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Los 4 Fantásticos: La solución suprema

Los Fant sticos La soluci n suprema Esta es la soluci n suprema

  • Title: Los 4 Fantásticos: La solución suprema
  • Author: Walter Simonson
  • ISBN: 8439502850
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Esta es la soluci n suprema

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Los 4 Fantásticos: La solución suprema | by ↠ Walter Simonson
      249 Walter Simonson
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ☆ Los 4 Fantásticos: La solución suprema | by ↠ Walter Simonson
      Posted by:Walter Simonson
      Published :2018-01-22T01:23:45+00:00

    1 thought on “Los 4 Fantásticos: La solución suprema

    1. 334 - 336: With the super hero registration act looming, the Fantastic Four head to Washington DC with numerous C-list super villains attacking them every step of the way.Walter Simonson's run starts by being shackled by the Acts of Vengeance crossover but he makes the most of it. It's very timely with Civil War in the theaters that the super heroes were battling registration almost 30 years ago. The Fantastic Four battle The Constrictor, The Beetle, the Shocker, Ramrod, Plantman, Quill, Thunder [...]

    2. This volume collects Fantastic Four #334–341, all written by Walter Simonson, with art by Rich Buckler (#334–335, inks by Romeo Tanghal), Ron Lim (#336, inks by Mike Decarlo) and Simonson himself (both pencilling and inking) for the remaining five issues.Being a huge fan of Simonson's legendary run on Thor (which is highly recommended), I was mighty curious about his run on the FF. So, how is it? Not too bad; not at all. But it is a bumpy ride.The opening (non-Simonson drawn) three-parter is [...]

    3. Acts of Vengeance (334-336). A mediocre start to Simonson's run. The plot of pathetic villains attacking the FF goes on 3 issues too long, and the plot of superhuman registration ends up being dull and heavy-handed. Both had potential, but neither comes off well [5+/10].Into the Time-Stream (337-341). This arc has some great cosmic ideas and beautiful Simonson art. The plotting is unfortunately a bit plodding once you get past those big ideas, and Iron Man and Thor detract from this being a part [...]

    4. While a big improvement over the post-Byrne drek that FF had become, Walt Simonson shovels on so much cosmic stuff and tries to wrap up a bunch of story threads from other comics he's worked on that the FF get a bit lost in the shuffle and feel like guest stars in their own comic.On the plus side, the characterization is strong, the art is nice and some of the cosmic moments are knock your socks off cool.Just the story goes on too long and by the time it's wrapped up you are exhausted and a bit [...]

    5. Although I liked the social commentary, the first story in this trade wasn't really my cup of tea. The second story (spanning 5 issues) was on a cosmic level which I usually don't enjoy but it really surprised me! Perhaps it was because of Thor (considering it was written by Simonson I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise)? I mean "Friend Iron Man, stand aside whilst Thor doth prove his mettle 'gainst yonder villains!", right guys? Not recommended as your first adventure with the FF, but s [...]

    6. The first story is very good. All about a Superhuman Registration Act, and only Reed Richards can stop it. It also ties in with 'Acts of Vengeance' and there is a slapstick element to the plot that can be amusing. I was surprised when reading this because I always thought that was brought in for 'Civil War', so this was interesting. The cosmic story was ok, and tied in with an Avengers storyline.

    7. This was fun, the plot moved faster than you could keep up which for a Fantastic Four story is just fine. The collection starts weird with the FF testifying before congress which isn't very super but just as scary if not more scary than fighting skulls. Awesome start to Mr. Simonson's run.

    8. Simonson did some amazing, career-defining work on Thor, but his Fantastic Four stories vary wildly between weak and incomprehensible. Very disappointing.

    9. Unexpectedly breathtaking. Crazy, insane, over-the-top superheroics at their best. This is Simonson at the peak of his powers.

    10. As fun as this volume is, it makes me glad that comic book writing has evolved over the years. Corny, cliched, slightly lame but the story is amusing.

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