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Buried Sunlight

Buried Sunlight Acclaimed Caldecott Artist Molly Bang teams up with award winning M I T professor Penny Chisholm to present the fascinating timely story of fossil fuels What are fossil fuels and how did they come t

  • Title: Buried Sunlight
  • Author: Molly Bang Penny Chisholm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Acclaimed Caldecott Artist Molly Bang teams up with award winning M.I.T professor Penny Chisholm to present the fascinating, timely story of fossil fuels.What are fossil fuels, and how did they come to exist This engaging, stunning book explains how coal, oil, and gas are really buried sunlight, trapped beneath the surface of our planet for millions and millions of yeaAcclaimed Caldecott Artist Molly Bang teams up with award winning M.I.T professor Penny Chisholm to present the fascinating, timely story of fossil fuels.What are fossil fuels, and how did they come to exist This engaging, stunning book explains how coal, oil, and gas are really buried sunlight, trapped beneath the surface of our planet for millions and millions of years.Now, in a very short time, we are digging them up and burning them, changing the carbon balance of our planet s air and water What does this mean, and what should we do about it Using simple language and breathtaking paintings, Bang and Chisholm present a clear, concise explanation of the fossil fuel energy cycle that began with the sun and now runs most of our transportation and energy use in our world.Readers will be mesmerized by this engaging fourth book in the award winning Sunlight Series by Bang and Chisholm.

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    1. This book was the most complex of "The Sunlight Series." Bang and Chisholm did an admirable job of explaining how fossil fuels are formed, and how our use of fossil fuels is changing the earth, though I think some young readers might not fully understand some of the terms used, such as "evolved," or be able to grasp the incredibly huge amount of time "millions and millions of years" is. What I liked best is their simple yet striking description of how the earth will be affected by the continuing [...]

    2. Next up in the Sunlight Series, we learn how fossil fuels were made and exactly how the burning of fossil fuels is releasing carbon chains that have been stored for millions of year into our atmosphere and changing the climate of our planet. Narrated by the sun, this book (the whole series, actually) is a must-read for any student (or adult) who needs to understand energy and the role of our Sun inwell, everything!

    3. If I could guarantee they'd actually read it, I'd send a copy to our current administration to learn from.

    4. This books takes a basic approach in explaining some very complicated processes, but does so in a way that children can understand. One needs to consider however that there is still much disagreement even in the scientific community about global warming and fossil fuels and what will happen or is happening as we continue to use fossil fuels to build human society. There are a lot of ideas presented here in a beautiful way, but not everyone is going to agree with how it is presented or even what [...]

    5. Different time and science concepts support gratitude towards natural resources that takes millions of years to make. Not only we learn about fossils and earth, we get to think about our ways of taking actions for our earth. I gather books about math concepts now and thinking"Millions and millions more years" " millions and millions of years passed""150 million years ago""60 Million Years ago"15 Thousand years ago60 million years ago150 million years ago.""Very Very slowly over hundreds of thous [...]

    6. Everything needs energy in order to grow and we also need energy to run machines. This energy comes from the sun though it may be stored as fossil fuels underground. The fossil fuels have stored that energy inside them and it is released when they are burned. This book looks at how sunlight energy is stored in fossil fuels, explaining photosynthesis and the balance of oxygen on the planet. It speaks to the way that oxygen was first released to the atmosphere and the millions of years that it too [...]

    7. I was not drawn in as strongly to this book as I was Ocean Sunlight: How Tiny Plants Feed the Seas. Maybe it was the palette, maybe it's because I had been looking for a good book on plankton and hadn't been searching for a good book on CO2. While reading I had a hard time remembering the sun was the narrator because Bang only kept a subtle visual presence on each spread. The little yellow dots in the fossil fuel areas was not quite enough to remind me sunlight was supposed to be a character. I [...]

    8. Bookshelf Entry #2Non-Fiction-”Buried Sunlight”: Molly Bang & Penny ChisholmFiction: “Luz sees the light” by Claudia Davila This book is about how fossil fuels have changed the earth and how the earth will continue to change if we continue doing what we are doing. It describes how when burning fossil fuels, humans use these ancient buried fuels, which allow for the use of oxygen but it also emits Carbon Dioxide into the air, which over time can be dangerous. A reason I liked this boo [...]

    9. I've enjoyed--and learned a lot from--each of the titles in The Sunlight series. This one was no exception to that rule as the text and luminous and sumptuously detailed illustrations make very clear just how important the sun is to our planet. The sun narrates the book, explaining how fossil fuels were formed and how quickly humans have depleted them. While many might argue that there needs to be no worry about this rapid consumption since the planet has endured extreme temperatures in the past [...]

    10. A picture book for older readers to explain how fossil fuels were created and what happens when they are used. The discussion about the fossil fuels changing the earth=global warming / climate change. The author includes notes with more information at the end. These notes can be helpful for adults to further explain to younger children and for upper elementary readers to read on their own. The conclusion conveys the author's feelings about climate change (at least in my opinion) although she say [...]

    11. A survey of everything from photosynthesis to respiration to fossil fuel formation to global warming.I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, it does a great job of accurately explaining photosynthesis in simple terms. It does a good job also of breaking down various scientific theories about the original earth atmosphere and formation of fossil fuels. However, one of my pet peeves is when science books for kids relate theories as facts. This one does that on several points. It re [...]

    12. Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed the Earth is an amazing book which makes complex material easy to understand for younger children. Molly Bang again has written a book with Penny Chisholm and added her revealing illustrations to explain the history of fossil fuels and our environmental future is we do not find other sources of energy. There were scientific details that as an adult, I did not know. The clear and easy explanation of a complicated subject will engage all ages of reade [...]

    13. Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed The Earth written by Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm with illustrations by Molly Bang is a must read. The only way we can become sincere stewards of our Earth is through greater understanding. This title fills our need to know building a bridge from the science community to younger readers. But rest assured everyone can benefit from reading this book. Extensive author notes over six pages give additional information.My full recommendation: bit/100n9Gy [...]

    14. This 4th installment of the Sunlight series explores how fossil fuels formed, are mined, used for energy and the consequences of that use. With the sun as narrator, special attention is paid to the balance between plant life, animal life and the atmosphere and the dangers of two much Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Accessible language and detailed colorful illustrations come together to give a clear picture of fossil fuels perfect for the classroom or shared reading. Highly Recommended for all [...]

    15. Though this is a picture book it is best suited for 3rd - 5th graders. The sun narrates the text, explaining the energy created by the sun, how fossil fuels have developed over millions of years, and how humans today are depleting the fossil fuels at an alarming rate. The text also explains why people should care about the fossil fuels. At the back of the book are more details about the issues raised in the text in a Q&A format.

    16. Wow! A concise summation of energy, fossil fuels, and the problems of carbon emission and global warming. Measured, but dynamic. And the pictures are so inspired, so much about light and earth. The interplay of gold, and orange and blue and green is stupendous. The nonfiction books released in 2014 are just so inspired. Far more so than the fiction. Really hoping something nonfiction wins the Caldecott this year.

    17. folk style illustrations throughout and conversational tone in the first half explain how sunlight turns in to fossil fuels. There is a big disconnect between the 2 halves of the book, the science seems too easy in the first and too hard in the second half. Lack of bib or sources is also a problem.

    18. "I am your sun, your golden star My energy gives light and life to your tiny Earth."Wow a complex subject is written in such a way that students can understand. Additional information in the back of the book to give more in-depth information for students who are ready for it. Interesting choice to have the sun narrate the story. The illustrations are vibrant.

    19. Really good explanations about the role of carbon and oxygen over vast time periods, with an emphasis on recent warming phenomena, but since the intended audience is children I wouldn't mind if this was a little more solutions oriented. Climate change and global warming are rather hefty problems for our children to inherit without guidance.

    20. This is an easy to read and understand book about how fossil fuels are made and how they are used. It is narrated by the sun and does a great job describing the processes used to create fossil fuels. It is also a good call to action for young readers who are interested in global warming and its effects.

    21. An informative picture book that sheds light (it's told from the sun's point of view) on fossil fuels and our carbon footprint. The information is made more accessible through the illustrations. The dire fate of the earth is driven home, and a call to action and alternate energy choices are offered.

    22. This is a great science picture book about fossil fuels and global warming. My 8 year old was so excited about the book that he said it should be given to every person on the planet and translated into every language. It is a beautiful book and the science is spot on. Using the sun as a narrator was smart too, it keeps things neutral politically.

    23. At different times in this book, it seemed like the authors were taking different sides to the global warming debate. That's confusing enough for me, let alone kids who are meant to read this book.

    24. This would be a good book for Eco-conscious kids who are interested in learning about fossil fuels, carbon emissions, and climate change. It's not a good read-aloud as you need to really study each page and sit with it a while to let the information sink in.

    25. This is a gorgeous picture book about the formation of fossil fuels. It has gorgeous pictures and some graphical features to illustrate points. There is also section of author's notes in the back to explain some points in greater detail. Very interesting.

    26. Beautiful illustrations, but the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF YEARS is hammered into the text almost every page. In addition to subscribing to unproven evolutionary theories, it subscribes to global warming alarmist theories.

    27. Visually, this is gorgeous. Topically, it's timely and well-explained for young folks. I enjoyed the entire series. This is a fine introduction to a science unit at the middle school level and also works for younger students as well.

    28. Probably one of the few children's book that is actually scientific and goes into depth about evolution and climate change. However the pictures were lackluster and the science even though dumbed down can be confusing in places. Could have been great, settle for mediocrity.

    29. The fourth book in the Sunlight Series, this visually stunning picture book tells an important scientific story. Narrated by the sun, the focus is on fossil fuels from their creation to their depletion. A powerful introduction and overview to the issues involved in energy and climate change.

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