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Down the Darkest Street

Down the Darkest Street Pete Fernandez should be dead His life professional and personal is in ruins His best friend is dead His newspaper career is past tense His ex is staying with him as her own marriage crumbles On top o

  • Title: Down the Darkest Street
  • Author: Alex Segura
  • ISBN: 9781940610757
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pete Fernandez should be dead His life professional and personal is in ruins His best friend is dead His newspaper career is past tense His ex is staying with him as her own marriage crumbles On top of that, the former journalist finds himself in the eye of a dangerous storm investigating a missing girl with an unexpected partner and inching closer and closer toPete Fernandez should be dead His life professional and personal is in ruins His best friend is dead His newspaper career is past tense His ex is staying with him as her own marriage crumbles On top of that, the former journalist finds himself in the eye of a dangerous storm investigating a missing girl with an unexpected partner and inching closer and closer to a vicious, calculating killer cutting a swath of blood across Miami while at the same time battling his own personal demons that refuse to be silenced.Down the Darkest Street, the hard boiled sequel to Alex Segura s acclaimed debut, Silent City, tells a tale of redemption, survival and the sordid backstreets of Miami while asking the question that many are too scared to answer When faced with pure darkness, would you fold or fight

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    1 thought on “Down the Darkest Street

    1. I really like this series. This book seems to be the end of a two book origin story. I am curious to see where it goes from here especially after what Pete has been through.

    2. I'm going to keep it real here: I did not like this book very much. It's awkward for me to say so because I gave a so-so review to the author's first novel and he took it on the chin like a champ, but I have a complete honesty policy here. It's not a poorly written book. It's not even stupid. Most problems I had with it, you might not have. What I mean by that is that DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is targeted for a particular public: people who don't have expectations, who just want to spend a good ti [...]

    3. I read Segura’s first book SILENT CITY within the span of one day. DOWN THE DARKEST STREETS continues this trend, as I finished it in one day while recuperating from a cold. The story picks up a few months after Silent City, and that’s one of the things I enjoyed most about the book. Neither Segura, nor Pete Fernandez himself forget the events of Silent City. They follow Pete through the bars, alleys, and Miami streets of Down the Darkest Street. In the process, Segura builds a new mystery i [...]

    4. Pete Fernandez's life is in ruins, yet he doesn't give up. He fights, and it gets worse.Have to admire a person who under great danger perseveres and presses forward. When things got bad, it became worse, making this an excellent plot.(Nearly every character used "colorful" language. That took away from the story.)The main reason I enjoy these stories is the character arch of Pete. He's bettering himself, moving away from alcohol's grip on his life.The characters showed their human side, making [...]

    5. Pete Fernandez didn't see the kick coming.Set roughly a year after Silent City, Pete Fernandez has hit bottom. He gained some minor celebrity from stopping the Silent Death, but drank it, and most of the goodwill of his fellow man, away. After one especially bad night, he decides to clean up his act and it works out pretty well for him. He's got a job at a local bookstore and his ex, Emily, is moving in with him after a separation from her husband. But when Pete gets involved with a case of a mi [...]

    6. One of the things I loved about Alex Segura's debut novel “Silent City” was that it was something you don't often see in the private detective genre, an origin story. In the book you got to follow disgruntled, hard drinking Pete Fernandez on his journey from worker at a Miami newspaper to becoming a private detective. It was a rare tale for the genre and did some incredibly cool things. So I was excited to see where Segura took Pete in his follow up book “Down the Darkest Street” (which [...]

    7. I've love so much the "Pete Fernandez " 3, that i really have to read the second book. Love it. Action thrill and action again. Really looking for his next story. Love the writing of Alex Segura.

    8. Down the Darkest Street by Alex Segura From Lawrence Block's MATTHEW SCUDDER to Laura Lippman TESS MONAGHAN to Andrew Vachss' BURKE -- some of my favorite fictional characters are found deep within the pages of episodic detective novels. In DOWN THE DARKEST STREET, Alex Segura (Archie Comics, THE SILENT CITY) breathes life into PETE FERNANDEZ, creating a deep portrayal of a somebody you think you might know, but kinda wish you didn't. Pete has screwed up his relationships, struggles with his re [...]

    9. I have the pleasure of hearing Alex Segura speak during a Mysterious Bookstore event months ago, as he read chapters of his book Dangerous Ends. I was pleasantly surprised by how his character Pete Fernandez managed to survive in the real world. Segura seems to cast Pete as his shadow-self -- a dark compulsive personality type who can't help but get into trouble. It makes reading this first story infinitely compelling. I binge read Down the Darkest Street with Silent City during a weekend. Segur [...]

    10. This is an excellent standalone novel in the Pete Fernandez Mystery series. I liked it so much that I plan to read the other books in the series. Pete Fernandez is down on his luck both personally and professionally. He is a former journalist who is out of work, an alcoholic, divorced from his wife, and has lost his best friend. The book begins about 2 years after he successfully unraveled and rescued Kathy, a journalist who had been kidnapped. Following a complicated set of circumstances, Pete [...]

    11. As a fan of noir and mystery, it was a joy to read Segura's take on Miami. It's like he did a seance to channel Hammet and Chandler to describe the city's juxtaposition of sunshine and it's dark underworld. Thrilling, phenomenal, with a suspenseful final act, Down the Darkest Street is a fantastic follow up to Silent City.

    12. I love Pete!I love this character and I love this series! There's just something unique about Pete Fernandez, that makes him so likeable even though he is just so messed up in so many ways.Alex Segura has proven that knows how to write a gripping story! This second book in the series just whet's my appetite for more Pete Fernandez! Bring it on Alex!!!!

    13. A fantastic summer read. Down the Darkest Street is a mystery that moves along at a rapid pace with nuanced characters, real world issues (including cell phone charging problems) and clever musical references. Even though I've read a kazillion mysteries, Segura managed to surprise me a couple of times with big reveals. If you dig Matthew Scudder adventures or novels by Harlan Coben, you'll enjoy this one.

    14. I won my copy of this book free through a giveaway.I liked this book. It is about recovering alcoholic whose ex-wife comes to stay with him around the same time as he gets drawn into a serial killer investigation. His investigation irritates the FBI, enough that one of the FBI agents on the case seems particularly hostile to Pete and his reporter friend Kathy, beyond what I would expect from any real FBI agents. And, Pete seems to be having a lot more success with the investigation that the pol [...]

    15. via NYPL - Alex Segura isn't really reinventing the sadsack, alcoholic detective template in "Down the Darkest Street," but he's crafted a largely enjoyable novel. I missed "Silent City," the first of the Pete Fernandez tales (my library doesn't have it) and that book casts a long shadow over this one, but the shadow is pretty well explained and more evident in Pete's mood than any plot-based connection. So yes, you can jump right into this novel if you come across it first. Pete's a well crafte [...]

    16. Darker than SILENT CITY, and more tightly plotted, DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is a great followup. Washed-up journalist Pete Fernandez is back. As is Miami -- especially southern and suburban Miami-Dade County -- at least as much a character as Pete's ex-wife, sorta friends, and the serial killer (or is it killers) roaming the book. Segura takes you down all the back alleys, seedy bars, and exurban strip malls tourists never see and finds in them the kind of menace Florida is regularly known for. " [...]

    17. The burgeoning detective career of Pete Fernandez continues in Down the Darkest Street, and despite setbacks and mistakes, Pete perseveres. He's an unusual creation, a man we watch learning to be a private eye, a process that comes with messiness and grief. In a sense, this book and Segura's previous novel, Silent City, feel like origin stories, tales of a character's difficult evolution. That personal evolution, Pete Fernandez's, is still ongoing, and I get the feeling that whatever triumphs he [...]

    18. Down the Darkest Street was a book I received through the giveaway. It is Pete Fernandez mystery taking place in Miami. This plot dealt with missing girls and a serial killer. Pete gets involved in unraveling the mystery; however, he has fewer friends to help him this time. Also, the murderer is out to get Pete, too.I liked this book much better than Silent City, the first in the series. Pete is getting control of his drinking, and I appreciated his struggle to fight the demons of alcohol. Ther [...]

    19. Actual rating: 2.5Mostly, I'm just annoyed that the Miami setting and my interest in the author's online presence suck me into reading two books in a series that I realized about halfway through the second one just isn't very good. The main character is entirely unappealing and makes the same mistakes over and over again, including putting his good friends in danger and mistreating everyone around him, the surprise! twists! are always the most obvious surprise! twists! available to the story, a [...]

    20. If you've read SILENT CITY, you know Pete Fernandez. But when you read DOWN THE DARKEST STREET, you learn that Pete's life is going to go to hell. Poor Pete. Things are bad in SILENT CITY, but this book is filled with the anxiety that it's only going to get worse and boy does it. Alex writes a book about the neon lights of Miami, but is still drenched with darkness. This book flies. Each move Pete makes sets off dominos that lead to one of the most heartbreaking scenes I read this year. And, yet [...]

    21. Commercial crime fiction is no easy task for a writer. There are a lot of moving parts but the veneer of these novels need to to appear smooth and effortless. What Alex Segura does with 'Down The Darkest Street' is clearly assert himself as a confident and capable practitioner of this stuff. His main character (the struggling Fernandez) and the bit-players are all well drawn and the plot very briskly moves these people into the mystery. Throughout, Segura keeps the balance of character to pace j [...]

    22. I truly enjoyed this sequel to Silent City. It was faster-paced, grittier, and even more rewarding. Segura nails the Miami visitors rarely see. Pete Fernandez is a brilliantly real person. You want to meet him one day, but not because you need to. I can barely wait until this time next year when the third installment becomes available.

    23. Delightfully hard-boiled, this mystery follows Pete Fernandez as his self-destructive tendencies war with his PI instincts. A knife-happy serial killer makes this well-written novel plenty suspenseful.ow/WS0JK

    24. Book was well written, but was not the type of book that I read. Other readers may find it very appealing.

    25. I sort of liked Pete Fernandez and most of the other characters. Most of the writing was pretty good but the story wrapped up too easily. The killer's M-O was good but the story somehow just did not ping me. I may read the new one, just to be sure.

    26. Well, I finished this, but I'm not sure why. Unless you like to read about serial killers who are total psychopaths and a protagonist with few redeeming characteristics, I wouldn't recommend it. Fernandez is loyal to his friends, granted, but apart from that, he's not a very likable hero.

    27. It’s been a year since we last saw Pete Fernandez in Silent City. And while he made it out of the events of that book alive, he may wish he hadn’t.Fernandez has lost his job as a journalist, his marriage has fallen apart, his best friend was killed, and he’s learned those closest to you are the ones whose betrayal hurts the most—and are the ones that you never see coming.And in case you think life is taking a turn for the better for Fernandez, Down the Darkest Street opens with Fernandez [...]

    28. When I started this book, I was struck by how dark it was, and how poorly Pete was doing. When we left him in "Silent City" it seemed like he was, if not doing well, then at least getting his shit together. Nope. I liked "Down the Darkest Street" even more than "Silent City" partly it did surprise me a few times. I won't give any more examples, as I hope everyone goes out and reads it for themselves. I appreciated seeing Pete's character develop, and getting more insight into some of the other c [...]

    29. DOWN THE DARKEST STREET is a story about one man trying to stay one step ahead of his past and make a new life for himself. In Pete Fernandez’s attempts to save young women in Miami from a serial killer, he just might save himself in the process.

    30. Segura marked himself as a writer to watch with Silent City, but with Down the Darkest Street he has most definitely arrived. This is the true-definition of a page-turning read, and Pete Fernandez is an increasingly fascinating and deeply drawn protagonist.

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