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Tainted Tokay

Tainted Tokay Celebrating the success of the Cooker Guide the Winemaker Detective Benjamin Cooker takes a cruise down the Danube with his wife and editor Enjoying mythic Tokaji wines in Budapest all is not what i

  • Title: Tainted Tokay
  • Author: Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane
  • ISBN: 9781943998005
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Celebrating the success of the Cooker Guide, the Winemaker Detective Benjamin Cooker takes a cruise down the Danube with his wife and editor Enjoying mythic Tokaji wines in Budapest, all is not what it seems Meanwhile, Virgile must handle the business in Bordeaux, while Alexandrine is attacked.

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      405 Jean-Pierre Alaux Noël Balen Sally Pane
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    1. 2.5Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley. This entry in the Winemaker Detective series is the most disappointing. It is not because Benjamin Cooker goes on vacation with his lovely wife Elizabeth. The most rewarding aspect of the novel is in the greater role that Elizabeth has within in the pages. The second is the leaving of French soil. This always is a risk because it changes the setting, and for series like this, the setting is part of the charm. Alaux and Balen show that they are just as good at ke [...]

    2. Another friendly mystery about the winemakers, the main characters separate for once. Virgile remains in France to help a lady friend who has been seriously mugged. Benjamin Cooker goes on a river cruise with his wife and some friends, along the Danube between Vienna and Budapest. I have preferred some of the previous books, but this one does address, if glancingly, the migrant crisis in Europe. Fans of the series will get the most from it; but if you are taking a Danube cruise and want to sampl [...]

    3. It was great to have Benjamin's wife solve the crime this time. There was so much more to read in this story. It's my goto option to keep my head on straight.

    4. Benjamin Cooker and his wife Elizabeth have been invited by his publisher on a trip to Hungary to see the sights of Budapest and taste the wines of the Tokaj region. But back in Bordeaux, Alexandrine, Benjamin's lab manager, has been attacked by an unknown assailant. It falls to Benjamin's other employee Virgile to look after Alexandrine as well as complete all the lab projects while Benjamin is away.Benjamin also wants Virgile to solve the mystery of Alexandrine's attack while he is in Hungary. [...]

    5. Couldn't stomach the writing style of English translation, switched to original (French). Much better, even faster, despite my French being so much worse than my English. Probably would have to revise up my fairly negative review for English version of this on LibraryThing.

    6. Title: Tainted Tokay - Winemaker Detective Mystery 11 Author: Jean-Pierre Alaux & Noel Balen Published: 4-16-16 Publisher: Le French Book Pages: 181 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Amateur Sleuths; International Crime & Mystery ISBN: 9781843998005 ASIN: B01CEYVM1U Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars . Tainted in Tokay is fraught with misadventures and pitfalls. Even before leaving on his vacation with his wife Elisabeth, B [...]

    7. Le French Book has favored the English language readers with yet another mystery translated from the French by Sally Pane. Authors Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen are Frenchmen who are passionate about dining, wine and a good mystery. They developed the concept for a mystery series featuring a thoughtful wine connoisseur who can always ferret out the resolution of the myriad mysteries that come up in the grape-growing countries of Europe.Tainted Tokay incorporates two mysteries (three if one co [...]

    8. [ I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley. I thank them for their generousity. In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising]"An ancient Buddhist monk’s quote came to Benjamin. “‘ The human mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, [...]

    9. In this book of the series, there are two mysteries, one in France and one in Hungary. Benjamin Cooker is about to leave on a trip to Austria and Hungary when his office assistant is brutally beaten and hospitalized. He is convinced to continue with his trip, and leaves his assistant Virgile in charge.Benjamin and his wife are traveling with Cooker's publisher and his young and flamboyant girlfriend. The girlfriend is clearly not a great match, and the Cookers pity their friend his poor taste. T [...]

    10. Hungarian Wines, A Cruise on the Danube. and MurderAt first Benjamin and Elizabeth Cooker are excited about being invited to accompany Claude Nithard, his publisher. and Claude's girlfriend on a trip to Hungry. Even before they leave, things go awry. Alexandrine, Benjamin's lab assistant, is attacked and badly injured. Benjamin hates to leave her, but Elizabeth convinces him to let Virgile, his assistant, handle it. Benjamin agrees to go to please Elizabeth and because he wants to taste the wine [...]

    11. This is a book about getting to know the “Cooker’s Guide” clan a little better. We get to know Alexandrine, of whom we’ve heard so much, but met very little. Benjamin has voiced very high opinions of her throughout the series, so putting a character to the name, so to speak, was a nice rounding out of this story world.Along the same veins, we get a deep dive into the character of Virgile. Previous works have allowed us the perspective of the bright, hard-working assistant, but now the re [...]

    12. I love crime novels and books about food and drink. Hungary is one of my favourite European countries. I’ve been in the wine caves of Tokaj and adore Hungarian cuisine and wine. So I was really looking forward to reading this book. Perhaps I was just expecting too much. There is nothing particularly wrong with the book. It is very well translated into English idiom, and the story line is quite good, with lots of allusions to food, wine and tourist locations. But sometimes it feels like the aut [...]

    13. Surprising, because different It's the first Winemaker's mystery happening abroad, not in France. It's also the first one where the mystery part takes most of the book. Usually, the uses, customs and mores fill up the biggest part of the story and the mystery part is the cherry on the top of the cake. Here, from the beginning until the end, the authors tease us with three different questions involving illegal activities -or two if you count everything linked to Hungary as one.I enjoyed it, but o [...]

    14. I have enjoyed the entire series of the Wine Detective. There is always a nice mixture of information about the wines of the designated region and a mystery. Benjamin Cooker has a talent for getting involved in crimes.This outing, the reader learns less about Tokay but it is a price the reader is willing to pay.That is because the two mysteries- yes two of them, half a continent apart-are so compelling. Benjamin, his wife and publisher are in Eastern Europe on a cruise from Vienna and then sever [...]

    15. Here’s a wine of a different taste. Join Benjamin Cooker and his wife and they vacation with his publisher and his publisher’s latest squeeze, on the Danube from Vienna to Budapest, and then up into the Hungarian wine growing country to taste the fabled tokays.Meanwhile, Cooker’s assistant is left to deal with the lab and the work there, but Virgile has a crises on his hands, Cooker’s lovely lab assistant has been attacked and is in the hospital.Yet Virgile is not the only one to have to [...]

    16. I received this eBook via Netgalley for my review.What a sticky wicket Benjamin and Virgile find themselves in! Benjamin on his calamitous tour through Hungary with wife Elizabeth, Publisher and his voluptuous girlfriend. Virgile at home base, work piling up and Alexandrine being brutally attacked at her home.I love that Elizabeth has a far greater roll in this book! Love her spunk, level head and that she has her faults too. She pairs well with Benjamin. I enjoyed that the flame of romance is s [...]

    17. Although # 11 in this series, this one does well as a stand-alone. I've read a few in this particular series so I was looking forward to a fast, entertaining read and I wasn't disappointed. France's top wine expert Benjamin Cooker and his wife, Elizabeth have been invited to join his publisher, Claude and Claude's girlfriend on a trip to Hungary. But things start to go terrible wrong.Benjamin's assistant is attacked and badly hurt. Throw in stolen wallets, passports that keep disappearing, and [...]

    18. Another jaunt with our WineMaker Detective, the esteemed Benjamin Cooker, has him enjoying a romantic cruise on the Danube with his wife; this is courtesy of his editor, who has come along with a companion. Back at the offices of Cooker & Co things are far more distressing. A heavy rain season has left all their clients with undesirable mold. Each client, like their vintages, requires just the right touch. If only the lab could keep up! Their indispensable manager, Alexandrine has been vicio [...]

    19. As always, beautifully descriptive - both of the scenic locations and the wines enjoyed by the characters. I enjoyed the mysteries, particularly how the two ran parallel -the attack on Alexandrine, the lab researcher in France and the ongoing mysteries throughout the Danube cruise. The series never fails to disappoint with oodles of intrigue and endless plot twists. However, this time, I felt as though some parts were rushed through (Claude's return to France was made out to be more mysterious t [...]

    20. another installment of the winemaker mystery series. I believe this is the first one that takes place outside of France. The victim in this case superfluous to the story, he's a blip in the plot line. In fact, I forgot about him for most of the novel until the conclusion.I really liked the fact that this is really the first time the reader gets to know Cooker's wife Elizabeth, who has been an incidental character in previous books. The authors also delve more deeply into the lives of other recur [...]

    21. Perfect as always! This series is always fresh, bringing us something new and different each time. Book 11 features Alexandre as a main character! She's been a member of Benjamin's staff since book 1 but has only ever been mentioned or appeared in a few scenes the entire series. This story has two concurrent plots and one of them featuring her and Virgile! Meanwhile, something completely different is in store for Benjamin with the introduction of some international intrigue as he and his wife ta [...]

    22. I really enjoyed it! The depictions of scenery in Hungary and along the Danube as well as the restaurants and vineyards is exquisite. I appreciated learning the history of the wines and the areas involved, as well.This is my first exposure to the series, and I assure you that it is far from the last! The publisher's blurb will give you hints without spoilers.As mystery novels go, I found it to be quite intriguing and the twists and interweaving are very well done. Thanks to the translator and pu [...]

    23. This is the best so far of the Winemaker Detective series. Cooker and his wife travel outside of France to Vienna, Budapest and the Tokay wine region. This episode was special because all of the characters take part, and much is revealed about their past lives As always, the descriptions are worthy of a travelogue, wine-making and the wines are described in loving detail, and another crime is solved by Cooker's detective work. Action occurs back in France when sparks fly between Virgule and Alex [...]

    24. I was asked to review by LibrarythingA crime series on a very different slant – about winemakers and was ok. sadly set abroad and not in France.I was expecting some really interesting crime solving but the two main characters- did not really investigate but there were crime going on around. I am informed the main characters wife does not normally solve crimes. I thought this may have been on a par with Agatha Christie Tommy and Tupppence I have to say not my thing really not having read any of [...]

    25. This book was a nice, easy read, but not more. The mysterious part was not as intriguing as I was hoping, but the food and wines were more the focal point, which was enjoyable. The characters travel to Hungary and I expected the story to make me more excited about my future trip to Hungary, but now I'm actually more reluctant, unfortunately. I am a little bit curious about the other books in this series, but I wouldn't say that it's my priority to read them. I received a copy of this book from t [...]

    26. In the eleventh entry in the Winemaker series, there’s plenty of violence and chicanery both in France and Hungary; kinda makes you wonder how they keep getting into these situations. Being a wine critic doesn’t seem all the dangerous in real life, with the possible exception of getting drunk all the time. This story did better as a travelogue than any detecting; other than some nice descriptions of Vienna and Budapest, there’s nothing special here. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; if [...]

    27. Excellent book in the Winemaker Detective series! The author does a great job with describing setting and characters. You will enjoy Benjamin Cooker who is a well winemaker and author of Cooker & Co. which a guide to excellent wines. While on vacation with his wife, Elisabeth and publisher Claude Nithard and his female companion in Hungary, there is murder, thefts and suspicious characters.Highly recommend this book & series!

    28. Reading these books by Jean-Pierre and Noel are like visiting with old friends - always a pleasure and leaving with anticipation of my next visit. The weave a story, not only of wine and a mystery but a journey into the lives of the character and the places. I love reading them.Again perfect translation from French to English, a joy to read. This book was provided to me in return for an honest and unbiased review

    29. Another very highly enjoyable Winemaker story, this time Cooker is on tour.Enjoying himself taking in the delights of foreign parts until mysteries and bodies begin piling up.I'm still hoping the T V series will be shown on U K Television soon.Great read!I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Le French via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

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