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The Emerald Virgin

The Emerald Virgin This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B GGI YEmerald a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions After the war King Gideon rose in power A lust

  • Title: The Emerald Virgin
  • Author: Ravyn Rayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B0101GGI4YEmerald a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions.After the war, King Gideon rose in power A lust filled and greedy king that believed in the power of slavery.At eighteen, women were required to come before King Gideon and his four sons, to offer themselves as a courteThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B0101GGI4YEmerald a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions.After the war, King Gideon rose in power A lust filled and greedy king that believed in the power of slavery.At eighteen, women were required to come before King Gideon and his four sons, to offer themselves as a courtesan The princes took only those they found most attractive and alluring The rest were returned to their homes with a brand on their wrist proving they had been through the process and rejected Ignoring the ritual was punishable by death.Aria Stone had been kept hidden from the princes and the ceremony, because she was an Emerald At twenty three, the royal guards storm her home, murder her mother, and drag her to court She must face the four princes.A dystopian erotic adventure.

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      241 Ravyn Rayne
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    1 thought on “The Emerald Virgin

    1. BLOGGERS INTERESTED IN REVIEWING AND RELEASE DAY BLITZ!: Click HERE☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆The Emerald Virgin is one of those reads that can be read within an hour. It was pretty quick for a book I was expecting to be a full length novel.Set in a war torn nation ruled by a tyrannical king and his four sons, on a maiden’s 18th birthday, they are brought to the kingdom to be subjected into becoming courtesans of the king’s sons. Thos [...]

    2. *Received from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review*This had a lot of potential, but the story became way to choppy. Everything just happened like BAM, BAM, bammmm. And for the premise of the story being that she's a virgin, the scene where she actually loses it is pretty disappointing.

    3. Well this book was different. I have to say it started out rather strong, but once it got to the auction part, it just dropped the ball from there. I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on after that. This book is very short. Nothing over the top, but was a nice change of pace from my normal reads. **i received a digital copy of this book in exchange of an honest review**

    4. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Aria lives in a world where people are judged by the color of their eyes. The color of your eyes determines where you are at or what level in society you live in. Aria has emerald eyes which is very rare in her world. Aria's mother has kept her a secret from the king and the rest of the world her whole life. She didn't want anyone to find out that Aria existed much less what color her eyes were. She didn't want them to take [...]

    5. *** 3 Stars ***This was a fast read. The romance wasn't that strong and the 'love' word was dropped pretty early. I loved the setting and the plot, but the story development didn't build well for me. You would think there would be more heated moments, but there was only one. So I'm not categorizing it under my 'erotic' bookshelves on .

    6. Her King says she is supposed to do one thing and she refuses which gets her mother killed. They drug and kidnap her and make her do it anyway. At such a young age. Then she is humiliated and treated like cattle. Then comes the prince which wants her in his harem but also wants to change things. Very emotional, suspenseful, intriguing and so much more. I was given a review copy by booksprout and voluntarily review it.

    7. **I was given a free Kindle copy of this book through Netgalley (thank you) in exchange for an honest review**Alrighty, well, this book didn't take me long to read. It was a very fascinating concept, and it was well-written. The only downfall this book had was the pace. The book felt a though the plot was moving forward a little to quickly to be natural. There was a lot of information to grasp in such a short time frame, and I honestly think the story would be improved if there had been a couple [...]

    8. TAKING A STAND AGAINST EVILThis story kept me captivated with its a dystopian world, wars have raged based on eye color. The United States in no more, it is now called The Kingdom of Brayleigh and controlled by King Gideon, an evil sadistic man who supports slavery, especially sexual slavery of women. He has four sons, August, Henry, James, and Aaron, who each is allowed twelve courtesans at a time. Once a month, all girls who have turned 18 are required to be presented for the King and Princes [...]

    9. I was given an ARC for an honest review, which was greatly appreciated!An interesting twist on a cross between a dystopian world and one from the time of monarchies, kings, and the ownership of one person over another. The Emerald Virgin presented a unique world where people are discriminated against, or even at some points killed, based on their eye color. The psychological interpretation of ones personality and mentality based on eye color places the main character, Aria, in precarious situati [...]

    10. In another world, another time-society is not so different. People are discriminated against but here in King Gideon's realm, it's eye color that is the key. Millions lost their lives to his greed and quest for supremacy. Now, when women reach the age of 18, they must be brought before King Gideon and his four sons to be picked for their pleasure. The princes only take those who are the most alluring. The rest are branded and banished. But for Aria Stone, she is an Emerald-the rarest of her kind [...]

    11. 4 starsI liked this story of taking place in the future. Aria is chosen to be a sex slave of Prince James.He sees something he likes in her, and can’t let her go. Aria is not a cooperative courtesan.James tries everything to get her to just play it cool and not rattle anyone’s cages. Aria, however,doesn’t realize how good she has it at the palace.I would have liked this more if it had been longer. There are twists and turns that happen rather quickly. There are a few quick spankings that a [...]

    12. I really wanted to give this book a shot but, it just failed I think. I always fins these types of dystopian books interesting. This was real short. It felt rushed the back story isn’t really developed as well as the characters . I felt like everything was just put together. Drama after drama even more drama after that. Their was some moment but a very few hot onesC was provided by publisher via NetGalley.

    13. This read had so much potential to be great. However, when I noticed that the description was also to first paragraph, my hopes plummeted about well significantly. But, I pressed on and really, really tried to try to read on. The story never got any better and read like a bunch of good ideas thrown together haphazardly. Overall, the story was definitely rushed and there was absolutely no connection to the characters or the story once the last word was read.

    14. Your future determined by your eye color, a very good plot idea! I was intrigued from the beginning and read it straight through. The King and most of his sons are tyrants and you have no problem disliking them. But, one Prince stands out from the rest and it's a good thing for Aria that he sets his eyes on her. I am looking forward to book two as I am curious how much change will happen in their society.

    15. What a wonderful cross up of dystopia style with some "Tudor" going on. I loved that it was set in the future and they were ruled by a king. The sad but true part about humans are that we will dislike, discriminate against or just plain right out be jealous over anyone or anything that is different from us. I cant wait to get into the next book.

    16. I loved this book especially as I have green eyes as does Aria of the future ruled by a cruel evil sadist, where the color of your eyes can determine your fate. The storyline is very well developed with facinationing characters. There is mystery, suspense, danger, violence, explicitc sex and more. I'm looking forward to more stories by this author.

    17. DifferentDefinitely different. It's an enjoyable strange kind of story. Really great imagination was put into play when the author wrote this one. It was sad, but then it all has a great ending.

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