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Big Data: Does Size Matter? (Bloomsbury Sigma)

Big Data Does Size Matter Bloomsbury Sigma From the first tally scratched on a wolf bone over thirty thousand years ago to the Large Hadron Collider which produces forty million megabytes of data per second data is big and getting bigger

  • Title: Big Data: Does Size Matter? (Bloomsbury Sigma)
  • Author: Timandra Harkness
  • ISBN: 9781472920058
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the first tally, scratched on a wolf bone over thirty thousand years ago, to the Large Hadron Collider, which produces forty million megabytes of data per second, data is big, and getting bigger It can help us do things faster and efficiently than ever before, from tracking wolves through Minnesota by GPS to predicting which crimes are likely to happen where MeFrom the first tally, scratched on a wolf bone over thirty thousand years ago, to the Large Hadron Collider, which produces forty million megabytes of data per second, data is big, and getting bigger It can help us do things faster and efficiently than ever before, from tracking wolves through Minnesota by GPS to predicting which crimes are likely to happen where Mega data has led to scientific and social achievements that would have been impossible just a few years ago But being too dazzled by the scale, the speed, and the geeky jargon can lead us astray It s big, but it s not always clever.Timandra Harkness cuts through the hype to put data science into its real life context using a wide range of stories, people, and places to reveal what is essentially a human science demystifying big data, telling us where it comes from and what it can do BIG DATA then asks the awkward questions What are the unspoken assumptions underlying its methods Are we being bamboozled by mega data s size, its speed, and its shiny technology Nobody needs a degree in computer science to follow Harkness s exploration of what mega data can do for us and what it can t or shouldn t BIG DATA asks you to decide Are you a data point, or a human being

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      449 Timandra Harkness
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    1 thought on “Big Data: Does Size Matter? (Bloomsbury Sigma)

    1. I am very wary of books written by people who claim to be taking the wide-eyed outsider's viewpoint, claiming no knowledge of the topic and talking to lots of people in the know - despite the success of Bill Bryson's science book. However, as soon as I came up against Timandra Harkness pointing out that 'data' makes much more sense as a (singular) collective noun for data points, so we should say 'What is data?' rather 'What are data' (something I've been arguing for years), I knew that I was go [...]

    2. The humor element (in footnotes) felt very artificial in this book, irritated a lot. Content of maybe 1/5th of this book ended up being of interest to me. Felt the need to finish this reading just becauseā€¦ but was really-really eager to do so.

    3. Good - if you want effectively a book length Sunday supplement piece introducing "Big Data" and going through some of the main uses, this is your book. Harkness does the introduction with only a few forays into more 'serious' writing, and I thought it worked well for it. The tone is chatty, with some jokey footnotes (generally wince inducing, gloriously bad, which I liked) The jokes are pared back towards the end, which I think helps. Otherwise, it introduces some of the areas where modern means [...]

    4. This is a rather lightweight journalistic introduction to 'big data' but it might be useful to anyone who really has no idea what it is or what it may mean for our society. It probably need not have been so lightweight since Harkness is clearly a sensible, measured and intelligent commentator.One feels a tentative proposal from someone still learning their way around the field reached a somewhat relaxed and possibly cynical publishing house who wanted to get something 'witty' out into the popula [...]

    5. Both a quite good introduction to the topic of Big Data and describing the potential and risks of said technology. Harkness goes into what it could do (and shouldn't) but also laments that we're just aiming for marginel efficiency increases and not the world-changing ambitions. Furthermore and as a conclusion she insists that we are not just a data point, but "we", or more precisely a you and an I, real humans.

    6. The balance of humor/comedy and introduction to Big Data fell flat. A few interesting points were raised.

    7. I received an advance copy of this for review from NetGalley.Ms. Harkness tackles a huge subject (snark) and handles it well in three parts:- the history of "big data" think census as the biggest driver;- what it's done for us (or my take might be *to* us) from business and science to ? and politics;- her own ideas on the future of big data and a prodding to the readerFirst, I am impressed with the access she had to some pretty amazing people/places. Large Hadron Collider? How cool! There are m [...]

    8. I wanted to read a fun introduction to big data before I got started on a course in bioinformatics. This book was very broad, taught me some enjoyable facts (for instance, the idea of using punched cards to program computers came from looms which used punched paper to encode patterns), and covered some of the interesting ethical issues regarding surveillance. The only downside is that the humour in this book sometimes fell flat for me; at one point the author jokes that Alan Turing 'clearly neve [...]

    9. An interesting book, anyone who listens to 'More or less' on radio 4 would like this. Lots of information about what big data is, who controls it etc. I listened to a lot of it in the car and the sat nav talked over a lot of it which did not help. The author makes what could be a dry subject entertaining.

    10. An insightful introductory look at Big Data and what it means for us and our privacy. Useful to get you thinking about issues you might not have thought about before, particularly the darker side of our connected lifestyle. An enjoyable read.

    11. To me, there is nothing in this book. Nothing new. There is no solid idea or claim. I thought it was kind of scientific book, I end up reading something like from online news. Disappointing

    12. First of all, thanks to Bloomsbury India for sending a review copy of the book to me. If you are a working professional (at a corporate/startup) you must have realized that the term 'Big Data' has almost become ubiquitous. If you aren't in this sector, then too you must have noticed something peculiar- you visit an e-commerce website and very soon you are seeing the ads for the products that your browsed through almost everywhere on internet. Or, you just tweeted a few times about a particular c [...]

    13. Most informative in dealing with this most necessary issue of our time - and while at it, most witty too

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