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Pompidou Posse

Pompidou Posse Paris is eternal Art is love Friendship is forever Except when it isn t You re seventeen One night or less by accident you set fire to a garden shed Naturally you pack up and run off to Paris cert

  • Title: Pompidou Posse
  • Author: Sarah Lotz
  • ISBN: 9781473613980
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paris is eternal Art is love Friendship is forever Except when it isn t.You re seventeen One night, or less by accident, you set fire to a garden shed.Naturally, you pack up and run off to Paris, certain you can make enough money off your art to get by You re young, you re talented, you re full of life, and you have your best friend in all the world by your side.Paris is eternal Art is love Friendship is forever Except when it isn t.You re seventeen One night, or less by accident, you set fire to a garden shed.Naturally, you pack up and run off to Paris, certain you can make enough money off your art to get by You re young, you re talented, you re full of life, and you have your best friend in all the world by your side.What could possibly go wrong Down and Out in Paris and London for the internet era, POMPIDOU POSSE is the hilarious, heartbreaking first novel by Sarah Lotz, author of THE THREE.

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    1 thought on “Pompidou Posse

    1. Pompidou Posse or as I like to call it "Oh my god I am never letting my daughters out of the house ever" is a riot, like a total crazy riot.I love it, well as long as I don't think about my kids leaving the house and going to Paris, ever!This book is written by Sarah Lotz whose previous work, The Three and Day Four blew my mind, this book is nothing like those books, originally published in South Africa, Hodder and Stoughton have resurrected it and brought it to a new audience.Sage and Vicki hav [...]

    2. 5 Words: Friendship, runaway, poverty, Paris, freedom GIVEAWAY - PAPERBACKThis book is one heck of a ride, right from the very start. It's boisterous and loud and scared and unsure all at once.This is a book about teens, but it is definitely for an older audience. Aside from the language, there is drink and drugs aplenty.The two protagonists are best friends, and they are very different from each other, so the way they bounce off of one another makes them really come to life. They each tell thei [...]

    3. Vicki and Sage have set a garden shed on fire and to avoid the consequences they flee the country and go to Paris. There's only one problem, they don't have any money. They're both seventeen years old and are art school dropouts. Vicki and Sage are optimistic, they're in Paris, they're having a good time and everything will be all right. The longer they stay the harder it will become to make enough money to survive. Going home isn't an option and they're in the city of endless possibilities havi [...]

    4. This book annoyed me mostly because I was lulled into false expectations by the cover. Bright pink with the tagline "Uproariously funny" I wasn't expecting a story of multiple sexual assults.Maybe publishers think every book with a theme of female friendship has to be pink.It's set in the 1980's and contains copious drug use. So a better tagline would be "Like Junk but in Paris instead of Bristol." I prefer Junk's unsubtle approach; the title is Junk and it has a needle pictured on the cover.

    5. BookWalk #3 | Pompidou Posse | Sarah Lotz “For fuck’s sake, Sage. He’s trying to help us out! Can you at least try for five minutes not to be such a bitch?” (p.20) | British friends Vicki and Sage have yet to agree on a strategy for survival on the streets of Paris.He was EXCELLENT!! He was wearing dark glasses and was really pretending to be this dead mysterious guy. (p. 58) | Vicki and Sage take turns telling the story. Lovely use of the vernacular “dead”, meaning “very”, rathe [...]

    6. Pompidou Posse could easily pass as YA. After runaways Sage and Vicky, aged 17 and 18 respectively, fail to make it as artists in Paris, they find themselves on the streets. A series of disastrous jobs later, the girls find themselves among the Pompidou Posse, a group of vagabonds and tramps, and experience all the hardships that comes with being homeless, such as running from police, drug abuse, and escaping from an axe-wielding maniac.The book is set in the 1980's, but it could take place anyw [...]

    7. I am not sure if I liked it or not. I thought the whole history would be different since I read the plot at the back of the bool. When I started reading it I didn't like it at all and I was getting really angry with everything that was happening in there and how stupid those girls were. I started liking it after the half of the book probably and wanted to finish it to see what will happen, but again the end came so quick while everything else was running slow and was explained. Mixed feelings I [...]

    8. Late to the party on this one, I'm glad I finally got to read it. In fact the book is pretty on trend, with its two unreliable narrators. Poignant, gripping, funny, nostalgic -- I was a little bit annoyed by how invested I was in two characters I didn't really like. The short story within the diary within the book is hilarious. Looking forward to reading more of Sarah Lotz.

    9. Liked it, didn't love it. It reminded me of the great American self discovery novels a la On the Road although of a different content. The idea of homelessness in Paris was fascinating but I think ultimately I was expecting something a bit fluffier and this was definitely not that.

    10. 3.5 StarsI received this book for free through First Reads.“Paris is eternal. Art is love. Friendship is forever. Except when it isn’t.” Pompidou Posse is a highly fictionalized account of the author, Sarah Lotz’s, own experience living rough in France. It is the late 1980s and teenaged best friends Vicki and Sage find themselves stranded in Paris after a hasty getaway from their troubles back home in England. After falling in with dubious characters they eventually team up with a group [...]

    11. Pompidou Posse is a gritty, hard hitting drama, and offers you a completely different view of Paris to one that you would expect. It is set in the late 1980s, and features two runaways Vicki and Sage, who having burnt down the shed at art college, are now scared and on the run. This features their time in Paris, and various people they meet, and it is not a feel good book. It feels incredibly realistic, and the experiences they girls have, are not ones I would wish on anyone. On the other hand w [...]

    12. I'm a big Sarah Lotz fan. The Three was an amazing book and remains to this day, one of my favourites. And Day Four wasn't half bad. So when I was asked if I wanted to read her semi-autobiographical first novel that had never been published in the UK before? You bet I jumped at the chance.Pompidou Posse was different from books I normally read, the story of two young teenagers, Sage and Vicki, homeless in Paris in the 80's. It was an interesting read for me. Since it's semi-autobiographical, it [...]

    13. DISCLAIMER: I received this book for free through a Giveaway.I can't begin to explain what an amazing book this is. Some reviews say this could be classed as YA. I really hope no YA reads this because: 1. not sure how much they would get out of it and 2. some of the actions & decisions illustrated are not to be lightly thought of as normal or "fun". But on the other hand, maybe it would teach YAs a few things about life.I couldn't stop grinning throughout 90% of the book (and yes, a lot of [...]

    14. Oh my god, that ending!!!I kind of didn't like the two girls as I couldn't relate to them at all - lets just say this story wasn't what I expected from this pink, pretty book with two punks looking 80's teens on the cover. However, the style of writing sucked me in and I really quite enjoyed the diary entries to Gladys. It definitely wasn't dull reading no matter how off putting some of the behaviour was.

    15. Five stars because there's nothing else quite like this memoir in a novel's dress. One of the few books I've read three times (the last time I was proofreading the UK edition, an even tighter version of the South African original). Authentic, unglamorous account of two runaway teenagers on the streets of Paris. The voices are so real, you hear them in your head. Sometimes funny, often frightening and sad, and with a high quotient of four-letter words per page.

    16. this was so different from the usual books i read. sage definitely was the star of the story. its the only thing that kept me reading. i wish the ending had more answers like a secret chapter from sage at the end about where she is.

    17. I have tried and tried and tried to get into the book. Not necessarily badly written but I simply could not connect to the story or the characters.I will try it again the future, but, for now, I admit defeat.

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