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Dream Man - Lelaki Dalam Impian

Dream Man Lelaki Dalam Impian Marlie Keen berusaha menjalani hidup yang tenang dan normal Ia mengira kemampuan paranormalnya yang membuatnya mampu menyaksikan tindak kejahatan ketika peristiwa itu terjadi telah lenyap selamanya La

  • Title: Dream Man - Lelaki Dalam Impian
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 979220251X
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marlie Keen berusaha menjalani hidup yang tenang dan normal Ia mengira kemampuan paranormalnya yang membuatnya mampu menyaksikan tindak kejahatan ketika peristiwa itu terjadi telah lenyap selamanya Lalu pada suatu malam kemampuannya itu kembali dengan segenap kekuatannya Detektif Dane Hollister dari Kepolisian Orlando tidak pernah bertemu wanita seperti Marlie Ia bukMarlie Keen berusaha menjalani hidup yang tenang dan normal Ia mengira kemampuan paranormalnya yang membuatnya mampu menyaksikan tindak kejahatan ketika peristiwa itu terjadi telah lenyap selamanya Lalu pada suatu malam kemampuannya itu kembali dengan segenap kekuatannya Detektif Dane Hollister dari Kepolisian Orlando tidak pernah bertemu wanita seperti Marlie Ia bukan hanya sangat menyangsikan kemampuan paranormal Marlie, tapi juga menginginkan wanita itu Bagi Marlie, Dane adalah pria perkasa yang penuh gairah, menyalakan setiap ujung sarafnya hingga membara Tapi sebelum kisah mereka berlanjut, Marlie harus mengarungi perjalanan berbahaya di dalam benak gila seorang pembunuh berantai yang mengancam kehidupan dan kebahagiaan mereka

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      388 Linda Howard
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    1 thought on “Dream Man - Lelaki Dalam Impian

    1. No review for this one even though I loved it because:1. I am uber-lazy2. I'd rather spend my free time reading another Linda Howard3. I am obsessed with Linda Howard4. Linda Howard!!!!!!!!

    2. I've got mixed feeling about this one. I loved the heroine. The serial murderer plot kept me interested. The side characters were interesting. It was all really good.Then we have the hero. He started out as a self-important douche noodle, and I was thinking "Man this dude is such a prick" But then he got better, and I warmed up to him. That's until we find out that he had been basically planning (view spoiler)[ on using her as bait since the very beginning of their relationship.(hide spoiler)] A [...]

    3. Written April 25, 20153 Stars - A nice and thrilling suspense romance but the audio edition left me blankI've been listened to the 11:15 hrs audiobook commuted back and forth to work this week. A lot of friends rated this one high and I usually enjoy a good "old" LH's story so it was with quite big expectation I first pushed the "play" button.Sorry to say butNext to four solid star for the story but not more than two stars for this audio narration I'm a bit dissapointed. It sucks!*************** [...]

    4. 5 STARSWow! Another fabulous story from Linda Howard. A crime/thriller with a very unusual heroine. I wasn’t sure at first I was going to like the storyline. It was much different than I had expected. But it wasn’t long before I was fully engrossed in the story. It does have a bit of an unrealistic quality to it, especially if you are skeptic of psychics. But the subject was handed quite well, almost scientifically. So we have our sexy detective, Dane Hollister, who is a committed bachelor, [...]

    5. This was a re-read and it was great. 4.5 stars.Detective Dane Hollister of the Orlando police department had never met anyone like Marlie. He had doubts about her clairvoyance, but there was no doubt how much he desired her. Her soft, sweet scent set his blood afire, and he wanted to wrap her in his arms and chase the sadness from her eyes. To Marlie, Dane was all heat and hard muscle, and he made her body come alive as it never had before.Dane is a bit of an alpha ass! Yep, we sure do love them [...]

    6. ●●●●●●CRIME FIGHTERS!●●●●●●Suspense, Paranormal and Romance ♦Marlie’s ♦ a psychic who after a six years of having no psychic episodes is now seeing horrific murders through the eyes of the murderer. After the first episode she contacts the Orlando police department with the goal of helping them but knowing she’ll be their number one suspect since she can describe in detail the whole murder scene. Marlie is empathetic; she sees and feels the emotions of other peopl [...]

    7. Dream Man was enjoyable but not nearly as good as After the Night or Cry No More. I liked Marlie a lot. She was strong and courageous in the face of a terrifying situation. Dane was gruff with no polished edges, but I loved that he was incredibly protective of Marlie. That is until the 87% mark where he does something so stupid and insensitive! I could've forgiven it more if Dane would've let Marlie know what he was going to do, but to make that decision without her input or consent, knowing her [...]

    8. Another FABULOUS Linda Howard re-re RE-read! LH does creepy so good and her lead guys are always totally alpha, rugged, take what they want type of men. In this case it was a hot detective a little rugged around the edges but all M-A-N. No one does romantic suspense like Linda Howard. Period.

    9. I would like to mention Epilogue , H has morning sickness , he throws up and God yes he is the one who will have contractions when h is pregnant .

    10. 3.75 starsI can't believe I have never read DREAM MAN before now. It was a typical Linda Howard romance originally published in the mid 1990s with an uber alpha male. Dane Hollister would have been right at home with dominant cavemen if he had lived thousands of years ago. But he didn't. He was a police detective in the ever-growing city of Orlando, Florida, near Disney World. His partner, Alex Trammell, had known him for years. They were opposites in appearance but when push came to shove, they [...]

    11. I love Linda Howard. Her books are usually very good. But I had some major issues with this one. Granted, this is one of her earlier books. I get that. But it still doesn't make up for it. In a nutshell, Marlie is a psychic who sees murders as they happen. Dane is a homicide detective who thinks she's nuts. One thing leads to another and, of course, they get together. Dane has to be one of the worst characters I have read about in any book. Not only does he use her but he sets her up. He knows h [...]

    12. This is one of my favorite LH books. I love Dane and Marlee! Marlee is a psychic who sees a crime being committed. She goes to the police to help, where she meets Dane, a cynical homicide detective who thinks psychics are just people who forgot the "ot" in psychotic. The story is great and I loved the romance between Dane and Marlee. Highly recommended!

    13. Whew! After reading this one I feel like I ran a marathon. The mystery part was creepy and tense. The violence is graphic, but not gory. The romance between Dane and Marlie was going alright after he finally believed in her abilities. But, I didn't trust Dane. I won't say too much, but even though I suspected him of using Marlie, I wasn't prepared for the curve ball that the author threw. I was stunned!!!! After that I couldn't back all those warm and fuzzy feelings for Dane. So, I gave the book [...]

    14. No time for a full review so just a one liner today.Another Linda Howard book that I enjoyed so if you are a fan, then this one is definitely worth reading!! ❤

    15. 3 to 3.5 stars I really liked a lot of this and it had great potential to rate higher than where I ended up. The plot was interesting. The characters were likable. A few things just diminished my mood though and unfortunately brought my enjoyment down. Those were:-- the repeated references to Dane's past women. There was no one in particular but it was referenced several times that he pretty much always had a woman and several of them had moved in with him over the years. He never loved anyone b [...]

    16. This book was not what I expected. It was a lot of a suspense / horror story. The murders were gruesome and I spent enough time in the killers head to be creeped out. But I thought that part of the story was really good. So scary parts aside, there was the "romance" side. But I found that totally lacking. Yes Dane fell into insta lust. Really, really uncomfortably weird. Like it should have been a shifter book kind of insta lust. He was rude, crude and a bully. I did not hate him, but I am nowhe [...]

    17. Great suspense story with a touch of intense romantic/sexual tension, a strong and interesting heroine, and a tough guy hero with a sense of honor and a soft heart. Nice little bromance with his partner as well.Marlie, a psychic, has a vision of a vicious murder and is compelled to go to the police while knowing it will open her up to ridicule. She was intimately involved in a vicious kidnapping/murder resulting in a 5 year old dying and her being stabbed as well. She has lived a quiet life sinc [...]

    18. 3 ½ stars. Overall a pretty good story, but not as good as other books by this author.I am not a fan of stories like this – using a partial psychic visions to create mystery. Marlie has psychic visions being in the head of the killer. These are partial visions and don’t give enough information to help the police. After each vision Marlie is weak and tired and must sleep for a long time – which gives the author more to talk about.I was annoyed several times when Marlie was in the middle of [...]

    19. I'm giving this three stars because this was murder/thriller with romance on the side. Not really romance, but sex actually. I wasn't expecting too much and in a nutshell this book had me enraptured by the mystery/crime which to be honest isn't my thing but 3 stars for keeping my interest. I have to say, Linda Howard's books are really a mixed bag but most of the time the synposis gives you a really good feel for what you're going to be in for. I think I'm moving on from Linda Howard now. I real [...]

    20. 4.25/5 creepy bald serial killer starsThis is the second book I've read by Linda Howard. She sure knows how to write romance and suspense - where both will keep you at the edge of your seat. I'm not going to write a huge review about this book, because honestly - it would ruin the mystery. I liked this book a little less than the first book I read by her - Mr. Perfect when it comes to the romance. I did like Dane and Marlie together, but at around 80% Dane does something that kind of ruins the r [...]

    21. Dream Man4 StarsMarlie Keen is finally getting her life back on track following the loss of her psychic gift. But now her abilities have returned full force with an horrific twist - she has seen a murder through the eyes of the killer. Detective Dane Hollister is skeptical of Marlie and suspicious of her claims, but he finds himself irrevocably drawn to her and knows that she may be the only key to solving a series of terrifying crimes. Can Marlie and Dean put aside their differences to catch a [...]

    22. I thought the heroine was very stupid sometimes (especially towards the the end) and sure, I like alpha males but I thought the hero was a bit too intense. Plus that move he mad at the end was so messed up, personally I thought she forgave him too easily. But, overall it was an enjoyable read.

    23. 4.5 starsIt wasn't perfect, but I loved it anyway!The heroine is a psychic/empath, that's the only paranormal feature in this book. So even if you're not a fan of paranormal, this book still might work for you. I loved the heroine, especially in the beginning and toward the end. She was really strong. In the middle she felt a little weak to me, but it didn't bother me so much.The heroI can't tell you how hard it is to find a rude and bossy bully, the fiercly protective and possessive alpha nowda [...]

    24. An enjoyable experience until 90%, then I had to force myself to get to the end. I really wanted to DNF it. There is no way such a behaviour can be forgiven, he was beyond assh* material, he destroyed her life and her future. He never thought for a minute about her. And I lost any respect I had for the heroine. She has no brain nor self respect either. So at the end the romance was a great let down. And given that RS are romance, no real mystery(view spoiler)[if this is the way cops protect witn [...]

    25. I love the premise of a psychic helping solve crimes and falling in love with the detective in charge.  But this one falls short for me.  First, let's meet the characters.Marlie has visions since she was four years old.  She helped find lost children but has been traumatized with the last case that her psychic abilities shut down.  She has been living a normal life for six years until one fateful night, her abilities came back.Dane is a cop who uses whatever source he could to solve a crime. [...]

    26. 3- I wanted to love it but couldn't StarsI read another book by Linda Howard, Into the Night and I LOVED IT. It was a book with all the right elements, there was lust, hate, intrgue and a little suspense to sort out and was a perfect package. I read the blurb on Dream Man and thought, this sounds good! I can handle a dusting of unusual now and then so when I heard this book had a psychic who helped find the killer when the close aid of one detective I was full in.Marlie wasn't everything I wante [...]

    27. The suspense plot in this book is excellent. I don't love being in the mind of a serial killer, but Howard's twist on that was very well done. I liked Marlie's blend of strength and vulnerability. Howard walks the edge between those traits with delicate balance. Dane was a complex character, almost anti-hero at times. I liked that Howard didn't soften him too much, or suddenly jerk him out of character simply because he found "love." Dane was physical, elemental, and driven by his need to do his [...]

    28. A quirky female lead, a strong male, and a total psychopath = adventurous, hot, edge-of-your seat Linda Howard reading.This one was no exception, and I had a good time going for a ride with this story.The epilogue. Oh the epilogue. Just priceless. Dane makes up for a great time; just delicious, hilarious and kind of adorable.

    29. After Open Season I was afraid of starting new Linda Howard book, but I am glad that I picked up Dream Man. I needed some time to get into the story, especially because of paranormal elements, but it turned out great.

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