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A Dangerously Sexy Affair

A Dangerously Sexy Affair Ready player one Quinn Dellinger is supposed to be having fun at an industry party for gamers Instead all she can think about is the promotion she just got passed over for at her security firm Then

  • Title: A Dangerously Sexy Affair
  • Author: Stefanie London
  • ISBN: 9780373798940
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ready, player one Quinn Dellinger is supposed to be having fun at an industry party for gamers Instead, all she can think about is the promotion she just got passed over for at her security firm Then she spots him Tall Check Dark Check Dangerously sexy Check Hell, yes this is the guy who ll help her forget all her worries and give her one wickedly naughty night Ready, player one Quinn Dellinger is supposed to be having fun at an industry party for gamers Instead, all she can think about is the promotion she just got passed over for at her security firm Then she spots him Tall Check Dark Check Dangerously sexy Check Hell, yes this is the guy who ll help her forget all her worries and give her one wickedly naughty night The next morning she discovers her one night stand was the guy who took her job Oh, hell no But Aiden Odell is not just a security specialist, he s ex FBI, and Quinn is expected to work with him very closely on a major assignment He may be tall, dark and dangerously sexy, but this is one game Quinn is determined to win

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    1 thought on “A Dangerously Sexy Affair

    1. This is only the second book I have read by Ms. London but I can promise you I'll be reading more of them in the future. This book was cute, funny and sexy! I actually read it in one sitting because I didn't want it to end. Quinn was hurt two years ago by someone she trusted and now it's time to get back on the horse. She attends a gamer party with her best friend and ends up talking to a tree. Well that is before Aiden captured her interest. As a former FBI agent Aiden knows all about uncover w [...]

    2. Fabulous story I loved this one from page one it has everything you want in a romance hot gorgeous and a very caring hero a heroine who is quirky fun but has some issues from her past that have kept her single for some time now and she has just been passed over for a promotion at work it is time for a change.Quinn Dellinger IT specialist and is a very keen gamer and is at an industry party with her best friend Alana when she sees the most sexy handsome man and her body tingles in a way it has no [...]

    3. This is the second story in The Dangerous Bachelor's Club series and focuses on Quinn, a female gamer who works in the IT department of her security company. When she's passed over for a promotion in favor of an outsider, she's pretty ticked off, but willing to work with the new guy to solve a case. The only problem is that her new partner and the man who got the job she wanted, Aiden, turns out to be none other than the sexy stranger she slept with the night before! When they'd met at an indust [...]

    4. 4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, trust issues, naughty fun, suspense, and heartbreak. This is Quinn and Aiden’s story. Quinn had one hot naughty night with Aiden only to find out that he was the one to get the job she wanted. With both of them having trust issues will they be able to work together? Can they even trust each other a little in order to get the job done? Or will they be working against each other the entire time? Can you work together without falli [...]

    5. "Their investigation is the source of the book’s major conflicts, but the heart of this story is Quinn’s emotional journey of recovery and Aiden’s loving support" (4 stars @ RT Book Reviews).Miniseries: The Dangerous Bachelors Club

    6. A Dangerously Sexy Affair ( The Dangerous Bachelors Club)The Second I started reading A Dangerously Sexy Affair I was hooked. I mean I'll be honest that I love Stefanie London and have been addicted to her writing and books since I first started reading her work. I love her writing style and her period but once again she proves that that love and admiration was well founded because I fell in love with her all over again after I read A Dangerously Sexy Affair and if I hadn't of been a fan (or sta [...]

    7. What do you get when you put a quirky but talented nerd and a sexy former agent together and throw in some corporate espionage? A very cute romance and some passionate interludes that will generate enough heat to have you fanning yourself.Quinn Dellinger is not happy to have been passed over for the promotion she was looking forward to at work but she'll take the tall, dark and sexy drink of water that just caught her eye as the consolation prize for one night. Well, what happens in the bedroom [...]

    8. Heather's review from Smut MattersThis was a really cute, fun story. We met Quinn in the previous book, A Dangerously Sexy Christmas, and I really liked her, but we didn't spend a lot of time with her. I liked what I saw, though, and when I heard her story was next, I jumped on it right away. Here she's been passed over for a promotion she deserved, and she's pissed about it. She'd believed she was in line for it, but then her boss gave the job to someone outside the company, and she has no idea [...]

    9. After reading Loving the Odds last month and enjoying it I jumped at the chance to read Stefanie London's newest book and that was a really good decision on my part because I ended up loving this book even more. A Dangerously Sexy Affair was a super hot contemporary romance and I couldn't get enough of Quinn and Aiden.Quinn was so feisty and unique, but had some serious trust issues that could be frustrating at times, but given her reason for said trust issues everything was understandable and I [...]

    10. Quinn Dellinger got dragged to a party at a gamers’ convention by her friend Alana. It’s not exactly Quinn’s cup of tea, especially since she is sulking because she was passed over for a promotion. After a dreadful experience with her former boyfriend, Quinn does only one-night stands; she’s not risking her heart again. She can’t wait to go home, alone, until she sees a glorious male specimen who might be able to salvage the evening. However the morning after, it turns out that the hot [...]

    11. Quinn Dellinger is supposed to be having fun at an industry party for gamers. Instead, all she can think about is the promotion she just got passed over for at her security firm. Then she spots him. Tall? Check. Dark? Check. Dangerously sexy? Check. Hell, yes—this is the guy who'll help her forget all her worries and give her one wickedly naughty night. The next morning she discovers her one-night stand was the guy who took her job. Oh, hell no. But Aiden Odell is not just a security specialis [...]

    12. I love it when I read a book where the female lead is an intelligent woman! Even better when she's in a profession that's male-dominated. Though Quinn does have her own baggage from her past that makes it extremely difficult for her to trust anyone outside of her very small inner circle, something about Aiden just clicks for her.Oh yes, Aidene strong, sexy, smart ex-FBI guy who's also thoughtful, insightful-and totally into Quinn right from the start. As far as leading male characters go, you ca [...]

    13. Quinn Dellinger is smart and sassy. She’s just a little vulnerable and out of practice in the sex department. She’s determined to let go of the past and get her mojo back. Her best friend Alana convinces her a gamers industry party is the best way to go. Aiden Odell is determined to prove he’s successful because he’s good and not just because of who his father or best friend is. He’s at gamer’s industry party attempting to do some preliminary recon on his new job assignment. Surprise [...]

    14. What a fun story, with endearing characters.You take your nerdy geek and a former FBI agent, put them together and mix in little kinky sexy times and a drizzle of suspense, and there's a story that is hard to put down.I liked the energy and chemistry between Aiden and Quinn, there was a little bit of competition, a lot of attraction, but also common interests and true caring. They were completely enamored with each other, the thoughts of each other taking over. Yet, they were both in a difficult [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars!This is a brand new author for me and I definitely hit the jackpot. I love finding new authors who can write in such a way that it is easy to get lost in their words. Stefanie London's writing was absolutely brilliant and captivating. This book, which is a complete standalone, had everything I was looking for in a romance writer and am super excited to dive more into this highly addictive series.Are you ready to dive into something a little different and edgy? Well get ready for one he [...]

    16. I like my heroes to be alphas, and I like my heroines to be strong.But when you throw a little nerd in there too, and do it well? It makes for some light (sometimes great) comedy. And that is what Ms. London has done with this latest, A Dangerously Sexy Affair.Quinn and Aiden were fun. I loved that Quinn was a gorgeous girl who still felt a little out of place because she'd rather beat a game than go to the mall. At the same time, though, she was well-rounded and a well-deserving character and i [...]

    17. Although this title forms the second title in the (to be 6 book) The Dangerous Bachelors Club series, I didn't feel like I missed anything having not yet gotten to reading the first one. This book could easily stand alone.I want to call the story beautiful, but those who have read the story will know what I mean when I say it kind of doesn't fit. Not sure what word to use in its place though. Either way, it's an enjoyable read with the sexy heat that is expected in the Blaze lineI enjoyed the wa [...]

    18. Disclosure: I received an advance copy from the author. All opinions are my ownAll you really need to know about A Dangerously Sexy Affair is HOT HOT HOT. If you're looking for a sizzling read (that keeps sizzling all the way through the book) and that's not recycling the same tired old romance tropes, then this is the book for you. It also gets bonus points from me for the storyline being based around game design which the inner geek in me was thrilled about.I can't recommend this book highly e [...]

    19. A Dangerously Sexy Affair by Stefanie LondonAnother amazing book, I know whenever I pick up a book by Stefanie it is going to be great. I was hooked from the first sentence, it had me laughing and smiling all the way through. This story is filled some mystery, humor, romance, love and great characters. Quinn is a quirky woman, but beautiful, strong and fun sense of humor. Aiden very hot and swoon worthy and these two a perfect together. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange fo [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book about Quinn and Aiden's love story. Stefanie is very good at drawing you into the story quickly as her characters are very believable.

    21. Love a quirky heroine and Quinn is certainly that.Great weaving of her vulnerabilities within the plot. Enjoyed!

    22. Main romance story OK but lots of back story of unethical business dealings and sexual harassment in workplace that does not get resolved, it just continues.2.5 Stars Will not keep to re-read.

    23. B890 Ap2016 Dangerous Bachelors Club #2. Quinn Dellinger and Aiden O'Dell. She had applied for the job that Aiden has. He's ex-FBI and is there looking for the person who is leaking game assignment.

    24. A spicy read that dives into the gaming world with spies and secrets. Great writing, lots of humor and LOTS of sizzle in this must read!Every book from Stefanie is a must read!

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