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Man In The Middle

Man In The Middle Despatched to investigate thesuicide of one of DC s most influential defence officials an ardent early supporter of the war in Iraq Drummond and his female partner find themselves in themiddle of a t

  • Title: Man In The Middle
  • Author: Brian Haig
  • ISBN: 9780446530569
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Despatched to investigate thesuicide of one of DC s most influential defence officials an ardent, early supporter of the war in Iraq Drummond and his female partner find themselves in themiddle of a tug of war between Washington s mostinfluential power brokers and his own personal allegianceto the soldiers dying overseas What he uncovers are thesecrets that led to the wDespatched to investigate thesuicide of one of DC s most influential defence officials an ardent, early supporter of the war in Iraq Drummond and his female partner find themselves in themiddle of a tug of war between Washington s mostinfluential power brokers and his own personal allegianceto the soldiers dying overseas What he uncovers are thesecrets that led to the war, secrets that once exposedwould destroy public support and undermine thepresidency.Now, Drummond faces the greatest moral quandary ofhis life What is the true meaning of patriotism

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    1 thought on “Man In The Middle

    1. Good grief, I finished this book. *groan* Brian Haig is an exceptional writer but this particular story with Sean Drummond was long winded. Boring in the beginning, picked up the pace in the middle and slam dunked it with a ton of red herrings which ended in sad burn of emotions and a crick in my neck. This series is showing that the author is becoming more seasoned with his research and a lot of work as well as knowledge went into this espionage type of story. I felt like I was cramming for a t [...]

    2. When you listen to a lot of audiobooks, those in a series tend to take on the characteristics of a particular reader, especially if h/she is well suited to a given author. I’m a devoted fan of the Sean Drummond character invented by Brian Haig who has been narrated primarily by Scott Brick. The narrator becomes Drummond. Brick captures all the nuances of Drummond’s humor. LJ Ganser is fine, just takes some getting used to if you are accustomed to Brick, but he often reads the wiseacre passag [...]

    3. I feel like a heroin addict. I loved Secret Sanction, the first Brian Haig book I read, and I keep reading his novels hoping to get that initial rush, so far no dice. The plot moves quickly, you just have to have a big suspension of disbelief. Some of the plot twists are just laughable. The book works well when Haig speaks as a soldier, it does not work well when Haig goes off on speeches about the war in Iraq. At times he has interesting points, but they often come off as forced sermons/monolog [...]

    4. Comparing it to the other books in the series, I'd say it falls in the middle. It sticks to the established formula of conflicted love interested with really hot chick. Murder mystery. Military intrigue and a little action/violence/political theme thrown in. It kind of sucks that the narrator is different in this audiobook. You get used to one guy's voice as the main character and they go and switch it up on you out of the blue. Oh well Anyway, I didn't regret the time needed to read it and it's [...]

    5. Ok Iraq war thriller with a somewhat compelling mystery but an annoying romantic theme involving a murdering rogue female soldier who commits all sorts of crimes and treason but who is excused by our chivalrous hero since she's a hottie and had a tough time recently. Gag. Not as funny as he thinks he is.

    6. The author seemed to have a political point he wanted to make. I'd no real problem with that (really) - it was the part where he, for no reason I can fathom (not even the 'political point' one), made his character stupider and less observant than he had ever been before - without anything to make him so (he wasn't having health issues, there wasn't a romantic interest turning his brain to mush, nothing seemed 'there' for him to be presented as suddenly stupid). So that was my main problem with t [...]

    7. Interesting Sean Drummond case as it was more investigative with no trial. He is called to investigate the death of an individual connected to some high up defense dept officials pushing the war in Iraq. Teaming up with a Dept of Defense MP they see to determine whether or not it was a suicide or murder.

    8. I love Brian Haig for his Secret Sanction. He's now amusing me with this one and I'm recommending it to everyone. Even bought one for a friend and he loved it.

    9. In the year 2004,Sean Drummond a JAG attorney, Was currently on loan to the CIA, to be exact, the Office of Special Projects. As the story begins, Drummond was at a murder scene and he was posing as an FBI agent The crime scene was the apartment of Clifford Daniels, a high-ranking civilian on staff with the Secretary of Defense. Daniels seemed to have died from self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The question, aside from concerns about the rather unusual condition of the body, was whether [...]

    10. Haig continues to amaze me with this latest installment in the Sean Drummond series. Elevated to Colonel, Drummond continues as a liaison with the CIA and uses some of his military connections to aid in solving a murder. What looks like a simple suicide opens a can of worms like none Drummond has faced in his previous written adventures. Haig takes us inside the dark side of the War on Terror and paints some of his own images to offset what media present on a daily basis. Superimposing sentiment [...]

    11. There's an inherent beartrap when an author tries to capture the nuances of the "shadier side of Washington," CIA conspiracies, circles within circles, betrayals heaped upon deception, and tries to keep the reader guessing. Ultimately you can finish up with something so convoluted, that nothing makes sense.Yes, people are complicated, politicians (and I imagine spies) even more so. Their morals are questionable, and their motivations are often at odds with the public good. So sure, I can well im [...]

    12. You feel this was a deeply personal book for the author based on his genuine experience and knowledge.When a defence contractor appears to have committed suicide, newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Sean Drummond is asked to take a look. Given Drummond is seconded to the CIA there is obviously an intelligence concern. Drummond ends up working with a female from the military police and together they work out that the suicide might actually be murder. To further complicate things, the dead contracto [...]

    13. Colonel Sean Drumnmond works for the CIA. there's a suicide to investigate--or is it murder? The plot revolves around the question of whether or not the US was deceived to invade Iraq by an Iraqui, Charabi, who hopes to replace Hussein as leader of the country, In the process the why of the murder unfolds. The novel has its moments of tension and Drummond is an interesting character with edges, as is the Army major he's tossed together with, the attractive Bian Tran. There is an excellent brief [...]

    14. Brian Haig is maturing very quickly as an author, and this latest effort is clearly his best. LTC Drummond is still an excellent wise-cracker, and Haig has again linked Drummond with an alluring female. This time, however, it is not another attorney or a law-school classmate, but an exotic West Point graduate just returned from the combat zone. Haig also convincingly describes the dysfunctional cooperation between the DOD, the CIA, and the FBI that was allegeldly fixed with the asignment of an " [...]

    15. Protagonist Sean Drummond is a Army lawyer on temporary assignment to the CIA. Initially tasked with investigating an apparent suicide which suspiciously looks like a murder, he soon finds himself with a female partner heading to Iraq to investigate related aspects involving treason and terrorism. This leads to most surprising suspects at the highest levels of both the U.S. and Iraqi governments. LtCol Drummond faces harrowing circumstances which not only challenge his ethics but his very life o [...]

    16. I really like the plots of these books even tho the "smartalecky-talk"arming for a while. become a bother. I bet his parents hated listening to this all of the time, altho, perhaps Alexander was never around to listen to his son. Ahhh, the plot. It was well hidden to me until something raised suspicion about half way thru the book that it might be Bian Tran. His apparent understanding of all things military in Iraq and all things CIA in the US may just be imagined but they sound authentic so, I [...]

    17. Yet another strong episode in the lives and times of Sean Drummond. The trappings are similar - a dead body, inklings of an overarching conspiracy and an alluring, sexy, intellectually capable female co-lead for Sean.Despite familiar trappings, this has to be the strongest and the most controversial one given that it takes on the Iraq war and the excuses behind it. Brian Haig's feeling behind the war find its way through his proxy in Sean and its thankfully not a blatant message but conveyed qui [...]

    18. Dispatched to investigate the suicide of one of DC's most influential defense officials--an ardent, early supporter of the war in Iraq--Drummond and his female partner find themselves in the middle of a tug-of-war between Washington's most influential power brokers and his own personal allegiance to the soldiers dying overseas. What he uncovers are the secrets that led to the war, secrets that once exposed would destroy public support and undermine the presidency. Now, Drummond faces the greates [...]

    19. I love the Sean Drummond character series by Brian Haig. I think there are six of them all together. Sean is a JAG lawyer for "special circumstances" so he only handles special cases. His character is funny and stubborn, but usually does the right thing. He also has a way of making everybody he works with mad and is a major headache for his boss. His boss tends to lend him out to other agencies as much as possible just to get rid of him. If you love books about lawyers and their cases you will l [...]

    20. This person's review says it all:Ok Iraq war thriller with a somewhat compelling mystery but an annoying romantic theme involving a murdering rogue female soldier who commits all sorts of crimes and treason but who is excused by our chivalrous hero since she's a hottie and had a tough time recently. Gag. Not as funny as he thinks he is.Two and half stars -- it DID entertain me, but still

    21. I was torn between a three or four with this book until the author had to explain what I had read in the last chapter or twor a good thing for me, so a three it is. The dialogue often got bogged down for entirely too long with investigative questioning. The humor and wit of Sean was great as usual, but felt the overall story got deeper and mired into a complexity that was not desirable from this readers perspective.

    22. This was my first Sean Drummond (main character) book. The character was good but a little overboard cocky and wise cracking at times. It was an interesting setting and the author wanted to use the story to educate people about the different factions in Iraq. It is already a little dated but I found it helpful to understand some geo-political dynamics while enjoying a good murder mystery. I will read another Sean Drummond book and see how the author handles the character and story.

    23. What a disappointment. A dull and repetitive entry in the Sean Drummond series which I would have stopped reading about a third of the way in if not for the fact I have read the other books in the series. Sadly, the ending did not make the journey worthwhile. I love the character, but the author spent far too much time pontificating about the Iraq War and too little time on plot. The less said about the ending (particularly in the context of the series) the better. Shame.

    24. As always a very good story. The Sean Drummond character is excellent . Brian Haig does a wonderful job of story telling. I have read all the Sean Drummond books I hope he continues the series. Carl ClauseSean Drummond character is excellent. Brian Haig does a wonderful job of story telling.I have read all the Sean Drummond books and I hope he continues the series. Thanks, Carl Clause

    25. I have really enjoyed this series. Sean Drummond turned out to be one of my favorite characters in any series-funny, smart, patriotic & all-round good guy. Haig finally got around to injecting a bit of personal feelings in his story with this one. This was a fairly complicated plot, but was wrapped up nicely in the end. For those who don't want something really dark, which so many books are now days, this is great entertainment!

    26. As much as I enjoy the Sean Drummond novels, this was my least favorite. He reused a lot of plot lines in this. I guess because I read all the previous books, this one was very predictable, I don't think I was shocked all the much. I did like that the setting for this one was Iraq though, it was interesting to see where he went with it.

    27. This was the only one of Brian Haig's books that I didn't care for. It took forever before any action took place, and it had long lectures about Iraq that drove me crazy because it was pretty much common knowledge by the time I was reading the book. Once the book took off, it was excellent--about from the midpoint to the end.

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