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Zero Hour

Zero Hour You now have powersYou can fight backYou can help us save the world butYou must choose a side They know you have legacies They fear what you can become They will hunt you down They will never stop se

  • Title: Zero Hour
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: 9780062457974
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Audio
  • You now have powersYou can fight backYou can help us save the world, butYou must choose a side.They know you have legacies.They fear what you can become.They will hunt you down.They will never stop searching.Lorien chose you We hope it chose well.

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    1 thought on “Zero Hour

    1. Perfect timing - I got this one at the library almost at the same time that they acquired extra copies of United As One, so I was able to get myself properly prepared for the Lorien Legacies' Grand Finale.The first story in this collection is told by Dani, one of the newly Garde-empowered humans featured in the brand-new final book, and details her initial flight from New York in the wake of the Mog attack. Then she meets John and Sam and gets to take part in the fight for real. Narration-wise, [...]

    2. 3.5/5 This officially concludes the whole series for me. I don't think these stories are completely necessary but they do provide different points of view.

    3. So this probbbbabbllly doesn't deserve 4 stars but I don't care because I've read like a billion of these books and I'm way too invested to stop loving them now. I didn't like these stories as much as some of the older ones, especially the ones about Adam. Both Danielle's and Malcolm's were interesting, but felt unnecessary. Adam must have like 4 short stories, maybe? It was amazing because it was like getting a whole other story instead of just the same one from someone else's perspective, ya k [...]

    4. This was a nice refresher of memory before I start the final book. Though I do miss the old voices of the Lost Files

    5. The last set of novellas for the series. If you are reading the series, do read the novellas also. They fill our the story quite a bit. Now onto the last book.

    6. Lost Files:(#13) Legacies Reborn:Daniela was having a normal day with her mother and step-father at breakfast, once they went their own ways things started to get weird and scary fast. Her mom calls her frantic and tells her to go home and be safe when the line suddenly cuts out. She makes it home and shortly after the Mogs they were watching on TV are in their apartment building. Her step-father tells her to run while he attacks the aliens as they come in through the door. That's the last she w [...]

    7. 3 starsnot much to say about this novella. its the last novella bind up in this series and I'm sad that this series is officially over. I should have read this book before reading the last book in the series, but I couldn't find this book in stores. I would have probably enjoyed this book more if I was not in a reading slump because my god, I really didn't want to read after finishing Love and Gelato. Like I was fine once I started reading, but it was impossible for me to be able to dedicate mys [...]

    8. I didn't realize this was a companion book. The audio book gave no indication what this was. It was marked #1, so I assumed it was the first in the series. So, that would partially explain its complete and utter suckiness and lack of plot.I was left wondering, what in the heck was that? There was no beginning and no end. I feel like I read chapters 4-6 of a 10 chapter book. But no, that's all there was.3 similarly themed short stories. And none were particularly compelling. I have zero motivatio [...]

    9. 4You don’t need to read The Lost Files in order to understand the plot of the main novels, but I really enjoy them since you learn about more secondary/minor characters. This one focused on what was happening to other characters during the events taking place in The Fate of Ten. Also, it serves as a bridge into the final book, United as One. Therefore, you will experience some spoilers about the last book while reading this one. You could read this after the final book just for more background [...]

    10. I enjoyed most of the book. Some of their POVs were kind of boring like: Malcolm's. Although interesting it was pretty boring. I didn't really like Dani's either but that probably has more to do with the fact that I was never interested in her to begin with.I did not understand the point of the Vat born Mog's chapters. What was the point of it? I suppose so we could see everybodies side but I think that chapter could have been left out 🤔My favorite one was- obviously- Rex's. Although, not act [...]

    11. I usually don't like novellas based on YA books. Feels like an afterthought just to make money but the "I am number four" novellas are really mandatory if you want to know the whole story.They really help to flesh out characters and this volume in particular gives an insight into the Mogadorian's mind. I would say this last novella volume is actually the weaker one of all the novellas volume but that doesn't mean it's a bad one.

    12. I thought I had picked up the regular "I am number four" book at the library, but didn't realize until the end that I had not. Perhaps that it why I thought none of it made sense. Just as I would get to know a character that section would end and on to another story. No section seemed to have a plot or anything interesting happen. This book doesn't make me want to pick up the correct one at all.

    13. The I am number four series is amazing I am surprised it is not more popular but regardless it is one of if not the best book I have ever read. The lost flies show tons of cool stuff about side charters like Sam (John best friend) and Atom (A mog double agent) The one I am reading show what Sam dad is thinking in battle. A girl with loric powers and Setrakus Ra first in commands option.

    14. I enjoyed this final collection of Lorien Legacy novellas! If you're reading the series then I highly recommend slotting in as many of these novellas as you can, they definitely all add to the story!

    15. Just finished the last book of The Lost Files! I'm not yet ready to read United As One this is sooo depressing. I'm so attached to the characters that I don't want to let go of this story, but at the same time, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Ugh, the struggle is real :(

    16. Ahhhhhhhh.Cliff hangers! Why so many cliff hangers! I've read the whole I am Number Four series and I must say; I enjoy The Lost Files. This one was no exception. These three (well 5, technically) files perfectly fit in to this universe (as usual). In fact, they end off *just* when The Fate of Ten ended. Which, is somewhat frustrating, but still fun.(view spoiler)[1. Legacies RebornLegacies Reborn follows a normal teenage girl named Daniela (Dani, for short). She is one of the many teenagers who [...]

    17. This was, by far, the worst collection of short stories in the I Am Number Four series. There were three stories and every one of them was boring and pointless. The first story was about Daniela, which if you read the last book in the series, you'll know who she is. She made me think of Shia Labeouf's character on I-Robot, when Will Smith tells him to quit cussing because he isn't good at it. She cussed through the whole story and sounded ridiculous every time she did. The second story was about [...]

    18. This book includes the latest (and last I hear) 3 novellas that are part of the I Am Number Four series by Pittacus Lore (pseudonym). A quick recap, if you're not familiar with the series. The series is comprised of novels and novellas. You can obtain the novellas individually as e-books or in 3-novella omnibus books. You should read the novels in order. The novellas mostly provide character backstories and some action that is tangential to the main plot in the novels. It's not critical that you [...]

    19. Three more back stories from the "I Am Number Four" series. We are getting towards the end now and these three are really exciting! The first is about Daniela, a new human character, who suddenly develops superpowers (or leagacies). How it happens and how she deals with it, is described with empathy and is typical of the strength of this series. We are way beyond action and consequence here; the authors are able to bring us into their story. What would you do if the earth was under attack? What [...]

    20. I wrote this review right after reading the book. Which I mistakenly thought was the first book in the series. Keeping my original review, but it makes sense now after reading the main books in the series. This was intended to be a three short stories or novellas. They flesh out a lot from the books. Having read the main stories, I increase my star rating as well.Upon re-read, seeing the disparate points of view (Daniella, Malcolm and assorted Mogs) was good. I really liked seeing Malcolm (an ad [...]

    21. I can't tell you how much I really like these novella in between stories for this series. I could have worded that sentence better but. I Don't care at the moment. They provide great information for what's to come that you normally wouldn't get. Fills in a lot of holes. Each novella storyline happens in order and connects at different intervals. I rated each novella with a star level which brought the average to 4 stars for the book. I am going to break it all down for you below. LEGACIES REBORN [...]

    22. I actually have to give this one 3.5 stars. It is a good addition to the Lost Files series and does fill-in a lot of the gabs however I felt like the first third of the book was a lot of repeat from the last story. I always enjoy hearing from our favourite father Malcom and it was very interesting to hear what goes on behind closed doors of the enemy. I, like the rest of you been following these characters for years and it is all leading up until the last book. One thing particular I like about [...]

    23. An interesting look into the back stories of three characters between the time of The Fate of Ten and United as One. One story is told through Danielas POV who's a Human granted Legacies. The second story is told through Malcolm Goodes POV and the third story is split between Phiri Dun Ra, a random Vatborn Soldier and Rexicus Saturnus, the trueborn Mog who helped Adam free the Chimarae in an earlier Novella. It provided interesting insight into parts of The Fate of Ten and United as One. I've al [...]

    24. 4.5 starsI loved the last two novellas for the insight given on Malcolm and the three mogadorians. I enjoyed how "Hunt for the Garde" was split into three different POVs, especially since I had wondered what happened to Rexicus after his adventure with Adam. However, I didn't really like the first novella about Daniela. It didn't add anything significant that we didn't already know in The Fate of Ten.

    25. The last book for the lost files series, and the whole I Am Number Four. I'll surely miss John Smith's story.The short stories takes us to not only know and experience three stories like the previous ones, but five stories. First is Daniela’s story, then Malcolm Goode, then three more minor mogadorian characters (Phiri-Dun-Ra, Vintaro Ushaba, and Rexicus Saturnus). Read more

    26. I enjoyed these, as the others. The last story is from the Mog perspective, or rather 3 Mogs, so that was a unique read. They are unquestioningly dedicated to Setrakus Ra, Beloved Leader, in a North Korea-esque manner. I also enjoyed the story from the perspective or a young Harlem girl with newfound legacies. I do wish it wasn't so stereotypical though--it reads as less authentic and more offensive.

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