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Inner City Blues

Inner City Blues Bree a high school student living in Dallas Texas has a natural intellect and a desire to succeed More than that Bree has a dream a dream that is quite unlike her peers at her city high school Bre

  • Title: Inner City Blues
  • Author: T.L. Wilmore
  • ISBN: 9781516921683
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bree, a high school student living in Dallas, Texas, has a natural intellect and a desire to succeed More than that, Bree has a dream a dream that is quite unlike her peers at her city high school Bree wants to go to college, study biology and make a name for herself in this world In a city filled with drugs, crime and violence, her world is in constant conflict withBree, a high school student living in Dallas, Texas, has a natural intellect and a desire to succeed More than that, Bree has a dream a dream that is quite unlike her peers at her city high school Bree wants to go to college, study biology and make a name for herself in this world In a city filled with drugs, crime and violence, her world is in constant conflict with her vision Bree s personal story intersects against a familial backdrop that provides challenges at every turn Her father is a drunk who is absent, both physically and emotionally, than he is present His abusive tendencies have driven away her brother towards a life embracing the criminal underbelly of the city Bree s mother is exhausted and overworked as she tries to make ends meet while living under the burdens of abuse as well Along the way, Bree, her family and her friends continue to be confronted with challenges that are inherent to inner city Dallas life Above all, Bree s personal journey coincides with a greater purpose helping others just like her rise above their plights and situations Bree begins volunteering at a Dallas crisis hotline with the hopes of having a great volunteer experience for her college application, and she quickly realizes that her volunteer role is helping to make a difference in her community as well The Dallas depicted in Inner City Blues is quite unlike the Dallas in most readers imaginations Far from the glitz and glamor of the Dallas Cowboys and big city living, there is the simple struggle to be The community depicted in the novel struggles with day to day drugs, violence, and the neglect of society of large Ultimately, Inner City Blues is a story of singular vision and inspiration that can only occur when one determined individual chooses to rise above all of the odds and circumstances formed against her Readers will cheer every step of Bree s journey as she motivates, inspires and changes the lives of the characters in Inner City Blues as well as the reader While the world and story of Inner City Blues were intricately crafted to entertain the reader, the story was also created with a greater social purpose in mind to remind the reader that the story of Bree and her family is the story of too many Americans today These inner city communities are neglected, abandoned and denied resources that are necessary for building healthy communities capable of fostering a child s dreams and visions The educational systems of today are letting down the young luminaries who are capable of great things, just like Bree A life of drugs and violence does not need to be a foregone conclusion, but it will be the conclusion of too many African American lives so long as educational opportunities and resources are denied and dreams are not nurtured To this end, Inner City Blues is not simply an example of art imitating life since it also offers an antidote for present day problems Bree s volunteer choices in the book are not there by accident Her choice to volunteer at a Dallas crisis hotline is meant to demonstrate the ways that these hotlines provide essential knowledge and resources to anyone in need of assistance with drugs, violence, crimes and bullying related issues It is for this reason that the book concludes with a helpful list of resources, hotlines and crisis centers for a wide range of issues Centers and resources directed at aiding domestic assault victims, sexual assault victims, mental health issues, veteran issues and are all listed at the end of the book with websites and phone numbers to call In effect, Inner City Blues provides readers with a powerful fictional narrative that delivers a profound statement on real world issues, making it a must read for anyone who is committed to social justice and making America a better place with brighter futures for all its citizens.

    • Free Read [Romance Book] ☆ Inner City Blues - by T.L. Wilmore ✓
      494 T.L. Wilmore
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    1 thought on “Inner City Blues

    1. (Why is the synopsis 655 words LONG?!)Note: I received a copy of this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Bree is a young black girl living in inner city Dallas who is taking steps to ensure that she has a bright future. Although she is only a sophomore, she is already fine-tuning her plans to go to college. She not only wants a promising future for herself, but for her family and friends. This story chronicles the everyday struggles of urban youth in America. I found this s [...]

    2. Inner City Blues by T.L.Wilmore is a short story spanning 110 pages and is well worth its weight in gold. Wilmore tackles the hard truths of growing up in the inner city. Bree is a bright young girl who is desperate not to end up like her mother, married to an unseemly man who is drunk and lacking in his fatherly duties. Her mother does the best she can with a bad hand however Bree wants more. She has ambitions and is willing to move heaven and earth to see them made true. Although Bree’s worl [...]

    3. Well written drama reflecting upon the doom and gloom environment of Dallas (inner) city. It's interesting because I thought I was reading about life in Detroit! Our heroine Bree faces many challenges from a troubled family, dangerous school environment, bullying and yet she is determined to get thru school and complete her education with good grades. Her decision to volunteer at the crisis hotline inspires her to do more for her community.This is not a story with a 'Hollywood' ending. Instead t [...]

    4. This was a good down to earth account of a young girl's experience of dealing with living in the inner city. I thought Bree dealt with the obstacles placed before her the best she could. Although she had aspirations to better herself by successfully preparing herself for college, barriers beyond her control continued to appear. Her resilient nature & intelligence kept her head above water. Throughout the story, I found myself hoping she would make it over the hurdles. I thought T.L. Whitmore [...]

    5. T. L. Willmore tells the thoughtful story of an inner city teen. It is a storyline not new in urban culture but one that needs to continue to be told. Because it is a story that is being lived by millions of young kids. I easily and quickly grew attached to the main character Bree.She was afraid for her siblings, wanted desperately to rise above her circumstances but unlike many teens her age, she knew enough to know, that education was the only way to get out. Wilmore tells an honest story. She [...]

    6. This book was wonderful. At first I wasn't sure what I would feel about this book. I don't normally read books within the urban fiction genre. T.L. Wilmore is the author of this book and he sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. The book is fairly short and it includes a list of resources to help those dealing with domestic abuse and other situations. I like how the main character Bree was old enough to understand her situation, but she could only do some much to help. Even though I [...]

    7. Wonderful story Inner City Blues was a quick read that doesn't lack substance. This story is about a young teen girl named Bree and her struggles to do well in school despite coming from the inner city and having an alcoholic father. I really admired Bree for her determination and drive to succeed. I really liked how Inner City Blues shed light on issues like alcoholism, teen pregnancy and domestic violence, it's even a section at the end with information for anyone that's going through tough is [...]

    8. RealityThis story told the struggles that a young woman named Bree went through on a day to day basis. She has aspirations to move out of the ghetto and go off to college so that she could better herself. She overcomes a lot just to get where she wants to be. I highly recommend this book because so many of us are living in this kind of situation. Wonderful story!

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