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Convincing Lina

Convincing Lina I m on a man fast You heard me a male detoxification plan WELCOME BACK TO SHELL COVE MEDICAL CENTER WHERE THERAPY SESSIONS IN SEDUCTION ARE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED Lina James psychiatric nurse

  • Title: Convincing Lina
  • Author: Siera London
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I m on a man fast You heard me, a male detoxification plan WELCOME BACK TO SHELL COVE MEDICAL CENTER WHERE THERAPY SESSIONS IN SEDUCTION ARE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED Lina James, psychiatric nurse and self proclaimed independent woman isn t going to allow another man to walk out of her life Her love is officially off the market She s declared a preemptive strike onI m on a man fast You heard me, a male detoxification plan WELCOME BACK TO SHELL COVE MEDICAL CENTER WHERE THERAPY SESSIONS IN SEDUCTION ARE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED Lina James, psychiatric nurse and self proclaimed independent woman isn t going to allow another man to walk out of her life Her love is officially off the market She s declared a preemptive strike on the male species with a man fast There s just one glitch in Lina s detox plan Gideon Her blood sugars spikes remembering the one kiss they shared Gideon Rice, is a veteran Marine and respected psychiatrist with emotional wounds than his patients He lives his life in camouflage a wall between his rejection filled past and his new life ensures the two worlds never intersect Gideon s life plan is simple give wounded warriors a place to heal and convince Lina James she s the only woman for him When Lina s past brings danger to her doorstep, she s forced to accept Gideon s help His tender touch and determination to keep her safe, rocks the foundation of her man fast, but she s determined to resist her cravings How will she keep him at arms length when he is the safe haven she s always wanted In a high stakes game of cat and mouse, how will they find the courage to risk their hearts in a fight for their lives WARNING This book contains a sexy, but tortured former Marine in a beautiful beach town If you have a pulse, you will find yourself cheering for the rollercoaster ride that real love can simulate as you read this novel Reader on Chasing Ava BOOK 1 CHASING AVA BOOK 2 CONVINCING LINA BOOK 3 CATCHING REBECCA COMING SOON BOOK 4 CLAIMING JANNA in 2016

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    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ☆ Convincing Lina - by Siera London å
      450 Siera London
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    1 thought on “Convincing Lina

    1. Another HitI loved how this book was totally different but encircling of the 1st. There are lots of additional books that can come from these characters. Keep them coming

    2. I love that we're getting a look at Ava's best friend Lina in this second book as well as getting to know Gideon a bit better. He was a bit of an enigma for me as was Lina in the first book. Ooooh, BETAS. Gotta love the BETAS. When Gideon appropriates Lina for his clinic, what is she going to do? While Gideon tries to woo Lina, she's having nothing of it. Who is Troy? Who is the person that keeps breaking into Lina's place? Who are Moon, Sky, and Star? When Lina finds herself wanted by three, no [...]

    3. WOW-twists and turns!WOW, this story included many twists and turns. Any story with Lina couldn't be simple. She is such a complicated character that only a multilevel story would do her justice. Only she could have two ex-lovers, a current Love and two drugged out mad men wanting her. The best part of this story was the plot dealing with family reconciliation. It showed that family isn't only biological and that not acknowledging your past doesn't make it go away.

    4. The second book in London’s ‘Bachelor’s of Shell Cove’ series is Lina James’s story. Lina’s the best friend to Ava Walters from ‘Chasing Ava’ - Book 1. I liked book 1 better and I didn't like that one all that much. The story line in this is similar to book 1, both of the main characters are in medical. Gideon, a former Marine now a psychiatrist at Shell Cove Medical Center and Lina is one of the psych nurses on staff. These two has a brief meeting of the lips in the first book a [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book and the characters were so well written. The story line was good and the book was very well developed. You will not be sorry you bought this book

    6. "I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review." I read the first book and then got this one free, although I'd actually bought it too I thought I'd write a review on it. The first book was great but this was even better. They are nothing alike and each can be read as a stand alone book. It takes you through every emotion wanting the Dr to get his girl, Gideon is the handsome Dr that falls for the nurse but the story twists and turns as she gets a stalker. [...]

    7. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the last book. The H and h lacked chemistry and heat. The h had too many hangups about men and kept the H at a distance. Plus, the H's issue with his family didn't make any sense. The story was a little scattered with new revelations and twists that didn't flow but seemed like new surprises added in to create drama. I didn't like the h to be honest, her character just seemed annoying. I still don't understand why that guy was stalking her and why the other guy [...]

    8. ConvincedThis was a great read from beginning to end. From Lina's attempt to stick to her "man fast" to the twists and turns of her stalker, the storyline kept you guessing. Gideon was a character you could love and dislike at the same time. There were times he came off as an over-possessive caveman, but as the story took shape, you started understanding his actions. One thing that was undeniable was the attraction/love they shared for each other. Can't wait to read the next installment of the B [...]

    9. Another Good ReadThis is another good book by Siera London. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed both characters' background stories and their interactions with one another. All of the ancillary characters directly related to the main characters are interesting too. Several of them could easily have their own books. And I also like how you continue to find out what is going on in other characters' lives that were featured in the first book.

    10. Protector, stalker, or lovers?This was my first read by Sierra London and I was pleased. Lina was incredibly annoying to me at first with her pathetic man fast idea and inner dialogue. The substitute cursing was ridiculous either curse or don't. Every time I read ine it ot on my nerves. Who says things like"what the flagnoid?" Gideon was a bit much to take in the beginning as well easy too possessive for my tastes. However he grew in me. Both Lina and Gideon had things in their past that they fa [...]

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