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The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate The Golden Gate Paperback Jan Alistair Maclean

  • Title: The Golden Gate
  • Author: Alistair MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780449231777
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Golden Gate Paperback Jan 01, 1976 Alistair Maclean

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      428 Alistair MacLean
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    1 thought on “The Golden Gate

    1. There was a time when I really loved the thriller genre - Alistair MacLean was pretty much God then. In this novel, the President of the U.S. along with his motorcade is trapped on the Golden Gate Bridge by criminals for ransom. However, Agent Revson who is part of the team has another plans.A fast-paced thriller with strategies and counter-strategies, with the good guys outwitting the bad guys in the end. Enjoyable.

    2. I was going through my collection of favorites and glad I kept this hardback copy I found in a thrift store about fifteen years ago. I had yet to be published and admired MacLean's ability to write novels and screenplays. Some of his books have been made into memorable movies (The Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, Ice Station Zebra, to name a few).The President of the United States arrived in San Francisco to meet with a number of Mid-East leaders to observe progress on an oil refinery. While [...]

    3. One of the better later MacLeans, I've always loved the thrilling opening with the taking of the Golden Gate and the intended kidnap victims in a tense, well synchronized operation. Loses some pace later on, but is is worth reading.

    4. A disappointing later effort. It appears that MacLean's skills diminished over time. This book has a good premise, but is lacking the tautness of his earlier work. There's too much jocularity to it, as though the whole thing is a great lark. Not just in the prose, but in the dialogue, which takes the reader out of the story. It really needed an editor to step up and strip some of the unnecessary verbiage, awkward and out-of-place colloquialisms. It's also distracting to have cusswords replaced b [...]

    5. This was not my favorite MacLean book. I love the way it started out, the fast paced, thrilling sequence of the kidnapping and the shutting down and take over of the Golden Gate Bridge, I literally could not put the book down. The strategy that went into Branson plan, spoke volumes about his intelligence and ability to function with a cool head under pressure. I found him fascinating. Revson was a formidable opponent, no slouch in the smarts department, but I found my self drawn to Branson and w [...]

    6. Even in the 1960s, Alistair MacLean was writing terrorist types of stories. Dark Crusader, Golden Rendezvous and Satan Bug are good examples. In his later career, he shifted more consistently to this type of story, and The Golden Gate is a good example.I originally read this novel when it was first published in 1976, so I dusted off my hardcover. The key elements are here: calculating hero, maniacal villain, and willing assistant (often female). There are two distinctions here. First, our hero i [...]

    7. I read this back in the 80's and found myself disappointed in that I could not like the hero and did like the baddy. I have read most of McLean's books and this is the only one that I have never gone back to re-read. I picked it up last week, took a deep breath and re-read it only to find myself again liking Branson and NOT liking Revson. It is a good story and quite exciting in the vein of all the McLean books - I just do not like the hero. Frankly, I do not know why he did not simply kick him [...]

    8. not one of his best efforts. It had some fine action moments and an interesting plot, but the writing was uninspiring. Made me think of a Steven segal action movie, and I'm not a big fan of those, either.

    9. I've been a fan of the 'adventure' genre since I was a kid with not a little influence from my father's love of C.S. Forrester, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Alister MacLean. It has only been in the last few year that I have have actually started reading MacLean and I finally dug up the Golden Gate. Being a native of the San Francisco Bay area does give me a better picture of the setting than most and as I grew up during the early 1970's, the time frame of the story is spot on for me.One of the thing [...]

    10. I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. I normally like MacLean novels, and to a certain degree, I enjoyed this, but I think it had some flaws too.The book is about the hijacking of the US president and an Arab king and prince on their coach in the middle of the Golden Gate bridge during a visit to San Francisco. Everything has been meticulously planned out. The bridge is wired with explosives. Three coaches are hijacked; the other two contain journalists and FBI agents. (MacLean somehow [...]

    11. "Η απαγωγή", εκδόσεις ΒΙΠΕΡ.Μια ομάδα εγκληματιών με αρχηγό τον ιδιοφυή Πίτερ Μπράνσον πραγματοποιεί μια απαγωγή που θα μείνει στην ιστορία. Οι εγκληματίες αυτοί, καταφέρνουν να κάνουν το απίθανο, να απαγάγουν τον πρόεδρο των ΗΠΑ καθώς και δυο Άραβες αρχηγούς κρατών, και όλ [...]

    12. I'm normally a huge fan of MacLean's thrillers. Most of them have aged remarkably well and still have the ability to portray gripping action.The Golden Gate, sadly, didn't fit into that category. It was a badly developed plot that had me rooting for the bad guys the whole way through. The basic premise is that a group of hijackers kidnap the President of the United States in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge and hold him for ransom.The main character wasn't fleshed out at all and appeared to [...]

    13. This book has one of the BEST opening scenes of all timellowed by not muchIn fact, I can't really remember anything but the opening. The prose and the slow, tense pace of those first few pages are great. But then, nothing happens! This sort of matches my review on the Satan Bug, so here's the Golden Gate in brief:MA GOD, MOTORCADE POTUS, ETC. COOL!! then something something abduction then something's going on here. money and getaway something and then the end. Boom!I much prefer going back and w [...]

    14. Alistair McLean's The Golden Gate has the normal ingredients of Mclean,a daring plot and systematic execution.Add his brand of dry Humour.The Golden Gun has one novelty-the hero handles the situation literally with his hands hands and brains-no weapons!An intersting Read.Alistair McLeanAlistair McLean

    15. Has to be one of McLean's top 5 novels, if not for anything just for the villain. In Peter Branson, McLean creates one of the most memorable bad guys, whom you would actually end up rooting for. Egoistic to the core, Branson's wry asides on the US President, their dependence on oil, make this novel worth a read. It also has an equally smart hero in Revson, who uses his brains to outwit Branson. Racy, enjoyable, this is one helluva book.

    16. Although an avid reader, this was my first Alistair MacLean book. I found the main plot was original but slighly unbelievable at times. The characters were numerous and at times I had to go back to see who was a 'goodie' and who was a 'baddie'. The main good guy, Revson, was most likeable and easy to warm to. It was thoroughly enjoyable and the star of the book survived at the end, the bridge! I look forward to reading more of his books.

    17. Reread this recently and still loved it. The crime is audacious and daring and the odds for foiling it seem unsurmountableThere are no huge or epic events, but it is strife with tension and keeps you glued to the story. I hate putting down this book, even when it is over. What else would expect from the writer of Guns from Naverone and Where Eagles Dare?

    18. This novel started out causing me, the reader, to want for the antagonists to win, but shortly turned it around so that I wanted them to fail. There were multiple subplots transpiring simultaneously; Alistair managed to pull this off beautifully! I thought this was a great book for anyone young adult and up. My definite recommendations!

    19. I had mixed feelings about this book. I thought that the beginning was amazing, the heist perfectly planned out. Then, the book started to get confusing. I knew what was happening but not sure why it was happening. I didn't understand the end either. The language is effective, and I really like Peter Branson's dialogue, but I thought that some of the adjectives were too complex.

    20. Peter Branson has the brains and the means of carrying out this latest "job." Escaping at the end will be easy compared to holding the President hostage and bringing down the Golden Gate Bridge. But he (literally) misses a single detail - and his plan is now in danger of being what comes crashing down.

    21. This was the first Alistair MacLean book I read, and it helped establish him as my favourite author in the action/adventure genre. I've re-read it once and enjoyed it a second time around, but can't imagine it would hold up again. A MacLean book is one I will pick up when I feel like a lazy, easy, but fun read.

    22. Great book for people getting into MacLean books. Truly is a page turner right from the start. The dialogue between the antagonist and the protagonist steals all the limelight away from the foundation/crux of the story.Just brilliantly amazing , this one is a must read !

    23. My second Maclean book.The entire book, I kept imagining about the bridge. I had no encyclopedias at home to check out photos, and it was only much later in the 80's that I saw the images in a NatGeo magazine.

    24. I think I read all of MacLean in my halcyon days! Each one was like a magnet. I don't think the book jacket alone brings back the story, but I remember the book and that I enjoyed it so! perfect for the idyllic, warm summer months!

    25. The author has a remarkable style of writing, in fact, it was the main reason that kept me going till the end. Apart from a few holes in the plot, a highly entertaining piece of literature that is even worth a movie adaptation.

    26. This is the third MacLean book I've read in which a supporting character is named "van Effen". They aren't in a series, aren't the same character his best friend named "van Effen" or something? Is he testing whether his "F-ing" editor will notice?

    27. This is a 3.5 star book, rounded up because it's MacLean.Liked the villain better than the hero, which was the author's intent, I think. It is clear that MacLean loves San Franscisco and spent a lot of time there.

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