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Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer Defying the cycle of the moon that binds all shape shifters Lexi transforms into her alter ego in an attempt to flee from her sorrow and anguish Little does she know that no matter how far or fast sh

  • Title: Snake Charmer
  • Author: J.C. Diem
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Defying the cycle of the moon that binds all shape shifters, Lexi transforms into her alter ego in an attempt to flee from her sorrow and anguish Little does she know that no matter how far or fast she runs, she can t escape from her grief at being abandoned by her mate Locked in her werewolf form, it takes a catastrophe to force her to become human again Stepping backDefying the cycle of the moon that binds all shape shifters, Lexi transforms into her alter ego in an attempt to flee from her sorrow and anguish Little does she know that no matter how far or fast she runs, she can t escape from her grief at being abandoned by her mate Locked in her werewolf form, it takes a catastrophe to force her to become human again Stepping back into her normal life isn t easy, but Lexi must set aside her personal problems when one of her friends goes missing during their next mission The team needs her to step up and become an alpha in deed rather than just in name.Even during her prolonged time spent as a werewolf, the vampirism has been insidiously spreading through her The time is coming when Lexi will reach the point of no return Soon, she will become the very thing that the Shifter Squad hunts down and destroys.

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      102 J.C. Diem
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    1 thought on “Snake Charmer

    1. I'm guessing people are going to like this one much better than the last one; with Lexi getting stronger and finding herself. She really is such a great female character, and I think this book went a long way into her proving to herself just how strong she really is. **spoilers ahead**I'm guessing that we are going to find out in the next book that someone has been controlling Reece's mind (think the author has made that pretty obvious), which is why he left the team and wanted to sever his bond [...]

    2. Much Better This TimeI know this book ended on a down note, but I'm actually more optimistic than I was after reading book five. I was happy to see Lexi get some of her backbone back, although I would have preferred if she had resolved on getting over Reese and moving on. Reese is still an a**hole, but I think the author is moving towards excusing his behavior. Hopefully she'll make him suffer for at least most of the book before he's back in Lexi's good graces. I did like some of the new charac [...]

    3. Another good book to add to a good series. As odd as these characters and stories are, this is the kind of series you spend anticipating for the next one and when it finally arrives, you ditch whatever else you're reading to read this one. Snake Charmer is no exception. Funny, Charming (;) oh yes I did), intriguing, and entertaining, it's a fast book you read from start to finish and enjoy the whole way through. Awesome! Cant wait for the next.I definitely recommend this book and the series. ps. [...]

    4. Damn it This books just been released. Now I have to wait who knows how long for the next one! It's gunna bug the hell out of me.I'm still surprised at how much I like this series. The covers, the titles, the premiss just didn't interest me at all, but it's still managed to be a page turner. I'm tempted to reread them all right now, but will try and contain myself until the next one is due.And just incase anyone's getting too annoyed There is a purpose behind all the relationship drama. It's not [...]

    5. Heartache, loss, action, adventureFour star rating! This was a very nice installment to the Shifter Squad series. The author did a great job at starting right where she left off in the last book. Lexi has so much going on for an 18 year old girl. I can sympathize with how she's feelings and going through. That was a good part on the author; giving the reader the right amount of emotions in the words. Now Reecehl I can say is that he is very unliked by me right now. And Zeus, everyone needs a fri [...]

    6. 3 starsI enjoyed this book. I detested Reece and for the next book I hope Lexi totally kicks his ass and he begs her forgivenesswhich she doesn't give. I feel like in order for their relationship to be redeemable he has to bega lot and for him to completely lose her to another man before he appreciates what he lost. I want Lexi to have a man who loves HER and treats her right (another male love interest who isn't Reece). I get that the author will probably pair Reece with Lexi in the end but I t [...]

    7. Im torn. I originally started out loving the series but it just seems so endlessly drawn out now. I honestly went threw the book, skimming it to get the parts that were of any relevance to Lexi & Reece (which by now, we know, happens in the first and last chapters of each books) and not giving a shit about the rest.Like a tv show you're forced to watch, sitting through an hour of sub plot crap just to get a snippet of whats to come in the series finale.But thats the whole point right? So yea [...]

    8. Great as usualAsk I can say, is that I HATE Reece!!! He is the scrum on the bottom of your shoe when you walk through a cow field. Poor Lexie. Anyways, as usual the book kept you interested and your emotions running high. I cannot wait until the next book, I hated the cliffhanger, UGH!!

    9. HookedI went on a two day reading marathon only to wait for book 6! Now I wait again for book 7. Lexi is tough and a complete bad pass. I love her character. Read from book one. You won't be sorry.

    10. Snakes Alive!Lexi has had more torture and hardship than any 18 year old should have and her life still only has more heartache ahead. Irrevocably losing her soul mate, Levi has to face her lonely life and become the alpha her squad needs. Great book!

    11. Great bookMy heart breaks for this heroine reading what she is going through. Hope she starts to have better luck though it doesn't sound like much hope is left. Great series looking forward to the next one.

    12. More biteA book which offers emotional highs and lows. Snakes just added a different mode of killing, like the use of Aussie snakes.

    13. This book has a couple of unique twist and turns that are very interesting. It still shows Reese as being a total ass, but that may be changing, but will it be in time?

    14. Ok, now I really dislike Reece. This whole thing with her mother is getting a little drawn out. I would like to see it resolved and I would like to see Reece get kicked to the curb.

    15. Lexi is understandably trying to escape her pain, but the team aren’t ready to give up on her yet. Will she find her way back before the next threat rises?As a vegetarian, the start of this book was a little hard for me to read. Fictional battles don’t usually bother me, but since this battle is against an ordinary animal it made me a little sad. I kept reading however and soon managed to put that scene out of my mind. I’m sorry to say that Lexi’s life isn’t set to improve in this book [...]

    16. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsLexi is running around as a werewolf after the destroying news she received. Now, something horrible is the only thing that wakes up her and brings her back to being human. But now she must learn how to be a true alpha, and be there for her friends and family before she ends up turning into something horrible, but that may all end up null and void when something else happens to break Lexi. This was another great addition to this series. After the last cl [...]

    17. Snake Charmer continues the series with spectacular suspense. Lexi’s working life as a PIA agent in the Shifter Squad is full of mysteries, and the most prominent of all of them is her own condition. Not only does she wolf out during the full moon, and raise zombies at a drop of blood, but now she has to contend with an unnatural response to fairies. Her vampire mother is still somewhere in the back ground waiting for her to fall to the darkness. Can Reece’s bond save her and her team mate? [...]

    18. how could reese be such a a**,he never cared 1 iota about alexis ,he was just using her and he doesnt care about the rest of the team either.I am really disappointed in this book,I loved the rest of the series though,I figured he would come to his senses and go back to team,but all he wants to do is have sex with gloria and run the wolf pack.How could he not care about the people who raised him up or alexis.

    19. I was quickly drawn in to Lexi's world. J.C. Diem does a amazing job of making you feel the pain and heartache that our heroine is experiencing and I still cry after i think about this book. The story moved along at a good pace and we get a few more clues about the bigger enemies of the story. After getting her heart broken, Lexi suffers emotionally and is stuck within her werewolf form. This book was getting at heart pulling emotions.

    20. I binge read the last three books. I am so excited for the next book. I pre-ordered it so I would automatically get it when it came out. I almost cried when Reece pulled the separation off. I love reading about Lexi and the other shifters and all the different things they hunt. This author comes up with all different kinds of monsters and creatures. I love it!!

    21. 3.5. Lexi is too much of perfect warrior thing. Those kind of shes a this, and a this, and a that, and she can move things with her mind type persons who gain more powers with every book really fall flat for me at a certain point. The world-building is too patchwork / mishmash and now there are alternate realities and more Buffies? But i read the next one so i give it 3.5.

    22. Another solid read full of action, loyalty, friendship and good ol' love. I need to know what happens to Lexi and Reece! Hopefully we get some answers in book 7! Will I recommend: Yes

    23. Loved itI love this book. But I admit that I'm a romance girl and this one doesn't have enough romance. Still a great book. And I'm already reading the next one. So definitely deserves five star rating.

    24. AwesomeEvery book gets better and better. Now I'm already excited for the next book.November won't be here quick enough.

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