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Hellblazer, Volume 13: Haunted

Hellblazer Volume Haunted In this collection Constantine must investigate the horrific death of a former girlfriend dig into an urban legend about the Devil s child exorcises a former torturer s ghost and help a Bosnian re

  • Title: Hellblazer, Volume 13: Haunted
  • Author: Warren Ellis Darko Macan John Higgins Tim Bradstreet Marcelo Frusín Gary Erskine
  • ISBN: 9781401261412
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this collection, Constantine must investigate the horrific death of a former girlfriend, dig into an urban legend about the Devil s child, exorcises a former torturer s ghost, and help a Bosnian refugee family.Collecting Hellblazer 134 145

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Hellblazer, Volume 13: Haunted | by ☆ Warren Ellis Darko Macan John Higgins Tim Bradstreet Marcelo Frusín Gary Erskine
      387 Warren Ellis Darko Macan John Higgins Tim Bradstreet Marcelo Frusín Gary Erskine
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ✓ Hellblazer, Volume 13: Haunted | by ☆ Warren Ellis Darko Macan John Higgins Tim Bradstreet Marcelo Frusín Gary Erskine
      Posted by:Warren Ellis Darko Macan John Higgins Tim Bradstreet Marcelo Frusín Gary Erskine
      Published :2019-01-23T13:57:27+00:00

    1 thought on “Hellblazer, Volume 13: Haunted

    1. Ugh, be careful what you wish for, eh? I thought a Warren Ellis-scripted Hellblazer would be a chicken dinner but it proved to be much too bitter for my taste.Ellis’ six-part story Haunted sees John Constantine looking for an Aleister Crowley wannabe who murdered his ex in a bloody ritual. John’s vengeful journey takes him through the dark underbelly of London. The story is meandering at best and gratuitously miserable and dark. The pages are full of sad people living in filth, doing needle [...]

    2. Overall rating: 3.5*Haunted: 3*Locked: 3.5*The Crib: 2*Setting Sun: 4.5*One Last Song: 4*Telling Tales: 3.5*Ashes and Honey: 4*A lot of people are not going to like this volume. I can't say why, it's just a gut feeling. Not that it's bad, I mean, it's Warren Ellis writing, but it's just a bit of a deviation from what we've come to expect of Constantine stories. First off, there's not that usual JC flair, no manipulation, and general nihilism. Warren's JC is very political, not in the sense that [...]

    3. I've been working through an era of Hellblazer I hadn't explored before, starting with Mike Carey and then working backwards through Ennis' Son of Man and this volume, which collectively form the narrative foundation of Carey's run. More specifically, the main attraction here -- the 6-part "Haunted" -- provides much of the background cast that Carey pulls from, way down in Vol. 16. But because these are the overstuffed reprint editions, this new collection contains not only "Haunted," but a scat [...]

    4. It really is a shame Warren Ellis didn't stick around longer as the writer of Hellblazer. He only did one multi-part story and a handful of one-offs, but I think you'll find most fans agree they are some of the very best Hellblazer stories anyone ever did, and his agenda as a writer was unique and worthwhile. But circumstances I'll get into later led to him leaving the gig much earlier than planned. This volume, "Haunted", contains the entirely of Ellis' work with John Constantine.Spoilers follo [...]

    5. Warning, not for the faint of heart.Of course that applies to probably 80% of Hellblazer stories, but this volume especially so. With Warren Ellis at the head, there are some truly gruesome stories here, most grounded in the horribleness of humans as opposed to the usual demons and monsters John usually fights. The 6 part Haunted story is essentially one long revenge fantasy as John deals with an upstart magician who killed an old girlfriend of his. It's grim, to say the least. But that's barely [...]

    6. Warren Ellis takes over to write the best volume since volume 7.#134-139 Haunted 5/5Constantine recognize a name in a tiny article about a murder. It brings back memories of better times and bitter mistakes. Okay, this gets graphic, but in description only. A lot of people have claimed this is disgusting for its own sake, and then I find they loved the last Ennis arc… I do not understand. There is nothing here that is any worse than anything Ennis wrote and had others depict (Look at the cover [...]

    7. Most of the stories here are classic Hellblazere ones where you go to read a tale of that smug prat Constantine fighting the forces of evil from hell itself, but the sneaky bastard has you feeling all sentimental by the end. Good stuff.

    8. This is the stuff. Warren Ellis writes John Constantine. One long story, a few short ones, all of them pretty damned good. Shame his run was cut so short, but that's what happens when you go telling Americans true things about their bloody guns, I 'spose.

    9. This is one of the most beautiful comic collections I have ever read. Never before have I felt real terror, sadness, humor, regret, nostalgia and such emotion in one collection. Ahem, "omnibus" because it's a comic right?John Constantine is one of my new favorite characters in all of the comic universe. He has a sort of stunted compassion behind a hard shell that leaks with softness and warm goo at times. Each story is completely different and expertly crafted. I wish Ellis would have stuck arou [...]

    10. This has been my favorite volume of Vertigo's Hellblazer collection so far, it feels like someone is actually paying attention to what they put inside it for once. I mean they get my money no matter what, but it's still nice to have the effort made.Volume 13 is basically a wrap up of Ellis's run, starting out with the four part arc "Haunted", a sturdy but generic revenge story centering around the murder of one of John's exes. Being the sort of dude who will push you in front of a bus for slowin [...]

    11. I had been waiting for this particular volume of Hellblazer for a while since it contains stories by Warren Ellis one of my favourite writers of comic books. It was not what I expected but it did not disappoint. My short review is - gripping stories with the John Constantine I like. My longer review - I guess what I was expecting was some of that clever Ellis story writing that is brimming with new ideas and interesting twists but (often) little character. His stories were actually fairly straig [...]

    12. Most of the short stories in this volume are really boring or just plain bad. It tried hard to display gore but for no particular reasons other than to add visual flavour to the plot. I hated however story had a different artist with varied quality of drawing, however the stories are all equally bad.

    13. A lot of one off stories in this one. There are a couple multi issue story lines. Constantine does manage to get worked over at least once but for the most part he stays intact body and soul. The title pretty much covers the theme. Constantine deals with actual ghosts and the ghosts in his head from the many tragedies in his life. This was a fun quick read.

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