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Hunt for the Garde

Hunt for the Garde In this villainous one hundred page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series get a unprecedented look at the invasion from three different Mogadorians hoping to c

  • Title: Hunt for the Garde
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: 9780062387707
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
  • In this villainous one hundred page companion novella to the 1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, get a unprecedented look at the invasion from three different Mogadorians hoping to conquer Earth This novella picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of The Fate of Ten and coincides with the events of United as One, the final book in this epic seIn this villainous one hundred page companion novella to the 1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, get a unprecedented look at the invasion from three different Mogadorians hoping to conquer Earth This novella picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of The Fate of Ten and coincides with the events of United as One, the final book in this epic series.After the Mogadorian leader is struck with a potentially fatal blow, it becomes uncertain who will step in for him and how the Mogs should proceed with their invasion of the planet This power vacuum has wide reaching ramifications One Mog, who has been on a quest for redemption ever since she first let the Garde slip through her fingers, is given an unimaginable opportunity to make things right with the Beloved Leader Another, who has an unquenchable thirst for blood, jumps at the opportunity to hunt down the human teens who have begun to develop Legacies And the last Mog, who has been questioning everything since he crossed paths with Adam, is forced to decide once and for all where his allegiances lie While the fate of the Mogadorian leader is unknown, the one thing that is for certain is that this war is coming to an end and there can only be one side that wins.

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      166 Pittacus Lore
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    1 thought on “Hunt for the Garde

    1. This was the last of the novellas in the Lorien Legacies series that I put off reading because it encompasses three point of views of different Mogadorians, and I really didn't feel like reading anything in their point of view. However, I didn't mind this as much as I thought I would. The writing was on par with all of the other books and novellas in the series, and it was interesting to get a different viewpoint on everything that was happening towards the end of the series. I'm glad I read it [...]

    2. Qué final con tanto suspenso! Bang! Este y Última Defensa revelaron tanta información como un libro regular. Apenas puede recordar Rex, tuve que retomar una secuela anterior, una vez que la había vuelvo a leer todo tenia sentido. Fue divertido como los Mogs adoran Setrakus Ra! Jajajaja.Estoy lista para UNIDOS COMO UNO!

    3. Three Mogadorian POV's.At last, an insight on what's happening within the other sideOne's a deranged trueborn devotee of the Mogadorian cause, who, given a chance, would wholeheartedly sacrifice her life to protect her " Beloved Leader". Eager to prove her worth after the Gardes thwarted her again and again.Loyal and dedicated but an insane believer nevertheless. Next one's a blood-thirsty vast-born Mog. A fearless hunter, a predator thrilled when face with their enemies whom he can easily crush [...]

    4. Estos archivos me dieron una perspectiva mas amplia de los mogadorianos, pero sin duda Rex sigue siendo uno de mis personajes favoritos junto con Adam

    5. The 15th evolution of the Lost Files was split into 3 parts. This was an interesting set of stories in that it focused entirely on the Mogadorians. Unlike past stories, this did not focus on a Mogadorian that wanted to switch sides, this was about a 3 different Mogadorians, 2 of which have nothing but hate for the Loric and Humans and a third which is somewhat unsure.The first story follows Phiri Dun-Ra, immediately after the events of the Fate of Ten, in which Setrakus Ra has been struck down. [...]

    6. I liked this book a lot, but I've read them all & think they're all fantastic. Usually, a series throws in novellas that add nothing to the plot, but with the Lost Files, I feel like we've gotten really dialed in with extra details that enrich the storyThere are three main stories here, the first, Legacies Reborn, focuses on new Garde, Daniela, one of the teens from earth who gained a legacy upon awakening Lorien on earth. It's Daniela's POV throughout, so yeah, not a lot of newness to sink [...]

    7. What a cliff-hanger ending! Dang! This and Last Defense revealed as much info as the regular series. I can barely remember Rex being in the other Novellas. Once I reread everything then it will all make sense. I love how the Mogs worship Setrakus Ra!

    8. Three part story from three different Mogadorians. One, Phiri Dun-Ra which we all have met and hate. Two, Vintaro Ushaba which gave the perspective of he vat born and their love of war. Three, we meet Rexicus Saturnus again. He is Adam's friend who helped him locate and rescue the lost Lorien animals. He as his doubts about the Mog mission, but does not know what to do about it.

    9. All three perspectives within this novel are from the Mogadorian perspective. That's a neat treat. Phiri Dun-Ra being selected for augmentation. Mr. Vatborn collecting humans with powers. Mr. Trueborn with doubts.

    10. Three stories from 3 Mogs POV it's horrifying to read how slavishly obedient and devoted the Mogs are to Setrakus Ra. Beloved Leader this, Beloved Leader that their every thought is for, about, from Setrakus Ra.

    11. Por fin! a lo que estaba acostumbrado; info extra y bueba, buena narración y acción, sin dudas un tipo de lost files que ya extrañaba.Historias de tres puntos de vistas mogadorianos;RESUMEN CON SPOILERS1era; Luego de que Ra quedo muy mal herido en México, Phiri empieza a liderar, al antes nombrado lo llevan a un tanque de curación, y luego que este empieza a mejorar recompenza a Phiri dejandola de la primera mogadoriano con una nueva mejora (sospecho que tiene que ver con los garde humanos) [...]

    12. Next to last of the Lorian books. Cry.This is in three parts each in a different characters POV. Also about 30% of this book is excerpts from previous books and other stuff. So we kind of got gipped.Part one: Phiri Dun-Ra. Remember she was the female leader that disappeared into the jungle after the Garde arrived at the Sanctuary and caused them all that trouble. This starts at the end of the battle with ‘The Beloved Leader’. He is wounded and she takes command of the ship which leads her to [...]

    13. En realidad un 3, o 3.5 si es mucho el caso. Los tres puntos de vista que nos muestran de los mogs me gustaron *mas el ultimo* pero no en el mismo nivel. No quiero decir muchas cosas porque hay una que otra sorpresa *que en realidad yo ya me imaginaba*.Me da mucha tristeza todo lo que esta pasando con los chicos que manifiestan sus nuevos legados :'( . Algo que odie pero que ya veía venir es lo de los pensamientos tan dependientes de los mogs para el amado lider. ¡¡¡¡Dios!!!! en serio que c [...]

    14. Part One of this novella describes Chapter 23 of "The Fate of Ten" from the POV of Phiri Dun-Ra. It was interesting to learn more about her character. I didn't think that Part Two about a vat-born Mog named Vintaro Ushaba added much to the overall storyline. In Part Three, Rexicus (Rex) makes his reappearance and we see how his attitudes about "Mogadorian Progress" are gradually changing. Of these three characters, it seems obvious to me that Phiri Dun-Ra and Rexicus will have significant roles [...]

    15. “There has to be more to the Mogadorians—to me—than war and brutality. It’s not too late to change.” — Rexicus SaturnusYou don't know what it was like to be inside the head of these Mogs especially Phiri Dun-Ra. They are evils. I even got chills while reading Dun-Ra's and Vintaro's point of views. Their 'loyalty' to their Beloved Leader was unbelievable. My goodbess. Only Rex has the hope for change among the three. Thank the Lorien for Adam's influence on him. This is the scariest n [...]

    16. This novella is told from the point of view of several Mogadorians, most of whom of course are more than eager to follow out the orders of Setrakus Ra, as well as Adam's old ally, Rex, who as it turns out is still questioning the morality of Mogadorian Progress. What we take away from this novella is that the Mogs are busy rounding up the humans who developed legacies, they have horrendous plans and weapons that are to be unleashed, and hopefully the Garde will have a new ally in Rex in the near [...]

    17. Phiri Dun-Ra, the savage bitch that almost cost the Garde's life at the shrine. WHY IS SHE STILL ALIVE?Vintaro Üshaba, a Mogadorian who wanted to be seen as someone who can help and thus so by hunting down humans with legacies.Rexicus Saturnus, someone who is doubting the Mogadorian way and doesn't want any war and is just cute and idk why HAHAHA.Three Mogadorians, three different personalities. It's nice to see that not ALL Mogadorians are bad (just like Adam) and how they can help the Garde i [...]

    18. A nice and insightful look behind the scenes of the Mogadorian chain of command. Every pov brought something new to the table, not to mention a glimpse of what's happening in the first stages of the upcoming book. The third pov in particular made me wonder if there is in fact a faction of Mogadorians that has doubts about the war and would like support peace and cooperation over war. I hope there is. It would make the last book even more interesting.The closing lines of the novella were golden. [...]

    19. What the freaking thing was that about in the comms line of the Mogs, Adam?!The novella ends in this one. I really need to get my hands on United as One! I can't even figure out why Adam exist there with his old people between the communications.What is it with all this invasion?A conspiracy to be unveiled.It will really end this time. Lorien and Earth will fight!

    20. Un complemento interesante, mejor de los anteriores dos donde no aportaba ese extra que necesitábamos. Aunque no es el mejor archivo perdido, ya que solo son los puntos de vista que vivieron estos personajes durante “Unidos como Uno” esta lleno de toques de acción, en especial porque por fin el autor nos trajo de nuevo a Rex.

    21. Ugh! Another cliffhanger. You'd think I'd expect it by now. Different as in pov from enemy side, but hard to care when you don't have anything to invest in story till last half of the third part. HATE the ending. WTF is with a whole novella's only purpose is marketing for book released at end of the month?! 2.75 stars

    22. Nice one. I like how Lore at first lets us inside the mind of two loyal Trueborns before entering Rex's mind so that the difference between their way of thinking and his is more clear. Rex is a traitor to Beloved Leader and it shows. He and Adam are rare gems compared to the rest of the Mogadorians.

    23. Por fin el autor nos da una mirada tan cercana a los Mogadorianos y sus planes. Al fin sabemos un poco más sobre ellos, conocemos los puntos de vista de personajes tan importantes como Phiri y Rex, y sospechamos que este último seguro se unirá a Adam y los Lorienses, lo cual es sencillamente increíble. No puedo esperar a que sea 28 para leer el final de esta maravillosa saga.

    24. This short follows three Mogadorians as they hunt down the human and Lorien Garde. I found it interesting to read from the villain's perspective, I just wish so many characters thoughts hadnt been crammed into so short. I wish it was three stories about the length of this single one.

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