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The Space Between Sisters

The Space Between Sisters Return to Butternut Lake with the newest from Mary McNear whose heartfelt and powerful stories have made her a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Here the complicated bonds of sisterhoo

  • Title: The Space Between Sisters
  • Author: Mary McNear
  • ISBN: 9780062399359
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Return to Butternut Lake with the newest from Mary McNear, whose heartfelt and powerful stories have made her a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Here, the complicated bonds of sisterhood are tested, long kept secrets are revealed, and love is discovered all during one unforgettable summer at the lake.Two sisters couldn t be different Win organized andReturn to Butternut Lake with the newest from Mary McNear, whose heartfelt and powerful stories have made her a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Here, the complicated bonds of sisterhood are tested, long kept secrets are revealed, and love is discovered all during one unforgettable summer at the lake.Two sisters couldn t be different Win organized and responsible Poppy impulsive and undependable Win treads cautiously and plans her life with care Poppy bounces from job to job and apartment to apartment, leaving others to pick up the pieces But despite their differences, they share memories of the idyllic childhood summers they spent together on the shores of Butternut Lake Now, 13 years later, Win, recovering from a personal tragedy, has returned to Butternut Lake, settling into a predictable and quiet life Then, one night, Poppy unexpectedly shows up on Win s doorstep with all her worldly possessions and a mysterious man in tow And although Win loves her beautiful sister, she wasn t expecting her to move in for the summer Still, at first, they relive the joys of Butternut Lake But their blissful nostalgia soon gives way to conflict, and painful memories and buried secrets threaten to tear the sisters apart As the waning days of summer get shorter, past secrets are revealed, new love is found, and the ties between the sisters are tested like never before all on the serene shores of Butternut Lake.

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    1 thought on “The Space Between Sisters

    1. The Space Between Sisters is the first book I’ve read by Mary McNear but it won’t be my last. Written in an easy, engaging style, this ideal summer read incorporates both subtle wit and deep emotion along with characters that feel like lifelong friends.Win & Poppy are compelling and “real” and I found elements in each of their characters that I could relate to. Both of them exhibit such fantastic character growth throughout the novel, too, and McNear made this the real heart of the s [...]

    2. Favorite Quotes:As one of Win's high school classmates had once remarked, with the casual cruelty of that age, 'It's like Poppy's the designer handbag, Win, and you're the knockoff.'Sam knew you couldn't always choose whom to fall in love with. Sometimes, they chose you.Poppy was different. She had no path. She had no direction. Most people, Win thought, moved forward, a few unlucky ones moved backwards, but Poppy, Poppy seemed to move sideways.'oh, and then she showed me her dolls. Did you know [...]

    3. This is a really good story about two sisters who were very close in their youth, but circumstances and family events pushed them apart. Win is the uber-organized (to an unhealthy extreme) sister trying to come to terms with the death of her young husband. Poppy seems to be a bit flighty at first, but as the story develops hidden layers to her personality are uncovered. In a summer at Butternut Lake, past secrets come to light that will either bring them together, or tear their bond forever.Ther [...]

    4. The Space Between Sisters was a nice return to Butternut Lake. It's the tale of two sisters who spend a summer reconnecting and helping each other move on with their lives. Poppy shows up unexpectedly at Win's house with no job, no money and all of her worldly possessions.Win doesn't like surprises and hopes the Poppy gets her act together real soon.While not my favotire, I definitely enjoyed this fourth installment of the series. It could definitely be read as a stand alone book as characters f [...]

    5. What it's all aboutThis book is so lovely! Two sisters, a lake, a lovely old lake house, a lovely old kitty and tons of dysfunction! I always forget how much fun it is to read a book like this.Why I wanted to read it So the premise of this book is thisPoppy and Win are sistersPoppy is sort of a beautiful free spiritWin is a teacher and much more grounded. Poppy surprises Win by wanting to spend the summer at the lake house but really her true reasons are because Poppy is out of options as well a [...]

    6. Visit A Tattered Copy for more reviews & giveawaysGreat story of two sisters, as different as different can be. Despite dissimilarities their bond is strong, past heartbreaking, always there for one another as sisters should be, albeit in this instance one is grounded more than the other providing a safe haven of sorts. Reconnecting, a dark secret revealed, healing, romance, all exposed and addressed under the allure and magical spell of Butternut Lake.A few incredibly touching and tender mo [...]

    7. I love visiting Butternut Lake. It has such interesting people working through the thing we call life. McNear did such a great job creating a place that now feels familiar to me, as I have read all of the Butternut Lake books that McNear has written. In the newest installment The Space Between Sisters you get to spend the summer with Win and Poppy while they work through the past and figure how what the future holds. It is filled with so much love various forms. Another sweet and deeply moving n [...]

    8. There’s not a whole lot I have to say about this one, but that’s not a bad thing! The Space Between Sisters is a quick, engrossing read about sibling dynamic and how some bonds can’t ever be broken. A bit of romance, a great setting, and characters so real it felt as though I knew them all blend together to create a fantastic read perfect for a sunny day spent lounging at the beach.For the full review and more, head over to The Pretty Good Gatsby!

    9. there is a whole genre of books about ladies spending time with each other by lakes, or bays in the south, or capes, or other bodies of water. as an example of that genre, this isn't bad. not much conflict to speak of.

    10. Return to Butternut Lake with the newest from Mary McNear, whose heartfelt and powerful stories have made her a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Here, the complicated bonds of sisterhood are tested, long-kept secrets are revealed, and love is discovered…all during one unforgettable summer at the lake.Two sisters couldn’t be more different. Win organized and responsible; Poppy impulsive and undependable. Win treads cautiously and plans her life with care; Poppy bounces from jo [...]

    11. Welcome back to Butternut Lake. Win and Poppy are sisters, but they couldn't be more different. Win is responsible, grounded and a bit overly focused on organizing her home. Poppy has a hard time staying in one place or settling into a job. So when Poppy shows up on Win's doorstep with her suitcases, Win welcomes her with open arms, but at times their personalities clash. Win, after three years, is still struggling with the loss of her beloved husband. With Poppy's help, Win is able to begin to [...]

    12. Poppy has got to be the most annoying character ever. I just couldn't finish this. I am giving up on Mary Mcnear and her Butternut Lake series. I liked the first one but have really found her characters annoying in those following. I don't like her style of writing.

    13. I am not a series reader so I approached it as a stand alone title. It was enjoyable with good depth to some of the characters. I may read more of the series later.

    14. A wonderful story of two sisters, that are complete opposites and very close. They had an unusual upbringing and both suffered through grief, as well as buried secrets, and while spending a summer at Butternut Lake, they each learn the differences and more. A really good read!! From : Return to Butternut Lake with New York Times bestselling author Mary McNear in a story where the complicated bonds of sisterhood are tested, long-kept secrets are revealed, and love is discovered…all during one u [...]

    15. Originally published at Reading RealitySecond-chance lake strikes again. So far, in all of the books in the lovely Butternut Lake series (Up at Butternut Lake, Butternut Summer, The Night Before Christmas and Moonlight on Butternut Lake) someone in the story gets a second chance at love. In the case of Butternut Summer it’s even a second chance at the same love as the first time around, but hopefully with much better results.In The Space Between Sisters there are several kinds of second chance [...]

    16. What a welcome back to Butternut Lake! It has been a bit since I have read the first three books of the Butternut Lake series so I was a little hesitant to read this one without re-reading the first three - I am a series snob LOL. BUT I am happy to report that this book can be read as a standalone but you will benefit from reading the first three so you can get the true vibe of Butternut Lake. This book reminds you that no matter what, your family will always be there. Pleasurable poolside read [...]

    17. Full review to be posted on blog*Love this series - but books don't have to be read in order.*Each book completely stands alone.*This one centers on 2 sisters & I loved how real & authentic their relationship was.*The themes that run thru this book are so relatable - sisters will fight, but when push comes to shove, they will always be there for you when you need them!*There is all types of love in this book - sister love, romantic love, friendship love.*Great installment in what is a gr [...]

    18. This is one of my favorite series! Mary McNear definitely knows how to tell a story. Love between family members should also win out over anything else; too bad it doesn't always. Poppy and Win are sister's; Win is responsible and reliable; Poppy is irresponsible and flighty but they love each other. Poppy must grow up and Win helps her find the way after a traumatic experience in her youth. Butternut Lake sets the perfect backdrop.

    19. I am romantic enough to believe in the idea that a summer away is just enough time to have an experience or adventure that will change one's life. I like the idea of long days that while somewhat identical are different enough to magically let teenagers grow up and adults discover sides of them selves that they have never known. I think everyone hopes that there is always time to correct some of life's mistakes and get to a more positive place. That's what I enjoyed about this book.

    20. Sweet storySweet story that is well written the author does an excellent job painting an idyllic setting and endearing characters. You leave the story wanting to revisit them later and find out where their lives have taken them. Some parts were predictable, but in a good, enjoyable way.

    21. Loved this sweet story about two sisters and how they are so different, but yet similar in some ways that they were unaware of. It tells how they were shaped by their tragic past, and how that helped to bring them closer together as adults. Each of them finding love for their own happy ending.

    22. This is a lovely story of 2 sisters. They had been very close growing up, but time and life have set them on different courses. Alhough totally opposite in dealing with their individual lives they find themselves able to see each other in a different light

    23. I've loved this series up till this point. I don't know what happened but the characters were dull and I didn't see any ties to the prior Butternut Lake books. This was more of one of those depressing women's fictions than the great contemporary fiction and romances McNear has written before.

    24. I enjoy the Butternut Lake novels. They remind me of weekends spent in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

    25. A nice easy read. Would be a lovely beach read. No huge surprises, but nice character development and good ending for all.

    26. Nice summer read about two sisters who come together on Butternut Lake. This was my first Butternut Lake Novel. I look forward to reading the rest!

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