She is a rich kid who admits that she never gave education or career much thought, as it was never a priority. But her inner strength of character shines through as rather than having a meltdown on finding herself rendered penniless by her father’s shenanigans, she tightens her belt and gets ready to do battle. With her bff as sidekick, they come up with few [...]

    2. Feeling VERY generous so 4 stars, but, with a couple of exceptions, this was fun, sweet and frothy. Just what a romance should be.The H first sees the h laughing at a pool party and thinks she's a shallow, spoiled bimbo. He's not too far off, but she a shallow, spoiled bimbo with a good heart. Her jackass father dies in a brothel and leaves her and her scatty mother destitute. The h wants to start a boarding house, but needs a loan.Mr. Cranky Pants meets her for the loan, and it's a clash. He th [...]

    3. This is one of those HQNs that has a misleading title and backblurb.It's a simple and sweet story, despite Lee's usual sensuality. The heroine is a pampered 22 year old college student who has a lot of growing up to do when her father dies leaving a huge debt. She learns to come into her own without trading in her looks for money. The hero is a stodgy banker in his mid 30s who is still bitter about his gold-digger ex-wife and is determined to think the same of the heroine.One of the few Lee stor [...]

    4. "The Millionaire's Mistress" is the story of Justine and Marcus.Rich princess and spoiled child Justine gets awakening of her life when her father passes away cheating on her mother, leaving them destitute after spending all their savings.Desperate to save her mother and herself from homelessness, Justine, who has never taken her life seriously decides to set up their ancestral property as a boarding house as well as sell all her possessions, all the while trying to get loan from a bank for the [...]

    5. I laughed a lot! Some places I don't even think Ms. Lee intended laughter (in a good way). I loved these characters, they were exactly what the other needed. Justine was a sweet, but spoilt girl who started making steps on her own before meeting Marcus, but really got a great catalyst for change and growth when she met him - at first just to prove his smug preconceptions wrong and then later, without knowing how it happened, to make him proud of her.Marcus had been hurt in the past and didn't li [...]

    6. MINI-REVIEW:Miranda Lee's "The Millionaire's Mistress" is a bit of an uneven read.What begins with a great sexual build up, is kind of a let down on the delivery. Marcus is a "stuffed shirt" hero with a heart of gold. Justine is young, sexy and spoiled (but despite her hot-to-trot ways, a virgin).I enjoyed Justine's character development, but Marcus was too good to be true. I like Lee's nice guys, but prefer her (rare) bad boy heroes.Still, it's an enjoyable, quick read. Miranda Lee is almost al [...]

    7. Cute and funny story about a spoiled little rich girl and a bitter cynical banker. Just adore the heroine. She was not your usual poor and humble heroine. The hero was brooding but not an ass to her. Funny, heart warming, charming and romantic. Worth reading!

    8. What in the Tom Sawyer.I'm curious about the hero calling women out of their name (female dog). This is the second or third Harlequin book in a row in which either the lead character of secondary has been a derogatory name. Now that is a turn off.

    9. Ceritanya sebenarnya klise karena pasti sudah banyak dikisahkan oleh author lain dg versi yang berbeda tapi satu hal yang saya suka adalah karakter Justine yg sangat kuat, mandiri & pantang menyerah meski dalam situasi hopeless.Tough woman bgt dh secara Justine sangat Mandiri bahkan disaat keluarganya bangkrut dia mampu survive dan berusaha membangun rumah kos sebagai usaha tuk mengembalikan uang pinjamannya dari Marcus plus Justine pun tak ragu menjadi office girl di malam hari.Di lain piha [...]

    10. Armadilha da Paixão Miranda LeeUma ótima estória para ser lida debaixo das cobertas num dia de chuvaNão tem nada de mais homem incrédulo, empresário na área financeira, que perdeu a confianças nas mulheres garota inocente e desesperada, que faria qualquer coisa para conservar a casa da famíliaObvio que apesar dos obstáculos, impostos por eles mesmo, vão se apaixonarem e viver felizes para sempreTá pensando que vou entrar em detalhes perdeu seu tempo pra saber exatamente o que acontec [...]

    11. Cetak ulang dengan kover baru tanpa ada kode pernah terbit, jadi cukup menjebak bagi yang tidak hapal judul dan alur cerita, termasuk saya. Untuk saya golongan cumi rental jadi tidak merasa rugi untuk membacanya lagi.Setelah membaca buku ini kembali, terjemahannya bagus dan tidak bertele-tele jadi alurnya terasa cepat. Pemikiran kedua karakter utamanya selalu diceritakan dan terkesan saling berprasangka yang berlawanan karena kesan pertama pertemuan keduanya. Sayangnya saking sederhananya konfli [...]

    12. very much fun, sweet n nice! from the blurb, u wud think it's a dark kinda romance where h is used n humiliated! however this was not the case at all. marcus did not have clinical sex or make their liason cheap. despite all the bitterness n his cynical nature, he acted like a besotted man, cud not control his impulses where she was concerned. she was just a pretty thing really, not much brains or wit. just a beauty who did not know real life, had never faced any hardship n wud never face them bc [...]

    13. The Millionaire’s Mistress is about the 41st of Miranda Lee’s sexy romances. Set in Sydney, it revolves around Justine Montgomery, whose father has just died, leaving her and her mother penniless and in debt. She catches the eye of Marcus Osborne, a banker, at a party. He is convinced she is a spoiled little rich girl, but is attracted just the same, and can’t help himself when she comes to see him about a loan. A sweet Aussie romance: an enjoyable read.

    14. A story about a spoiled rich girl and a brooding man. Gotta like them. The hero's rather cute, not really alpha for my taste. The heroine's strong and really confident. A great character for a virgin. And surprisingly, all the other characters were likable enough.

    15. The Millionaire's Mistress (Passion!) (Harlequin Presents, No. 2026) (Harlequin Presents, 2026) by Miranda Lee (1999)

    16. Orang-orang bilang ini bagus, tapi saya baca justru jaman saya belum kenal sama temen-temen pecinta harlequin dan waktu itu saya menganggap ini nggak seru, makanya dijual. :))

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