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Dragon Song

Dragon Song Duncan MacQuoid dragonslayer is no In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his sins One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation Little does he know his love for h

  • Title: Dragon Song
  • Author: Tara West
  • ISBN: 9781517783693
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Duncan MacQuoid, dragonslayer, is no In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his sins One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation Little does he know, his love for her could be his final undoing.Fiona Firesblood, dragon shifter and noble queen, will stop at nothing to protect her child, even if it means she must sever the bond witDuncan MacQuoid, dragonslayer, is no In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his sins One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation Little does he know, his love for her could be his final undoing.Fiona Firesblood, dragon shifter and noble queen, will stop at nothing to protect her child, even if it means she must sever the bond with her mate, Duncan MacQuoid, the one man she loves above all others, and the one man whose past could destroy them all.Safina Firesblood, daughter of a cursed union between dragon and dragonslayer, has grown into a young woman, a powerful dragon princess in her own right She s given one chance at true love will she risk the dragon queen s wrath or resign herself to an eternity of sorrow

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    1 thought on “Dragon Song

    1. Tara west does it again! In this all new series we get to see inside the world of Dragon shifters! We have a mother and daughter who are both Dragon shifters trying to figure out the new world, keep secret their talents, and stay one step ahead of danger. All the elements of a fantastic story are right here! I can not wait for the next installment to continue in their journey with them! One click this and you will NOT be disappointed!

    2. Omg! What an awesome start to a great new series by Tara West.After coming out of forced hibernation ( 500 years) Fiona and Safi find themselves in a new world.Fiona still wanting to hide what and who she is, not just from the mortals but from her mate who is linked to her and her immortality. Her daughter Safina what's a different life, one in which she has friends, she doesn't want to run and hide let alone go back to the depths of the sea and hibernate again No spoilersI loved the characters [...]

    3. Good storyline with many intriguing characters. From the synopsis, I was thinking the book would be more about Duncan the dragon slayer and Fiona the dragon queen. But, this book focuses mainly on their shared daughter, Safina. After centuries of self inflicted exile, Fiona and Safina have finally come out of hiding. They have many things to learn about the world they surface in. Times have changed, people have become more tolerant and more independent. But, they still might not be ready for the [...]

    4. Wow! This is such an intriguing story!! A great way to start a dragon shifter story- and my favorite part- love looks on the inside, not the outside!!! So we get both safina and Fiona's povs here. Along with Duncan's. Let me explain. Fiona- a dragon, fell in love with Duncan, a dragonslayer but when they conceived safina, it was too late for the secrets they held were too great. So Fiona took safina into hiding, from the world and Duncan. And that's how this story starts out. It's a chaos of sad [...]

    5. Tara has once again teased us with her stories This time it's about a Dragon Queen her Daughter and in parts a Dragonslayer. I love Tara's books, but this one, Dragon Song is my favourite. I won't reveal any of the story, just know that December seems to be too long to wait for book 2! Thank you Tara for taking me away into the world of Fiona and Safina <3

    6. This book is wonderful. I just love Fiona and Safina these two are the last of the dragons. Fiona is the dragon queen and so looking to find a way break her mate's bond. Safina is Fiona daughter she is aa handful. To know more about this book grab your copy today a so so so must read!!!

    7. I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.Wow an amazing book which takes you on an adventure centring around beautiful yet mystical dragon shifters. Fiona, is seeking revenge, for her mothers death - he calls himself the dragon slayer. She goes to a tavern making enquires but when knights try to force themselves upon her, she is rescued by a handsome man, called Duncan. They go back to his hut and their attraction is undeniable - this is the moment that entwines their souls and chan [...]

    8. Fate is FickleWhat a fantastic start to the series! A dragon in love with a dragon slayer, a mother and daughter always on the run, forbidden love betwixt a dragon and human. I am a HUGE fan of paranormal stories. With that said, I always marvel at how diverse an author can make a love story. There are a few different ways the author can take this story and I will be reading the rest of this journey ~

    9. The cover is spell bound, you just want to jump right into this story. this story is mystical and and lots of adventure I would highly recommend reading Tare west:s Dragon Song series I can wait for the next story to come out.

    10. 5 STARS.Loved it. Great story, beautiful romance. Gabriel and Safina make the perfect mating. Can't wait to follow thru with their story. Hope neither human nor dragon will break their bond.

    11. Mating is so hard to understandShe saw her Mother die. Then she found comfort in the arms of her mate. Is this what happens when you feel like your one is not the one.

    12. Dragon Song by Tara West is a fantastic fantasy read. With dragon shifters, dragon slayers, sea monsters and speakers, this book flashes back and forth through time, telling the tale of the last Dragon Queen and her daughter. The time jumps are a bit confusing if you aren't paying attention, but West gives really good clues and tracking information so you can keep up. I was really engrossed in this one and read it in one sitting. But I really dislike cliffhangers. This one ends as a semblance of [...]

    13. It was okay, I read it in less than four hours and only finished it because it was because I have an ARC. The plot is formulamatic as is most of the romance, but every parent will recognize the struggle between the mother and daughter.This is something that I may have liked better when I was very young. If you enjoy fantasy romance with dragon shape-shifters you'll probably like this.2/5 STARS:  I received a free digital ARC in exchange for a honest, unbiased review.  I sincerely thank the aut [...]

    14. A mother and daughter team of dragon-shifters. The mother bitter, they are the last of their kind and her daughter's father is a dragon-slayer, her mother's murderer. Her mother warned against contact with humans, especially men. She personally found out her mother's truths and now she warns her daughter. The story ends in a cliffhanger and I'll have to read the sequel to find out if Fiona and Duncan resolve their issues, and whether Safina and Gabriel live happily ever after.

    15. Imaginative and thought provoking!Was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, as I'm not usually one for magic. But, this conveyed far more about family and what we'd do to protect them, plus our own prejudices and how they can hold us back from so much.It's a love story too, which always helpsd a convincing one at that!Thank You, Tara West.

    16. This is a lovely and very eye opening book, it shows the reader a couple of things, maybe even moreNever judge others by the actions of one and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubtOne more thing, never judge a book by it's cover.This story is devoid of any passionate scenes, but they really are not needed, this is a very intriguing and suspensful story that will keep you glued to it until the end.Safina has lived her life under the very watchful eye of her mother Fiona, the dragon queen, t [...]

    17. Read months ago. Got from the author for free (yay!), no review requested but I'm giving one anyway. This book is not recommended for children or persons with a desire to not read about steamy hot S#X. Least there should be lots of that stuff. usual disclaimer.Read it a while ago, good book (hello it's got dragon's in it idiot!) nothing major stopped the story from going forward.Good clean read, no major plot blunders and good grammar.

    18. Amazing fantasy!Dragon Song is the first book in the Dragon Queen series by Tara West. As I read, the rich world of dragons and mythical shifters came alive. A tale filled with wonder, adventure, love and romance, fused with magic as old as the world itself and creatures that will thrill you as you read on to learn more about these wondrous characters. I was drawn deeply into this tale of family, the love of a mother to her child and how selfless and powerful that love can be. Fiona is a beautif [...]

    19. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it. The author created a story with realistic descriptions of scenes, locations, and eras, multi-dimensional and relatable characters, and intrigue and suspense, combined with a compelling and unusual story.It was unusual and disconcerting to read a story told from 3 POVs - Safina, Fiona, and Duncan. At times it was difficult to identify the intended protagonist. Because of this, I found my focus was taken off of the story as I tried to decide [...]

    20. I love dragons so I was really excited about this book. The thing is there is so much going on and so much yet to be tackled in the series that it kind of fell flat. While it is a great story and plot because there is so much to keep track of that flows to the next book you are left feeling like somethings missing. Usually I love when characters draw strong emotions out of me but Fiona is something else. All in all good book, it really was well written I'm hoping that the next book will flow bet [...]

    21. I wish it didn't have so many useless flashbacks and that the book was about Saphina and her journey more than about why her mother was the way she is. It took me a long time to even get into the book and I am surprised I read through it. The only reason I am even considering picking up the next book is because I want to know what happens to Saphina and Gabriel. If it was strictly about the mother I would have probably stopped reading it all together. I just thought about it what was the plot of [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this book. While it does end in a cliffhanger, the ending was satisfying & basically a HEA. I was a bit confused when the story seemed to jump focus to the mother for a bit, but got used to the two female dragons being the protagonists. It felt like two stories in one but mid-way I grasped the authors intent & just went with it. Id likely read the next book b/c I'm so curious about the "dragonslayer" aka daddy. He seems bad-ass & I hope he's able to get some retribut [...]

    23. Fiona and Safina, mother and daughter, the last two dragons left. After hiding for nearly 500 years they come out to a world that is very different from the one they knew, but something is still the same, they still need to hide from humankind. Can Fiona keep Safina safe or will Safina's strong will overpower her mother's. I look forward to the next book to see what happens to Fiona and Safina and how Duncan and Gabriel will change their lives.

    24. Heart PainHaving enjoyed this story I look forward to reading the next book in this series. The does end in a cliffhanger so be warned.The story is not about your typical dragon as these are females hiding from the past. I found the mother frustrating but it help with the story as she doesn't always make the best decisions because of the hurt she suffered.Received this book for and honest review.

    25. What a great start to a new series. The characters come to life in this story of love and loss. Being the last of her race, Fiona runs and hides with her child500 years hidden under the sea. One thing you really don't want to do is anger a mother dragon many questions and the answers are locked awaywill Duncan find his love and child??I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I would definitely recommend it!!

    26. Love DragonsI love Dragon's! I got this book because t was about dragons and I've heard good things about this author. I really had trouble getting into this story. Although the writing was good and I liked the characters it just wasn't getting to me. I believe someone else might enjoy it more than I.

    27. Simple but good. No spoilers. A decent read. A simple plot, no villains, clean romance and a lot of fantasy. I didn't dislike it but I'm not in love with it. There was just no emotion and easy YA like writing. Like I said.Simple.

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