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Once Upon a Caveman

Once Upon a Caveman Lucy Meadowcroft s life hasn t turned out the way she planned Her hometown always thought she d go out and change the world Instead fifteen years out of high school Lucy s working in a bookstore and

  • Title: Once Upon a Caveman
  • Author: Cassandra Gannon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lucy Meadowcroft s life hasn t turned out the way she planned Her hometown always thought she d go out and change the world Instead, fifteen years out of high school, Lucy s working in a bookstore and her social life consists of sex dreams about a caveman named Rhawn Granted, they re pretty awesome dreams, but it s not like the guy is real, right He s smart and gorgeouLucy Meadowcroft s life hasn t turned out the way she planned Her hometown always thought she d go out and change the world Instead, fifteen years out of high school, Lucy s working in a bookstore and her social life consists of sex dreams about a caveman named Rhawn Granted, they re pretty awesome dreams, but it s not like the guy is real, right He s smart and gorgeous and totally a figment of her frustrated imagination All in all, things could be going a lot better for her When Lucy reluctantly agrees to go on the Woodward High Reunion Cruise, she s feeling pretty miserable about her place in the world.And that s before the shipwreck Now Lucy s somehow marooned in the Ice Age She s stranded on an island filled with guys in loincloths who think she s the Destroyer, an evil goddess sent to sink their homeland into the sea This is so not what the alumni committee promised in the cruise brochure The wooly mammoths and sabretooth tigers running around tell Lucy that she s a castaway in some other world And in the middle of this prehistoric insanity, Lucy finds herself face to face with the caveman from her dreams Rhawn the Accursed is reviled within the Clan Every night, he dreams of Earth, the land of the gods, and of the Destroyer, the deity destined to end the world Rhawn realizes that Lucy must be the wicked goddess, but he also senses that this woman is meant to be his mate There is good in her He knows it All he has to do is persuade the rest of the Clan not to kill her, show Lucy that they were fated to find one another, devise a way to escape the island, and survive Lucy s annoying classmates, who ve washed ashore with her It shouldn t be that hard After all, they have a few days left before the volcano erupts.

    • ✓ Once Upon a Caveman || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Cassandra Gannon
      439 Cassandra Gannon
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    1 thought on “Once Upon a Caveman

    1. DNF @34% NO RATINGAs cute and adorable as this story is, I'm going to have to let it go. Rhawn was such an adorable teddy bear and the heroine was mouthy and kickass. But this story made my teeth hurt. Just too cute.

    2. VERY FEW TYPOS!!!!!! (except for mixing up if the dress was supposed to be red or blue XD) No biggie. It was a really sweet and adorable story. There were a lot of cute, funny moments and it was really entertaining to read. Characters were great!!!

    3. Not bad, just not as good as her fairytale series. One of her earlier books so you see glimpses of the humour and crazy good characters in her later writing. Rhawn is fabulous, such a sweetheart of a hero. Lucy is the one who is a little annoying and harder to sympathize with.

    4. This is the first book by Ms. Gannon I can say that I didn't like. Lucy was just not likable in a any way, shape, or form. She is moodier than an all-girl school at that time of the month. Get behavior was utterly ridiculous. Being a vegetarian is one thing, but getting upset and barring everyone else from hunting animals because she thinks they are 'magical' is ridiculous. Of course I hate animals dying, but when it comes down to hunting them or having people starve there really isn't a questio [...]

    5. Cassandra Gannon can always be count on for a fun trip to where-ever her mind takes us. Her heroes are always completely devoted to the smart and imperfect heroines. On top of being the typical CG hero -possessive and protective-,however, Rhawn is the probably the first caveman (in romance novels) to be recognized as an intelligent being, one as smart as a modern day scientist/inventor. This is a light romance that will definitely make you smile.

    6. This was a fun read, both the main characters are adorable and the situation is totally ridiculous and lot of fun.I liked all the sciencey fact thrown in about the ice age- I'd never have even considered whether or not saber tooth tigers were social animals so it's interesting that scientists can say from fossil records that they were.I also really liked that the relationships were equal and the way that smarts won the fights.

    7. This book was hilarious and so clever with the humor.So many stuck on a desert island hidden jokes, Fraggle Rock, Castaway reference. Dinatopia, plus the high school reunion jokes.Strong heroine, sweet hero. really enjoyed it.No cheating. HEA.

    8. First read by this author.Great story, great charachtersd I laughed my head off in some of the scenes. Fantastic read. Will be looking into more by this author

    9. This is the second novel I've read by Gannon and I had the same irritation with that one as I do this one. When you're from another era or culture and you're trying to communicate to someone, why would you continue to use pop culture references? It's meant to be amusing to us readers but I found it incredibly annoying.

    10. Overall, I loved this book just as much as I thought I would. The High School part of it bugged me, but I understand the reasoning for it. Still, I think the author could have made the characters a little younger than their early 30's to match this personalities/attitudes/etc. I felt as though the characters were in their early 20's verses 30's with the way they acted and handled things. That didn't stop me from loving them though. I was also a little bit bugged by how dramatic it got towards th [...]

    11. I enjoyed this novel, as I do with nearly all of the Gannon sister's novels. The characters are well-rounded and multi-dimensional by the end of the book which is always a huge plus in the romance genre in my opinion especially with the antagonists of the plot-line. There was a pleasing lack of the alpha he-man in the main male protagonist and the female protagonist was not a wilting violet waiting for a man to rescue her. Instead the proactive and reactive roles between the main couple of this [...]

    12. Very entertaining--like usual4 1/2 stars. If you have read any and enjoyed Cassandra Gannon's books, I don't think you'll be disappointed in his one. If you haven't, and like strong characters, action, a touch of spice, and a lot of humor, I suggest giving this one a try. I really enjoyed the characters--main and secondary (some of the secondary ones were hilarious and almost stole the show). The h is strong, and smart, and even though she doesn't seem to believe in herself all the time, she sta [...]

    13. Can't say I was impressed.A couple of problems that go hand and hand with this book is its tendency to tell more than it shows and do it over and over again. The characters' dialogue and thought processes were repetitive, and ideas among characters about other characters often came off as universal facts. i.e. MC is bright, difficult, sweet deep down and capable of making a difference; Rhawn is a misunderstood, socially-awkward genius; prom queen's a narcissistic ***ch to the the end who you mig [...]

    14. For this book i am going to have to give it a simple review because that's all this book ismple. The story is decent and is good for them days when you need a quick read. The book attempts to develop with the characters, although you don't really connect with the characters much. There is the occasional funny chapter but over all this book is mainly one of them ones you would pick up because your brain is in a weakened state to read anything more developed.Its an okay book but don't expect Shake [...]

    15. Fun readGood points or that it was an amazing story line, yummy romance scene! I laughed out loud at almost every chapter the bad points are that although the main character was well-educated almost every sentence okay well not everything but a lot of the time. Everything with the the letter Y at the end of the word almost as if she was 16 and valley girl.

    16. A rally good story, full of humor and really we'll written. Strong Heroine and hero you come to love. I so enjoyed the book that I tried not to read it too quickly , unsuccessfully . I am a huge fan of Cassandra Gannon work.

    17. CampyThe h was beyond annoying as were most of the characters. H was the only "normal" one and he was supposedly a genius caveman. I just found it all to be too much. Very juvenile writing and dialogue.

    18. Very entertaining! Loved Lucy's dry humour, and I found myself cracking up quite a bit. Thanks for the fun read!

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