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Penelope This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B B XVBI Penelope Fairweather from rural Finnshire arrives in London with a hopeful heart The dowager invites her for a season to catch a husband Unfortuna

  • Title: Penelope
  • Author: Anya Wylde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00B1XVBI0Penelope Fairweather from rural Finnshire arrives in London with a hopeful heart The dowager invites her for a season to catch a husband Unfortunately Penelope s rustic finesse is as delicate as a fat bear ripping apart a honeycomb infested with buzzing bees Fake mustaches, highwaymen, pickpockets, and a devilishlyThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00B1XVBI0Penelope Fairweather from rural Finnshire arrives in London with a hopeful heart The dowager invites her for a season to catch a husband Unfortunately Penelope s rustic finesse is as delicate as a fat bear ripping apart a honeycomb infested with buzzing bees Fake mustaches, highwaymen, pickpockets, and a devilishly handsome duke follow.

    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] ↠ Penelope - by Anya Wylde È
      139 Anya Wylde
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    1 thought on “Penelope

    1. SynopsisYoung country maiden, Penelope Fairweather arrives in London to stay with the Radclyffs, her goal to catch a husband. However, Penelope is the most awkward of ducklings. She is a disaster magnet, with no polish, a penchant for saying whatever comes to her mind, and a best friend (Lady Bathsheba) who is a goat. So the dowager Duchess of Blackthorne and her daughter, Anne, Lady Radclyff, have their work cut out for them. It doesn't help that Charles, the present duke, despises Penelope, an [...]

    2. An ARC provided by the author for an honest review.Full Review5 crazy Penelope stars :P"It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic."That is Penelope. I LOVE THE COVER!!! I had never heard about this book until Anya Wylde contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in reading her book and writing a review for it. I obviously said yes and started reading it from my nook. I love historical fiction and romance books. [...]

    3. Two things: First, MANY times I had to ignore impossible plot points, events, and the characters’ reasons for what they said and did. There’s really no place for rational thinking in this story. None. You just have to sit back and enjoy.Second, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!Let me first start with what I didn’t like. I can end on a good note and say what I loved about this book. What I didn’t like was that the silliness and “incidents” or “accidents” were one on top of another. [...]

    4. 4 1/2 stars (rounded down to 4 stars because the Duke's grovelling apology should have been a bit longer - yes, I'm that vindictive, LOL)

    5. Penelope tells the story of this extremely likable heroine to whom is given the opportunity to travel to London and join the Season---all this sponsored by a wealthy dowager who used to be a friend of her deceased mother, being that Penelope’s family could never afford it. The thing is, Penny is pretty much the human version of a small tornado, and people usually stay away from her so they won’t end up involved in her mishaps. She’s also not allowed to go back home (without a husband), or [...]

    6. rating clarification : 3.5 stars" It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic." For sure Penelope is that sort of girlwhich only brings some hilarious situations.Now our heroine, is a country girl, and with the aid of the duchess, an old friend of her deceased mother, she comes to London to find a husband.Of course when the duchess son,meets her he instantly dislikes her (well she does pinch his ear) and is determined to [...]

    7. 4.75* Hilarious all the way! And very sweet indeed.I love it when a simple girl, without meaning to, managed to captured the heart of a cold man, in this case, the arrogant Duke of Blackthorne.Penelope was a simple country girl from Finnshire. Got to have a season in London when the dowager Duchess of Blackthorne offered to sponsor her, as she was her late mother's best friend during their school days. It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does some [...]

    8. When the Duchess of Blackthorne invites Penelope to stay with her in London and to pay for her introduction to society it is a rare opportunity. Leaving behind her rural home and her wicked step-mother she travels to the stately manor with her goat and immediately finds herself clashing with the dowager's¹ son the duke.With no home to return to, she must make the most of the season and find herself a husbandetty much anyone will do. With a little help from a cross dressing modiste² she learns [...]

    9. Penelope by Anya WyldePenelope is an adorable historical farce. The humor is way over the topere is a highway robber, a goat, a cross-dressing spy, a hilarious uncle with a mustache obsession, and a sweet, lonely heroine who is longing for love, companionship, and friendship. Penelope is adorable, goofy, and good-hearted. Folks looking for what I like to call "reality-based fiction" will probably not like this one. You need to check your willing suspension of disbelief at the door, and then laug [...]

    10. This one started out so strong I usually love a mad cap comedy, but this just got too goofy for even my tastes. It bordered on the absurd so much that I felt the romance got lost.

    11. 4.5This has to be the silliest historical romance I've read so far. Before I started reading this book, I checked the reviews, especially those with one-star rating. They hate Penelope, so a warning is in order: don't read this expecting it to be ordinary romance with a touch of humour. It isn't. Everything is exaggerated so much that one can't help but laugh. As soon as you accept the story as such, you'll have lots of fun.We meet Miss Penelope Winifred Rose Spebbington Fairweather when she arr [...]

    12. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of this book. This eBook provided to me by the very generous author for free.Oh.My.God!!I loved this bookThe idea of the story is genius.It is so original.I've never read a book with a story like this.It was a sweet, romantic, ridiculous, heart warming and fun reading.I laughed out loud (like an idiot) while reading this book. This book was beyond my imaginationAnd of course I loved the characters (they were brilliant), the sense of humor, the goat, [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsI wasn't really sure what to expect from this one going in, but I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the story much more than I thought that I would, especially considering that, despite what MrsJ claims, I am not really a romance reader. Occasionally I'll dip a toe into romance, but it's not really my genre of choice. So, I actually liked this. It was a bit over the top, and in the middle I started feeling like it was getting repetitive with the antics and mishaps, b [...]

    14. Oh it was a cute book! Penelope is extremely naive but at the same time endearing. Charles annoyed me a great deal because of how he treated Penelope, but the Dowager Duchess Blackthorne and Lady Anne just make up for that! All the bizarre circumstances Penelope finds herself in are just outrageous, and I kept laughing all through the book! What from the fake mustaches, and pet goats to befriending highwaymen and theatrical musicals in the house, it was just unpretentious fun!The relationships t [...]

    15. In her dedication, Ms. Wylde mentions P.G. Wodehouse, and there are some resemblances to Wodehouse in this book (its all too easy to imagine a Wodehouse character traveling with her pet goat); there is also a bit of Georgette Heyer in the plot. But mostly, the plot reminded me of Julia Quinn.If you have read Julia Quinn’s books, then you will recall the references to a series of farcical gothic novels, the first of which is called Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron. One of the memorable facts [...]

    16. My Review:First Response: This was a delightful Regency romp! Lighthearted and humorous with lots of laughable bungling by a most heartwarming character. Full review soon.I don't usually like to do much summarizing of the story, but the summary above really doesn't do the story justice. So here are a few more bits of information.The Dowager Duchess and Penelope's mother were friends while "at school". The Dowager Duchess promised her friend she would look after her daughter if anything happened, [...]

    17. This book is light and fun and fluffy - which was pretty much exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. It reads like a rom-com, of sorts, and the plot is cliche and predictable - but sometimes you go into a book wanting the familiar, and so it's a comfort to get it. That said, the characters were fun and interesting, especially Penelope, and I found myself invested in her story, despite knowing how it would ultimately come out. (I really felt for her at times, poor dear.)That said, it [...]

    18. Actually a little more than four stars.Penelope's quite different from what I usually read so it's hard to review. I know it's been mentioned in other reviews, but reading this book feels very much like watching a romantic comedy. The protagonists always get involved in the most unbelievable, unlikely situations. Strangely, while it is not realistic at all and I admit I value works that are believable (not that I mind fantasy, but I want the reactions of the heroes to be believable)I higly enjoy [...]

    19. Ugh. I don't think there is much worse than when you start a book and are loving it in the first couple chapters, and then it goes and tanks. Ugh. That is exactly what happened with Anya Wylde's "madcap regency" Penelope. I'm new to the regency genre, but I do like it so far. I was excited for a lighthearted, fun, silly regency and was impressed with the reviews I have read. So, I bought it on Kindle and began to read. It tells the story of a young woman named Penelope, who was sent to the frien [...]

    20. I am so glad the Penny Watson recommended this charming romance to me when I was seeking madcap love stories. This is a fun clean Regency with a great make over, a notable goat, and quirky heroine you have to love. The Duke is less interesting but still a dashing figure. If you want something for sheer pleasure and love this time period, you should really enjoy this one. The end kind of comes up a little fast and I would love liked more after the I love yous but so good otherwise.

    21. amazon/dp/B00B1XVBI0?tPenelope ( A Madcap Regency Romance ) (The Fairweather Sisters Book 1 by Anya Wylde ) is free on Kindle right now.Not a book I loved personally but others might like it.

    22. For the sake of being completely honest, I do admit I've been thinking how to rate and review this book. My thoughts went two different ways, on one side I liked the quirky characters, the funny dialogues, while on the other, I thought this was a bit disappointing considering what I expected from this genre. But in the end, I think I found a crossroads where the two met and that's when I decided to write my review.First off, I truly believe this is not meant to be taken as our usual historical r [...]

    23. Okay, I need to stop laughing long enough to type this review. I decided to read this book because I have read this author's work before and found it well-written lighthearted entertainment. In my opinion, it is safe to say that she surpassed her other effort with this new tantalizing Regency Romp featuring a madcap heroine that would rival some of the best in the light historical romance genre.Penelope Fairweather breezes into the home of the staid Duke of Blackthorne turning everyone on their [...]

    24. I am totally excited that I read this book. Originally it was recommended by Ririn. Thanks abundance for her recommendation. I would definitely say this is the first historical book that I would totally love and read again.(view spoiler)[ Penelope [Penelope Winifred Rose Spebbington Fairweather] comes to London to wed to some good man, thus her search begin with support from Blackthorne family, namely the dowager and her daughter, Lady Anne . Unknowing that her journey contains full of mishaps a [...]

    25. After having read several grim, emotionally wrenching books in a row, this delightful Regency novel was a breath of fresh air that worked on me like a tonic. The story and its plucky, calamity-prone heroine, Miss Penelope Winifred Rose Spebbington Fairweather, elicited many chuckles and even a few guffaws from me, and I rushed through it, eager to see how she would triumph over all the obstacles in her path. The author did such a great job with the characterizations in this book. Not only did I [...]

    26. What an entertaining book!! Don't let the "silliness" of the story put you off reading it! The book is perfectly described as " a madcap romantic comedy ". Sit back & enjoy the craziness surrounding quirky country girl Penelope Fairweather's life after she is invited to stay in London with her mother's old friend (a dowager)! Her encounters with the dowager's son were hillarious and it was so much fun to read, I could not put it down.A send up of the regency period, it was entertaining, very [...]

    27. 4.5 stars“All the good stuff is not for ladies,” Penelope grumbled.Penelope is a sweet historic romantic comedy, full of amusing and original ideas.Anya Wylde is a great storyteller. She smoothly entwines little stories into the main one, such as Penelope’s encounter with the Falcon, the highwayman. She vividly portrays both the characters and descriptive parts. You become attached to the characters soon, you can see and hear them, and feel sympathy for them.Penelope, a country girl, with [...]

    28. 3.5 Stars! Penelope was a book I started to read in hopes of funny moments and just all-out good fun. Not only did this book give me those things, but it also gave me some truly random but also charming characters and moments. The laughs, fun, and randomness made this very playful book filled with boisterous merriment (yeah, I totally wrote that) that is endearing and addictive.The story that Penelope tells might seem pretty simple at first: a tale of a girl named Penelope that goes to London is [...]

    29. This book was a light, refreshing read. For the scores of books that had a setting in the 18th century era, what I rally liked about this book was that less emphasis was placed on carnal activities between the 2 protagonists and more on the non-lustful development of their romance. I have always find this form of narration of romance more interesting, more believeable and much, much more romantic. Kudos for this book not ending on my no-politer-word-for-porn shelf.One selling point of this book [...]

    30. I absolutely loved this utterly charming little romance! It had all the things I love in an historical romance, but slightly exaggerated in such a comedic way that I couldn't help smiling all the way through the book!Raised in a small village along with her step-siblings by her father and step-mother, Miss Penelope Fairweather is having her first season in London sponsored by the dowager Duchess of Blackthorne, who was a dear friend of her deceased mother. Anxiously awaiting her arrival one rain [...]

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