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Deadly Class Vol. 1: Reagan Youth

Deadly Class Vol Reagan Youth San Francisco Marcus Lopez fils d immigr s nicaraguayens et SDF depuis plusieurs ann es peine trouver un sens sa vie Alors qu il pense s rieusement mettre fin de ses jours il fait la rencontr

  • Title: Deadly Class Vol. 1: Reagan Youth
  • Author: Rick Remender
  • ISBN: 9782365775946
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1987, San Francisco Marcus Lopez, fils d immigr s nicaraguayens et SDF depuis plusieurs ann es, peine trouver un sens sa vie Alors qu il pense s rieusement mettre fin de ses jours, il fait la rencontre de Saya, une myst rieuse jeune fille qui va lui ouvrir les portes de l Acad mie Kings Dominion des Arts L taux Il d couvre alors l existence d une cole o l on ens1987, San Francisco Marcus Lopez, fils d immigr s nicaraguayens et SDF depuis plusieurs ann es, peine trouver un sens sa vie Alors qu il pense s rieusement mettre fin de ses jours, il fait la rencontre de Saya, une myst rieuse jeune fille qui va lui ouvrir les portes de l Acad mie Kings Dominion des Arts L taux Il d couvre alors l existence d une cole o l on enseigne aux h ritiers de l lite financi re riger le meurtre au rang d art Marcus a d sormais un but dans la vie, il va tuer celui qu il consid re responsable de la mort de ses parents Ronald Reagan Contient Deadly Class 1 6

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      186 Rick Remender
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    1 thought on “Deadly Class Vol. 1: Reagan Youth

    1. This was a buddy read with the astonishing Kat. You are missed, Bub!Hey Kids! Welcome to the Kings Dominion School for the Deadly Arts! You’re not just a student here at Kings Dominion, you’re part of a family. The deadliest family on Earth. We offer a wide variety of courses in the ways of the assassination and murder. Here are a few examples:Cleaning up a crime site: (Pre-requisite: Murder - The Advanced Class) What to do if you don’t want that body to be found? Dental records? DNA? You [...]

    2. EDIT 01/15 : FINALLY translated in French by Urban Comics! A whole year of recommending this is starting :D Beware, I'll show no restraint :P➊ A tale of survival : Tell me, fellows readers, what are you ready to do to survive? What happens when the only hope life can give you is to eat expired chili and to fight with an old homeless over your fucking shoes? When the only choice offered to you is to attend an assassin school or to wait for a painful death to come? "Happiness is just the absence [...]

    3. Marcus is a street kid that is on the run from the cops one night. He receives some "help" from a girl and she takes him to a very special place. A school that isn't just the ABC's. Marcus doesn't have a whole lot of choices in life. He can either go back on the streets or sign up to become Assassin Kid. He goes with Assassin since all he wants to do is kill Ronald Reagan anyways. Once in the school he finds out that typical teenagers are everywhere. Mean kid cliques.Normal class assignments:The [...]

    4. 3.5 stars Shallow Comic Buddy-Read.Criteria? Nothing I enjoy by Marvel or DC. Indie Comics only!I've said it before, but I'm not the target audience for graphic novels like this. I like my superheroes.*shrugs*Sorry.It doesn't mean that I think these are 'bad', I just wouldn't normally seek them out. In fact, I'd wreck my mini-van trying to Swerve to Avoid! something like this. (view spoiler)[ I don't read tear-jerkers, biographies, mystery/thrillers that don't have a fantasy element to them, or [...]

    5. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/“Life is a series of unique opportunities. It’s our job to find the happiness in each one.”I may not be a graphic novel expert, but I know what I like and BOY OH BOY DID I LIKE THIS!!!!!Like all of my graphic novels reviews, I can’t give away all of the . . . for fear the army of tiny Spoiler Trolls will barrage my review space with nasty commentary. I will say this had everything Mitchell and I could possibly want in a story. Deadly Class had a [...]

    6. ★★★★☆Young Marcus Lopez’s whole world came crashing down right alongside the bridge diving schizo that flattened his parents. This tragedy could have been prevented, if Reagan hadn't cut funding to mental health facilities which led to hundreds of patients being released back onto the street. We catch up with a teenage Marcus a few years later, in 1980 something. He’s been kicked out of yet another foster home; left to fend for himself on the mean streets of San Francisco. Turns ou [...]

    7. San Francisco, 1987, and Ronald Reagan has ruined Marcus’ life. Reagan’s healthcare cutbacks meant suicidal schizos were set free on the streets, and one such sufferer decides to end their life by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge - shame Marcus’ folks were directly in the drop zone! Suddenly orphaned, teenage Marcus is living on the streets when he’s approached to join a secret underground assassin’s school: the King’s Dominion School of the Deadly Arts. Marcus’ dream of assassin [...]

    8. What did I just read?It's not often that I struggle to finish a book, but Reagan Youth took such a weird turn halfway through that I found it difficult to get to the end. The first issue (pretty much available for free in the preview) is an awesome, stylish introduction to the world of Marcus, a troubled young teen living on the streets. When the law catches up to him for his past transgressions, he's saved in an energetic action sequence that leads to to the main hook of the series, enrolment [...]

    9. A dark, gritty tale that isn't for the faint of heart or stomach. Drugs, violence, and sex fill this story, but it's still a very human story. Not so much a celebration of darkness, but more of an acknowledgment of the darkness that exists in the world. The art style is nice while still fitting the story. The plot is interesting, and the characters complex in personality, and morality. Not an easy story, but a strong one. I'm not expecting a happy ending, but I'm going to keep going.

    10. Flipping Through Floppies*So, I follow this one in single issues from a comic store. I just couldn't resist jumping on a fresh Remender bandwagon a few years back. The real surprise? That this is my favourite thing Remender has ever done (Uncanny X-Force just got inched out). I just read issue 21, which is the conclusion of volume 4, and thought I should come back and recommend the series (really, I should be writing more about single issue series I follow as the trades come out). Wes Craig is t [...]

    11. 3.5- It's unlike anything else I've read, which makes it stand out to me. I have quite mixed thoughts on a lot of things but I'm definitely curious to see where the story goes.- Interesting concept. Assassins, 1980s, etc. - Didn't love the characters but didn't hate them either. I'm hoping they'll get more background and development in later volumes. - I appreciated the mental health aspect through Marcus. - I loved how colour was used and certain panels were great, but I didn't really like how [...]

    12. 4.5SO GOOD! This one was funny, entertaining, messed up and a hell of a right. Can't wait to start the sequel!

    13. Bullet Review:After reading the nearly non-stop drug high of "The Goldfinch", I so didn't want to read about the acid trip of these guys. How did they get away with this much mayhem?! And goat f$&@er appearing to declare himself the villain and nemesis of Marcus? What?I just think this genre of "kids go to special school" has passed me by - along with enough teen angst to soak a tub.I didn't mind the art and the story was more interesting in the middle. Oh, and it's nice to see such diversit [...]

    14. ***This is the first of my "Indie Theme" Buddy Reads with the Shallow Readers, criteria being: something not published by the big 2.***4.5 out 5 This book is so fucking slick. The characters, dialog, and time period are all great. The only reason I docked it 1/2 a star is besides the little road trip at the end the whole book is just set-up. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the hell out of this book and can't wait to get my hands on the next one.Get this review and many more at:

    15. Marcus Lopez Arguello is in the streets of San Francisco, living as a homeless and trying to avoid being caught by the cops. A native of Nicaragua, his family left after involvement with the Sandinistas and the US Government. After a couple happy years in America, his family is dead, and Marcus shows a deep hatred towards Ronald Reagan, mostly for cutting funding to medical facilities, which had a very negative effect on his family, and he is on the run. He is almost caught by the police, and wh [...]

    16. This is writer Rick Remender's most personal comics work to date. He may not have written it outright in his afterword to this first volume of Deadly Class, but he intimated as much. The protagonist of Deadly Class is Marcus, a homeless orphaned immigrant who is an outsider in Ronald Reagan era America and the assassins school he enrolled in to escape the streets of San Francisco. As a teenager, Remender was also an outsider in every new town his family relocated and they moved a lot. He got fed [...]

    17. Almost one of the best graphic novels I have ever read!The colouring in this is seriously mind-blowing, and is easily the best part of the series. Possibly the best I have ever seen. It's as intense as you would expect a story about an assassin school to be, but still with incredible amount of character development for all of the main and side characters. It's not just a lot of meaningless and violent actions scenes. It is clearly well thought out and well structured and is a very good beginning [...]

    18. It’s a bit better than ok.Marcus is a homeless teenager living in 1987’s San Fransisco and one day he gets in trouble with the police. A girl pops out of nowhere and helps him. She takes him to a secret place, where he meets a bunch of teenagers and an old guy who tells him that these are his students and he runs a school, a very special school called “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children” oh wait no that’s not it… hmmmm oh there it is “King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadl [...]

    19. I'm not to sure what I expected from this. I was worried it would be Harry Potter for assassins, I guess.It wasn't. Not even close.This comic is gritty, hard hitting and doesn't make any excuses for what it has to say. How far will a person go to fit in? Apparently pretty far.This first trade was packed full of some especially awesome artwork - and it fits spectacularly well with Remender's writing. The cast of characters are real people with real issues with real history just so happens that we [...]

    20. I want to give this more than 5 stars. I want to give it 10 stars. I'm hooked. I want to read the next volume now! I don't want to wait!!This graphic novel has it all and more. But no one is super human, no super powers, or out of this world technology. It's just a bunch of high school kids, going through what we all went through in high school. Expect they are taught and tested how to kill, on how to be assassins. It's amazing. If I had been taught assassin skills in high school, I might not ha [...]

    21. Another fine Indy feature from the wonderful folks of Humble Bundle and the great creative minds at ImageRick Remender is one of my faves, (X-Force, Venom, Fear Agent) so after reading great reviews from both Kat (/review/show) and Jeff (/review/show), I added it to my Must Reads.Lo and Behold, the wonderful and happy coincidence that it was included in the 2nd Image Humble Bundle I bought a while back!So load it up to the iPad, and away we go!It started off well, muted colours, kinda sepia tone [...]

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